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Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Ever thought to yourself “Now, how can I look better on a webcam?” Here’s the answer.

2. I’m a leeeettle bit obsessed with tassels/ fringing and love this DIY fringed noisemaker tutorial on The Knotty Bride.

3. This boho ‘wedding at sunrise’ on Green Wedding Shoes is mind-blowing. From the bride: “I loved the symbolism of beginning a new life together with the new light of the beginning of the day and everything that it resembles.” YES! All the design elements are rad too.

4. The Carry On Concept by my girl Kim – perfect for all you intrepid travellers out there!

5. Stunning (but then again, Jess always is).

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5 Comments to “Blogs to Bookmark”

  1. I was looking at that sunrise wedding last night ! (great minds think alike!) incredible idea….. and the location…… I would love to shoot a wedding at sunrise!!!! :D

  2. Em: I’m still swooning. Hard. x

    Tara: I’ve seen a pic on your blog of you in your wedding dress – you stunner, you. x

    Jennifer: Thank you so much, I’m so happy I discovered yours! x

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