A Quick Video on Letting Go

I’m racing out the door to dinner gorgeous souls but before I go, I have a video to share.

Made in a super speedy fashion – but with plenty of love! – you’ll hear my thoughts on two simple techniques for letting go of funky feelings. I may or may not be looking at the camera (which will teach me for recording it on my computer).

Looks like someone forgot about the green dot. THE GREEN DOT RACH! (forgive me?)

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy x

10 Comments to “A Quick Video on Letting Go”

  1. Thanks for this.
    As Erin said – has come at a good time for me.
    I need to let go of a lot of feelings that are no good for me, and no good for my daughter who needs me to be the best mum i can be, and that’s a happy one!

  2. Ahhhh! As usual you have the most perfect timing to dose out some of your love and positivity.
    Have just gone through a break up and am struggling to let go, which I know is normal, but it’s also extremely exhausting!!
    Will definitely put your ideas into practice.

    Thanks and love!

  3. Hey there Rachel,

    That visualising exercise is great. Even just seeing the comments from others and hearing your voice is a great motivator to feel more present and whole and for me “enough” actually I’m feeling friggen fabulous. Thanks again.

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