In Spaces Between Turns 1 + A Mid-Year Review For Us All!

Don your party hats, In Spaces Between turns the big ONE today! Hip hip hooray!

It’s hard to believe that a full year has passed since I set out to create my own “shiny corner of the blogosphere.” In Spaces Between began as a creative outlet for a spot of self-expression, a place for like-minded, happy spirited woman (and some men!) to hang out and connect the dots (often then connecting with each other, which has been a joy to watch) and a home for snippets of wisdom or cool things I’ve found along the way.

I feel like a proud mama watching her ‘bouncing bub’ evolve into an ‘ambitious, excitable toddler’ at the moment, and for a plethora of reasons – mostly because I’ve just finished one rather huge undertaking (our wedding) and am about to launch myself into another (watch this space!) – I’m spending some serious time tightening/ evaluating/ getting ruthless with my intentions so I can ensure a smooth trajectory as we move forward here. Little tweaks in the “in between” time.

You already know I’m big on setting intentionscreating vision boards and years in review, so given we’re 6 months in to 2012 and it’s such a momentous occasion (right?!), I want to propose mini-review of where we’re all at because, quite frankly, clarity is sexy.

I’d love you to join me in the comments by adding your answers to the below prompts:

+ What goal/ intention are you ready to say YES to for the remainder of 2012?

+ What goal/ intention are you ready to let go of (because it’s just not doing it for you anymore)?

+ What are you most proud of right now?

+ What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far this year?

My answers:

I’m ready to say yes to…

Getting damn good at manifesting. The next things on my list: a new house (same location, bigger space) and a business name.
Exciting collaborations!
Rewarding work (rolling up zee sleeves).
A redesign for my blog.
Coaching/ investments in my personal growth.
More of what makes me happy.
More time with friends.

I’m ready to let go of…

Things that feel like a burden (also known as “sucky tasks”).
Playing small, playing safe.
Going it alone. Stepping into my big girl delegation pants!
Guilt around “doing” – I feel best when I’ve got things on the go, and that’s OK.
My Spotlight VIP card.

I’m most proud of…

The work I put into our wedding.
And subsequently – smashing the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Individual Visits to Spotlight.’

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt this year…

To accept and overcome challenges – with a smile. Perspective is everything. Thank you bumpy wedding ride for teaching me all that (how else would I learn?)

Your turn gorgeous… and don’t forget to wave your sparklers with reckless abandon, a gal doesn’t turn 1 every day! 

Image: Brunch at Saks

7 Comments to “In Spaces Between Turns 1 + A Mid-Year Review For Us All!”

  1. I just want to say that I absolutely love your posts! You always get me thinking about my own life, and you’re always so positive — it’s a nice change from some people I know! ;)

    My answers:

    — Be healthy.
    — Learn to calm my mind.
    — Doing more in the blogosphere.
    — Write.
    — Making new friends, & keeping up with the old.

    Ready to let go of:
    — ‘Icky’ things – things that are detrimental to my health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).
    — Drama.
    — Excuses.
    — Playing safe. New mantra: Go big or go home!

    Proud of:
    — Graduating. It means more decisions to make, but I now have a B.A. under my belt!

    Biggest lesson:
    — To follow through, but learn to accept and let go of what I can’t control. (Still a work in progress!)

    Thank you so much for your efforts and time with such a wonderful blog, and I can’t wait to read more! Nothing but reckless abandon here! xoxo

    • Go big or go home is a damn fine mantra! The world needs more people willing to push things higher so bravo. Big congrats on finishing your degree as well, must feel awesome to have that in the bag. Thanks for stopping by with your lovely words xx

  2. + What goal/ intention are you ready to say YES to for the remainder of 2012?

    – Put my name and my blog out there FAR more. Stop being shy about it. People get a lot of use out of it and I’m constantly getting amazing feedback, I need to accept that and continue to spread the word about what I’m doing. This will include handing out business cards to people I get chatting to in stores, as well as approaching media outlets and other people I want to work with.

    – Don’t follow your dreams, chase them.

    + What goal/ intention are you ready to let go of (because it’s just not doing it for you anymore)?

    – Not really a goal or intention, but I am ready to let go of my current housemate (she moves out in 2 weeks!) who has been a negative energy drain on me for the past year.

    + What are you most proud of right now?

    – My achievements in my PR course so far this year, I have undergone a transformation and can feel it in my brain. My confidence is rising and I feel like I’m doing ‘what I should be’.

    + What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far this year?

    – I am so much more capable than I thought, I just need to have confidence in myself :) X

    Thanks for the opportunity to express this Rach. I would absolutely love to know what courses you are doing and how they go!!!

    PS. Thanks so much for putting me in touch with Tracey from Gwinganna. I’m considering going over there at the end of the year to do the 5 weeks volunteering, 1 week free stay program they have available. 6 weeks of organic vegetarian food in exchange for a working holiday?! BLISS. x

  3. Happy Blog-Birthday Rachel! I’ve been thinking about doing a mid-year review so this is perfect timing.

    I am ready to say yes to:

    – great ideas; I finally have a dissertation topic and am super excited to get started on it.

    – planning for the future; I’m not usually one to make plans however I’ve really worked out what I want to with the next few years, and it’s exciting knowledge to have!

    I am ready to let go of:

    – stress; I’ll be looking, over the next few weeks, for ways to channel ‘calm and capable Courtney’ in preparation for semester two… she is well overdue!

    – clutter and mess; probably part of the above but I am craving simplicity at the moment.

    – a few kilos :/ I’m thinking detox…

    I’m most proud of:

    – finishing my first postgraduate semester, and doing it well; I am genuinely so proud to have managed with all the workload, and to not have been one of the ones who threw in the towel and quit.

    The biggest lesson I’ve learnt so far:

    – that hard work pays off, and what you put into something is directly proportional to what you get out.

    – that I am horribly passive and need to start taking charge

    – that yoga is amazing, and my body in desperate need of it.

  4. Annette: You’re totally bang on there, what you’re doing IS amazing and although it can be scary/ daunting, putting yourself out there it’s vital for increasing exposure. Other people will only talk about your blog/ product/ service so much, unfortunately!

    Hurrah on the feeling that you’re “in the right place” & my pleasure RE: Gwinganna. Let me know if you come over so we can meet up for a juice & a chat xx

    Courtney: Awesome! Are you able to share your topic of choice? And yep, I agree on the hard work thing… a big one I’ve learnt over the past few years as well. There’s no better feeling than watching something you’ve invested heavily in (not in the monetary sense, but sometimes that too) come to fruition. Congrats. xx

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