Goals Before 2013: Weeks 5 + 6

Holy jubilation, I’m riding the biggest, shimmery-est wave of excitement this morning!

Why, you ask? Because it’s ma 30th birthday week and you know I love a momentous occasion and a good ol’ shindig!

I worked out recently it’s been 19 months since my gorgeous husband and I have had a proper holiday. Sure, there’s been the odd 3-day weekend in Melbourne or Sydney, but as far as a break that we can actually relax into goes, it’s been a while.

Howevah! That’s all about to change when, this Wednesday, we head off for 5 nights in Byron Bay – and while (of course) there’s a super fun Mexican party planned for Saturday – we’re dubbing this time away together our Spirit Retreat. Replenishment time. A vacation for the soul.

So what does a Spirit Retreat entail exactly?

Amongst other things, time offline, a coaching sesh with a beautiful coach on Thursday, lots of reading (I’m bringing 8 books with me!), exercise, meditation, long lunches and energising eats and a whole world of journalling. I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that in stepping out of the day to day, real creativity starts to flow, unhinged, unencumbered. I seriously can’t wait for that.

A vital component of my Spirit Retreat – importantly, the part where all the good juju and deeply-felt relaxation continues after the fact – is that I’ll be taking next week off the blog (plus a few more days if I feel like I need it).

Self-care for energy renewal is such an important undertaking – especially at the moment, when there are 4502756 events happening all at once. Give yourself the gift of some down time if you’re feeling called to. You’ll know.

And now, over to you angel: I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

How are your goals going? We’re inching ever closer to the end of 2012 – what’s left to tackle on your ‘love to do’ list?

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  1. Your spiritual retreat sounds ah-mazing! It sounds like you are going to have a lovely time and a huge big happy birthday to you, enjoy the lovely peace and quiet x

  2. Errmmmm Rach, this sounds amazing.

    I NEED to do the same thing. Ever since I’ve been freelancing, I’ve had ‘holidays’, but they’ve always been working ones… Since it’s so easy for me to just take my laptop with me, I’ve gotten into the habit.
    I have days off here and there, but damn its been sooooo long since I’ve had a legit holiday!!

    I’m thinking my birthday weekend might call for a lil getaway. Mmmmhmm.


  3. Maddison: Thank you so much beautiful, can’t wait! xx

    Sian: DO IT. Dooooo EEET. You’ve worked your graphic designer-y butt off this year. This is your permission slip for a relaxing long weekend away (sans technology) for your birthday! xx

  4. Your retreat sounds amazing, and well-deserved! I hope that it is refreshing and replenishing and reinvigorating for the Two Rs!

    I’m trying a new thing for my goals list this week. I realised there are a bajillion little tasks that have been floating around my head that I *never seem to get around to*. Last night, I sat down and wrote them all down. All fifty of them. It felt really good to get them all out of my head, and it also was good to see all my little nagging thoughts in tangible form – much harder to waste time worrying when things are on paper and part of a plan, rather than just swirling in the ether of my brainspace.

    My plan is to cross every single one of those off by the end of the year. I really want to start 2013 feeling… Unencumbered. Light. Free. And getting all this shiz done will hopefully contribute massively to that.

    I’ve broken it down, so basically I need to do 1.3 tasks per day (two done already this morning – yay for momentum!), and I’ve also identified the ‘uglier’ tasks amongst the bunch – the ones that I really am feeling resistance to doing (you know, like calling that old friend that I was *meant* to call about nine months ago and never got around to doing, so now it feels really awkward, and going to the doctor for that super cervical fun of a happy-pap). I have about ten ugly tasks, or ‘frogs’ as Brian Tracey would call them. The goal is to cross off two frogs a week, so that sneaky-Jess doesn’t leave them all til the end then get overwhelmed.

    So this, plus my two overarching major goals, is what I’m playing with at the moment.

    Oh, and I bought more stationery on the weekend – it totally helps with motivation!!!

    Really enjoy your time off! xo

  5. Thanks beautiful Jess!

    So amped to hear that you’re going to kick some major pesky-task ass before 2013 wraps its arms around us all. You WILL feel unencumbered. You WILL feel light. You WILL feel free. It’ll be a magical thing – go get ’em girl!

    PS: If you need an accountability partner, let me know. You don’t need to tell me the ins and outs of what’s on your list, but I can check up with you every couple of days to see how you’re going… if you need.

    Oh and new stationary – always a winner. Motivation maximiser for sure. xx

  6. Hi Rach!
    Such a wonderful idea!
    It’s sooo important to take time off and ‘replenish’!
    I am feeling a bit worn out lately … As i can not take time off, i am trying to slow down and focus mainly on what makes me feel more alive and creative
    Have a wonderful time!

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