Decorating Inspiration: Getting in the Holiday Spirit

It’s a weird old summer here in Australia.

Cold and rainy and not at all representative of the usual hot, sticky, summery lead up to Christmas, I must admit I’ve been finding it a little hard to get my brain to click over into “Xmas Decorating Mode.”

Until now.

As you know, I’m a huge pinner (and I love that I can say that without raising too many eyebrows!) so I decided to go on hunt for some decorating inspiration this week and was thrilled to find a truckload of creative, easy-to-pull together ideas that would seamlessly fit into any living space.

I’m all about natural elements (our tree last year was a salt-bleached stick, shoved in a silver tin bucket and adorned with handmade ornaments) but I’m also really loving the small pine trees in jars, shown below, as an alternative.

I hope this round up inspires you if the holiday spirit hasn’t yet kicked in! Oh, and one more thing: I just realised I’m singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christ-massssss”….. so I’ll leave you on that note. Try getting that out of your head!

Dark and Moody


1. Emmas Blogg 2. 79 Ideas 3. Simple Blueprint 4. Helt Enkelt 5. Cathrine’s Hjerterom

Bright Winter Whites


1. Dreamy Whites 2. Love Nordic 3. Fine Little Day 4. Annaleena’s Hem 

 Naturals and Neutrals


1. My Lovely Things 2. Lotta Agaton 3. Simple Blueprint 4. The Yvestown Blog 5. Decor 8 6. French By Design 7. Frolic

White and Wood


1. Basic Label Sweden 2. Sf Girl By Bay 3. Bp 4. A White Carousel 5. Flex Inredning

For a tonne more inspiration for everything from gorgeous gift wrapping and DIY decorations to tasty Xmas treats, check out the holiday editions of these pretty online magazines:

1. Ruche: A Homemade Holiday 

2. Sweet Paul

+ So, tell me: what’s your Xmas decorating style? Have you put your tree up yet?

7 Comments to “Decorating Inspiration: Getting in the Holiday Spirit”

  1. Christmas is my all time favourite part of the year! Not only is it my birthday month but as soon as I see Christmas lights & decorations my happiness sky rockets! I put my tree up last night & it’s so purdy! It’s a mix of old family heirloom decorations & some modern pieces & handmade gems. I adore my 3 wise women which were a gift from a friend I met while living in Paris. Butterflies are my good luck charms so I’ve got some of those on there. Traditionally trees here were decorated using fresh flowers so last year myself & my mam made some roses. I love the overall look. Very cozy around here!

  2. Rachel: I can’t believe it! Very, very strange. I’m a huge fan of the stark whites too, so pretty. xx

    Jenn: Your decorations sound beautiful and I love that they have meaning and memories attached to them! xx

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