Soul Spark: The Pleasure in the Process

Welcome to a new weekly feature on In Spaces Between called ‘Soul Spark.’

My intention for these notes for the soul are that they spark something in you each Monday that you can tuck in your pocket for the week ahead. Encouragement, inspiration, a sense of comfort or something to guide you – may they reach you where you need them most.

This treasury of wise words is best paired with a few deep, meditative breaths before reading, and after, a minute of stillness to let the insight settle in. 


The Pleasure in the Process



When you’re down on your knees wrestling the word beast, remember a piece of writing rarely springs fully-formed from the writers mind.

A track runner almost never runs his career-best time off the bat.

That catchy tune and the song lyrics that speak straight to your heart are seldom a perfect marriage from the get go.

Liberating your creative essence takes time.

When you start out, the process will be wobbly and uncertain. Messy. Mucky. Too big. Not the kind of awesome that leaps magically out of your skull and into form.

You’ll self-doubt, critique, cha-cha-cha around your vision, procrastinate, flake out, pull up stumps, and then, eventually… jump back on the wagon again because that call will still be calling you.

You’re going to slide into the succulence of sweet momentum.

Clarity will rock up on your doorstep, sharp as a tack, bearing blooms.

Your senses will awaken. Vitality, life force, energy – it will all be yours.

Remember that the getting to know yourself happens along the way. Frustration, disappointment, exploration, hope, thrill, satisfaction and joy all lead you to the place just beyond your personal creative edge.

The pleasure is in the process.



If you’re rushing, racing, striving pushing – are you doing it out of fear or love?


Image: Striking Truths

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26 Comments to “Soul Spark: The Pleasure in the Process”

  1. Thank you Rach,
    Uncannily perfect timing – the spark to ignite the coals of my dreaming – at last… and make the months of fruitless fanning come to fruition :)

  2. Oh Rach! I love this!! I literally just wrote a blog that will be published later this month with the line:

    “As I share the sparkling thoughts to light your way today, please remember, pick them up, play with them, if they work, use them, if they don’t move on. I have found comfort and inspiration in these ideas; you may find other ideas really get you going. All roads lead to Rome. ”

    Sparkling Thoughts are all around us! And what amazing cosmic proof than to read your new weekly feature!



  3. Boom! That lingering contemplation is going to be my new go-to question for making decisions. It gets right to the heart of it all. Love this new series already Xx

  4. Maggie: This is gorgeous, thank you for sharing! x

    Claire: I’d love to hear where this one takes you honey. x

    Tara: Mwah x

  5. Oooh Rach you have idea how much these words speak to me write now. I have being procrastinating more than usual, definitely from a place of fear and discomfort is like the ideas on my mind can´t find their way, their voice. I will send you an e mail very soon! xoxo

  6. Hi Rach, I love the new post ‘Soul Spark’ especially on a Monday to set up for a fab week.
    This particular one today was like you were talking to ME!! A nice reminder of reality that the finish line will still be there and to take the pressure off, very timely for me, so thankyou!

  7. Hey Rach! This is so great – your words always make so much sense to me. I love the question you pose at the end. I know definitively that I tend to rush out of fear and need to calm myself down and bring things back into perspective with some meditation or journalling. Thanks for the beautiful reminder xo

  8. Rach… i’ve never commented on your blog before but i just want to let you know that you’re idea is beautiful, your words are so inspiring and your authenticity & generosity are astounding. You’re a beautiful soul & i now look forward to Mondays :) x

  9. Jasmine: Holding the mirror up to you lady, because that’s exactly what YOU are. x

    Val: Can’t wait to receive it and chat again soon angel x

    Amelia: Yes, yes, YESSSSS. x

    Erica: The words we need to hear always have a way of finding us (and sometimes, smack us in the face). x

    Jacqueline: Fear loves to front up as the old “hurry up, you’re missing out/ wasting time/ not doing enough” voice, doesn’t it? Adore your process of pulling on the brakes – meditation and journaling. Can’t go wrong there (ever!) x

    Pia: So much love coming at you pretty lady, thank you! x

    Corona + Kirri: xo

  10. Loving your new weekly post idea Rach. This week’s has come at a perfect time for me, spot on. I love where you’ve said ‘liberating your creative essence takes time’. That’s so where I am right now, my creative essence is changing day by day and by giving it time and space I’m excited to see where it takes me. Thank you for sharing your insight x

  11. Thanks for this, Rachel! It was beautiful… somehow you always share things that are exactly what I need. Absolutely everything in my creative process is a giant mucky mess right now… but now I can accept it and remind myself that it’s okay!

    I can’t wait for what every Monday offers!

    Even though I love my work and don’t have a normal work week, I like that you are posting them on Monday. For those people who haven’t quite broken out of a stagnant job and need a little push to start their week, you’re giving something to look forward to! No more hating Mondays for anyone. ;)

  12. I love this – it was perfect for today and exactly what I needed to hear. In fact, I even blogged about something similar this morning!
    Thank you for putting that intention in such a stunning and soulful way.

  13. Oh my goodness, these words are gorgeous! Your timing is impeccable. I’m in the process of launching my spring movement journey and it is not without it’s wobbles and flake-outs!

    Thank you for these comforting words. They resonate deeply and remind me this is all part of the creative, put-yourself-out-there process.

    Sending you sparkling energy,

  14. Amy: Ahh, the sweet unfoldment. X

    Savannah: It’s an ambitious plan, but let’s make Monday’s awesome, yeah?! X

    Megan: My pleasure gorgeous, thank you for your comment x

    Paula: It absolutely is. An essential piece of the pie. Laser-beaming those sparkles back at you lady x

    The Blonde Silhouette: Thanks so much for your kind words. Your blog is lovely. x

  15. Hello Rach. I love the line: Liberating your creative essence takes time. So true. I was recently revising an already many times revised chapter this morning and realized, Ah, this may have to be completely rewritten! After calming down – just a bit – I was able to talk sense into myself and realize that it wasn’t all bad. In fact, it was rather good, but only some of it can stay and even that may have to be rearranged. Tomorrow I will go back at it from a place of love. Thank you for the reminder!

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