In Spaces Between Giveaway: It’s Ma Birthday!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m thisclose to the big three-OH (!) and because I (a) love you guys and (b) am a big believer in spreading the birthday cheer, I’m giving YOU the chance to win an assortment of my favourite products!

The even better news?

Because I have SO. MUCH. GOODNESS. to gift, I’ll be running two separate giveaways over the coming weeks – and each prize pack is valued at over $750! Yes!

To eliminate the need for crazy-expensive competition permits, I’m running these contests as a game of skill. Both will be run for a week a piece and I’ll post the details for Round Two once this one is drawn.

How to Enter


Given I’m madly in love with my life – always, but especially at the moment – to get your fine self in the running for this prize, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me what you love about YOUR life. Tell me why you’re happy, what (or who) brings you joy, how you’re living/ working towards your dream.

The most creative answer (judged independently) will be deemed the lucky winner and I’ll be making the announcement in my next newsletter on Wednesday 28 November, so be sure you’re in the know by signing up here:

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The Bounty



1 // Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ 30mlVital Moisturising Cream 60gmCream Cleanser 200ml ($117)

Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil is my Can’t Live Without product. If – god forbid – I ever run out of a bottle, I notice it in my skin immediately. It smooths! It brightens! It illuminates your skin out the wazoo! The best.

2 // Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Mask 50ml; Rejuvenating Concentrate 30ml; Calming Rose Face Mist ($175.30)

The good times continue to roll when it comes to Sodashi’s divinely natural and oh-so-nourishing products. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using their Brightening Marine Mineral mask ’til I’m 95. Holy glow, this stuff is amazing.

3 // Outrig small lace bralette and knickers ($40)

Cute-and-lacy-and-cool-as-hell. Bralettes are where it’s at right now and we all know that when you’re rocking hot underwear, you feel eleventy bazillion times sexier. Love this matching set.

4 // Happi Empire Gratitude Journal ($24)

It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of gratitude and racking up the blessing count and I love that this gorgeous journal infuses the whole process with magic. Prompts and prettiness a-plenty from the ‘Happi-est’ of brands.

5 // Electric Potion sunglasses in tortoise shell ($149.95)

Summer? Check! Rad sunnies to cruise the town in? Check!

6 // BLANK 3 x pkt neon gift tags; glitter tape; 2 x washi tape; 3 x pkts large star stickers; 3 x pkts small star stickers; 1 x pkt heart stickers ($53)

If you’re anything like me, what a gift looks like when it’s all packaged up is as exciting as the content. BLANK knock it out of the park when it comes to neon gift tags, fun stickers and washi tape (washi tape, e’rrbody!) I’ve got a big stash of these goodies at home and pair them with brown kraft paper. Perfect match.

7 // Hammock Heaven Large Mexican beach blanket ($59)

Picture this: hanging in a park or by the beach, great food, a bottle of wine, birds chirping overhead… what else do you need? THIS BLANKET (of course!) A summer essential.

8 // Bio Oil pack containing 3 sizes of Bio-Oil and an aluminium drink bottle ($100) * not shown

What a combo! Teamed with the Mexi blanket above, you’ll be killing it this summer.

9 // Pana Chocolate: Mint/ Coconut + Goji/ Cinnamon ($18.75)

Only the best freaking raw organic chocolate under the sun!

10 // Typo fluro coral 2013 diary and ‘Just Sayin’ sticky notes ($14.90) 

A space for all your big dreams for 2013 – and some cute Post It’s, because who doesn’t love Post It’s?!

So to wrap up, simply:


+ Leave your answer in the comment section.

+ Enter your deets in this box and keep an eye out for the winner announcement!

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UPDATE: A winner has now been selected for this giveaway. 

138 Comments to “In Spaces Between Giveaway: It’s Ma Birthday!”

  1. I am madly in love with my life because I am finally learning to be mindful and present. To stop and watch a beautiful sunrise, to smell the gardenias growing in our courtyard. To notice and appreciate the little things. I am so grateful for my husband and daughter, for my family and friends, for our health and that we live in such a lucky country. A x x

  2. I love how strong I’ve become this past year – rising through adversity to move (literally and emotionally) forward into a better place. I am happier and healthier than ever before because I finally had the guts to draw up a life scheme for myself and start moving on it. No better feeling!

  3. I am MADLY in love with my life because I get to sit back and watch the life myself husband & I created, 2 beautiful daughters, grow and learn every day. Knowing that we are responsible for how they grow to learn to look at themselves a job I have taken on with great pride. Sitting back and watching this evolve is simply amazing and rewarding every single day…. Even watching the trantrums and seeing glimpses of my own stubborn self is something that brings a smile to my face.

  4. I am madly in love with my life because every day I wake up with a smile on my face; I am alive and I am healthy. I live by the ocean so to be able to see the sunrise over the water every morning, surf a few waves, and invite the magic into my day, I am so grateful. I am surrounded by the beauty of mother nature, the beauty of my friends, and the amazing love of my life. I am in awe of the life I live. <3

  5. I am in LOVE with my friends and family – i always knew they were amazing but combined they are a superforce !. My friends in Melbourne along with my lil sis are having an event in my honour on Saturday – it is overwhelming. I wish i was not sick but the people in my life make me forget i am all the time xxx

  6. Ever since I was tiny I have wondered in amazement – why was I put into a human body to experience great things? I LOVE the tiny miracles in my life, like clean air, beautiful sunshine, a pop of colour in garden beds, the feel of dirt on my hands and playing outside until the sun goes down. But it’s gathering with the member of my tribe to join souls and share dreams that makes all the little miracles sing, as we collaborate and teach each other how to make our daily lives the best they can be.

  7. Five months ago I wrote a VERY specific statement about the life of my dreams. (What I did for a living, home, people, kids etc.) I am now so far down that path it brings an instant tears of joy to my eyes. Life has fallen into place and the journey ahead is only better. I am beyond contently happy with life and confident within myself, which has brightened the relationships at work, home and family. Xx Mon.

  8. I am in love with my life as I am everyday becoming more the person that I want to be & have focussed on changing from a non believer to a person that believes in me! I find it hard to not have a smile on my face each day as I feel very lucky to live where I do and to be surrounded by so many, individually beautiful people, who share so much love & life with me. I finally feel at peace with me x

  9. I am in love with my life because i have an amazing supportive family

    A partner that i love more than anything

    A gorgeous niece that brightens up my day

    Another niece on the way just in time for Christmas

    I thank god everyday for all he has blessed me with and i am very grateful for all i have :)

  10. This year has been my happiest in a LOT of years and it’s because I finally took steps to simplify my life which has freed up time to do the stuff I love (like setting big challenges and going after them). I am back spending my days being creative rather than doing the soul-destroying minutiae of running a business and I am falling deeper in love with my husband and child every day.

    Oh and I have baby #2 in my belly and she looks like she’s going to be sticking around. This is something that I didn’t think was ever going to be in our future :)

  11. Up until recently I wasn’t madly in love with my life – I was living completely in my comfort zone, never challenging myself and (in hindsight) playing it small and playing it safe. I am absolutely loving my life sick at the moment BECAUSE it’s the life that I am solely responsible for creating. How freakin awesome is that?! The past twelve months have seen me start my own practice, move to the country, fall “giddy school girl style” back in love with my partner but most importantly this year has seen me treat my mind and body with more respect and love then I ever ever ever have. Every day I wake with gratitude for my amazing network of friends, family and extended kindred spirits all over the world!
    I’m madly in love with the fact I have fallen madly in love with my life for the first time ♥

    Oh and, of course, happy birthday Rachel!

  12. Right now, I’m in LOVE with…

    – going to bed early and getting up early
    – my new op shop 70’s dress!
    – Sundays on the beach with my 3 super gorg boys
    – early morning exercise (especially the kettle bells!)
    – The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet (girls really are best!)
    – the amazing things that I KNOW are always lurking around the corner… I’m coming to get you!

    Happy Birthday, Rach!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink x

  13. I am MADLEY in love with my life because I am at a place in my life where I know who I am and where I’m going. I am madly grateful for the wonderful supportive people in my life and I’m proud to have had the courage to follow my dreams & even though it’s been a tough process it is also rewarding and an amazing experience. Happy Birthday Rach

  14. Freedom, Choice, JOY, Simple Pleasures!!
    At the beginning of 2012 I set myself the intention to live FEARLESSLY. Fulfilling that promise to myself has brought me all of these treasures plus an abundance of other delights that no amount of money can buy. I LOVE life!!!

  15. I am in LOVE with my life … 2012 has been the biggest rollercoaster, easily the most amazing and most difficult year I’ve experienced so far.

    As a recap:

    Met the man of my dreams and moved in with him

    Lost a very close friend

    Changed jobs after many years – took the leap

    Decided new job wasn’t for me so I resigned and have decided to follow my dream and start my own business!

    I wouldn’t have thought that I could go through one of these things in a year, but so far I’ve had them all and all I can say is BRING ON THE REST. You can’t beat me!

