See Your World Through a Loving Lense


* As I get back on track this week after a month away, I’m rolling out more brilliant guest posts and this one is by my beautiful friend Connie Chapman from Head over to her online digs to say hi!


The way we perceive our world determines the world we see. We can see the world as being hard, challenging, void of opportunity and fraught with struggle. Or, we can see the world as being supportive, empowering, overflowing with opportunity and filled to the brim with abundance.

In any moment, you can choose to see your world through a loving lense. In an instant you can make the shift.

When you see your world through a loving lense, you dream in possibilities. You believe in yourself and know that whatever you truly desire can be achieved. You are compassionate, gentle, accepting, optimistic and kind. Your heart is open.

The loving perspective helps you see the lessons and learnings in every opportunity. It supports you to discover the blessings that are hidden in every challenge.

When you shift your perspective by dropping out of fear and into love the world you see around you will begin to shift. As Wayne Dyer so eloquently puts it – “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

As you take this beautiful, love-filled inner view, the world you see around you will begin to reflect back what you are feeling within. This is the true path to creating a happier and more abundant life.

So, are you ready to take a more loving view?


21 practices to support you to live with a loving lense


1 // Hold love in your heart and share it with everyone you meet.

2// Be compassionate, gentle and kind with yourself.

3 // Notice the opportunities, rather than the roadblocks.

4 // Practice forgiveness of your self and others.

5 // Write yourself a love letter, full to the brim of beautiful words of self-adoration.

6 // Celebrate your successes rather than wallowing in your setbacks.

7 // Acknowledge the beauty that surrounds you daily through gratitude and appreciation.

8 // Focus on the positive aspects of the people in your life rather than their flaws.

9 // Speak from your heart. Speak to yourself and others with love and kindness.

10 // Release your inner critic and embrace your inner cheerleader.

11 // Create sacred space for yourself everyday to turn inwards and connect.

12 // Immerse yourself in the joy of this present moment.

13 // Celebrate your divine beauty and revel in your magnificence.

14 // Practice heart meditation by placing all of your focus on your heart space and imagining your breathe moving in and out of that area.

15 // Give, generously.

16 // Love, wholeheartedly.

17 // Give yourself permission to do whatever it is that you love with your life.

18 // Be vulnerable and drop down the walls that shield your heart.

19 // Practice acceptance. Of yourself. Of your world. And of everyone in it.

20 // Trust the flow and know the Universe has your back.

21 // Remember, that your true essence is love. You are love. All you need to do is close your eyes, take deep breath and connect with it.


Connie Chapman is a transformation coach and writer, who is on a heart-fuelled mission to empower women to do what they love and manifest their dreams. She is the founder of, an empowering online space for women who want to create happy, fulfilling and magical lives. Connie is the author of The 12 Step Dream Creator Guide e book, and founder of The 90 Day Transformation Project, an online program and community, which in 2012 attracted 450 participants from all over the world. Join Connie on Facebook and Twitter.


Do you believe that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change? Do you have a story about a time you’ve flipped your perspective for the better? Share away in the comments below.

6 Comments to “See Your World Through a Loving Lense”

  1. Your thoughts on using a loving lens are very similar to the way I see using a positive lens. It makes life so much more beautiful if you can speak with kindness and joy. With practice, reframing even the nastiest situations so you can see something positive becomes a wonderful and nourishing habit.

    Great guest post!


  2. Connie is brilliant! I really like these ideas – especially to write yourself a love letter. For me, the biggest perspective change is usually to put things into context. So many things are so much smaller than we think, and by focusing on what matters I find that I can often recalibrate and drop the fear.

  3. Alicia: Love your reminder that reframing becomes habitual. Spot on. Thanks for stopping by lovely x

    Sophie: She sure is! Good on you for being able to see the light + context “in the moment” – getting perspective is definitely the quickest way to move through the emotion. x

  4. It’s funny how when you change your thoughts or concentrate on feeling positive that supporting material – whether it be people, opportunities or even blog posts – finds its way to you.

    I’m always blown away when it happens. Stumbling on this blog post is one of those moments for me :).

  5. Kaylah: Sodamntrue. And you know what’s awesome? The novelty never wears off! “Oh, so I focus on the good and more good makes its way to me? How incredible.” :)

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