4 Fab Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

It’s been a while between beauty posts, so I thought I’d bring a little lightheartedness to our Friday and share with you a few products that are kicking some serious goals for me at the moment.

1. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Ok, how come no one told me about this stuff?

All right, all right, so all the beauty eds do tend to bang on about it and I guess it’s my own fault for holding out, but seriously, let’s just say… AHH-MAZING.

My skin has always been pretty well behaved, bar a few hormonal pimps every month, but after our wedding, it seemed to go through some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder issshue and I ended up with a couple of painful, red, ugly-as-hell pimples (lumps?) on my chin, which certainly made this newlywed feel rather stunning. Not.

I’d like to say I didn’t touch them at all but that would be a lie and I’d never lie to you guys, so I’ll instead tell you the real story: I spent several mornings and evenings lathering myself in every product in my beauty cupboard and prodding my lumpy foes with my tweezers (yes, really) and the result was… nothing. No change.

Until Mario came into my life early last week. Mario, my hero. My sweet, sweet, hero in a bottle.

After applying the solution with a cotton tip before bed, the angry little bumps basically disappeared and I was left with a teensy bit of dry skin (which went away once I  moisturised) and after one more day of dabbing – once in the morning, once at night – the spots were gone. Cue champagne corks flying everywhere!

I’ve tried pimple clearing gels in the past and it has seriously taken a month for the red spots* left after using the gel to disappear. I’m also not a fan of the way they seem to burn your skin a little. Has anyone else found that?

This stuff, however, is completely different. My gels actually went straight to the bin once I saw it work its magic, and at $26.95, I think it was money very well spent.

If you’re keen for a bit of Mario action yourself, you can find him hanging out at Kit Cosmetics. Or with Luigi.

* Just on the post-pimple red spots, the best way to get rid of them is to apply Clinique’s Even Better Clinical or any other cream aimed at reducing pigmentation – with vigour.

2. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes

This product will totally wig you out. Wiggy wiggy wigggyyyy.

What you do: apply a base coat of the mascara, followed by a coat of what I’ll call cotton-wool but is in actual fact, Flexistretch nylon fibres (pardon me). Finish up by layering on another coat of mascara and watch on in wonder as your lashes are magically transformed into Totally Luscious Works of Art.

If you’re after length, this baby will deliver by the truckload, but… and there’s a but… if you like length AND thickness (you greedy little thing, you) you might find you have to put on another coat of another mascara like I did (Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill, FYI).

It all depends what you’re after, but using this product is definitely the closest you’ll get to the length of lash extensions without actually getting lash extensions. It’s a girls-night-out-on-the-town superstar.

3. Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +

Something happens when you’re a long time rosehip oil devotee.

If you fail to purchase a new bottle and go a week or two without it, your skin almost goes into shock. The punishment of course is that it gets all lacklustre and kinda meh and those expression lines under your eyes look decidedly deeper and OH HEY, FOREHEAD CREASE, are you new around here?

That’s what happens to me anyway. Especially in winter.

Thankfully, I’m fully stocked again on the rosehip front and I have to say that I now bypass the regular Trilogy oil for the fancy advanced formula Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +.

Why? Because Trilogy can do no wrong in my eyes, and if they’re ramping things up, then so am I. That’s all there is to it.

4. Dove Foaming Make-Up Remover

I bought this on a whim the other day as I’m still waiting for the perfect cleanser to jump off the shelf and into my heart (suggestions gratefully appreciated here my loves) and I have to say that I’m digging it.

I’m too lazy to do the whole remove-eye-makeup-and-then-cleanse scenario – with two different products, I mean – so any makeup removing product I used has to tick one very big box: it can’t sting my eyes, as it goes straight from the bottle, right onto my whole face. 10 points for Dove on that front – zero stinging is a big win.

I also love products that leave my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, not tight and squeaky, and I’m pleased to say this one does the former for me. Once I find a cleanser I can have a long-term love affair with, I’m sure it will take a backseat, but for now, it’s a keeper.

Do you have a favourite moisturiser/ cleanser/ serum/ mask/ hair treatment? I know we all love to try a great new product, so let’s unleash some love in the comments (also referred to as: shopping list time!).

Answer me this: what beauty products are you digging right now?


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  1. I love, love, love Origins products and I am especially in love with their cleanser by Dr Andrew Wiel (available at Kit!)
    I like that it smells and feels totally natural (you know when you can smell chemicals in your cleanser? Ick)
    Lovely post, thanks!! xx

  2. I switched to a complete Marios skin care regiem and I must say my skin is looking the best it has been in ages. took a little trial and error to figure out which ones worked best for me…but Im using Enzyme Cleansing Gel and Collagen spf 15 Moisturiser. also the strawberry scrub for when I need some exfolliation.

    I want to try out the silver powder too for my trouble spots, its meant to be amazing!

  3. Trilogy rosehip oil is such a saviour… although it’s raining all the time in Sydney my skin is incredibly dry and adding a drop to my regular moisturisers helps a lot.