  16. I am in love with my life because I have finally learned to love myself. I love my body which is strong, healthy and miraculous in so many ways. I love my mind which is sharp and strategic. I love my soul which is gentle and loving. I’m a lot more forgiving of myself and others – after all, we’re all in this life together just trying to do our best. And from this place I’m making great choices! Life has never been more exciting! L x

  17. I am loving my life because of the knowledge I have gained this year. I have not yet reached my goal I set back in January. Initially this upset/frustrated/angered me (and still does sometimes) because it seems I am doing everything I PHYSICALLY can… but not MENTALLY.
    This year has taught me to listen to my body and, now, I am more in tune with the little signals it gives me. I am astounded by how clever our bodies are and am grateful for the time I have been given to educate myself on how the body works.
    I have finally realised that I need to give myself more time to achieve things in life, rather than just NOW NOW NOW! I must slow down and enjoy every moment. I am positive I will conquer the negative thoughts I create and with help from natural remedies and practices I will get everything I wish for in life – in good time :)

    I thank you for giving me the motivation to finally reflect on the great things in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  18. Why am I ridiculously in love with my life?

    Because it’s mine. It is 100% unique to me, and nothing can ever change that.

    To be more specific, my life is exactly how I make it. I am so blessed to live in a country where I have such a plethora of choice – whether it be choices about food, career or relationships, I am free to choose as I wish.

    Although choice can sometimes lead to stagnation because I have the dreaded fear of missing out, I’m so grateful to have choices and know that it is up to me to make those leaps of faith.

    K. x

    PS. Have spectacular birthday/Spirit Retreat!!

  19. I love that I can wake up each morning and say- yes, this is me. This feeling ignites happiness and excitement within, after feeling disconnected from my true self for too long. My life was always about future hopes and dreams as I was never satisfied in the present. My life is now beautifully simple, there is no need for hopes and dreams as I wake, and live in each moment feeling utterly content. My happiness is simply- being- in my purest, truest state.

  20. I am in LOVE with my life for so many reasons right now! I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby and finding every day a blessing- feeling this amazing little bub grow and move brings me constant happiness and excitement for what is to come. Being prgnany has also made me fully appreciate and enjoy the last few months of life as a two! My husband and I have been making the most of weekends by eating out, enjoying movies, night time ice cream runs and sleep ins!
    I have never felt to ‘present’ and in the moment as I am now – and I have to say – life is grand!
    Loving all of your positivity and encouragement Rach! And wishing you a very happy 30th birthday :)

  21. I love that I have the freedom, inspiration, resources, support, love and guidance to be who I want to be, surround myself with who I want, do what I want and live a life that is completely MINE. xx

  22. This year of my life has been particularly special, some how my mind, my desires and what I am mentally, emotionally and physically capable of, all ran in sync with one another. I had realization after realization after wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night epiphany of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to go there with. More then that I KNOW with a shadow of a doubt that BECAUSE its what I want with every aspect of my being, that i will achieve it.

  23. I love that I now catch glimpses of myself appreciating my present moment. Those quick moments where the thought of “Wow – this is my life, me, and I’m doing what I am so passionate about. I am creating my dream life. I am a conscious creator of Life” crosses my life. Those moments – Bam. In alignment, expanding with Love, and Divinely guided. I am madly in Love with that. Fearless, limitless, and the unconditional love part of me.

  24. Happy birthday darling!! I am super excited for your Spirit Weekend and hope you have an awesome time.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful prize as well.

    As for me – I’m falling in love with my life more and more each day. It’s a journey I think, and one I am learning to love and let go and just bring happiness into my life. I see my dream in the horizon and am on the edge of just falling into it. It’s exhilarating and so so scary too :)

    I’m more madly in love with my husband than ever – we celebrate 5 years of marriage this weekend and have committed the next few days of focusing on ourselves with lots of good food, re-connection and just…bliss.

    The other biggest thing right now is the baby growing inside me – it’s incredible to know that our love can create something so beautiful and I can’t wait to hold that little bubs next year! :)

  25. What I love the most about my life is how blessed it is. I wake up every morning with air in my lungs, love to give and dreams to reach for. Every single part of my life is made up of blessings – family, friends, smiles, nature. I see all of it as a blessing – even adversity, because that helps me to grow! It’s because of all these blessings that I’m happy and I experience joy everyday. I firmly believe in passing joy onto others so my dream is to be a paediatric nurse where I can help make sick children smile. I’m happy to say I’ll be graduating from my nursing degree in 8 months!

    So that’s what I love about my life and how I’m working towards my dream :) x

  26. Life is beautiful, the universe astounds me in a new way each day and I am super fortunate to be surrounded by loving & vibrant souls :)

    Despite the challenges and ups/downs of life – I love the chance to wake up and live each morning!! Finally, I’m at a point where I love my life because I never know what’s coming next and that is crazy-exciting. I love my life because I know that whatever my next step is it will reveal something new for me to learn and something beautiful for me to accept into my world :)

    Happy birthday gorgeous xxx

  27. I not only love my life… I adore my life. I am truly blessed for the simple reason that I will forever have someone who believes I am special, somewhere special to go to and somehere special to come home to. x x x

  28. I love my life because I have the best family (my daughter who is 3 makes me smile everyday and my husband who keeps me happy with his laughter). I am also one semester from graduating with my first bachelors degree! yippy!!! AND my birthday is also coming up (the 26th) so I’m feeling pretty darn good now :)

  29. What i love about my life.

    Well my family has been with me the whole way. through the good times and the very bad. they have helped me through. You see i have had a stalker for numerous years and he eneded up getting charged with 2 counts of aggrvated stalking and fined $2000 Whoopee do. My family has helped me through the years.

    I love that i have a new boyfriend in my life and that he is supportive of me and helping me with my past. When most guys since me as “too hard basket” especially since im not a skinny minnie. As ive been trying to hide from my stalker as he has been spotted at places i always went to.

    With out my family and friends I wont know if i would be here today as i hit an extremely low point in my life with my whole stalker issue. So i guess you can say i owe them my life, id never be able to repay them enough. but if i won i could share my winnings. xx

  30. This year has been a year for me and I have learnt and discovered so much about myself. I feel empowered and incredibly lucky with all my wonderful friends and family. Travelling to Nepal and India alone allowed for me to understand myself and I felt so enlightened and free, returning home my own country I fell in love with it again. I fall asleep each night to the sound of the waves and wake up every morning with yoga, a walk along the beach and a long relaxing swim in one of the most amazing creeks (Tallebudgera Creek). This routine helps to cleanse my mind and get ready for the day ahead. I just feel free as a bird and cannot wipe this stupid crazy smile that has been on my face for a while now. Life is working its magic. Happy birthday, have an amazing celebration!

    Eliza x

  31. I love that in the middle of a very heart breaking divorce i have re discovered just how strong i am.

    Never have a i felt so loved and supported by family and friends, but more importantly, shown myself so much compassion and self love.

    It is often said that in our greatest challenges we find our greatest rewards, and that reward happens to be finding ME!

  32. Things I love about my life… Where to begin!

    Firstly, after a couple of rough years which hampered my progress at university I have one paper left to complete this summer and I will have finished my degree! Despite feeling overwhelmed at times by the desire to walk away from my studies, I persevered and will now be able to reap the rewards of all my hard work. Though my last semester entails a heavy workload, I am happy and certain I can pull it off!

    I finally started my own blog (helped along by some wise advice from you! – I emailed you about it a few months back) which I am enjoying working on and using as a tool to explore myself further. My friend liked my blog so much that her and I are now working on getting a collaborative blog going together – watch this space! I’m thrilled that people seem to be enjoying my writing and want to hear more from me.

    Thirdly, I faced some big challenges head-on at work this year and was rewarded with a lot of recognition from my superiors, who now want me to apply for a promotion – I’m so chuffed they think I’m capable of taking on another big challenge!

    Last but certainly not least I have to appreciate my family, boyfriend and close friends who have supported me and helped me along during my journey this year. It’s been hard work but as the year comes to an end, all my loose ends are being tied up and I’m excited for the bigger and brighter things coming my way in 2013!!

  33. Happy birthday beautiful!!

    Every single day I am given new reasons to love my life. At the moment, my heart is bursting with gratitude because I’ve created a lifestyle for myself that allows self care to take precedence. For instance, every day I:

    + Wake up next to the most amazing boyfriend, and then walk out my bedroom door to be greeted by the most beautiful little snoring face (my pug girl Edie).

    + Spend time with my amazing family.

    + Eat incredible organic, nutrition-loaded plant foods.

    + Lie in the sun and soak up vitamin D.

    + Retreat to my meditation room and spend 30 minutes in silent stillness.

    + Walk along the beach with my loves.

    + Work from my bedroom wearing comfy (juice-stained) clothes.

    + Connect with my incredible global online family (including you, beautiful Rach)

    + Laugh and dance along with The Ellen Show.

    + Take time to pause and reflect on just how damn good I have it.

    And that’s just the things I can think of off the top of my head.


  34. I love that I am finally able to embrace the concept of self-love. Over the last 6 months, I have opened myself up to a life of self-reflection, self-nurturing and self-love, which has turned my world up-side down for the better and helped me to create a super enriched life full of love, joy and gratitude. Part of this is very much owed to the courage and strength that reading your blog gives me each and every day.
    I love that I have grown to the point where I now have the courage to write these thoughts and feelings in a public space, on a blog, out in the open for others to read!! Scary!! I am so proud of this in itself.
    I also love that in 200 days exactly, my partner and I will have finally reached our goal and be living our dream of endless travel around the world, ready to take on every adventure that comes our way and experience all that this great world has to offer. I have certainly gained a great appreciation for the art of patience, and I now know that anything I set my mind to is possible; The world is my oyster!
    P.S. Have an wonderful time in Byron – I will actually be heading up to Burleigh this weekend for my partner’s 30th! Hope you have an amazing birthday :)

  35. I LOVE reading these comments because they give me the opportunity to soak in all the stories of goodness in the world and inspire me to take a short moment to mull over why I love my life!

