5 Tips for a Joy-Filled Existence

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1.  Change Your Words


I love, love, love this Don Miguel Ruiz quote:

“Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

So true! How often have you said something out loud and wished you hadn’t? How many times have you chastised yourself or smacked yourself down internally when you feel like you’ve failed or disappointed yourself?  How often have you silently judged?

It’s so easy to let negative talk become our default reaction but all it serves to do is suck the sparkle from our souls. Take a look at your words. What story are you telling the world and yourself? I was talking to a friend about this very idea recently, and we were saying how it’s so easy to go into whine mode (not to be confused with wine mode, which is definitely not a bad thing!) when it comes to our jobs. We create these stories about work a lot of the time – we’re uninspired, unmotivated, sick of the repetition or so-and-so from another department and their unrealistic demands. And so work becomes a chore for us, because we’ve built it up to be this draining experience. This applies to other areas too – what about that friend that you always expect to call and download the doom and gloom from their life? Or the negative stories you attach to your partner – “He never cleans the house/ tells me he loves me/ does X, Y, Z right.”

To combat negative thoughts and dive deep into a pool of positivity, you need to shift your mindset. This is where affirmations come in. Affirmations are positive words or phrases you say regularly to activate your dream-centre. They bring you closer to your core, and the experiences and interactions you desire. Read this for a refresher on affirmations along with some great examples.

Other ways to be impeccable with your word: Write down on paper what you’re willing to let go of… and really let go. Stick love letters to yourself on your mirror or in your diary. Change your password on your computer to something that reminds you to be happy. Write a list of words that excite you and use them daily. Out with the old, in with the new!

2. Exercise to Energise


If you already exercise on a regular basis, I don’t need to tell you how amazing it feels to get your body moving and how much happiness an endorphin rush will bring to your day. Kudos to you, you little fitness goddess! On the other hand, for those that haven’t fully developed the exercise habit (yet) and may see it as something of a chore – listen up!

Exercise and happiness are inextricably linked. Why? Simple! Because exercise: improves your mood (immensely), enhances mental capabilities, clears your mind, combats weight gain and tones your body (think long, sexy and lean, not wobbly, lumpy and sluggish!), helps you fall asleep faster and deepens your sleep, puts the spark back in your sex life (va va VOOM!), helps prevent nasty diseases, and finally, delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues to help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Heart and lungs cranking at optimal levels = epic energy for you!

When you think of exercise, visualise the benefits, not the difficulties. Picture what you’ll get out of it. Give yourself a pep talk when you find that you’re self-sabotaging and making excuses. Feeling tired? Exercise is the best energy boost around. Raining and horrible outside? Hit up your local gym – a lot of the time, they’ll give you a free trial session. Otherwise, get on YouTube or one of my favourite fitness sites and do a workout at home. Not a runner? Go for a long, brisk walk, do yoga or pilates or set off on an adventure on your bike.

Unless you’re an elite athlete who trains for hours on end, you’re really only sacrificing a small portion of your day, so make exercise as essential to your happiness as catching up with friends or sleeping in on the weekend. Raise your heart rate as often as you can and reap the rewards!

3. Express Gratitude



These days, we’re so caught up in our own busyness and chronic “over-doing,” that most of the time, we lose sight of the good things – big or small – that are happening all around us.

As you know, every Wednesday I post a ‘Making Me Happy’ post here on In Spaces Between, which basically details the things that have brought joy into my life over the previous week. This practice is invaluable for me and something I hang out to do (I actually scribble notes in my diary throughout the week so I don’t forget anything).

My fiance and I have also gotten in the habit of saying the things we’re grateful for when we’re drifting off to sleep at night or out walking in the morning. My lover will have that docile, half-asleep look in his eyes and I’ll be going “So, what are you grateful for at the moment? What are you going to focus on today that will make you happy?” Ha, poor thing! He does tell me that bringing attention to these things sets the tone for an amazing day, promise!

Spending time every day expressing gratitude means it will become an integral part of your life. The more you start flexing your gratitude muscle, the more it will weave it’s way into your daily life – and you’ll find you’ll unconsciously attract more to be grateful for. Make today the day that you find (at least) one thing to give thanks for. Like we do, tonight when you’re going to sleep, think of all the positives from your day or week. Start a routine with a friend where you email each other your gratitude lists on a regular basis. Comment on the Making Me Happy post I publish every Wednesday to publicly pronounce your bliss. Keep a gratitude journal. Whatever works for you!

4. Just do it


Nagging tasks are energy thiefs. They swirl in our minds until one day we get so frustrated with constantly thinking about them that we grumpily bite the bullet and get the damn thing done. It’s only once it’s done that we realise how much energy we could have saved by just doing the task in the first place. Of course.

I used to be brilliant at avoiding the mundane tasks I didn’t like doing. Booking appointments (or not) was my specialty – everything from getting my car serviced to going to the physio was put in the ‘boring’ box and pushed aside. It was only when I’d written the same thing on my to-do list for about three weeks straight that I’d throw my hands up in the air and finally do it.

These days I’m all for preserving my sanity and the extra space in my grey matter for more important things, so I try my best to tackle annoying tasks like dentist appointments or other niggling tasks when they happen or when they pop into my mind. “Get It Done” has become my mantra. If I get an email, more often than not I’ll reply immediately so I know it’s done. Same with text messages. Not feasible all the time but the feeling of crossing an irksome chore off my never-ending to-do list is totally worth it.

5. Help others… especially when you’re feeling miserable


Find tremendous happiness and get out of your own head by compassionately connecting with others. Give a friend/ family member/ colleague a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand,  a chunk of your time. Volunteer, offer your expertise (for free and without expectation), babysit, pick someone up from the airport in the wee hours because you know how much it sucks to catch public transport when you’re jet-lagged as all get out. Dish out exquisite compliments – genuinely and with love in your heart. I have a rule that if I think something nice about a person (from “hot shoes” to “gosh you’re a great cook” and beyond) I tell them. Make someone’s day/ week/month.

When we hold on to compliments or praise, we’re telling ourselves that we’re inferior. We think that if we let someone know how great they are, people might not notice how great we are. Not true. Love that’s released circulates and finds its way back to us.  You never know what people are dealing with – save someone from their pain today.

6. Bonus happiness booster!


“I am compelled by some deep hunger of the soul, driven by a desire that will not leave me alone, to live life to the fullest. And I know this does not mean working endlessly, accomplishing the most, or consuming the greatest amount and variety of things and experiences. It means tasting each mouthful, feeling each breath, listening to each song, being awake and aware of each moment as it unfolds.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Pin this quote up somewhere you can see it daily – it’s brilliant! Take control of your life, steer your ship in the direction of your dreams, be present, come ALIVE!

Big love to you all, wishing you the happiest of happy weekends! xx

Images: 1. Etsy 2. Leslie Miles 3. Southern Darlin 4. Black & Eiffel 5. 29 Media 6. Julian Bialowas

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  1. Before I even finished reading this blog post I had to comment to say how much I LOVE it! What a beautiful read and the most lovely way to start out the day (it’s Saturday morning here in New Zealand). Thank you so much!

  2. Oh thank you Aasta! So glad you liked it! Hope you’re feeling all pumped up for an AHHH-MAZING weekend, enjoy lovely! xx

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