Blogs to Bookmark

It’s Blogs to Bookmark time!

If you’re new around here, every Tuesday I round up new (to me) blogs + wicked links from around the web for your reading pleasure.


1. Paid to Exist


2. Nathalie Lussier 


3. Kitchen Corners 


4. The Holy Kale


5. Pure Mamas


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Jonathan Fields tells us how to Be Your Own Guru. Bang on.

2. The World’s Simplest Meditation.

3. Choose which thought ships may enter your mental harbour. Isn’t that just… delicious? Mmm.

4. Ahh, this makes so much sense – How to Be Unhappy by the brilliant Chris Guillebeau (very excited to hear him speak at the Problogger conference in October!)

5. A rad workspace.

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9 Comments to “Blogs to Bookmark”

  1. I love PureMamas and The Holy Kale! They both put out such great content! I wish they posted more often. Great round-up, Rach!

  2. Thanks again Rach, more blogs to check out! Better go grab a coffee and settle in :)

    Also love the short but sweet blog about choosing which thoughts to harbour. So true.


  3. (read this in a very funny way!)
    girl if that first blog doesn’t provide what’s promising i’m gonna get you! :) and now the serious part, love this feature of yours! i’m a newbie on your blog, but i’m loving it! will check these suggestions for sure! thank you!!

  4. You have a lovely blog! I like this blog bookmark feature and I will be enjoying digging through the archives. So far seems we have similar taste.

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