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Some incredible finds this week, lovers! Dive in.

1. Eat Love


2. Book Mama 


3. Tenderlogic


4. Medicinal Marzipan 


5. Naturally Ella


Links I’m Loving This Week


1. “I’ve got to” vs. “I get to.” 

2. 5 Excuses That Suck – a brilliant piece from life coach Lisa Selow.

3. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the ‘noise’ of the online world, you might find comfort in these eloquent words. And these too.

4. Loving Kris Carr’s latest gems: The Power of Unconditional Acceptance and How I Keep My Wings from Wilting.

5. The Daily Love Extravaganza is going to be amazing.

6. Bonus link: swooning (hard) over the images on this blog.


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