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1. Highly recommend you sign up to the Betty Means Business mailing list to get your hands on a copy of Kate’s eBook ‘Kill Overwhelm + Make Shit Happen.’

2. This Marie Forleo/ Kris Carr convo is so damn juicy. Love when Marie says (on passion and the misconception that we need to “find” it) “Passion isn’t something outside of yourself, it’s what you bring to every single moment of your life.” AMEN to that.

(just two today because we’re all busy!)

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  1. What a list! Thanks for sharing! And thank you for linking to that video with Marie Forleo and Kris Carr. I watched it a few days ago but it’s one of those replays that is just as valuable… or invaluable rather. They are both such inspiring women with such amazing words of wisdom.

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