Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat ‘Inspirations’ Giveaway

How do I begin to describe Gwinganna?

Heaven on Earth? Absolutely. A game-changer? No doubt. A place that will unhinge your resistance, unlock the buried (and beautiful) parts of your soul and inspire you to make changes – whether radical or subtle – to your life so you’re living the best possible version of you? A million gazillion percent yes.

Can you tell I’m fanatical about the place?

As proof that vision boards and manifesting your desires go hand in hand, a few years ago I had a nice, big image of the retreat on my board, with the words “I am enjoying a weekend at Gwinganna” written in red underneath.

Not long after, I started my current job and got talking to Gwinganna’s Marketing Manager, the glorious Tracy, who epitomises everything the place stands for – calm and centred, caring and mega positive – and she invited me to come and spend the weekend to try out their brand new luxury villas. Insert ZOMG x infinity! This was huge!

Of course, I leapt at the chance and had one of the most relaxing, rewarding and eye-opening experiences of my life. I was in awe of the staff who were on a mission to spread the word on health and wellness in a very big way, and mingling with others who were relishing in the journey as much as I was left me totally inspired.

If you’re on the fence about health retreats and thinking you kinda maybe sorta might like to visit one, I should let you know that Gwinganna wins pretty much every spa award under the sun and Hugh Jackman loved his visit so much he returned to become part-owner. Nice.

Giveaway Time


Tracy has been kind enough to give me 5 copies of Gwinganna’s ‘Inspirations’ coffee table book (RRP $19.95) to give away to In Spaces Between readers. Hooray!

Check out a few snapshots of the pages below:

To Enter

Simply leave a comment under this post before 9am Friday 27 January, 2012.

Any comment will do – you can tell us why you’d love a copy of the book, what appeals to you about the retreat, or about your Gwinganna experience if you’ve been before – and a winner will be selected using and contacted by email.

Best of luck x

Wait, wait, there’s more!


Gwinganna have also very generously shared one of their incredible recipes with us all, so if you’re need some inspiration for dinner tonight, why not give this baby a go? Delicious.

Coconut Crusted Snapper

Serves 6 mains or 20 portions

1 kg snapper
1 cup desiccated coconut
¼ cup sesame seeds
½ bunch fresh coriander
Zest and juice of 1 lime
Ssea salt/ cracked pepper
1 tsp maple syrup


1. In food processor combine coconut, sesame seeds and coriander.
2. Blend till finely chopped, add rest of ingredients except fish until combined.
3. Cut snapper either into bite size pieces or main course size.
4. Press the topping onto the fish pieces.
5. Bake in pre-heated oven (approx. 160 C) until cooked

For more on Gwinganna if you’re interested:

+ Diary of My Mental & Physical Detox on Mamamia
+ The Sleep Discovery Retreat Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3, by Zoe Foster from PRIMPED.

+ Ready, set, GO! Don’t forget I have 5 lovely copies to give away – can’t wait to read your comments!

UPDATE: The lucky winners, randomly drawn using, are:

28 – Courtney
32 – Alice
24 – Kim
34 – Majella
4 – Rhiannon

Congrats! I’ll be in touch via email. Thanks for entering everyone x

40 Comments to “Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat ‘Inspirations’ Giveaway”

  1. Oh, my..
    Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat book of inspirations looks so refreshing!
    Always loving fresh pick me up books to get me going <3
    I would absolutely love to go to one of their spa retreats one day…! *ahhhhhhhhh* <3


  2. What an uplifting post! Gwinganna looks like a magical and special place!! Would LOVE one of the coffee table books as a contant reminder to allow time for myself to relax and unwind! Just gorgeous! Love your work Rachel – always finding the most beautiful places… Rhiannon x

  3. On Gwinganna website it states that Gwinganna offers you space to Breathe, Relax, Revive, Nourish and the opportunity to
    Re-energise ~ 5 important things! It looks & sounds like such a magical perfect place. Thanks so much Rachel for such a inspirational wonderful website that is always a pleasure to read.

