What’s Your Dream?

I’m halfway through Denise Duffield-Thomas’ ridiculously inspiring book ‘Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success’ and one of the biggest messages I’m getting (loud and clear) is that it’s not only essential to build a razor sharp vision for what you want, it’s just as important to share those big, wild, exciting dreams of yours with the world.

Denise tells the story of how her and her husband won a six month, all-expenses-paid gig, where essentially they travelled around the globe reviewing the crème de la crème of honeymoon destinations and getting paid to write about the experience. A pretty spectacular job, no? (picking up on the ‘lucky bitch’ vibe yet?)

Actually, it’s the backstory of how they got to that point that’s the important bit, so listen up. On her own honeymoon in Indonesia, Denise stood on the deck of the gorgeous rustic cabin her and her new husband were staying in and declared to the Universe that this is what she wanted more of. Hand on heart, she asked to be shown a way to create a life where relaxing and travelling – yoga each morning, exploration, fresh exotic food – could be part of her day-to-day reality.

Months before, she’d written down her “ideal day” in vivid detail, and there she was, on her honeymoon, living it out word-for-word. That was step one.

The next step was visualising this incredible life she desired – not just over the 3 weeks of her honeymoon, as a daily reality – and sharing that big dream, which is essentially where the magic happened. A friend of Denise’s had heard about this ‘Ultimate Job in the World’ and passed it on to her, knowing it was her dream gig. And so started the process of manifesting that into being.

If Denise hadn’t shared her dream, do you think her friend would have just randomly passed that crucial information on? Not likely. Sharing her ‘ideal life’ was how Denise attracted it to her like a magnet – because ultimately, sitting around thinking about something is only half the equation when it comes to “manifesting.” The other half is putting it out there and taking action.

Along this same line of thinking, one of my delightful bloggy friends Tara from Such Different Skies wrote a brilliant post this week called Tell Us Your Dream and in it, she did just that – boldly declaring what she wants to do with her life. With specifics. Juicy, glorious details.

I’ve spoken about my own dreams quite a bit on this blog but I feel like the timing is perfect to clarify what my ‘ideal life’ entails and to open up the space to hear from you guys! Denise’s story is just one example of how potent it can be to DECLARE IT + SHARE IT, so let’s rummage around in those tucked away corners of ourselves that house The Stuff We Really Want to Do In This Lifetime – and make it happen, shall we?

Here goes:


As a multi-passionate, variety-is-the-spice-of-life kinda gal, I spend my days inspiring and empowering women across the globe through heart-stirring words and life-changing coaching. I also bring magic and creativity to breathtaking celebrations – all in the name of love and happiness.

My gorgeous husband and I have passports jam-packed with stamps, marking our arrivals in exotic locales and big, bustling cities. A huge chunk of my work – the pursuits that have me jumping out of bed with excitement and gratitude each morning – are done on a laptop from a place of our choosing, or from the spectacular retreat-like sanctuary we’ve built for ourselves.

I write best-selling books that shine a bright light on people’s truest desires and most importantly, change their lives.

My life’s mission is to add more love to the world and I’m supported by a constant flow of money that allows me to freely experience whatever I want, helping and championing others in the process. I am healthy, exuberant, madly in love, totally confident and deeply, deeply fulfilled.

Gosh that feels good.

Are you ready to give it a go too beautiful? Don’t worry about how your dream sounds, or if it’s not quite perfect (you always have the choice to change your mind, after all!) – simply start the process of defining and refining so the universe can whip the life you were PUT ON THIS EARTH TO LIVE into existence.

On your marks… get set… GO! I can’t wait to hear your dreams!

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18 Comments to “What’s Your Dream?”

  1. I absolutely love this post!

    The life of my dreams consists of me helping women (and men!) to realise the breathtaking potential of their lives by improving their diet -which I feel is one of the main gatekeepers to getting connected with ourselves and the universe!

    My life and career are never stagnant and are prosperous, I’m constantly inspired and have new projects to work on, I have the flexibility to travel when I choose and am surrounding by the amazing people that I love the most. As a result of my own hard work I have enough money (*cough* – lots, I’m not going to sugar coat it!) for complete peace of mind and a mind blowing home.