    As far as cleaners go, the absolute creme de la creme is Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish… it’s 11 pounds in England, and everytime I go or have someone come to visit I replenish my stocks. Don’t know about getting it in Australia but it’s such a cult favourite I can’t imagine it’ll be long before it arrives… and when it does… you’re gonna love it!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  4. Thanks Liss & Catherine, I always look to friends above all else for beauty rec’s and you guys have given some pretty compelling reasons here ;) Much appreciated x

  5. Hey Rach,

    Thanks for the tips! Online now purchasing the drying lotion! I just wondered how you apply the rosehip oil? And when? Do you moisturise afterward or just use the oil?

    I’ve been wanting to try it for ages but unsure the best way to use it!

    Thanks x

  6. Courtney: Let me know what you think (I have a feeling you will LOVE).

    With the rosehip, sometimes I get really crazy and put a few drops in the middle of my hand and rub it all over my face/ chest… but that’s probably not THE BEST way, so try what I do most of the time: add one drop to your index finger, rub some on your other index finger then dab under your eyes and along forehead or any areas that need some moisture. Massaging it in is also fab to do.

    I apply moisturiser over the top. xx

  7. Oh & I apply morning and night, but if you have an oily skin type, just stick to night time. You’ll wake up with the most beautifully hydrated, plump skin. x

  8. Rach, I feel like since you are the 956th person to recommend Trilogy Rosehip Oil, I must buy some!
    I am absolutely loving my Antipodes balm – it’s one of those products you can use for everything. I use it as lip balm and hand cream but the sales lady also told me it makes an awesome moisturizer on flights. Highly recommended!
    And I cannot survive without my Shiseido moisturizer – it is actually perfect (except for the price).

  9. I’ve heard so much about Mario’s products (Zoe Foster also swears by it!) and didn’t realise we could get so readily here in Aus.

    I’m going to put the Clinique one on my lust-have :D

    • Sig, I know, I always thought it was super expensive & only available overseas… But alas, it’s neither! x

  10. I use the new Trilogy rosehip oil + antioxidant every night and love it. I had a bottle of the plain rosehip oil prior to this but it didn’t last very long because I knocked it over several times. I’m careful to screw the lid on properly now!

    I must try the Mario Badescu stuff. Like you, I”ve never had massive problems with my skin; however, I stopped taking the pill towards the beginning of the year and have had a handful of hormonal spots here and there ever since. Next time I’m in brisbane, I’ll scoot down to Kit Cosmetics in Myer in the city.

    My favourite find at the moment is Lanolips’s new Golden Ointment with pure grade lanolin and Manuka honey. The weather is so dry up here in Toowoomba — it does terrible things to the skin on your hands, arms, and legs. The ointment feels like paw paw ointment, but is not sticky or tacky. It leaves a gloss on your skin for about a quarter of an hour before it sinks in fully, but it’s not greasy. And it smells mainly of the Manuka honey. I love it.

    My sister has been using a REN cleanser on her face and I have sneaked in a few samples, too. It feels so wonderful — just melts makeup off and smells of roses. REN is free from nasty and synthetic ingredients, which is a big plus. The downside is the relative cost. You should check out their website: http://www.renskincare.com/. My sister buys it off strawberrynet and ebay, but it’s available at Mecca Cosmetica, too.

    • Tell me about it Amber, I’ve knocked over several bottles of rosehip (and may or may not have dabbed it straight off the bathroom tiles onto my face.. Eek!)
      Lanolips are awesome, will have to try this – thank you.

      And finally, I’ve heard the REN glycolactic (not a typo, although it sure looks like one) is a really good mask so will have to get some samples from Mecca. How nice that you can sneak a bit from your sis ;) x

  11. I finally caved in and bought a bottle of Rosehip oil today :) I am still a tad iffy on the smell but I am sure it will grow on me :) Im only in my early 20’s now but I figure its the right time to start taking better care of my skin so fingers crossed this is one I can swear by years from now :) That Mario Badescu drying lotion looks amazing too, will have to get my hands on some :)

  12. funny you should ask…
    my thursday post was entitled “currently diggin'”…
    i have always used “kiss me” mascara by blinc…{you can get it at sephora…it has the same idea of ‘too-faced’–the micro fibers to give you the longer lashes. i love it because never once have i EVER had once single smudge….even when i teach a spin class. but i will definitely try it.
    ohmygosh!? how great is the drying lotion? i have to say a product i’m loving right now clarins flash balm….
    it’s the best primer for my skin. a makeup artist used it recently on me and it literally gets your skin camera/date night ready with just a dollop!
    love your blog,

  13. Katie: OHH I’m so jealous you have regular access to Sephora! Seriously hope it makes its way out to Australia sometime in the near future. I’ve heard of the Clarins Flash Balm actually (think that might be a celeb fave perhaps?) so will have to test it out as well. Thanks so much for the rec & for stopping by xx

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