Drop the Dream + Get Movin’!


* As I get back on track this week after a month away, I’m rolling out more brilliant guest posts and this one is by my beautiful friend Tara from Such Different Skies. Show her some love in the comments!


Not too long ago, I used to live my life with my attention constantly places three years ahead of me.

‘After I travel to South America, and snowboard in Switzerland, complete such-and-such certification and miraculously acquire some serious cash, THEN I’ll be ready for my dream career.’

What  was really going on though of course, was my ingrained belief that I infact did not deserve a deeply fulfilling life just yet.  But after a little more travel, a little more ‘life experience’, and few straight A’s, maybe, just maybe, I might be worthy.


Do your dreams ever exhaust you?  If they do, I’m not surprised!  Big dreaming is a big transaction – of time, energy, attention and awareness. Don’t get me wrong, I simply wouldn’t be writing this post had I not spent some down and dirty time in Dream City, but there’s an enormous difference between visioneering, and the type of hardcore daydreaming that leaves you disconnected from your presence, frustrated at your current life situation and well, a little overwhelmed at what it’s going to take for you to ‘arrive’.

We can literally pysch ourselves out of the blissdom of moving toward an inspired life.  But know this: big dreams don’t always involve big leaps of faith, big risks and big life changes. What they do require, is persistence.

Small, consistent steps forward create quantum shifts in your reality; your energy field, your relationships, confidence and –  my favourite – your trust in life.  Think of every small right action as a billboard created for the Universe which says: ‘I am ready now.  And I need your help.’  (That last part is important, trust me.  You cannot do this alone.)

So, what could a small right action look like for you?

Depending on where you’re at in your journey, and of course, what that big dream of yours is, it could mean…

// Creating a new pinboard in Pinterest with the blogs/designers/women/etc that inspire you.  If you wanna up the potency, transfer those images to a wall in your house.  Hello, inspiration station!

// Setting up a Gravatar account, so we can see your beautiful face when you leave comments on our blogs.  If you’re commenting, you’re building your online presence – so let’s see them pearly whites!

// Choosing peppermint tea over coffee.

// Making the conscious decision to go to bed half an hour earlier.  Like I said, dreamin’ requires energy!  Sleep up, babe.

// Hiring a coach or visionary vixen that has a penchant for getting the wheels in motion.

// Attending events that both inspire and challenge you.

// Enrolling is a creative workshop, or an expressive movement class. Variety is the spice of life!

// Sitting down, and writing a list of what you do NOT want to feel, experience and talk about anymore.  This is important, and empowering.

All of this raises your consciousness and your confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be:

Wooing the big shots; launching your blog/business; booking a retreat for yourself to honour the creative space you need, and sharing your story with the world, allowing it to heal with you.

These are hugely symbolic actions to take which radiate your deepest desire. “I am willing to create change in my life.”

Don’t wait for your dream to come along and sweep you off your feet, sweet thing. Decide to bring it into your day.


Do this now: Leave us a comment below and share what one right action you’re going to take in the direction of that dream of yours.


Tara Bliss is a spirit-fueled coach and healer, motivational speaker, and creator of The Party Girls Guide to Peace. Her mission? To kick-start an avalanche of gutsy, fear-busting confidence and love (all with a side serve of swagger)! Think of her as your crystal-toting, skateboard-riding, raw-dessert-loving lumière, unveiling the path to peace and freedom. Her original medicine? Fierce and curious vulnerability. It’s time to embrace self-love. Seize adventure. Revel in unconventionality.

Connect with Tara atTara Bliss,Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@tara_bliss).

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28 Comments to “Drop the Dream + Get Movin’!”

    • Awesome Maddison – do you have a “right action” you’re willing to share here? (once it’s declared, it gathers energy – who knows what will unfold?!) x

  1. Fabulous as always Tara!!

    Today I am going to get to yoga and write one blog post. Small, do-able, but these are definitely the next steps I need to take.

    Thanks for the inspiration lovelies xx

  2. Love this! Some wonderful tips. I have spent so much of my life waiting for something better or for the next experience or stage – but it’s only in this year that I realised that what I have right at this moment is absolutely perfect.
    My next action is to tidy up my desk and create more of a sacred space. And then, I adore the idea of writing out what I DON’T want anymore. Really powerful.
    Thank you, you two beauties. xxx

  3. Emily: YES! Go get ’em honey. x

    Amelia: The most powerful realisation… ever. And, you know, it doesn’t mean we can’t have dreams/ goals/ burning desires – just that the “grass is always greener” concept is a bit of a myth. The grass is vibrant enough just where we are! Good luck sacred-ing (new word) up that space, gorgeous. x

  4. I like this. I feel like I have maybe been coming to this point in my head – since my website going live its a bit of a nudge that I need to keep taking steps to move forward to get where I desire to go, over just dreaming where I want to end up. Action time! Love to you both xo

  5. Oh such a wonderful and timely reminder! I get so caught up (and oft overwhelmed ) with the BIG picture I forget to break it down, little steps, just one thing today, right now… breath!!! I’m like a bird soaring high above lol! SO back down on the ground today, I’m sending that email, writing that blog post and planning some me time investment! xx

