Introducing: Ali Mitton, Our Wedding Photographer!

Drumroll please…

I’m so excited to introduce to you the incredibly talented lady that will be photographing our wedding day, Ali Mitton. We seriously could not be happier!

I mentioned here that changing our wedding venue meant changing our wedding date – which also meant that the photographer we’d booked was unavailable to shoot our Big Day.

My Heart Skipped a Beat

… over the random inspiration I’ve been fortunate enough to find on my recent travels around the web.

Internet, have I told you lately that I love you?


Inspiring Through the Lens

Like Mother, Like Father, Like Daughter

I remember when I first discovered Nirvana. I was about 11 years old, and while my buddies at school were fawning over the poppy ballads of Boyz II Men and Take That, my friend Kelly and I had slightly different heroes. At the top of the idol chain sat her sister Shay. 16, grungy as hell – pale skin, black hair, black nails and bedecked in destroyed lace, satin slips and Doc Martens – Shay had an angsty album collection that opened our eyes and ears to a new type of music. It was branded ‘alternative’ and it defined an era and a musical genre that became most commonly known as ‘grunge.’

As 11 year olds in the early 90’s, Kelly and I willingly (desperately) became Shay’s disciples, eager to learn all we could about this “real” music, as she called it, even if the messages of these tortured artists were beyond us at the time. It was raw, powerful, deep, heart-wrenchingly anguished stuff. Pretty heavy for a bunch of youngsters but we didn’t care. Shay was cool and whatever she loved, we loved.

An Ode to Summer