The Power of Intention


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My palms are sweating. My breath is quick and short, my concentration laser-focused. The thrum of my heart inside my chest signals that I’m well and truly out of my comfort zone. Shiz is getting real.

Gripping the metal cable to my right, I continue the sharp descent down the side of the cliff on iron rungs, twisting around rocks inelegantly, keeping my eyes glued to the Nike Free’s on my feet and shooing thoughts of the 1000 metre drop below out of my mind.

We’re meant to have harnesses, and no doubt, proper hiking boots. We have neither. Did I mention my pounding heart?

For what seems like an eternity, we weave down and around the side of the mountain, with one of our new friends, the Aussie, up ahead leading the way and the other, a softly spoken Frenchman, behind me, instructing me gently in broken English to put both hands on the cable.

It’s a warm day and I can feel the heat rising up in my body – beads of sweat gathering on my skin, a cocktail of exertion and adrenalin.

We’d only just met our buddies in the cable car up from the valley in Schetlberg to Mürren in the Swiss Alps.

Ramai and I had been mountain biking all day and had our bikes with us in the crowded cable car, and the friendly Aussie (Douggs*) struck up a conversation about the local trails, which soon lead to us quizzing him about base jumping – their intention for the trip up.

The cable car came to a stop in Mürren and the boys set off down the street, which is when – pivotal moment – I decided to ask them if we could come and watch their jump, knowing that seeing them “fly” in the wingsuits would be a pretty spectacular sight.

Of course! Douggs said, we’d love you guys to come, and told us that the trip to the jump spot could be tricky at times** but that we’d be fine.

All in the name of adventure, right?


On our flight from Australia to Europe, I was writing in my journal and turned to Ramai and said “Let’s set some intentions for this trip.”

I scrawled down five, with the first two being Embrace adventure and Truly BE in the moment.

Before we left, life had been abundantly work-centred (along with some generous overtime on the transformation/ growth side of things; there have been some big shifts this year) so I’d been hankering for some good ol’ fashioned fun, adventure and spontaneity. The words had tumbled out of my mouth on numerous occasions…

“I’m so ready for the kind of adventures that make you feel all tingly and alive. Heart-racy stuff. Oh-my-god-that-was-awesome kinda stuff.

“Life, I’m ready to be thrilled.”

Well. Ask and you shall receive. Never underestimate the power of intention.




Goethe said (about making a commitment to move towards a goal) ….“A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”

Coincidences. Synchronicities. Good fortune. Being in the right place at the right time. That’s exactly what happened to us.

Whilst I’d normally lean towards setting clear, specific goals and intentions, I went kinda vague with this one (embrace adventure) but the powerful part was actually feeling in my body the way I’d feel if life was truly thrilling me. I called on times in my life that I’d experienced unbridled joy – really felt the stomach butterflies and the fully-stretched smile that seems to start somewhere deep within. I knew exactly how adventure would rock my spirit (the tingles, the ba-boom of my heart) and although I didn’t know how it would show up, I knew we’d be looked after.***


There’s an internal energy shift that happens the moment you connect with your intention, and that counts as much as the external actions you take.


So what does living with intention actually mean?

It means:

Calling in the kind of transcendent energy required for growth by declaring what you want. Intention = the simple act of determining mentally upon a result and setting in motion the movement toward that desire.

Being an active participant in your life vs. watching on from the sidelines.

Creating on a much grander scale.

Becoming aware of where the energy is at – the pull – and consciously make it the driving force in your life.

Put simply, intention is the starter gun.

Our adventure with our base jumping friends wasn’t the only one we had over our month in Europe, but it certainly takes the cake.

Terrifying, yes, a little bit reckless, uh huh, but also one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done and something I’ll carry with me for a lifetime.

It all started with a declaration. 

* Turns out Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall is one of the most famous and well-respected base jumpers in the world. See also: crazy mofo. There are no coincidences. This story, with these exact characters, was meant to happen all along.

** Hello, understatement of the millennium. The climb back up… gosh, I get nervous just thinking about it. We passed two other rock-climber-looking dudes on the way up and they both looked at our lack of harnesses and let out a soft, low “ooooooh.”

*** Once your intention has been set, it’s all about trust. Have faith that what you want is on its way and keep an eye out for signs. Say yes to opportunities. Be open to the receiving. It might not look how you expect it to but it’s the depth and heart of the experience, not the form it shows up in, that matters.


Exercise YOUR intent

While I’m not exactly a fan of the term “bucket list” (anyone got a nicer-sounding, more potent alternative?) I love the idea behind creating desire lists and boldly declaring the kinds of experiences we want in our lives.

What adventures are you seeking – now or in the future? What are you working on manifesting in your life?

Anything goes so let’s get some goodness flowing in the comments below, and I’d love you to share this post if it tickled your fancy!

8 Comments to “The Power of Intention”

  1. Wow! You are definitely creating an adventurous trip. Yay for you!

    So many things jumped out in this post where I was nodding along as they resonated so much :)

    I adore Switzerland, my European father lives there and we try to visit as much as we can (too bad it’s exxy and so far away!)

    I’m crafting my life around it being an adventure into the everyday and encouraging others to be Luxe Life Adventuresses in theirs. There is such a nice feeling around creating a life in that way.

    I love bucket lists but I call mine either a Life List or 101 Things To Do In My Fabulous Life.

    I sit down and write intentions for a lot of things in my life (plus just generally trying to live with conscious intention). From a yearly intention, to having one going into a meeting. Just before I hit the send button on my product launch email today I sat and wrote what I wanted to happen and how I wanted to feel. So far that intention is holding true! It is such a simple yet powerful practice and I really, really encourage everyone to do it.

    I hope the rest of your trip has lots of ‘adventurousness’ and ‘being’ in it. Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Arienne, I absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing what intention means to you – and how it supports – your life. You’re doing exactly what I mentioned above, “creating” experiences.

    Oh and Luxe Life Adventuresses? That is GOOD. What a mission, sista. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you the very best for your launch xx

  3. Lady, you sure can write! You blend narrative, quotation, reflection and connection perfectly.

    Fantastic story – and one that you will remember forever! What amazing things happen when you create space for spontaneity and adventure in you life. I need to do that more often!

    (And I’m VERY glad you both came out of it ok, you crazy daredevils!)

  4. Kim Smith: Life List = LOVE.

    Kylie: You are such a babe, thank you! It’s certainly a case of needing to set the intention for fun and adventure and then ensuring we’re not “too busy/ distracted/ whatever” to embrace it when it shows up. I know I needed that reminder. x

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