  6. Good morning lovely ladies! What a beautiful post to read first thing this morning :) Small steps, wow, so simple but often so hard? Which one do I take first? This is what is currently going on in my head at the moment, do I step that way or the other way?? AAAHHHH!! Taking some time to write down what I don’t want to feel I think will take priority today, that’s a wonderful (but kinda confronting!) first step! I also love the idea of a pinterest board filled with the things I am loving at the moment. Might shine some light on where I need to turn next. Thanks SO much Tara & Rach!!
    Big love and have a wonderful day!
    Kate xxx

  7. Love this post!! I need the reminder to jump back into the present, as I’m a big dreamer and very futurist thinker. One step I am going to take today, is write all my existing clients love notes and send them. I am also going to plan my blog posts for a month in advance to work towards my greater dream to create quality content consistently to build community! xx

  8. This is very timely, just the advice I need right now. My one action is to hold my first kids/community yoga class next week…even if just five people turn up it’s five more people then if I hadn’t :) xo

  9. Love this! It’s so true, that element of slow and steady winning. Sometimes it’s that sadly-not-so-glamourous next step and then the one after that which makes all the difference (I wonder if this is the technical definition of ‘hard yards’?).

    At the same time I also see in myself that I work in peaks and troughs. For me, inspiration and subsequent work effort comes in waves. At these times, me getting things done is mostly about having the balls to jump up and ride that wave when it turns up.

    Great article! Seriously Tara + Rach, I love your work! xo

  10. Tara and Rach – brilliant!!!

    I am a ‘future thinker’. In five years I’m going to do this, have this – oh and feel this way! Nah – not cool. Now I focus on smaller steps and goals.
    Don’t get me wrong, my big dream is still there. I’m just being present in today a little more.

    Love your work girls, always do.

  11. Tara, you are speaking to my soul! I’m all about the small, consistent steps at the moment. Right now, I’m trying to write a little bit each day – no matter if it makes me cringe – to chip away, bit by bit, at my thesis. And conscious breathing as my anchor, always. (Plus plenty of sleep – love that point about getting to bed a little earlier!)

  12. This is a fun reminder.

    My one action is to NOT do work tonight. I am going to leave my awesome office and spend time away from the computer screen and interact with fun, gorgeous friends. I usually go home and work away on freelance clients just so I can get work to them early. But tonight they can wait. Annnd I am not going to feel guilty about it. I know I will feel more energised and inspired tomorrow to deliver the clients work. I’m an intelligent and hard working woman that wants time off and is gunna have it.

    The world will continue spinning.

  13. Claire: Got it in one, lady! Small actions, big wins. Love back to you x

    Keri: You know… big dreaming feels good in our bones – expansive, freeing, possibility-laden, hopeful, energising – which is necessary and wonderful and maybe a little addictive…. BUT, it’s the little steps that make that shiz real. You know the ol’ question “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” It’s that. One step at a time, baby! Let us know how you go with those small, right actions. x

    Kate: I find writing all of it down (brain dump) then splitting into two pages – “Things I Can Do/ Things in My Control” and then “Things I Can Get Help With/ Things I Can’t Control” – THEN, going through and pulling out the top 2 or 3 priorities on the first page. The rest? It can wait to take its turn as a priority, or can be delegated, or … aha!… left. Just like that ;) x

    Kate R: Grand plans, lovely lady. How did you go? x

    Jessie: Those 5 peeps that WILL turn up will be blessed. x

  14. Kate (Betty): Haha, think you nailed it there! I love how you work in those peaks and troughs, you’ve got that power intensives thing down to a fine art. How did you go with the designer? Can’t wait to see your new offering. X

    Nicole: YES! That’s it. Setting the intention, then bringing it back to presence and “what can I do right now that will make me feel good and get me one step closer to that dream?” x

    Kylie: Shitty first drafts for the win! You’re rocking it honey. X

    Erin: No work. Gorgeous friends. Fun. No guilt. Go get ‘em! (this sounds like a dream night, PS).

  15. Great post! Totally slipped into dreamworld this past week, and then the inevitable frustration that follows. My action is to right a list of things i’m NOT going to allow in my life… A profound step that I have completely overlooked recently. Thank You Tara + Rach xx

  16. It’s so easy to get stuck and feel paralyzed on our big dream path because of the fear of making decisions. What I’ve come to realize is that we must keep walking, just like you said. Keep walking, no matter how small the step, in the direction of our dreams.

  17. Wow- this is really, really resonating with me today- thank you so much Tara and Rach.

    One of the big problems I have is wanting to do everything at once and jumping right into the future, rather than staying present and enjoying the journey.

    I think the action step I need to take is to maybe upload a photo of myself to Gravatar, rather than hiding behind my logo (Aaah!…Ah-hem!) Ok, you got me!

    This is such a great list- thank you lovely ladies! xxx

  18. Hey Rach!

    I’ve written all the love notes, sent half of them – so that’s progress! I haven’t yet planned my blog posts, but will hopefully tackle that tomorrow! Hope you’re having a fab week :) Kate x

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