Amazing Architecture: 6 Spectacular Homes from Around the Globe

I love a cosy, lived-in home as much as the next person… but I must admit, the super organised, appreciator-of-all-things-sleek-and-modern-and-gadgety in me also finds herself picking her jaw up off the floor when confronted with shots like the below.

I think the technical term is gobsmacked.

Or if that’s too hard: wow. Just… wow.

So, err, when do I pick up the keys?

1. Swanwick Ranch, Canada (via Desire to Inspire)



2. Nobis House , Germany (via The Coolhunter)


3. Bridle Road Residence, South Africa (via The Coolhunter)


4. Villa Sow, Senegal (via Home Dsgn)


5. Paraty House, Brazil (via The Coolhunter)


6. Luxury Villa, Switzerland (via Design Milk)


+ What do you think? Have you ever dreamt of living in something like these beauties?


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