Sustained Epiphanies and Gut Goals


This is part of a series of brilliant guest posts that will be appearing on the blog while I’m in Italy. Let’s roll out the welcome mat for Kate – leave your thoughts/ questions in the comments below. I’ll be checking back in, but in the meantime, enjoy!


In my experience, scary medical situations seem to strip back all the noise making it easy to evaluate your life. Have you ever been there?

All of a sudden your To Do list doesn’t matter, the fight you had last week with your sister doesn’t matter, being the one who’s right in that bullshit argument with your honey doesn’t matter, and that big report for your 9to5 , the one you’ve been sweating over all week, definitely doesn’t matter.

When this happened to me recently, a medical emergency involving my forever guy made what mattered snap back into view. I immediately saw that health, love, family, community, and learning made my top 10 of important things.  There was something else that I realised mattered big time: Doing my work.

And by work I’m talking the stuff I’m meant to be doing big picture.  You know, the reason you’re here type business. The damn-that’s-huge ‘gut goal’ that scares you in that good takes-your-breath-away-with-the-thrill-of-it way when you dare imagine doing it for real. Stepping into that thing you already know – if you listen – is calling your name. I’m talking that work.

Maybe these things happen differently for everyone, but for me it was like there’d been something kinda fuzzy there for a while, a muted background noise, and all of a sudden with life stripped bare I’d instantly re-mastered this knowing in high def and turned the volume right up.  It became a symphony of knowing too hard to ignore.

In my experience when the chips are down, epiphanies are easy. The hard work comes a few days later when the delicious sharp clarity is gone, that higher purpose shiz has lost it’s shine, and there’s a brand new ep of the New Girl singing it’s siren song. Following through is hard. And harder still the day after. It’s much easier to NOT get down to business, isn’t it?

It’s boring and sucky, and there’s probably way more poetic ways to say this, but when it comes to those big you-KNOW-that’s-what-you’re-meant-to-be-doing gut goals, sticking with it is the real secret to success.

I’m learning not to judge these gut-goals/soul-desires/whatever you wanna call them, no matter how crazy/big/small/inconvenient they seem. Like Steve Jobs famously said (and I’m paraphrasing here) a lot of the time shit only makes sense when you’re checking out the twists and turns of your life from the rearview mirror. Sometimes you’ve just gotta go with it and trust that the right stuff will unfold.

I knew I wanted to help kick ass creative trailblazing women bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life. Maybe in these moments your gut tells you to be a surf lifesaver, open a tango studio, become a health coach, or a mother. Maybe it’s telling you to reconnect with your passion for camping or immediately travel to Egypt or pen the historical romance novel you’ve been dreaming of or grow your own veggies. They all sound pretty great to me!

I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I have conquered some mighty scaring-the-shit-outta-me-when-I-set-them long term goals, and I’ve learnt a little. And so whatever your dream, here’s 3 tips that’ll help you sustain your epiphany,  stick with that sucker and bring it to life:


Investing in yourself

This is the fastest way I know to get wherever you wanna go. DIY can be heaps of fun and bootstrapping will probably work, but your soul desire’s worth investing in. Anytime I’ve invested in me – whether through coaching, body work, classes, or professional services – and especially when I’ve invested so much it feels like shivery butterflys are being sick in my belly, I’ve received huge value and propelled forward way faster than I’d expected.


 Connecting with you power posse

I overheard an African saying the other day: If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  Beautiful, right? Do everything you can to engage with likeminded woman and build lasting, authentic, supportive, generous relationships with them.  Once you’ve got peeps in your corner ease flows better. Accountability, tough love, bear hugs, Friday night mocktails = there’s nothing like being supported by likeminded babes.


 Start (again and again and again)

This is the easiest and trickiest one of the lot. If you want to get anywhere, everyday, all you’ve gotta do it start where you left off. Again and again.

I believe that doing the work we’re meant to do doesn’t mean it won’t be hard or scary at times. Big picture, difficulty and fear aren’t important (notice how they weren’t in the list I mentioned at the beginning). Doing your work IS important. Surround yourself with the right support, ask for help and invest where you need to, and most important start.


So now you know my ‘gut goal’, I’d love you to declare yours!

In the comments below share a personal goal you’re working towards (or dreaming of working towards) and one thing you do that helps you stay focused on achieving it.


Hey there, I’m Kate, a business strategist, coach, and blogger. I’m the creator of Betty Means Business – an online space totally dedicated to helping women with business yearnings become the kickass creative entrepreneurial trailblazers they’re meant to be.

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13 Comments to “Sustained Epiphanies and Gut Goals”

  1. Great post, Kate! And timely! I am currently setting up my own online business, doing wordsmithing and word wrangling for beautiful online peeps. It is amazing how much Resistance I have encountered inside myself, even though I know this is more in alignment with my gut-goals than anything else I’ve ever done in my work-life.
    Gut-goal = storytelling. Always has been. Both telling my own and helping other people to tell theirs. I believe that stories are how we connect, how we express ourselves, and how we can change the world. So my next-step is getting my business up & running, with writing services that will help people communicate (ie tell their stories) in the best possible way so they can connect with their Right People. Immediate goal: website live by the middle of this week!
    I don’t know if this is a particularly ‘healthy’ motivation, but one thing that’s definitely helped me focus is the thought of having to go back to a desk/cubicle job like where I was a few months ago. That thought gets me out of bed quick smart!
    The other thing that is really helping me at the moment is breaking things down into teeny-tiny baby steps.
    Oh, and just showing up. When I don’t know what to do, when I am brimful of Resistance, when the muse is most definitely not in the house, I tell myself that all I have to do is sit down at my laptop and show up. The rest will unfold…
    So glad I read your lovely words this morning! X

