Where Are You Stuck?

Is there something bothering you? Something challenging you, testing your mettle, whirling around in your head, not quite ‘gelling?’

I have a bit of confession to make: I’m stuck. More specifically, I’m stuck with where I want to take this blog. Hold the press – In Spaces Between is experiencing an identity crisis.

I started this blog a year ago as a place to combine all my interests – words on self empowerment, decor and wedding inspiration, healthy recipes and fitness, fashion, beauty, the whole shebang – and until recently, this “bit o’ everything” approach worked a treat.

I’m a multi-passionate, eclectic being, prone to changing my mind often, and I have to admit that the idea of a niche blog has always seemed like a total disconnect for me.

The stack of Real Living and Shop til You Drop mags in my bedroom are (only just) overshadowed in height only by the plethora of self-help books on the bedside table. I spend a huge chunk of my time online connecting with people traversing the rocky road of entrepreneurship, personal development and stepping into the life of their dreams – yet I still drool over visual inspiration blogs and get a thrill out of repinning something beautiful on Pinterest. I love green juices and meditation and vulnerable outpourings of the heart – but I also still love pulling together a hot outfit or jazzing up the decor at home. All this brings up the question: “Just because I love X, do I love it enough to blog about it? Just because I love it, SHOULD I blog about it?”

The past few months from me have been full of teachings about honing my ‘genius.’ A friend of mine told me this week she thinks my ‘thing’ or my ‘genius’ is living a magical life and inspiring others to do the same. I feel like I’m showing up and serving when I’m writing articles that make you think, or that leave you feeling electric, or like it’s all going to be OK. My sweet spot is positivity and delving into life and adding more joy to the world.

Taking that into account, these days, when it comes to posting visual inspiration on this blog – outfits or weddings or mood boards – I can’t get past the thought that someone else out there could be doing it better. Someone who happens to be a graphic designer or web wizard, someone whose ‘genius’ is communication through bangin’ graphics and gorgeous type.

As you can probably tell, something that has been hammered home to me lately is that the things that light us up are moving targets. Blogging is an evolution as much as life is a wide-eyed journey of discovery.

I’m still working through the stuck-ness of this challenge and a lot of it will come back to what you want because this space is as much yours as it is mine. I’m afraid of alienating lovers of this site that really loved coming for the wedding inspiration, for example. I know in my heart that I still need to celebrate and express the side of me that gets off on beautiful aesthetics but I’m yet to work out how that happens. Creation is the thing that really matters for me – and reposting images without a tie in or a story doesn’t  feel like ‘creation’ for me anymore.

Writing does, however. I want to write more. I want to dive deeper. I want to go BIG, connect more, share more stories, support your journey. As I step into the life I’ve been working towards – a life that involves empowering and coaching women – I want you to join me for the ride… while still getting your fix of the things you’ve loved around here all along.

To wrap this all up, I want you to know that when it comes to tightening up the way I do things around here, it’s important to me that you feel like you’ve played your part, so just a heads up on that front – expect a (fun) survey (surveys are always fun, right?) or an informal “Throw Your Opinion Into the Ring” style post someday soon to see where we can steer this ship.

AND NOW TO TODAY. To you. In the spirit of voicing our challenges so we can start looking for a way to unstick, I ask you:

Consider this your safe haven where you can express what’s just. not. moving. forward. for you right now. Are you caught between ‘here’ and ‘there?’ Not sure if you’re making the right decision? Lost? Directionless? Let’s share and support each other in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you. x

Image: Bedlam of Beefy

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30 Comments to “Where Are You Stuck?”

  1. I totally hear you. When you were describing your passions, I was nodding along! I’m a multi-passionate being myself, and I’ve been trying to come up with a way of honouring all the things that make my heart sing.

    I just want to say how much your blog has inspired me. Even though I’m a relatively new reader (The group of awesome – yay!), I’ve felt immediately at home here. I love the mish-mash of loveliness you’ve got going on. I just set up my own personal/lifestyle blog as a place to hone my writing skills and find my voice, and the set-up of In Spaces Between was in the back of my mind the whole time.

    This is YOUR space. Write about whatever your heart feels compelled to write about. Your people will love it.

    Also, that first image is more timely than you know. Thank you for sharing it.

    (And thank you for being so wonderfully and magically YOU! Keep at it :)

  2. I adore your posts Rach. They knock my socks off and hand on heart they’ve gotten me through some tough times (especially last year) I think whatever way you feel naturally guided is the way in which you should go, because that will be the direction in which you will shine the brightest. As an avid reader that’s the best I could ask for – that you create posts which you feel passionately about rather than obliged to write. I know no matter what In Spaces Between will always be my go-to mutivitamin for the soul.

