4 Fab Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

It’s been a while between beauty posts, so I thought I’d bring a little lightheartedness to our Friday and share with you a few products that are kicking some serious goals for me at the moment.

Invisalign: A Review

I was asked ever-so-nicely by a few readers on Instagram to recount all the juicy details of my experience with Invisalign, so hold onto your dental floss, we’re about to talk teeth!

Invisalign are essentially clear, plastic mouthguards that move/ straighten/ work wonders on your teeth in the same way that traditional metal braces do.

4 Cheap & Cheerful Beauty Buys That Actually Do What They Promise!

Bank account looking a little sad after the annual Christmas spend-a-thon, but you’re (literally) scraping the bottom of the barrel/ bottle/ tube of your favourite beauty products?

Never fear, my friend, I’ve found a few ‘cheap and cheerful’ goodies, and if you’re all about bang for your buck when it comes to beauty, I’ve got a feeling you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

* Excuse the ridiculous photos. Not my finest… obviously. Carry on. 

How to Organise Your Beauty Products!

Happy New Year my loves, I hope 2012 has been treating you magnificently so far!

Regular posting will resume around here next week but I wanted to quickly share with you my brand spankin’ new makeup storage unit.

I had a major organisation day yesterday and tackled my bathroom cupboards with vigour, throwing out a bunch of old makeup, half finished lip gloss tubes and tubs of face cream that had but a skerrick left in them.

Holy Health: Things I’m Doing to Get My Glow On

Hands up if you love glowy skin and feeling damn good? Excellent. Me too (times infinity) and I’m going share with you what I’ve been doing lately on the beauty and health front that’s helping me ramp up the glow factor.

1. Sodashi

Beauty Interview on bellaMUMMA

A quick (exciting) note!

5 Hair Products I’m Currently Loving

I’ve posted previously on the skin care products and fragrances I adore, as well as my makeup essentials, so today I thought I’d share a few of my favourite  hair products:

1. Redken All Soft Treatment