    I <3 my life because I am starting after a very long time to see it in all its technicolour glory rather than the black and white hues I was living in before. I can see splashes of colour, a bright shiny road ahead, much beauty and an abundance of possibility. Yep, this girl sure isn't in Kansas anymore!

    For me happiness = family, cuddling my baby tight, books, reading blogs, nature and dancing. My current work is working on getting my life back and manifesting and taking inspired action to a new way of living. I'm following my yellow brick road with my head held high one brave step at a time while daily remembering to pause my life movie, rewind and replay my favourite parts as I commit to a daily gratitude practice.

    I find if I treat my life with love I receive it from life in return! I love this simple truth about my life :-)

  36. Happy Birthday gorgeous Rach!!
    I am completely in love with my husband, I have a perfect healthy child and another little bubba on the way, I am blessed with the most amazing, kind, loving family and friends a girl could ever ask for and I have been fortunate enough to create a career for myself which means working from home, doing what I love and spending more time with the people I love. On top of this, we are fortunate enough to live in one of the most relaxed, beautiful places on earth. You’ve just made me stop, reflect and smile. Thank you! Life is amazing x

  37. I’ve been a little reflective lately, having just finished my Honours year at university and have realized that this has been the most difficult year of my life, academically and relationship-wise. Despite that (or probably because of that) I am now happier and more directed than ever before.

    I am so inexpressibly thrilled to be doing something I love (anthropology) with people I love – and doing it well. I’m proud of myself for sticking to it when people tried to convince me it was a waste of time, or, worse, a joke. I love having the conviction that what I do is valuable and important. Simply having the opportunity in the first place to study what I love, and then chasing that up with the grit needed to make it tangible, is something I know I’ll be glad of forever.

    The friends I’ve made this year have kept me sane, unfailingly encouraging and inspiring me to keep going. As someone whose always sustained pretty relaxed friendships, having such a tight bunch of girls is something I really cherish. I love them for blurring the line between friends and family.

    Also learning that right now, the right way to be is alone, has been a hard lesson, but an important one, and one that I appreciate more each day.

    Happy birthday Rach, and thanks for such a thought-provoking exercise :)

  38. I love life because I got my dream job in May with and amazing company. I have a wonderful husband who tells me every single day that he loves me and that I’m beautiful. And lastly because I am happy and healthy and truly have everything I need….even though I really would love me some outrig knickers!
    Claire x

  39. my parents were mad crazy at taking videos of me when I was younger (yes first born!) and there is a video of me with my mum asking me what I want to be when u grow up & my response was “a baby nurse”. I love that at 22 I have completed a dream that I have had for almost all my life & am now working as a nurse in neonatal intensive care. When life feels like its going in the wrong direction & nothing feels right, all I have to do is look down at these tiny little babies & it reminds of the potential life has & always will have!! I love my life, all of it, & wouldn’t want it any different :)

    Happy Birthday!


    ps I am new to reading blogs & I absolutely love yours!

  40. I love that I am still here, that I survived my battle with severe anorexia & depression. I love that my experiences have made me a better person, that I found a strength I never knew I had & that I discovered a passion for writing & helping people.

    No matter how bad things get I have an inner voice that reminds me things could be worse & I am so blessed to still be breathing. I am happy because I am grateful, loved, free & I believe I’m a lucky person. My family, friends & cats brighten my days with their endless love & support.

    To remind myself of my blessings I wrote post it notes to myself whenever something good happens or have a nice thought. Even notes to remind myself to smile. Whenever I feel like I’m slipping into old habits & restricting I schedule a weekend of me time :-) after I take time to work through my thoughts & pamper myself I find I’m back on track. Also exercising in a healing way not for weight loss really lifts the spirits!

  41. i think that joy is a cycle. a mad, overwhelming, wonderful cycle. this is my theory: it all starts with a person. it could be anyone, but for me, its my boyfriend. because i loved him, he loved me (and still does!). because he loved me, i had to consider why, out of all the people on the earth he could have chosen, he picked me. that encouraged me to start listing qualities about myself that maybe weren’t so bad after all. sure i’m vague, but that also means that i’m creative. sure i think about 1000 things at once, but that means that i get everything done that i need to, in the time that it should be completed. because of this newfound discovery that someone else appreciated the unique things about me that i had discounted as valuable, i started to think about how i could apply them to my life in practical ways. over time, my house transformed from a disorganised chaos to a place filled with bright, wonderful things that made me happy. scattered magazines on the floor are now stacked in a proud pile inside a vintage suitcase, and pinboards that usually held bills and overdue library notices are now reserved for my daily inspiration and achievable to-do lists. because my house was no longer forever needing to be tidied, that meant that had time for other things between my job and studying, for example, running, a hobby i have always enjoyed but never pursued long term due to the increased pressure it brought me to be perfectly healthy, with the perfect body. once again, my boyfriends love for me took away that need to be perfect, and encouraged me to be the best version of myself that i could possibly be. once i started exercising properly again, i fell asleep earlier, waking up earlier. this means that i was less tired and finished my studies earlier, allowing more time to spend with my friends, who previously i had neglected, leaving me with a guilt trip. the energy my friends gave me bubbled over into my relationship with my family, work colleges, and of course, my boyfriend, starting the cycle all over again. i love my life, not because it is perfect, but because i am happy. happy with who i am, where i live, what i fill my time with and the people i live for. i am so grateful to be so blessed.

  42. Wow wow wow look at all these happy people, what a great idea for a competition, its been so lovely to read all the entries and hear such positivity. Im sure things haven’t always been easy for everyone which is why they can be so madly appreciative of their lives and madly in love with it.

    I’m exactly the same, to have been through the quagmire and come out the other side to realise what true happiness really is, to be absolutely grateful to be here, to be surrounded by fantastic friends and family and to appreciate the smallest things when the going gets tough.

    The thing that is REALLY floating my boat right now is the fact that all the hard work I’ve put into my yoga dreams are coming true, I’m focused, clear, dedicated and strong and each day something else happens that makes me pinch myself and realise that I’ve created this wonder. Bring it on!

    Woo hoo for life.

  43. Life is so perfectly imperfect right now and I LOVE IT! After years of being afraid to take risks and doing only what I thought was acceptable this week I quit my unfulfilling job to follow my passion working with vulnerable young women in inner Sydney. Im letting go of an amazing career opportunity and a whole lotta money but I’ve never been happier!

  44. I am in love with the stage I am at in my life. My son just graduated from high school and my daughter will graduate from uni next month. I am ridiculously proud of them and also so pleased that my husband and I have raised these two wonderful people.

  45. I love my happy carefree babies , my kind and generous husband and my amazing life full of wonderful friends and family . I also love camping by the beach which is where I am going this weekend cause it’s my Birthday too :)
    Life is perfect

  46. I’m madly, head-over-heels, uncontrollably in love with life at the moment. My gratitude and happiness is hard to put into words, but I’m madly in love with:

    * My beautiful fiancé and planning our wedding together
    * My insane, but fabulous family
    * My loving and eccentric friends
    * The other-worldly feeling that seems to pass through me when I contemplate studying ‘Energy Healing’ next year
    * Laughter
    * Song
    * Sydney, Sydney, the Opera House, Sydney
    * Finding that I made more green juice than I thought I had
    * The theme tune to ‘Dallas’
    * Raw chocolate
    * Jacarandas
    * Imperfection and uniqueness
    * Books that seems to call out to you in bookshops
    * Rainbow colours
    * Patience
    * Opportunity
    * Chronic illness
    * Authenticity
    * Down-time
    * Trying on and posing in sunglasses
    * Yoga
    * Ocean-blue eyeliner
    * Unexpected days out
    * Love

    Happy Birthday lovely Rachel! xx

  47. Not sure if this goes overseas.. But I still wanna spread the love!

    I am in love with life more than ever I believe. This year has been an amazing journey, I’ve grown so much. I learned to let go of things & invite the good stuff in my life. I changed my major and am finally getting where I want to go with my life. I also learned to be more grateful, to be aware of all the beauty in my life.
    I love love love life because of…
    the colorfull leaves in fall
    the crisp air, letting me know that winter is around the corner
    therefore christmas is almost here, YAY!! & everything that goes with it, the snow, the christmas markets, baking & decorating, christmas charols, hot wine when the weather outside is just freezin, my little snowflake earrings, the joy of wrapping up presents & all the lights that twinkle and light up town..
    the lazy sundays I get to spend with my love, coffee, long talks, giggles, dreaming about the future
    travel plans! snowboarding in the swiss alps and summer road trip in italy! maybe even a little get away to paris in spring..
    and all the little things that make me smile:)
    I am beyond blessed which just makes me a very happy, loving life, always smiling person right now!

    Happy Birthday Rach, You’re really spreading the love, light & magic with your blog! xx

  48. I’m madly in love with my life because I’m living my dream. I have a beautiful family, fulfilling career, great friends, but what is best of all is that I can constantly seek to feel better. Feel better about myself, my life and seek out personal development in the best and worst that life has to offer! I’m alive and life throws the best learning experiences to me.

