Happy New Year!

It all just came together.

Perched on a rock under a Pandanus, turquoise waves crashing and my love huddled next to me, I saw 2013.

Freedom. Bounding (forward, upwards, beyond). Space. Creation. Guidance. Teaching. A giant tribe of women. Going deeper. A divine flow of electric energy. Abundance. Ease.

I saw it all. I felt it right down deep in my bones. A majestic moment – just me, the rock, my honey and the ocean.

As we sat there talking with the wind whipping up good manifest-y juju around us, I realised it might take a little time to wean off the old drug called Work and get used to the new spacious moments in my schedule – for stillness, creating, or lunch with a friend.

Free weekends! A whole day – during the week – to write blog posts! (Monday is going to be my blog day). A totally new way of working but one I’m truly ready to embrace.

What new way of doing things are you ready to embrace?

Wind still swirling, carrying our dreams out to sea, Ramai and I riffed on trusting everything will always unfold with the best possible outcome. On blasting through Upper Limits. On reaching that point where you are SO ready to change something in your life and the feelings that come along with it (for instance, the healthier I eat, the less I find chocolate (my vice) does it for me, something I realised this week. Ditto wine – just one glass leaves me foggy-headed).

I said: “Isn’t it so beautiful how we are always being supported?”

And we are. You are. 

I hope you have an incredible New Year’s Eve and that you wake up tomorrow morning with the unbridled enthusiasm that only a New Year can bring. Blank canvas baby, colour your world as you please!

* Photo taken in May 2012. Techno gadgets stay at home on these kind of adventures. 

9 Comments to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Great minds lovely, Karl & I did the same yesterday evening – sat in the park and spent am hour chatting and preparing for the year ahead. Bring on the clarity, hard work and dream building! Love it.


  2. This post is exactly how I felt waking up this morning. Ending a mahusive year, this morning was complete clarity – like a magical wand swirled around in my mind overnight, this morning it was so clear what it is this year is about.

    Second to upcoming motherhood is a pathway to a big and beautiful business opportunity for me, never to be bound by office walls again.

    I felt so happy I wanted to do a little dance, literally bursting with excitement.

    Happy New Year Rach, this one is going to be big and beautiful for you.

  3. I absolutely love this post. I recently quit my day job as well, and that feeling of freedom is just incredible. It’s not so much the idea that I get to run my own business (I’m a wedding planner), but that I get to just. be. me. I get to do what I love! And so do you! Thank you so much for this post, and for that reminder, that we are all supported and loved. It’s definitely important to remember. So, here’s to a fabulous year my dear. I hope it’s everything you want it to be and more! xoxoxo

  4. Happy new year to you! I love this bright space, all full of wonders. So excited for more of your inspiration and loveliness in 2013. I can already sense the year’s greatness and gifts. xo

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