  2. Thanks so much for this inspiring post Kate. I love your tips. I realised this year just how important it is to invest in myself. At the beginning of the year I never thought I’d be where I am now… done (still doing actually) B-School and just started a course to become a Health Coach. Exciting!!!! It all comes down to just doing what you feel is right doesn’t it? thanks again for your words of wisdom, Dee xxx

  3. Flippin’ gorgeous. Kate inspires me beyond words! So great to see her here Rach!

    Gut goal – grow a quirky, musical, helpful business for body haters world wide whilst simultaneously honouring my needs.

    Love that African quote too. I never would have gone as far as I have without my tribe. So grateful that this world is moving more towards collaboration over competition.

  4. Kate

    What extraordinarily delicate prose which contains such beautifully simple wisdom. A stunning post.

    Right now you’ve got me right in the middle of creating my new CJFtv show. I’m fluffing and fiddling my way there and following the call of my heart.

    I lost a cousin to cancer in November – he didn’t get to see his daughter turn 21 in February or his son turn 18 in February.

    Life is to precious to waste when you soul is called to do something.

    Thanks for the reminder

  5. Love this – awesome words of wisdom to connect with your souls purpose. I am a social worker and dream chaser, plus holistic health coach and naturopath in the making. I want to (and know I am meant to) help others embrace their health and wellbeing and not only create a life they love but be happy and healthy enough to live it to its full potential each and every day!! This post absolutely resonates with me – thank you. I hope your forever guy is on the mend and look forward to continuing to follow your Betty journey too xx

  6. Great post Kate. My gut-goal is to play, deign and create with fabrics. The biggest thing that has stopped me from achieving this is having financial and family responsibility that has kept me in a boring job – well at least I have always blamed that.

    A week ago I watched a film called Finding Joe. Not sure if you have seen it yet but if not its all about ‘Finding your Bliss’ similar to gut-goal I think. The biggest thing I took away from it was to constantly strive to do a little bit of that ‘bliss’ at every possible moment. Even if it means hanging on to the boring paying job that actually makes the rest affordable in the meantime.

    So now I am seeing things differently. As a means-to-my-bliss I am continuing in my boring job (for now) but no longer resent it to the point it is damaging my creativity. Instead I am looking for as many opportunities to follow my gut-goal as I can.

    And the thing that keeps me going most of all is definitely surrounding myself with inspiring like-minded-people.

  7. I LOVED this post, Kate! you are such and inspiration. And there is nothing like a big life/death scare to bring us back to what really matters. Ever since my dad died almost 33 years ago I keep reminding myself that life is short and that I need to do what matters the most.

    So my BIG goal for this year is to go to Australia with my family (husband + 2 kids) and do two channeling workshops. This feels HUGE but I know I have to do it : ). What keeps me on track when I freak out (often ; ) is WHY I am doing this. I love teaching others how to connect and communicate with their spirit guides.

    I truly believe that NOW is the perfect time for more people to remember this sacred connection and to use it in their every day lives. Oh, and I also love spreading lots of light and love + warm hugs during my workshops (and anywhere really) and I am finally seeing how important that is.

    Thank you for sharing and yay to everyone else’s big dreams coming true.

    Big hugs, Karina

  8. I really connected with this post Kate – it seems like a lot of people who have commented have lost someone special and this is what spurred them into action. I had the same experience when I lost my dad, it brings everything into focus … even through the pain and sadness, things become sharper and clearer. I loved these tips, thanks for the wonderful post x

  9. Thanks Kate!

    Inspiring words! And I completely agree that sometimes, your gut feeling might not make sense at the time…but it always is the right decision!

    My gut calls me to help others create the life of their dreams! That means releasing limiting beliefs about themselves and what they can do…dreaming big and going for it!

    We have this precious life and we only live it once. I say, let’s make it the best goddamned life we can possibly live, whatever that means to each of us!

    For me that means creating a beautiful flourishing business that helps others do just that!

    Thanks again!!

  10. Rach: Thank you SO much for letting me share a little of my story with your wonderful peeps! I love all of these beautiful gut goals!

    Jess: I actually think your motivation is a-ok, and damn powerful! x

    Dee: Congratulations on investing in your dreams girl! x

    Tahlee: Collaboration over competition RULES! I can’t wait to see your biz take off! x

    Clare: Thank you! You’re right – life is definitely too precious. Good luck with CJFtv! x

    Cara: Thanks lovely, he’s on the mend and getting a little better every day. Love your gorgeous gut goal! x

    Alicia: Babe! Reading your comment made me grin like a crazy woman. I love all of this! x

    Karina: You’re so right! I find remembering my WHY totally motivating. Thinking about the big picture reasons for doing things can def make my fears seem smaller and less relevant. x

    Sophie: Thank you! I’m so sorry for your loss and glad you connected with this post. x

    Rachel: “Let’s make it the best goddamned life we can possibly live” = OH HELL YES x


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