  49. leave a comment below telling me what you love about YOUR life. Tell me why you’re happy, what (or who) brings you joy, how you’re living/ working towards your dream.
    This might be a bit long, but I am feeling inspired to share my story with you!
    The thing that has brought me most happiness in the past year has been learning a certain level of patience and tolerance. I used to be an emotional wreck, stressed about everything, worrying about little things, thinking I needed another person in my life to feel complete, wanting immediate results… This year I went from a long-term live-together relationship I was miserable in, to becoming strong enough to end it, graduating university a couple months later with top marks, traveling across all the way across the USA for a small job, then setting off to travel around the EU on my own for 3 months. And now, I’m staying in the UK with family (which I am so grateful for) while I figure out my next steps.
    I had all of these plans about life when I graduated, of course all of them having to do with my degree that cost me 100k’s of the governments money. So naturally, I felt an obligation to establish a career in the field. I had registered my business and was trying to find clients. It felt like a burden after a while. I punished myself over and over for not feeling inspired by my creative degree (photography). I am lucky that I started out self-employed so that I could see the process and have space to realize that this isn’t what I wanted. If I had gone straight into a more expected job (assisting big photographers in studios in NYC or LA), then I probably would have just kept going in that direction and burning out. In Portugal, I was again lucky – to volunteer for 2 months at a detox retreat. The experience was a pretty negative one, but the learning process from everything that happened was incredibly positive. I learned a lot about myself, and best of all, I let go of the obligation to be a photographer. Phew! A huge weight lifted off of me when I let that happen. I did a juice detox and had huge epiphanies about my career and life. Since than I have found clarity in the direction I want to take, and I am developing a business in fitness and health and art. It’s so exciting, and I am more motivated than I’ve ever been! I have found my niche in the market and I’m loving it. The process is such a long one… I have a long way to go with the logistics of pulling it all together, but I have more patience now. I still am a bit impatient and get frustrated some days, but I have specific goals I am reaching towards and they keep me moving forward. :)
    Whenever I am sharing about the process I’ve gone through (and am still going through, as we all are), I wish I could take a snapshot of the mess I was a few years ago and hold it up to a snapshot of who I’m becoming. It’s such a huge difference, and I am really proud of the battles I have fought through (mostly in my head; your mind can be the most dangerous abusive relationship).
    To sum it up, I am finding happiness and inspiration in some positivity blogs, such as yours. I am also doing a lot of writing, planning and studying what I LOVE! I am enjoying every minute of it. The only thing that has become a cause for unhappiness is figuring out how to make everything work financially. I have dreams to move to Australia and the only thing that would get me a work visa is my photography degree; since I don’t have qualifications in where I am going with my career (yet), I can’t really get a job that would make me move forward in the direction I want to go. So that is a struggle, but I am brainstorming my options and setting goals for when I should have certain things accomplished.
    To get to my dream of going to Australia, I’ve done research and decided I’ll go back home and work until I have enough money to go to Australia and stay for a year – since there is a simple work and travel visa. Then I’ll see if I really love it there. :)
    To get to my dream of getting my business going, I am just working on a plan every day. Blogging articles, and I got a writing job in fitness, so I am extremely happy!
    Fitness is another thing I am struggling with, but I am taking steps every day to get back to where I want to be to be proud of my body… whether I am running or doing yoga or weights. I will get there if I stay persistent. And I am eating healthy, so it is all achievable!
    There are not a ton of people in my life who give me joy, but that is mostly my fault. I have some fears (that I didn’t realize until last night) concerned with establishing a friendly community somewhere that I’m not going to be for long term and having to say good-bye to them. That is a barrier I’ll be trying to push through this week so I can find some positive social energy! But generally, my Crossfit community are the people who make me happy… and my family. I have a lot to be thankful for this year, even if it has been a tough one. It has been a great transformation for me.
    It has been wonderful to read about posts from you, someone who is so in love with your life. It’s made me realize that I don’t feel like I deserve to be that happy. But everyone deserves to be happy! It is all about your mindset. So I end this with a thank you for your inspiration around the world. :)

  50. Amazing giveaway! :) Hope you and the hubby have a wonderful spirit retreat.

    I am grateful for everything in my life:

    – my wonderful, handsome, supportive man
    – my family and all their wonderful accomplishments
    – the amazing doctors at the Wesley who are helping my step-mum beat cancer this year
    – my university degree that challenges and inspires me everyday
    – the scholarship which allows me to spend more time enjoying the degree and not having to stress about earning the money
    – my beautiful friends who are always there for me, no matter how far away they may be
    – my health
    – all the amazing opportunities I’ve been granted in life
    – the beautiful weather
    – the holidays we have planned over Christmas

  51. Happy birthday Rach! Hope you’re having an awesome time in Byron, I’m sure you are!

    What I love right now is that I’ve finally woken up to what’s possible in life, rather than just accepting things as they are. What is making me happy is just having the hope and excitement for what’s ahead and learning new things that will now help me move in the direction of my dreams and goals.

  52. I love that after recently returning from a three month travel adventure partying, dining, and dancing my way through Europe with no cares or responsibilities I was still delighted to return to my “real” life. I’m so thankful I was able to take that time to explore and enjoy such a huge chunk of our amazing world. It opened my eyes to the immenseness of the world and the abundance of strange and wonderful people that fill it.

    But more importantly I’m thankful for how it opened my eyes to the blessed life I lead at “home” and the wonders of my own city. I’ve realised no matter how extraordinary the world is, with the boundless possibilities it affords, what I have right now in my life is already enough. My family, my friends, my home, my health, my inquisitive mind, my abilities are enough, and so am I.

    More than anything, I love how life always gives me more to be grateful for and all the hardships only serve to help me grown and learn. And finally I love that red wine and dark chocolate have been scientifically proven to contain health-giving properties. It had to be said :)

    On that note Happy Birthday! xx

  53. I am in love with life, because I am valuble in bringing the flow of positive energy into the Universe. Even when I am having a rough day, my soul tells me to giggle because I know it will pass. I am in love with life because peace, patience and gratitude tell me that is the only way there is to live.

  54. What about my life is its’ lovely imperfections. I’ll admit I’ve had a rough past few years and the toll it’s taken on my body, mind, and spirit is more than obvious. I saw myself as a failure, unable to do anything right and that thought was hard to shake. I failed all of my classes my freshmen year of college and the guilt it brought upon me was un-bearable to say the least, I still haven’t fully recovered. But somhow I survived, it made me stronger and to seek change. I started seeing others who were happy and I decided “I want to be like them, how do I start?” So I tried a million different things, changed my lifestyle and managed hold a positive outlook. Now I meditate, do better in school, bellydance, eat healthier and am happier than ever! My life still isn’t perfect and to this day I’m still working on it but now I can honestly say I’m more than madly in love with the imperfection that is my life.

  55. Moments of introspection and thoughtfulness,
    mornings filled with the sound of the birds singing their beautiful ballads,
    the feel of the sand between my toes and the sun warming my soul
    Tired achy body,
    a cup of earl grey tea,
    toast with avocado and lemon,
    warm embraces that make me feel at home wherever we are,
    rain on the tin roof transports me to my childhood days full of wonder and imagination,
    excitement for what the future holds,
    listening to the moments in time,
    the spaces between,
    the flutter of my heart when he arrives home,
    unravelling this story called life!

    P.s Happy Birthday Rach, may this year be the best yet!
    I love how your blog brings so much inspiration to all our lives, keep up the good work.

  56. I’m in love with my life because I’m forever growing and understanding what I truly want out of my life.

    From things like the support of my family and friends, new meditation practices and reading blogs such as yours has inspired me to make the most out of every single day because I don’t want to miss out on one moment of my life worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.

    I love how I have finally realised this and I am now enjoying my life each day at a time.

    Happy Birthday lovely, have a wonderful day full of plenty of wishes. :)

  57. 1) I love how I’m so small and I can fit anywhere. Seriously, once I tried to get into one of my kitchen drawers and I almost made it. Thank god I didn’t fit. I would have been too weird.
    2) I still don’t know if I’m happy. I guess happiness is relative. But I really enjoy being alive. Also dreaming makes me happy. Except from the time I dreamed that my dog was hit by a car. That wasn’t happy.
    3) My grandma’s laugh brings me joy. A lot of joy. She is a funny old lady.
    4) I try not to over-think stuff.

    happy birthday.

    I hope I win this ’cause I’m running out of washi tape.

  58. What makes me happy? Freedom. The freedom to make my own choices, to have some control over where my life is headed, to be able to choose the people I surround myself with (for the most part!) and the freedom to access knowledge, information, wisdom and understanding that make all these decisions possible.
    I am so very thankful and grateful for the people in my life, and the many opportunities I have been able to access, but I guess without the ability to better understand myself and others and what I want from my life (and make decisions based on this), it doesn’t feel like it matters quite as much.
    Underpinning it all, we all have the freedom of choice to make these decisions about where our life takes us and where we are headed. And for that…. I’m so very very grateful.

  59. I am in love with my life right now as I know that no matter what spirit has my back and everything is going to be amazing! I have recently stepped out of my comfort zone and moved interstate away from my friends and family to follow my career dreams. Even though I have been turned down after countless interviews I never feel down as I know I’m on the right path and I’ve never felt happier. I truly believe in the end everything will be amazing and if it’s not.. then it’s certainly not the end yet! x

  60. Given that today was such an emotional rollercoaster, what I truly love and treasure in my life are the people who help me be through tough times, and help me get back up when my mind and negative thinking play tricks on me. They help me find the balance that I crave – and balance is what helps me appreciate all the simple pleasures of life, and what turns them into extraordinary experiences.