    Oh and I will have worked as a paid retreat reviewer, travelling all over the world indulging in yoga, pampering, adventure and self development ;)

    Well that was exciting!! Thanks Rach and Tara for asking such an important question :) xx

    • I absolutely love this Emma! Oh what a life! Thank you for sharing, I just got excited butterflies reading that xx

  2. What an awesome idea Rach!
    My dream: my time is divided between anthropology and writing. I spend half the year doing fieldwork with disadvantaged communities, working with them on the ground and writing up the intellectual side of it each night. I take what I’ve learnt home to the University I lecture at (Harvard? Sure, why not!) and use my experience to inspire and motivate anthro students.
    My work has made me friends around the world; where ever I go I have a bed to sleep in and people to be reunited with.

    I spend a few months of each year away from the academic world, living quietly on my farm and writing novels non stop. This is my breathing space each year, my time to completely indulge my own whims. These months are about beauty, art, inspiration and creativity.

    I think having this kind of balance is the only way I’ll get through life happily – I’ve never really written it down before so it’s really helpful to have it, so obviously sitting in front of me. Excellent prompt!

    • Just cracked up at the “Harvard? Sure, why not!” That’s right girl, go HUGE!

      Love love love your big dream. It’s SO yours for the taking xx

  3. Whoa what a powerful post! Your dream life just sounds amazing and I’m sure you will manifest it!

    This is serious food for thought… To be honest I have never really thought about what my ideal life would be and always just thought about the next step, cruised along and been happy with that – no 5 year plan or any of that stuff.

    Now that I see a clear image of what my future career and life will be like, I certainly am ready to create the ‘perfect life’, which, for me, sounds a little like:

    ‘I am surrounded by people that are uplifting, positive and bring love into my life. I radiate health and happiness, and inspire others to reach their goals and change their lives.

    My passion for cooking takes me on culinary adventures, and never fails to make my heart sing. Photographing and writing about food continues to play a large part in my life.

    As a couple, our love continues to grow and blossom, and our home is our sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life, and is a place of joy and contentment.

    Our medical careers flourish both at home and across the world, taking us to communities where we are able to make a positive contribution and have an impact on the lives of many. We set an example of health and wellbeing to our patients and empower them to make choices that will improve the quality of their lives.’

    Thanks for providing us with the means to share – and I totally agree, it feels pretty amazing to get that down on paper/screen!

    • Oh Jas, thank you gorgeous. Gosh it makes me so happy to hear about all the goodness that awaits you. Thank you for sharing (now print it out & read daily!) xx

  4. After reading The Fire Starter Sessions I was pumped up and motivated beyond belief to get creating and making things happen.

    I sat down and began to think about what my ideal life would truly look like. As I tried to do this I was being pulled in a couple of directions and making myself feel that I had to make a choice – some of my goals are poles apart! – and it left me in a nail biting frenzy trying to pick and chose. What I’ve taken from your post today is that I actually don’t have to choose! I can declare as much or as little as I want. Such an incredible free feeling.

    I’ve dedicated some ‘me time’ after work today, and I can’t wait to sit down with my pen & paper and drum out what I really really want without fixating on how all things things can co-exist.

    Thanks so much for another awe-inspiring post Rach! Much love, Jenn x

  5. Such a great reminder, Rach, thanks. At the start of the year I created my big idea, but life has evolved rapidly – and exquisitely – since then, so this was a much needed nudge for me to revisit + expand my statement.

    Loved Jennifer’s point, too. I’m sooo multi-passionate, multi-talented, and also thought tying myself down to one thing was the done thing, until recently. Now – embracing all parts of me, and that’s what’s set me on this beautiful journey x

  6. Jenn & Lucie: Thank you so much for your comments, sounds like you’ve both come to the same conclusion – life exists to be savoured + explored, and we have the CHOICE to dabble wherever, and in whatever, we please!

