33 Lessons for 33 Years

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These life, love and business lessons were originally shared over on Instagram as daily posts to coincide with my 33rd birthday, but I’ve had a bunch of requests to post them on the blog in one easy-to-bookmark post, so here we are. Enjoy!


Mastering Your Mean Girl: An Interview with Melissa Ambrosini


Some time ago, I happily stumbled across the beautiful Buddhist virtue of MUDITA — and let me tell you, today is a mudita kinda day.

Defined loosely, mudita means: ‘vicarious joy’ or ‘delighting in the happiness, good fortune and success of others,’ and hand-on-heart, I don’t think I could be more delighted to share the news that my soul sister Mel Ambrosini has LAUNCHED.

Bugaboo, Wondersuits, Carriers ‘n’ More: The Baby Stuff I’m Loving So Far


When you discover you’re growing a tiny divine being inside your belly, at some point your attention will inevitably turn towards the ‘stuff.’

The pram. The nursery decor. The teeny outfits.

Pregnancy Series: The Third Trimester


If the first trimester was characterised by the sweetness of the secret and that first heart-altering scan, and the second, super-human energy, then the third most certainly has been about feeling all the feelings. 

On more than one occasion, the thought of watching my man cradle our tiny person in his arms has had me dusting a stream of tears from my cheeks.

Pregnancy Series: The Second Trimester


Today, I’m thrilled to be sharing some of the highlights and points to note from weeks 13 to 27 of my pregnancy.

Before we do that though, if you haven’t read the first post in this series yet, head right over here to get caught up: The First Trimester.

Pregnancy Series: The First Trimester


Mid-last year I had a vivid, symbolic dream in which I was standing in the middle of a highway that stretched into the horizon, and when I looked down, in my arms was a baby boy.

The details of that dream stayed with me in a way so few do — so real I can still transport myself there in an instant. A little soul was circling. That I could feel, just as I could feel the subtle shifts occurring within in me, opening up new possibilities and considerations and energies I’d dabbled with previously but never fully embraced.

Collaboration and Celebration with Violet Gray


In recent months, whenever I’ve had the pleasure of catching up with my beautiful friend Alex, she’ll inevitably end up crouched down in front of me, both hands — and possibly a cheek — placed lovingly on my pregnant belly, a smile on her face and her eyes aglow as she coos at my little lion cub.

You can’t help but be buoyed by this woman’s love for life and the people in it. These acts of expression and connection and demonstrative tenderness seem to come as naturally to her as breathing.