    Happy birthday Rachel – I hope you spend it surrounded with the people who love you and have a positive impact on your life :)

  61. I love my life because I have shaken off the dark clouds and am letting the light shine in- tackling tasks that I have been putting off and embracing summer with a clean house and working towards simplifying my family’s day to day.
    My gorgeous little family make my heart soar when I think about them I cannot help but smile. Being a working mum means weekends are our super special family time which currently involve picnics, day trips to the beach and snuggles. Oh and mangoes- yummy summer mangoes.
    Thank you and HB!

  62. The things i love and have learnt to love in life:

    Myself: i’ve learnt that i should stop trying so hard to fit in because i was born to stand out, if only i had learned that when i was in school though, it would have been a lot more useful!

    My family: i love them, i hate them, we get along and sometimes our opinions are at the opposite ends of the earth but despite everything i still love them and always will.

    My friends: to put it simply, they pick me up when I’m in pieces and put me back together again!

    My possessions: My vintage collection of Care bears from the 1980’s all brand new in their boxes to be exact. It was my favourite thing to watch as a kid and my dream is to own every vintage one mint in the box, i’m over half way there!

    Space: I love everything about space, stars, planets, the sky…just the amount of space out there in the universe, it’s completely unfathomable and i love wondering about what else is up there.

    Earth: i love my planet! Despite all the garbage in it (this relates to horrible people, crappy music, silly laws, ect) it’s a beautiful place. My goal is to save up enough money to be able to watch the sun set in every country of the world!

  63. I’m in love with my life because I have been truly blessed. I recognise my blessings & am grateful for them every day, that’s how I start my day by giving gratitude for my children & grandbaby, for my husband, husband’s job, friends & extended family, for my home & where I live, for my job & all my pets & the most important, my health, after reaching my 12 month milestone for being cancer free. Every day for the last 12 months since I found out I had breast cancer, I have been transforming my life & its through the people I have met & inspired me, that I am truly grateful for.
    I am even grateful for getting cancer cause if I hadn’t I’d still be living my old lifestyle, so my future goal is to keep transforming my life in health & spirit ………… for the greater good, for me & everyone around me.
    So you can see why I love my life :)

  64. After finishing up an intense four years of Uni at the end of 2011 I was burnt out and exhausted. This year has been about getting back to my roots, and just these past few weeks I feel I can honestly say without fear or hesitation that I LOVE my life!

    Working with beautiful special children, fitter than ever & smashing it at the gym, endless books to read, live by the beach & feeling the sand under my feet whenever I want, chocolate, accepting & dealing with my anxiety, happyhealthycrazy family, beautifullovinggorgeous partner, foodfoodfoodfood, funniest best friend in the world, sunnysunny SUMMER, two naughty puppies….

    In typing this, I’ve just clicked that this all simplifies down to GRATITUDE


  65. What makes me happy?
    Waking up next to my other half on a Sunday morning with his stinky breath and bed hair and still thinking he’s the most handsome man ever.
    Going to work at a job I actually love, as opposed to working 10pm-6am at a dead end fast food job like I used to.
    Nourishing myself with great foods every single day, and occasionally treating myself to a naughty piece of dark chocolate.
    Laughing until I cry with friends – whether it be at the pub, at home, or over Skype with loved ones from overseas.
    Finally making the first few steps towards doing what I really want to – a course in Nutrition.
    Seeing my beautiful nephew grow up into this little boy who exudes happiness everywhere he goes – even though he makes a mess.
    doing that sometimes!
    And most of all, the fact that my depression has completely disappeared and now I have the right mindset to actually be happy all the time, no matter what life throws at me :)

  66. I’m so grateful that everyday is another opportunity to deepen my understanding of who I am and to share special moments with the people who I’ve been blessed with. I love walking along the shore as the sunrises, pink peonies blooming in springtime, sharing stories and laughs with friends and family over a cup of tea, and the beauty of putting pen to paper to create art to inspire and uplift!
    I try to do little acts of kindness and love so that I can create the life I dream. Because it’s the sum of our actions that determine the people that we become and the life that we live. I remind myself of this so that I remember that what I do in the present, in this very moment, will create my future.

    P.S. Happy Birthday Rachel, and thank you for sharing your wise words and gorgeous pictures! X

  67. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! This is so exciting, it’s amazing how far you have come since starting this site (I may or may not have been creeping your early posts recently) ;)

    I am so over-the-moon in love with my life! Here’s a quick look:

    *A small idea of mine from a few years ago has turned into a great passion of mine. Each day that I get to work just excites me to the bone and fulfils and inspires me.

    *That happiness transcends to my personal life with the boyfriend of my dreams and reminds me to treat my body well so it can treat me well in return.

    *I have learned to relax and enjoy the small things in life such as a quick kiss or a de.lic.ious glass of wine or hearing a killer song on the radio and singing my heart out (don’t we all love that?!)

    *Totally have become a forgiveness queen (myself and others) which has changed how I see situations. I can forgive myself for not being perfect and am much happier being “allowed” to make mistakes. Feels good!

    AND my method for achieving my goals is to create my lifestyle around my dreams. I make sure that each 24hrs is used to get me one step (big or small) closer to what I want. I’ve learned that when I am at my best and happy and achieving things, that is when I can best help others. We all need to reach our goals so that we can offer our awesomeness and spread the goodness around!

    Mucho gracias for such a great contest and best of luck in the future. You rock! <3

  68. I am madly in love with my life because I am just that. Mad, I mean.

    I am so happy because I have experienced so much sadness. It brings me joy to know that because I have suffered, I am able to help others.

    I am working towards my dream of being healthy, happy and a location-independent writer, life coach and world healer simultaneously. I know that there can’t be hapiness without meaningful work like that – and the other way around.

    I am blessed to be going through loss, depression and the lowest of lows – because without it I would never learn to recognize happiness, joy and my dream life.

    Happy birthday Rachel! Thank you for giving us the gift of knowing you. Much love!


  69. It’s impossible not to be in love with life when your life is so full of love. My number one love and I celebrate one year of married bliss in just a few hours. We step onto a plane bound for Bali in a few hours after that to celebrate this special occasion. Life really doesn’t get better than this. This is bliss.

  70. What a great contest!

    What I LOVE the most about my life is that I had the courage to leave a job that I hated and totally consumed me by turning me into a bitter person and go back to school for my passion; photography! Now I am doing what I LOVE and no its not easy, some days its downright hard but I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

  71. I madly in love with my life because…..

    I may not be money rich,
    But I also dont live in a ditch.
    I am rich on the fullness of my life
    And I LOVE that I am a perfect wife! (well I think so)

    I get early nights & mornings,
    Sometimes it can be very daugtning.
    Lots of bottles with midnight feeds
    But I LOVE fulfilling my baby’s needs!

    I LOVE baking my family special treats,
    Even washing & folding the bed sheets.
    I LOVE Handmaking everything I can
    This includes Awesome clothing for my clan.

    Family Trips to the beach,
    A Good BBQ is never far from reach.
    Sand between my toes,
    Salt up my nose!

    For me my life is perfect,
    In my eyes there is no defect!
    Memories, Laughs, tears!
    And of course a few odd beers!

  72. I love my life, seeing my children smile.
    Having a second chance at life, they make it worthwhile.

    I love my life, seeing family and friends,
    and how we can all make amends.

    I love my life as the sun shines bright
    coming through breast cancer, i now see the light

    I love my life , to see how strong I can be.
    with lots of support, its not I, its we.

  73. What I love about my LIFE,
    is the fact I’m a much LOVED MOTHER and WIFE:)
    My CHILDREN and HUSBAND FEED me constant JOY,
    with the ENERGY I receive from these SOULFUL boys.
    The GRATITUDE I FEEL each and every day,
    makes me THINK I wouldn’t want my LIFE any other WAY:)

    CHEERS!!! To your 30th:)

  74. I’m loving the freedom I feel in every aspect of my life after stepping into my big girl boots earlier this year. 100% responsibility = 100% freedom.

    I’m loving the openness I embrace as I redefine every aspect of my life from relationships, family dynamics, work/biz, health and happiness.

    I’m loving the compassion awakening deeper in me as I delve deeper and deeper into my Enneagram Coaching studies.

    And last but not least, I’m loving the LOVE for the incredible sisterhood that lights up this world!

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady! X

  75. There are many reasons to love life. After many health problems this year including 2 lots of hospital stays- and thankfully getting answers, I have learnt how strong I am and the important things in life. My health is on a journey of transformation for the better and it’s not always easy but I believe in myself.
    I believe in positivity and being inspired and feel it was fate I found this blog!!!
    I’m turning 30 next June and know that although my life hasn’t been easy……Gratitude, hope and appreciating the good people and things in life will bring happiness and love.

    Happy Birthday and thankyou for sharing your positivity with others.
    I keep a daily gratitiude diary so the gratitude journal will especially be a blessing but all of the prizes are amazing

  76. I am really happy that I managed to have two children after 5 years of infertility and 6 miscarriages. They are soooo worth all the heartache we went through to get them!

