Blogs to Bookmark

Happy Tuesday!

Feast your eyes on a fresh batch of beautiful blogs, all with a empower-y, design-y feel this week (and hey, did you know there are over 400 blogs listed in the Blogs to Bookmark category these days?!)

1. Mercedes Maidana 


2. Song & Dance


3. Not Salmon


4. Violetminded Design 


5. Tricia Karp 


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. Stunning 2013 calendar DIY (with tassel and pom-pom-y goodness!)

2. Poignant lessons from a weekend of silence.

3. Loving this fab post on boundaries – particularly the point about doing an “energy sweep” during the day. Brilliant.

4. Bookmark this one for a later date if you can’t watch them now (they’re worth it): 7 videos that will stop you from ever saying “I can’t.” curated by Jonathan Fields.

5. I rarely read wedding blogs these days (since I’m, you know,  6 months married and all) but I love the decor and Mexican/ Aztec accents in this Big Day featured on Ruffled.

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