A Goal a Week: Making Things Happen – Easily, Stress-Free – Before 2013!

{My brand spankin’ new goals wall}


I just had a question on Facebook about how my planning wall works so I thought I better explain!

I’m very visual and love having things organised by colour, as you can see. The week’s – not all of them at this stage – are laid out starting with the current week at the bottom, reading upwards, because I like having current tasks in my line of sight as I’m sitting at the computer.

When a task is completed, the Post It comes off the wall. Similarly, if anything needs to be added, it’s easy to do so. To the left are my goals and ‘Things to Remember’ (events, Skype calls), and to the right are my blog posts.

Hope that makes sense!

Imagine this:

Instead of defaulting to “Why’s the end of the year always so friggen crazy (gaaaah!)” you embraced something a little softer, a little more like this “I’m all about tying up loose ends, adding more white space to the calendar (refer to Friday’s newsletter), time with my important peeps. The rest? It can wait.”

I know which one I prefer.

I’m going to be honest here – in years gone by, the first sentence above has fallen out of my mouth as often as bad canapes and Christmas “treats” have gone in. The temptation is always there to get caught up in the collective franticness that ensues when it dawns on us that the year is marching to a close.

“Oh my god! Only 9 weeks ’til Christmas – are you KIDDING?!”
“How the hell are we going to smash this target before December?”
“I don’t have a free weekend in, like, ever!”

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. It’s become so deeply engrained that, despite spending the whole year achieving/ doing/ smashing targets/ kicking goals, we need to do even more in the final two months before the break to feel like we’ve really squeezed every last drop o’ juice out of ourselves and our days. As if, by dragging our work-weary bodies towards the finish line that is Christmas Day and the holidays, we’ll truly be able to relax, content that we’ve finally reached the summit of that very large mountain.

I’m here to tell you things can be different. I’m also here to tell you there will never be a time where you reach the top of the mountain. You’ll probably never have ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. to do in this lifetime. Let’s agree to be cool with that, okay? It unshackles discomfort.

In flipping outmoded ideals on their head, I’m putting it to you that instead of overwhelming yourself with unrealistic and exhausting goals, you choose just a few tasks that you’d love to have wrapped up before 2013 rolls around, and you go about completing them because you know doing so will leave you gloriously fulfilled – not just because you feel you “should.”

We’ve got 8 weeks (and a coupla days) up our sleeves, and I’d love to you join me in choosing one goal to tackle each week. Some weeks your goal might be bigger, some weeks teensier. It doesn’t really matter – just measure them up against these questions:

1. Do I actually want to do this?

2. Will it make me feel happier/ joyful/ proud/ the best kind of satisfied?

I started my list a week ago so I’ll share what I’ve already been up to, along with what I’ll be focusing on for the coming week. Every Monday I’ll post a new one on the blog.

WEEK 1: Getting my house in order


{22 – 28 Oct}

My goal last week was to “get my house in order.” I’m not actually referring to spring cleaning our abode here – although that happened on a very small scale as well – I’m talking about decluttering my online life and getting a couple of “roll over” tasks (you know the ones that pop up on to-do list after to-do list) sorted out once and for all.

I got organised by:

+ Sending the handwritten thank you notes that I’d been meaning to send fo-evah.
+ Whittling my inbox down to two emails.
+ Embarking on a Power Day at work on Friday, whipping through must-do’s without letting distractions take hold.
+ Clearing out my Evernote (bye bye wedding-related notes, hello some semblance of order!)
+ Cleaning out my old Hotmail account and unsubscribing from the newsletters I always delete (Living Social, I’m lookin’ at you).
+ Creating my goals wall, shown in the photo above, and booking in a bunch of appointments for November in one fell swoop so I don’t have to keep reminding myself to do so.

All super easy tasks that have been taking up a tonne of mental real estate. The lesson: just do it.

WEEK 2: Embracing creativity


{29 Oct – 4 Nov}

This week’s focus is creativity. Since our wedding, I’ve been missing the sense of fulfillment that comes with making something beautiful by hand, and since my 30th birthday shindig is just a few weeks away, I’ve decided to make a couple of simple – and colourful! – decorations this week.

Again, simple stuff – but importantly, simple stuff that contributes significantly to my happiness. 

Your turn gorgeous!

What do you think about this idea of focusing on easy, achievable, un-stress-out-able goals for the next 8 weeks? Sound like a plan?

I’d love you to join in the festivities and share your goals – a list of everything you want to nail, or simply the one you’ll make happen this week – in the comments below. Let’s drum up some positive, can-do energy and cheer each other on for the final leg of 2012!

Images: Etsy | Fellow Fellow | Poppytalk

20 Comments to “A Goal a Week: Making Things Happen – Easily, Stress-Free – Before 2013!”

  1. We are moving in just over two weeks time.

    My goal is to settle into our new home by Christmas. Not just unpacking wise, but lifestyle wise.

    The past few weeks have been so manic I am looking forward to getting back to some order, back to meal planning and writing daily to do lists so that I have more time for playing in the sunshine with my kids and taking on some new hobbies (like planting a new herb garden!).