  77. I’ve gone from the corporate world to the world of stay-at-home-mummies for a few years. It’s so lovely! I’ve become (a bit of) a domestic goddess and have learned how to have fun on half the household income.

  78. I am madly in love with my life as in the last year I have literally turned it upside down and moved across the world to Australia (from Ireland) to pursue my career as a midwife, its taken me a long time to settle and find out where I fit in this new city but I’ve finally found it. I have learnt the value of good friendships and what a positive spin just one or two people can have in your life and now am lucky to have amazing friends on 2 continents now, I have fulfilled my dream of living close to the sea, living with my man who loved me so much he followed me to oz! ut above all that, ive learnt to appreciate, so yea, BIG SMILES all round :)

    happy 30th too!! seriously awesome prizes up for grabs!!

  79. I am finally learning to love my life – I have a stable roof over my head , have just been accepted into the University I have always dreamed of going to, I am starting to realise that I am thankful for all the time it has taken me to get where I am in my current career but excited for the new change (Nursing). I am more in love with my boyfriend of 7 1/2 years – I am learning to love me for who I am with his help and love him even more each day. I love my life as I still get to wake up each day and see what the day has in store for me.

  80. I am madly in love with my life. I wake each morning, and instead of saying the words, oh F###, like I used to, I smile broadly and bound out of bed, making sure to thank the Universe for all the magic in my life.

    All I wanted to do with my life was travel with my family. I had no idea how that was going to be a reality, but somehow I created it. I am living my dream life.

    I have a wonderful, supportive husband, and two adorable daughters. We all work together on our business and spend the majority of our days creating precious memories based on love, light and happiness. This is what we call work.

    AND, through all of this I get to make a difference to the lives of others. I LOVE that I am helping others to live their dream lives too.

    Yes I love my life, even when the challenges arrive. When you live from your place of purpose even the difficulties are shrouded in rainbows.

  81. I am in love with my life as this year I have finally realised what is really important! My handsome hubby and my two gorgeous sons! Nothing else matters as longs as we are together xo

  82. For the longest time, I have felt very much like I’ve been at the mercy of the swirling tides around me. I do not know how I came to miss out on this piece of Most Important Information, but here it is: I did not realise that I had the power to not only influence my life, but to actively create it. I just kind-of floundered along.
    In fact, I have only realised that there was an alternative to this method of life-living in the past year or so. At the grand old age of 29, no less. And let me tell you, it has opened up a whole array of possibilities and opportunities that I had not let myself even hope for previously.
    So what I love about my life is that I am now making decisions to actively steer me where I want to go. In the past month, I have booked a ticket to Europe (where I’ve never been before) to spend three months traipsing around Spain, France and Italy by myself. I have given notice at my current job, which I will not be returning to after my trip. Instead, I will begin to carve out a living doing what makes my innards sing – writing. And I have also decided that I am moving up to Northern Queensland to live with my man, because he too lights my being on fire and what better reason to make a decision than for love?!
    These three decisions are so massive for me, and they are filling me with enormous amounts of hope and excitement. What I love about my life is that I am creating it. I may not have figured out all of the nuts-and-bolts yet, but my course is finally set in a direction where I want to go. Where I choose to go. This is me steering…

  83. I am madly in love with my life because I’m experiencing that wonderful transition in to adulthood. I have just finished University and will start my dream job in January 2013. I wake up
    every morning next to my best friend who has taught me how to love and receive it in return. My family live close by and they bring me endless joy and happiness, I cherish the time I spend with them. I love my life because right now anything is possible, I am the master of my fate, I feel like what I put in I am getting back. I am young, healthy, happy and most importantly I love and am loved. I wouldn’t change a thing on my journey to this moment as I feel
    I am exactly where I am supposed to be!

  84. I have learnt more than I could ever have imagined in the last year & am finally proud to say so. A quote I love to remember daily is; ‘Aim not to be a success, but to be of value’ – Albert Einstein. Since completing my first year of fulltime study (social work & international relations) straight from year 12 I am working towards that which inspires me daily. I am so grateful for my amazing boyfriend who is by my side through everything, my closeness with my family & having friends around me that tick the most important box, laughter on every occasion. When I began volunteering it was so rewarding no matter how stressful work & uni got. Most importantly, when there were obstacles throughout the year – no matter how severe – my boyfriend and family were there to remind me of the little things to be grateful for. I cannot even comprehend how lucky we are to live in a country that offers the luxury of just writing this now. To be grateful for what you have is the key to happiness & I’m continuing to learn this everyday. <3

  85. I am madly in love with my daughter who is 3 and has been recently diagnosed with Autism. She has opened my eyes to so many things we take for granted. She has helped me remember its those priceless moments in life that are so important. She has helped me love without limits, forgive with freedom and see through her innocent eyes how simple life with love can be.

  86. My love for the precious life I have been given continues to evolve as I open myself up to all of the opportunities for learning and growth.

    JOY to me is something that I give to receive, taking all of my own lessons and sharing them with others so that our collective JOY resonates and powerfully reverberates. We are all in this together, shared JOY is multiplied JOY and having a life purpose that involves brightening the lives of others is what makes me truly happy.

    DREAMS and GOALS begin on a very personal level and as we grow they start to wrap themselves around the lives that we encounter on our journey. Dreaming BIG and living with authenticity, integrity and passion make me happy.

  87. When reflecting on my dear love for life I often think back to a time when I was 15 or 16 years of age. Quite clearly I can remember riding my bike to school on a warm summer day with not a care in the world and thinking to myself ……………

    I really did get given a good lot in life….. Surely these are the best years and life will never be quite this special again? Any way whoever is responsible for all of this goodness I sincerely thank you!

    In some ways I was on to something. Gone are the days of Bludging School to go jetty jumping with my spunky boyfriend, smashing down a block of chocolate whilst remaining wonderfully thin and spending days on end creating life long memories with my girls.

    You start to grow up a bit and time become so precious and things start to happen. For me I had a friend pass away, my father had health problems, my heart was broken (a few times!) and my parents split up. A lot of the same stuff my friends around me were dealing with! Some times I missed that 16 year old Lucy. Much like the 21 year old Lucy the 16 year old Lucy often had tears in her eyes. The difference was that the tears were of happiness, gratitude and pure joy!

    The good news is that the happy tears are back and although it is an extraordinarily huge call I am going to claim that life is as wonderfully satisfying and joyful as it was when I used to ride my bike everywhere, live at the beach and laugh 600 times a day!

    What is making me happy right now………………

    For the past year I have been on full time placement as an Occupational Therapist and have loved every minute of it. Three days ago I finished my final placement and through this I have been offered a job as an Occupational Therapist working with blind and visually impaired kids. This means that I get to continue working on with these kiddies that I have fallen so madly in love with!

    My experiences of working with these kids so far has brought me more happiness than I could ever ask for in a job. They are the cheekiest most endearing little creatures who are always looking for a chance to make you laugh or teach you something new!

    My dad! My dad is such a quirky little man. He is shy yet full of stories. Content yet always taking on new adventures. Loving yet wildly afraid to say it! He has played the consistent, stable and will always take care of us role throughout me and my brother’s life. Shortly after a near death experience over seas in which he had two major operations in a Vietnamese hospital my mum left the family home. It was horribly sad for my Dad who loves my mum dearly. My Dad has utilised his incredible sense of humour, his love for nature and his love for my brother and I to get through this time. He has since taken up bee keeping and golf and expanded his already incredible garden. I often walk out into my dad’s glorious garden in the morning and pick myself some flowers and some spinach for my juice. I look over at him and my heart explodes with love!

    I still spend a lot of time at the beach and there have been so many dolphins coming to say hello lately!

    Of course I am grateful for all of my beautiful friends, family and last but most certainly not least my sweet hunky man!

    I am so hopelessly in love with life and all of the special people who I get to share it with! How inspiring and heart warming it has been to read all of the loving life posts :)

  88. My Sunday morning breakfast makes me happy and kicks me into loving that it’s going to be Monday the next day: Freashly sqeezed organic Orange Juice, 2 poached free range eggs with sourdough toast, crispy bacon and tomato sauce with a small soy chai latte… Ok I wish it was Sunday now I would be so happy.

  89. I’m happy, I have a very supportive husband and 2 beautiful little girls. We happily manage on very little money while my husband is a full time uni student, knowing that one day all the “going without” will be worth it. We look forward to moving back to the country close to family in 3 years time, but at the moment are enjoying our extended visit to the city.

  90. Roller Derby saved my soul.
    10 years ago I was living in a mental hospital, was mute, and would have panic attacks when people touched me, then they discovered the epilepsy medication I was on caused severe paranoia.
    Now I play Roller Derby, and am so proud that I am breaking through packs of people alot bigger than me, while on skates, getting my arse kicked, and kicking arse, without a 2nd thought!

  91. Why I Love My Life: A Competition Entry

    I love my life not just because of what it is NOW (alarming, love-filled & fresh) but also because of what it CAN be (free, creative & huge). Change is an amazing and wondrous thing and I like to dry hump it on a regular basis. And I pity the fools (Mr T voice essential) who are content to live the same way every day: in the same house, on the same street eating the same brand of cereal until their teeth fall out and only then are forced to choose a new brand of cereal which is more suited to the toothless.

    I love my life because triple chocolate brownies, sea water, books, airplanes and cheese exist.

