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If you and I ran into each other on the street and started chatting, it wouldn’t take us long to get to what we love. The things that fire us up.

I’d tell you that I love pretty much everything (with great enthusiasm… and a series of sweeping hand gestures) and there’s a good chance I’d gush about that intangible, majestic feeling I get when I stumble across something that really inspires me. You’d smile and nod in agreement and I’d take that as a cue to continue, revealing that, amongst other things, I obsess over travel, beautiful stationery, chocolate, brilliant blogs, creative endeavours and sushi. We’d laugh and you’d say “me too!” a lot and then you’d tell me all about you and how you adore awesome photos that have a ‘thing.’ You know, you’d say, that thing you can’t quite put your finger on, that feeling a piece of art can conjure up.

Same! Me too! I’d exclaim excitedly and then we talk some more, hug goodbye and continue on our way.

At that point, I’d realise I had left the conversation manifestly more inspired than when I entered it. Because that’s what sharing inspiration does. It multiplies the feeling. Amplifies it.

Essentially, I want In Spaces Between to serve the same purpose.

I’ve created this site as both a creative outlet and an invaluable resource for bright sparks like yourself who are on the search for new ideas and new ways to super-style your existence. I plan on filling this space to the brim with pretty details that will colour your world – cataloguing the things I find beautiful in the realms of creativity, interior design, wedding styling, photography and art, and wrapping it all up with lovely words on health, wellness and living a luminous life. For blushing brides-to-be, I’ll also be documenting my wedding plans to provide you with a ton of inspiration for creating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

What inspires me is constantly evolving and changing shape, so until that fortuitous day we run into each other on the street, let’s connect the dots in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter. Tell me a bit more about you. Oh and if you’re on Pinterest, I’m a mad pinner and can be found here.

Big love,
Rach x

Image: via a beautiful inheritance

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