  4. ahhhh all that and much more hey Rach! I concur, seriously the most invigorating and inspiriting and ‘clean’ place I’ve been in a long time. The only question is when the heck can i get back there!! For me I think one of the stand out memories from my visit was the food. SERIOULSY AMAAAAZZZZING you truly leave feeling inspired to lead a cleaner life starting with diet. This cook book sounds like a fantastic little snippet of take-home Gwinganna secrets!

  5. I’ve been to a few retreats outside of Australia – but this is one place that is on my to do list :) there is something quite magical about the cover photo of their book – when I look at it it makes me feel so free and balanced and light so you have inspired me to think about having this picture on my vision board I’m creating this weekend :) thanks again for the inspiration on this day

  6. Taking you lead, I came up with 3 guide words for 2012-
    This Gwinganna book would absolutely help me radiate healthiness. positivity and loveliness; it would remind me to nourish my mind, body and soul and when the flow of modern life all gets a bit too much, then I can lose myself in the pretty pictures and inspiring words!! x

  7. I am imaging myself there right now…AHHHHH Absolute Bliss!! I love Gwinganna. I am planning on treating myself to a spa weekend there for my brithday this year. I can’t wait!! x

  8. Oh I would do anything to go to Gwinganna. Its about as close to heaven as it gets but I would love a copy of the next best thing – their book. And that snapper recipe looks mouthwateringly deeee-vine! ps. I must get into the positive magic of vision boards too – imagine all those dreams come true that i am missing out on! ;) xo

  9. I think it was Gwinganna a friend of mine visited some time back and had a massage with drums?? Something to do with music and massage and finding yourself. Anyway whether it was or wasn’t Gwinganna the point is relaxing it part of keeping yourself sane. If you can relax and find yourself at the same time then life is good.

  10. Dear Rachel,

    I don’t just want this prize, I need it!

    I’ve been wanting to visit Gwinganna ever since Zoe Foster raved about it on PRIMPED, and I only wish there was one over here in WA. *insert lots of sad faces here*

    I love reading books about spas, I find that even reading about them creates the mental space in my mind and fills me with joy. My favourite place to read them is in the bath so I can close my eyes for a moment and pretend I’m there!

    Very jelly of your experience, I know one day I’ll make it there.

    Thanks for this excellent comp! :) xo

  11. With nine months until our beautiful day, I am constantly searching for ways to ” breath and unwind” aswell as ways to ” be in the moment, as if time is standing still”. These moments include times where my fiancee’s smile and concerned lines appear as we tell each other about our days. Searching for tea-cups with my best friend and laughing at memories. Gwinganna looks like a magical place where the notion of ” being in the moment and nothing else” becomes alive. I would love one of the coffee table books as a reminder to relax, unwind and to treasure each moment within each fraction of the day. I adore your work Rachel. Love Rach x

  12. Ohh the divine Gwinganna. I’ve been lucky enough to experience a day there thanks to the lovely Tracy (totally agree they couldn’t have anyone better to represent the place). The food is absolute bliss, all fresh and organic produce with an amazing taste. I’d love to spend a few days there to re-energise. I must say I need some help with some scrumtious cooking idea’s, their recipe book would be a great treat! x

  13. It’s so funny, I talk about health, nature, relaxation and love and putting it at the top of my priority list yet sometimes it seems so decadent and self-indulgent to go away to a retreat. But wouldn’t it be better and wiser to view it as an investment into my future… How backwards our thinking is sometimes :) So this post has inspired me to put a “self-indulgent” goal on my 2012 list – Gwinganna here I come. Woop woop! :)

  14. Oh wow that’s lovely, mum & I have always wanted to go to there for a holiday together :) one day we will make it there. I have a picture on my inspiration board in preparation hehe

  15. I have just discovered your blog thanks to the Bully (newspaper)… Look forward to reading more of your relaxed inspiring blog! And perhaps down the road joining you at your next bloggers celebration! Peace!

  16. Having just returned from our 6-week overseas honeymoon, I have a serious case of post wedding and holiday blues. Add to that the fact that we are right in the middle of a move and you have one little lady in desperate need of some peace, tranquillity and balance. Oh how I’d love to visit the.

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