Blogs to Bookmark

Piling the inspiration up high today lovelies, hope these stupendous sites bring you hours of stimulation! Special shout out to Claire of Gather to Keep and Brooke of The Style Net! x

1. Gather to Keep

2.  The Style Net

3. Oh My Deer

4. That’s Chic


5. Asos Fashion Finder

6. Black Eiffel 

7. Ms Critique 

8. Justine Musk

2 Comments to “Blogs to Bookmark”

  1. Love your blogs to bookmark posts – always some great new ones I haven’t heard of. Particularly loving Gather to Keep!

    Hope the detox is still going well – I just finished the Clean book and think I am now ready to attempt at it!


  2. Thanks lovely, it’s nice to spread the love around the blogosphere I think! Back on track with the detox – only 4 more days – you’ll have to let me know how you like it :) xx

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