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Hello, hello!

How are we all today? I feel like I’ve broken through the funk that was hanging around after the weekend this morning which is fantastic – it felt like my brain was full of cotton wool yesterday! For someone that hasn’t been hitting the town too much lately, a few late nights in Melbourne really took it out of me (just call me Nanna).

Anyway, I had the best time and met some amazing bloggers at the Problogger event, a few of which I’ve featured below. Big hi to Christina (Hair Romance), Steph (Lipstick & Cake) and Annabel (Successful Blogging/ Get In the Hot Spot). Love your work ladies, was so good to meet you in person! Hope you all enjoy this week’s links as much I have been. x

1. Hair Romance


2. Lipstick & Cake


3. Successful Blogging


4. Il Etait Une Fois



5. Peace Love Shea



6. This Is My Atelier


7. Aisle Candy (check out the old posts)


8. Sprouted Kitchen


9. Chic Sprinkles




4 Comments to “Blogs to Bookmark”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks so much for including Successful Blogging in your finds here:) I loved Christina at Hair Romance too. You might find some good styling ideas for your wedding there if you fancy an up do;)

    Great to meet you and yes, it is nerve-wracking coming into a room alone. Very brave but you did it so it will be easier next time.

    Especially now you know what a friendly, welcoming bunch bloggers are.

    So glad you’re blogging away merrily too:)

  2. Thanks so much Annabel! Appreciate you stopping by… and look forward to our next catch up somewhere out there in the wonderful world of blogging events! xx

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