    I love my life because of where I was born (magical Africa – where all the fairies live), to whom I was born (Best. Family. Ever. I challenge anyone to a ‘Family Off’) and in the time I was born (I would have made a terrible peasant in the Middle Ages or 1950’s housewife plus I couldn’t function without my iPhone.)

    In conclusion: Dry humping. Gouda. Child birth. I love my life. And Happy Birthday.

  92. I am madly in love with my life because….I am determined to make my dreams a reality.

    I have fulfilled a lifelong ambition to live in another country. October 2011 saw me and my handsome hubby and our puppy dog, upsticks, close a successful business, pack up our whole lives in England and move to be with our daughter who was at University in Australia. No regrets. THE. BEST. MOVE. EVER.

    I am blessed to have a beautiful, kind, strong and courageous daughter that decided to challenge herself (age 18) to study for her Law degree on the other side of the world. She had been offered a place at her dream University in England but she was brave enough to take a huge leap of faith. So proud. This from the girl that was born at 28 weeks, weighed under a kilo and I was told would struggle educationally – I always believed she would be amazing and she is.

    Every morning I wake with a positive attitude and believe that everything I want to achieve in life is possible. I have a wonderful life, a man who loves and encourages me, and a beautiful family I adore.

    I am madly in love with my life.

  93. I am IN LOVE with my life because I have only just come to the realisation of how amazingly beautiful it can be if you let it!! Why oh why did it take me this long?? Only in the past few months I have become aware of the beauty of my life by opening my eyes and appreciating everything that I have. (The good and not so good!)

    What’s making me HAPPY is being brave and stepping out of my comfort zone. I have finally found the courage pursue a dream of changing careers by returning to full time study. And for accepting myself for who I am – an amazing, beautiful and caring human being who is worthy! I LOVE being me.

    What’s bringing me JOY in my life is cuddles my two gorgeous doggies, long chats my my amazing mum, laughing till my stomach hurts, being silly, gratitude and the excitement of what the future may hold for me.


  94. I wouldn’t say my life is perfect but I would say I am excited that I am finally on the path to working toward the life I aspire to. I am now open to the realm of possibilities that my life could be and am enjoying the challenges and journey towards that rather than an end result. A work in progress and loving every moment along the way.

  95. I’m going to be brutally honest. I haven’t always been in love with my life. In fact I haven’t always been happy. I’m honest about this because I’m LEARNING to love my life, & be happy (truthfully happy) & to really live, rather than exist. We’ve all been through things that have made us who we are today, & it is through these things that I battle, & then appreciate, as without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now. There are many things I’m working on – stopping for a few extra minutes to really get into the excitement of the book I’m reading my son, allowing myself some time to take in the fresh air when hanging out the washing, letting the water wash over my face for a few extra seconds in the shower. All in the name of finding myself, letting go of the past, & enjoying everything that I am lucky to have today. :)

    I hope you had a fabulous retreat. Your body & mind deserve to be spoilt like that. xx

  96. I am madly in love with my life because I get to spend it with my best friend, the love of my life. My boyfriend proposed to me on the weekend and it makes me giddy with glee. Knowing that there is someone there to always support and cherish you is a lovely feeling.

  97. In an effort to get my limited creative juices flowing I figured I would comment by way of a rhyming poem.

    Why I am Happy

    Finding my best friend the perfect gift
    Resulting in the biggest spirit lift

    The sky becoming clear
    as Summer holidays near

    Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

    Setting a goal
    For my last year of high school
    To warm my soul
    And To keep my head cool

    And employing a “no what ifs” attitude to my final year of school study.

    2013! 2013! 2013!

    Also my new kikki K Goals book so that I can streamline and focus my dreams and aspirations and map out how to achieve them

    *Note I did say I had very limited creative juices, as demonstrated in this poem.

  98. Loving my new life 32kgs lighter, feeling, for the first time that I can remember, like a “normal person”, but also realizing that my gorgeous family love me just the same as they always have, regardless of my size. I feel so blessed, life is beautiful!!!

  99. I am madly in love with my life because it is mine. Because I own all of it. Because I am steadily realising that I am in control with what happens with it, to it and in it – and really, how fabulous is that? I am madly in love with my life because I make decisions to view my life through glitter coloured glasses and pay no mind to those who think that is a silly way to cruise through life. I am madly in love with my life because I choose to dance out frustrations and throw my hands out an embrace challenge because it builds me up to be a strong force to be reckoned with. I am madly in love with my life because I sit back and marvel at how incredible it is to be here at all, and know that unless I grab at every single juicy morsel that is thrown my way, no-one will do it for me. I am madly in love with my life because it is wonderful and amazing and it takes my breath away every day. Because I choose it to be that way. Life is amazing, and awe-inspiring and just so darn incredible. I am just madly, hopelessly, ass-backwards in love with my life, every single step, each breath, each moment, each smile and each opportunity that comes to be better. And that’s a life if I ever saw one! <3

  100. Here’s my HJH wrap up:

    Happy: I’m happy because I’m not talking, I’m doing.

    Joy: Magic happens when you meet your dreams half way with action, I am learning that it’s in this moment when joy bubbles to the surface.

    How you are living + working towards your dream: I have just put my dream of driving around the World ‘out there’ and it has been gobsmackingly supported by the universe.


  101. Happy Birthday, fellow Sagittarian! What do I love about my life? I love being 30. I feel that in my 30th year, I’ve come to totally understand who I am and what I stand for. I don’t second-guess myself and back myself every time. I hit 3-1 in 2 weeks time. And just quietly, I think I’m going to love 31 just as much, if not more, than 30! Xxx

  102. I love that, this year in particular, I have been pushing myself in the direction of my dreams, even though that means doing terribly scary things that go agains every particle with in me. I am grateful for taking risks and putting my happiness first, in order to be the best version of me.

  103. I have had four tough years after the sudden death of my husband leaving me with two young children and a business I knew nothing about, then the house flooded and other things went wrong. But now I am on the rise, I am closer than ever to my two children because of what we have had to face together, I have learned the business and am still successfully running it, I have coped with problems on all levels from insurance companies, to suing a bank. It has been a tough and hairy ride, but now that I can see light at the end of the tunnel, I am one happy and confident woman. I miss my husband terribly, but I don’t think I’d ever want to give up what I have learned about myself and life and how important my children are to me. I appreciate the simple things that I never noticed before. I love my life!

  104. I love that this year I have focussed my energies on doing more that I love, at 24 I feel like I have a clear understanding of the importance of me and to be honest I love me and my life. I am so grateful for every beautiful soul I get to connect with and I love that I get to wake up every day to a world which is glowing with natural wonders. I don’t take a single moment for granted, the good and the bad, it is always an opportunity to be challenged, to grow and re-evaluate. I feel absolutely blessed to be on this earth, at this time, living, loving and appreciating this very moment! Coco x

  105. Im in love with my life because my family is so wonderful. Yes they sometimes drive me crazy but – it makes me so happy that everyone is always so supportive and loving. Im grateful for their love.

  106. I am loving freedom and peace in my life, I am madly in love with the abundance of joy and love flowing to me also. I am loving all the beautiful souls that are in my life and constantly flooding into my life that bring me so much inspiration and light and joy every single day. I am loving the magic that every day and moment brings that is all leading me on a wild adventure and towards my big dreams :)
    Happy birthday gorgeous girl xoxooxox

  107. There are so many reasons to love my life; my happy family are finally starting to experience some good health as we overcome different issues. The financial drama that has held us hostage has started to loosen it’s grip. My youngest starts school next year and I am starting to feel the wings of self actualisation slowly unfurl. My life is beautiful, and every moment is precious.

  108. I am in awe of how my life has shifted towards beautiful, positive and shiny people and how I am naturally happier for it! I love my life because it is easy (even when met with adversity) as I draw on the energy of those surrounding me.

  109. I’m in love with my life right now as its a big surprise! That I can see that all the challenges over the last few years have been like one big parse the parcel ‘party’ where finally the very annoying music has stopped and I get to unwrap the biggest present! … That I get to be ME, turned up to 12 in love with all I see. And this means that my clients get the best of me and all I need and ‘deserve’ comes strolling in the door with ease and grace! xx

  110. I am madly in love with my live, why, because I even though the love of my life walked out of my life last week, I am still happy and excited by life. I know what no one, but me is responsible for the happiness and the sunshine that constantly lightens up my life. I may have lost someone, but I have gained so much more in the process…. the understanding that I am madly inlove with my life which I have created for myself. xx

  111. Sometimes being madly in love with life is taking little steps and huge jumps.
    A little jump recently was deciding to enrol in summer semester for uni as it was my shift in gear in my mind- I had the time and I really want to get ahead. Doing an extra subject at this time means ill be a little step earlier to my dream!
    I cherish my family and friends, they teach me something everyday. from the fact that my 6year old niece was adamant that “windmills kept the cows cool” through to me admitting that I am not superwoman and my mum and aunties applauding this statement at the dinner table! They make me grateful to have them in my life everyday. (id probably share and celebrate the goodies with them!)
    My big jump has been my decision to train and participate in the PNG kokoda trail and the mindset behind that: To be grateful for how we live in Australia today, through to the fact that my Poppy was a chocolate soldier means that this jump has set me up on a journey to love and appreciate the life I live a little bit more.

