Pallet Love!

On my lunch break yesterday I went on a mini op shopping adventure and was delighted to stumble across this:


I didn’t have enough room in my car to grab more than one, but it did get me thinking about ways we could use pallets around the house and for our wedding.

Below is some of inspiration I’ve discovered online for DIY’ing pallets. Versatile little buggers aren’t they? Particulary loving the bookshelf and the planter, which would be perfect on our balcony!

1. Coffee table 2. Bookshelf 3. Sofa

1. Daybed 2. Shelves 3. Bed + Table 4. Couch

1. Bench 2. Coffee table 3. Planter 4. Wine Rack

7 Comments to “Pallet Love!”

  1. How fab! My husband just brought 5 MASSIVE pallets home last week. We are planning to make a new dining table from it. We are currently on version 9 of the plans! It’s so funny, I just want to get the power tools out and go for it but I’m told that we have to know what we are doing first! Makes for a good team, I think!

    Vari x

  2. Haha, you sound like me Vari :) Can’t wait to see how it goes — you’ll have to post some pics on the In Spaces Between FB page for us all to look at! Good luck xx

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