    If I ever feel like I have “too many passions” I remind myself that firstly, there is TIME, and secondly, just because I love something doesn’t mean I have to make a career out of it. It’s ok to just give it a go and if it turns out I’m not as big a fan as I first thought, I can move on. That simple. I think sometimes the pressure comes from feeling like if we devote X amount of time to try something new, we have to persist and follow that course no matter what. I just see it as part of the glorious journey of discovery and experience – sampling many little dishes from the platter, if you will.

    Sounds like you both have some pretty amazing stuff bubbling up so I’d love you to share your delicious ‘ideal life’ statements with me if you’re comfortable doing so. Send those dreams out with a big pink kiss! xx

  7. Rachel!

    I love this post so much. I did this the other week and wrote out my ‘wildest dreams’ goals…it was seriously exciting to see them written and made those dreams feel achievable. But I am going to write down what it FEELS like to be living my dreams as you have. Such an amazing post. You are definitely one of my role models and I absolutely see you as a best-selling author. I hope to be up their with you too. :)

  8. You are really good at inspiring, so I see your dreams coming true pretty easily! This is a really great post, I need to track that book down!

    I’m at a cross roads in my life and definitely need to spend some time thinking about what I really want!

  9. Long-time reader, first time commenter. This post is lovely and your blog in general is so inspiring. It always brings a smile to my face. If I ever become half as positive as you are, I’d consider it quite an achievement.

    My dream life consists of me being a well-renowned history professor who has a tenure at a top ranking university. I want to be both an inspiring lecturer who is able to help students find and explore their own passions, history-related or not, as well as be constantly wrapped up in research/publishing scholarly articles and books. I feel fulfilled, passionate about everything that life has to offer, and don’t feel like I’m merely ‘existing’ anymore. I finally have lots of friends and a family of my own. I escaped from the suburbs long ago and I am well-traveled and continue to get many opportunities to do so. Depression and anorexia are both far behind me, they’re just bad memories really, and I am living a very healthy and happy life.

    All of this is very far off though—which I guess is a good thing because that means I have time to continue to work towards all this.

  10. Lori: I love that – ‘wildest dreams!’ Adding in the feelings is key as it closes the gap between what you’re visualising and the actual result as you subconsciously start acting “as if.” Thanks for stopping by lovely! Xx

    Kelly: So, so true. It takes a village! I love the sound of the life you’ve created for yourself Kelly, such an awesome mix of creative (and fun!) pursuits. Good on you xx

    Katherine: You’ll love Denise’s book, it’s full of useful and mega-motivating info. Thank you so much too Katherine, you’re a gem xx

    CC: Welcome to the comments section lovely lady! Adore your ‘dream declaration’ – I think we all have that teacher that really made a mark in our lives, and I can imagine you doing just that through your description here. This stuff all unfolds in time (would be a bit boring if it all happened at once, right?!) so enjoy the process and keep coming back to this statement – or tweak it when needed. Big hugs xx

  11. I’ve been stuck in bed all week with a trapped nerve in my back and I keep coming back to this post. I am heading to a natural crossroads in my life and I truly have no idea where I want to go or what I want to do. I’m finding it a very uncomfortable place to be especially reading all the great lives your readers (and you) visualise for yourselves…Some serious soul searching required!

  12. Claire, when I read this my first thought was “Could this be your body’s way of getting you to slow down and take some time to think it all through?” Maybe something to consider.

    Give yourself this time out from your regular day to day to jot down some ideas on what your “ideal day” looks like. It doesn’t all need to come out at once… you might add a sentence here or there as you think of it. Think about what you love doing, what people say you’re naturally good at (are you super organised, or are you a great listener, for example?) and what you DON’T love so much (or what you’re ready to let go of). Incorporate the way you want to feel – free, structured, joyful, confident etc – and slowly, you’ll start to see something come together. I always find it’s amazing what bubbles up during this process. Sometimes it’s like “Whaaat? Is THAT what I want to do? Awesome!” Best of luck honey, with your back + your dream declaration xx

  13. Hi Rach,

    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now and it never fails to inspire me! I absolutely love your work and the way that you write. I really think you should put together a little writing/blogging course because I am sure you have loads to teach newbies lie me! ;)

    Anyway keep up the fantastic inspiring work!


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