  112. I am madly in love with my husband of 20 years, excited about what fun things we might do in the next 20…I’m madly in love with my two teenagers (although being teenagers they don’t always love me!) I am madly in love with my new house, happy with my work (lets face it I can’t be madly in love with everything). I’m madly in love with having Christmas lunch at my place and cooking up a storm for 18 people!! And I’m madly in love with the quiet glass of wine I’ll have christmas night when everyone leaves!

  113. I just love the shift that happens. That complete 180. When something that was filled with fear, you finally find the reason and purpose for. Its been staring you in the face the whole time but you all of a sudden get it. You get that feeling in your chest, almost like a happy ache, when you are so grateful for something, what is coming, and this life that you have been given.

    It is a time of transition for me, and I am finally just loving it all xx

  114. I had put off my entry at first, as I wanted to put some real thought into it what was really rocking my world, but then this morning upon driving to work, I had found myself singing my heart out to the radio and I just felt completely over the moon with how my life has come together lately!

    Apart from all the usual stuff like a gorgeous loving (& new) husband, a beautiful home, a job that I actually LOVE, amazing family and the greatest bunch of friends ever…
    I am also over the moon about:

    Our lovely new deck just in time for summer

    A veggie patch full of beautiful green lettuces – we r salad crazy at our place!

    A summer full of sun & belly laughs with our friends

    Turning 30 next week and being ecstatic about it (unlike others I know how are scared to get OLD!)

    Entering an exciting (but scary) new phase of life in 2013/14 – ahhhhhhh kids!!!!

    Looking into our bright future with soo much excitement and enthusiasm & motivation!

  115. In 2012 I decided it was about time I gave in and opened my heart. Opened it to people, to nature and to love more than ever before. The challenge began in April when I spent 18 days pushing my body and mind to the very end of my comfort zone in order to reach Mount Everest Base Camp.

    The Himalayan landscape was altogether spectacular and completely exhausting. The people I met up in the mountains, truly inspiring. I found a strength in myself I never knew I had through an experience I wasn’t sure I would ever have the courage to actually go out there and do.

    I then went on to a yoga retreat post trek with the aim to continue my process of self-discovery. By looking within, I was able to open my heart to the most kind and beautiful Italian man who continues to make me laugh every single day, even from afar. In early 2013 I am moving my life and photography business to Paris to be closer to him. Who knows what life (and love) has in store for us but I’m willing to take the risk to find out. (I’m selling/giving away everything I own for the move, but I figured I would happily make an allowance for this gorgeous goodie pack which would certainly make for a beautiful start to my new Parisian life!)

    This year has proven to me that if we allow ourselves to open our hearts to the world, it will not fail in confronting us with all of its beauty. In doing so, it will gently remind us not to put our dreams on hold any longer and encourage us all to go, see, do, change and really live. No more excuses.

    Living with an open heart is scary, but life feels more real and full of happiness these days… and I love it.

  116. I love my life because my love is with me every day. We are both living at home right now and only see each other on the weekends as we work very hard to a. finish up school (him) and b.make money to support us (me). But each weekend makes the whole week better and we fill the hours planning our little slice of heaven to come. we make a million plans and change our minds about minute details that don’t matter at all yet. i also love that we are supported and loved by our friends and family-it creates this safety net to fall into when the world seems a little topsy turvy and it helps bring it all back into perspective.

  117. I love every morning looking out my bedroom window, waking to the changing seasons, the colours, the mood of the sky and the warmth of my family having our ritual cuddle before we start the day. That window view is a source of wonderful conversations, potential adventures and unites us for whatever the day holds. Chaos may reign with lost socks, missing homework and limited bread for sandwiches for the remainder of the treadmill day but for that one morning window moment it’s perfect!

  118. The best way to explain why I love my life right now is with a little acrostic poem stemming from the word GRATITUDE.

    Grateful beyond words for my amazing relationship with my fiance
    Realising how great it is to fall in love with me
    Actualising life long dreams
    Time on my yoga mat
    In Spaces Between blog to remind me where it’s at
    Time with friends and family filled with laughter, love and joy
    Understanding that positive breeds positive & happy breeds happy
    Delving into new challenges and trusting where it takes me
    Every day is a new day to do all of the above and more

  119. I’m ecstatic because my teenage children gave me the following for my birthday…

    * a pair of googly eyes for all the times I really wish I had eyes in the back of my head,
    * a marble to replace those I feel I may lose from time to time,
    * a crayon to help colour every day bright and cheerful,
    * a paper clip for when I need to hold everything together,
    * a pipe cleaner as flexibility is essential for a mum,
    * a tea bag to remind me to relax with some ‘me’ time, and,
    * a gold coin to remind me that I really am worth her weight in gold!!

    ….and breakfast in bed. It doesn’t get any better than this!!

  120. I have always sought joy from blogs that I find inspiring. I do love my life and small insights from others to add to that are always nice! However, going through streams of blogs marvelling at the productivity and meaningfulness of others doesn’t serve it’s purpose if you just sit there and read them. I’m posting at the last minute because I haven’t had the time. Too busy living the good life!

  121. I am madly in love with my life
    because I am a wife
    a mother to a two year old daughter
    a soon-to-be mother to another girl
    a housemaker
    a plumber
    a writer & blogger
    a best friend and
    a daugther.
    I take joy in being all these roles and this is what makes me love my life so much and I am incredibly grateful!

  122. I love my life because i’m accepted the way i am, loved for who i am! By the important people in my life! Happiness comes from within and my own happiness is at a good level..even with the stresses that come with my life! I could list all the problems, dramas, tragic moments but i like to look up! Moving forward!

  123. I am madly in love with my life because – I’m still Creating it!
    – a work in progress, I’m still finding my feet – my place in this world – I’m taking some time ‘in between’ school & study to surround myself with inspiration & inspirational people, to be adventurous – to explore the world, gain confidence and bury my nose in some fine books. But for now I’m just enjoying giggles with my man, saving pennies to fund my travels (& the library of books i am going to read) I’m just going to continue counting down the (14) days until my 18th birthday (- adulthood! -) because i know I will find my place, my time will come, I am just going to sit back and be in awe of the beautiful world we live in! so blessed! xx
    Q: what isn’t there to love about my life ?

    A: nothing. Happy Birthday Rach ! x

  124. I am madly in love with my life because for the first time ever, I feel like I am the co-creator. This year has been about deciding what I wanted to achieve, and declaring what I desire. I am madly in love with life through the power of gratitude. Serious gratitude has been my success tool this year. Being grateful not only for the good things, but being able to see beyond the tough times and having the ability see the miracles and lessons which lies within them. I am in love with my life because it is mine. No one else will ever have the opportunity to live it, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

  125. I <3 my life because, I am always learning! Who I am, who others are, and what is meaningful. I love the friends and family I have been blessed with who love and challenge me to become the best I am. And of course, I am thankful for a job that celebrates creativity and blesses others!

  126. Happy birthday!
    Thank you so much for your inspirational blog.. I love it!

    Here’s why I’m in love with my life…

    – I have a wonderful husband, who is my best friend that I love doing life with.
    – I have been blest with amazing family whom I adore.
    – Just spent an amazing weekend up the coast with 12 of our closet friends and realised.. ‘This is what life’s about.’
    – Most of all, I have an amazing God who walks before me each day!

  127. I’m in LOVE with my life because I finally got all that was coming to me this year. After years of struggles with depression and hard, hard relationships, THE GUY fell in my lap and we got married just two crazy months after. I got to elope, just like I’d always wanted. (Who actually has it turn out JUST LIKE they’ve always wanted?) And now we are reveling in every moment: cleaning, cooking dinner, giving Boz-dog a bath, it’s all like living in a dream.

  128. What am I loving about life right at this moment? There are so many things! Well, today is thursday – and i find myself aware, and focused I look up and realsie its thursday again! /it alwasy feels like thursday! – i notice Dr Karl on the radio – it feels that thursdays are my day to listen, and really hear – I’m not caught in my own mind – or world, I have the weekend to look forward to – and i have a real awareness about me. This year has been about that more and more – I never guessed this year would be so insightful and beneficial to me – but it has been!

    I love that my gorgeous Fiance and I have been engaged just over 12 months, and now its 1 month and 26 days to go till we get to spend a long weekend away celebrating with our closest friends and family.- I love that its keeping me busy – almost a dream part time job – super fun stuff with a touch of magic thrown in!

    It sounds strange – but i think its great my work email has been down for a day and its giving me space to catch up and clear my head.

    I love that my fiance shaves his Movember Mo off tomorrow night! though it does make me laugh. I love that we played touch footy in the pelting rain (read:storm) last night – i love the fresh summer storms – the flashes of lightning, the slippery conditions provide comedy at each pass – I love our team and their commentating – and heckling – they are great guys – and I laugh so hard when I’m around them – Also thankful that we were safe and have a warm dry home to go home to!

    I’m excited to spend time with family this weekend and in the lead up to Christmas – I can put up the Christmas tree and will be decorating gingerbread houses with my sister in laws and aunties -Making shortbread christmas trees with white choc icing – simple things like baking and creating make me blissfully thankful to have an oven, a little time and family to share the activities with and simply be creative just for fun!

    My weekday evenings and mornings are filling up with errands, appointments, and e-shoots and fitness – I feel that i have something positive to look forward to (and achieve) every day over the next few weeks.

    There is so much to be in love with at the moment – I’m just so incredibly blessed, and it sounds like so many others are too! how awesome is that?! oxx

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