In Spaces Between

Well, hello there


It feels strange to kick this off with ‘Gosh, it’s so good to be back,’ because in many ways, I’ve spent more time online over the past few months than I ever have.

Here, though, not so much. And it DOES feel damn good to be back, sharing from this space.

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Exploring Bali: Part Two


I walked into the hotel room, dropped my suitcase on the floor and proceeded to cry.

My husband looked at me, half-worried, half-confused, full of love:

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Exploring Bali: Part One


From the moment you leave the airport and you’re hit – BAM! – with a rush of heat, Bali grips you.

It’s intoxicating. 

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Are You Diminishing Your Joy?

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It was a pretty big life moment. My biggest business win to date. The ante: upped.

And yet, for a couple of spirit-grinding days in early February after launching Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted, instead of allowing myself to feel intoxicated by wonder and revelry and JOYFUL ELATION – I sprinted the other way.

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How I Do It: An Interview with SARK

SARK susan ariel

Radiant. Uplifting. Completely, utterly creative.

That’s SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) in a nutshell.

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Marie Forleo B-School Review: Why B-School Changed Everything For Me

marie forleo b-school review

You’ve probably read every Marie Forleo B-School review under the sun, by now. I hazard a guess you’ve at least heard of this game-changing program – it’s everywhere. And for good reason.

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Want to Know How to Build A Successful Blog? Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted is Here!

how to build a successful blog


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