  2. I did an ‘Eight in Eight” (eight goals in eight weeks) last year and I definitely intend on doing it again this year! I just didn’t realise that the time had come around already, I better get myself organised!

  3. Becs: Can’t wait to hear your goals! xx

    Melinda: Congrats on the move! You’ll feel amazing once you’re all settled in to your shiny new abode and can make fresh new plans. Perfect timing, actually – just before the New Year xx

    Katherine: Go girl! Would love to hear them if you want to share xx

  4. This post really resonates with me at the moment as it has just dawned on me that I have so much to do and so little time!

    My sister’s wedding is coming up in December and I’m in charge of the graphic design side of things and after that is all over my partner and I are moving to London!

    Like you say, getting the little things out of the way first makes life a lot easier, not to mention writing lots of lists.

    My goal is not to let my well being suffer at this hectic time and to always make time for yoga.

    Thanks Rach! x

  5. Rach, this post is at a prime time. As I keep a watchful eye over my sick little dog at home today (carers leave should definitely apply to pets!) I am dreaming and scheming.

    Tying off loose ends as I realise most of my vision board is now outdated and its time to get the new horizon clear.

    This week for me is about getting the house in order too, I still have a spare room LOADED with wedding decor, odd furniture and let’s face it… it needs to go. NOW.

    I’m a visual person too, so physically de-cluttering my space is a way to get clarity, and that job has been pushed back on the to-do list (for quite some time now).


  6. Love the wall!! It just made me realise I need to declutter a lot of my life and my desk as well!!

    In particular pile of ebay stuff I really need to start moving because it makes me feel guilty everytime I look at it lol.

    Finding time to be creative is a huge one for me as well.

  7. Sister from another mister!! I’m all about Post-It’s on the wall too. For me Post-Its are TOTALLY overrated as a reminder tool, and utterly underrated as a planning tool. Any plan of mine that involves me breaking things down into actionable steps involves them and having those steps right in front of my face on the wall.

    Thanks for another inspiring post! My bringing-2012-home-with-ease-+-style plan is in the works now! Good GAWD WOMAN I’m loving your work over and over!

    PS LOVING those painted sticks. Those gorgeous colours make me want to say BRING ON SUMMER HOLIDAYS :) xx

  8. Sarah: Lists are saviours! Do you use the Evernote app? (on iPhone and computer) Seriously awesome. Xx

    Bel: That’s one of my goals too! How exciting – nothing like a shiny new online home. xx

    Monika: Where can we start a petition? It should SO apply! ;) It’s amazing how much decluttering makes a difference. Good luck lady! Xx

    Annette: I might have a little something up my sleeve… xx

    Sig: I know EXACTLY what you mean with that guilty, why-haven’t-I-done-it-yet feeling… It took me 3 months to get our wedding thank you cards done and I brought them with me to work every day, intending on doing them on my break, and then took them home again each night… incomplete. It was a huge annoyance hanging over me for that whole 3 months.

    Clear the mental space by diving in ASAP! xx

    Linda: Pleasure! Xx

    Kate: Every time I see the words Post It I think of the movie ‘Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion’ – “I invented Post It’s.”

    Haha, don’t mind me….

    I’m all about the chunking down, and love that you are too gorgeous! And hello, how awesome are they? Think I might have to give something similar a whirl this week while I’m in creation mode xx

  9. Can goals be little things, like ‘do my tax’, and ‘get my car serviced’? I find my weeks are so busy and exhausting working 9-5 that I can only ever be bothered getting one main ‘chore’ done outside work hours every week. This week it’s my tax. Next week it’s my car. Then I imagine it’s going to start being Christmas shopping.
    They aren’t exactly life changing goals are they!??

  10. Ashlee: Absolutely! That’s the aim with this – to wrap up the small (or not so small) stuff so we can breeze into the New Year with plenty of vibrant, come-at-me energy! Your goals sounds perfect, thanks so much for sharing… and good luck with your tax. YOU. CAN. DOOOO. IT ;) xx

  11. Ahh! Love it! You have such beautiful style – I love your workspace. Such an inspiration, Rach!

    I feel like I’m rocking out at the Week 2 theme of creativity! I just finished writing and editting my free eBook today. Feels amazing!

    You know that feeling of being in the flow, losing track of time, and just high on inspiration?

    It’s back. Thank God/the Universe/everybody. Hallejulah!

    I’m going to declare it for the first time, and say “I’m sending it out on Tuesday OR Wednesday!” Whee I am now officially held accountable.

    I love the idea of going on an 8 week journey with you — sort of a final GO GET IT! before the end of 2012. Thank you for this idea – you are a creative mastermind and genius!


  12. My goal is to get all my artwork completed for the current promotion so that it can go to print and be completed on time.

    And in the next couple of weeks I’m going to be getting crafty with washi tape. I’ve just ordered a whole heaps and will be revealing the results of my efforts on the blog soon – Super excited!

    Keep an eye out..


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