    I think I’m seriously reaching a point where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to say that I’m truly happy with the way things are. That there are so many things I would like to switch up and change, and give a good shake out. But little old ego thoughts make me hold onto so much mind crap. I feel I need to shed this. I feel like I need to hit the ground running and really step up to the mark. I feel I need to be more honest with myself and with others and articulate as best I can what it is that I really really want. Releasing the emotional, and limited thoughts I’ve been living under is a step in that direction x

  3. Oh gorgeous girl, I’m in exactly the same predicament. Isn’t it interesting how we feel the need to direct our focus on one thing when all the time we’ve been aiming to be as multi-faceted and knowledgable as possible?

    Either way, your blog is my go-to read EVERY day. I love posts like this where I know there are paragraphs after paragraphs to devour. You have a way with words and timeliness; always posting something I need to hear at the right time.

    Whatever you decide, we all know it will be beyond amazing.

    Big love Xxo

  4. Rebecca: Thank you so much for your beautiful words, I love that you feel “at home” here – I think that’s one of the best compliments a blogger could ever receive, in fact. I love a bit of positive change and the impact you can have when you refine your offering to something super juicy and super aligned so thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to explore that. You are wonderful and I can’t wait to follow a fellow multi-passionate’s journey as you uncover the things that you feel most drawn to write about too! Xx

    Jenn: Oh thank you beautiful girl, you have always been such an incredible supporter of what I’m doing here and I have to admit, I feel a little exposed putting the above out there, so you’ve totally put me at ease. Much gratitude.

    I’d love to connect and chat more over email or Skype (Skype could be fun!) if you need a sounding board or someone to bounce a few thoughts around with as you work out this ‘next step.’ Releasing makes way for the new, and it sounds like you’ve already got the wheels in motion there honey but if you want an accountability partner/ cheerleader/ brainstorming buddy for that good ol’ shake out, I’m here. Just let me know. xx

  5. Claire: Thank you sweetheart, you are a true gem and YEP, totally hearing you on that.

    I try and live my life in line with my energy as much as possible, and before I sit down to write here I always take a moment to think: “Do I actually want to write about that? Does that REALLY excite me?” and if the energy feels off or the resounding thought is…. (rolling tumbleweed)… I regroup and start again.

    Knowing you like I do, I think we’re both very similar in that we adore breathtaking photos and homes and styling and incredible design… but we also connect best through words/ stories/ people. It has to have relevance so we can be “all in.”

    Thanks so much for stopping by pretty – here’s to alignment with where we’re at RIGHT NOW. xx

  6. Dear Rach,

    You have inspired me, eased my fears, motivated me, given me hope. I am so glad I found you here. I am so grateful for that!

    And as for sharing the beautiful things you love – I love that! It gives us readers insight to *you* and I think that is also what is so lovely about your space here – we get to know you, what makes you tick and it’s the personal stuff like that, that makes you stand out.


  7. Thank you for being here Michele. I freaking adore the smart, sassy, soulful tribe we have here and it’s a joy to have you part of it! x

  8. Rach, this post is brilliant and will always be timely for anyone who stumbles upon it. I feel like if you aren’t evolving, you aren’t trying hard enough. It’s easy to get stuck in a holding pattern. What’s scary is trying to move and grow, but it’s even scarier to avoid it. I think I often get stuck on comparison, which is ridiculous but a problem rampant on the internet, from what I’ve seen.

    You’re always a good read for getting out of a rut!

  9. Honey, you do nothing but inspire me every single time I read your posts!!! I’m in completely the same place. I’m passionate about so many things as well, but it’s hard to say where you really want your voice to shine. My advice is blog about what you love. If you feel like something isn’t working, don’t pursue it. Life should be all about what makes you jazzed, and if blogging about everything that you love makes you love life, then do it! [I’m really hoping that made sense haha]

    For me, I’m really at a crux as to where I should go. I’m kind of in the process of relocating to live with my boyfriend [a huge step in itself], and so I’m trying to find what I like to call a “big-girl” job; something that I can call a career. [Food service just doesn’t do it for me, you know?] But I’m at a crossroads where I feel like I need to go back to school, or go try something else, even though I just finished my degree program. So I definitely know what it feels like. Frustrating because you weigh all the options, and then you don’t know which option will make you happy.

    In conclusion [on this epic comment], we will read you. We will be happy with whatever you decide to pursue, and we will love you all the more for it, because we know that you’re happy. xoxo

  10. Rach, your posts are always outstanding. Like Jen mentioned, you feel passion for what you write, so you will always be on the right track. Your posts have picked me up when I have needed them and I feel like I have known you forever, even though we have never had the honour of meeting. I am left for hours (and even days) thinking about some of your posts!

    When people ask me what I blog about, I can’t give them a clear cut answer. I go through phases, I change my mind, I’m still learning. I put things up there that I connect with. I feel like connstraining content would only make me find a new outlet to share the ‘other’ great stuff. Though I feel like I am stuck between where I want to be and what reality is (not) providing me. Once I start something I dive in whole heartedly and my current work/life balance is allowing me the time to step into that space, which makes me feel like I am a passenger in a car on the wrong journey.

    I LOVE your comment about self discovery and blogging, it sure does provide clarity, opens a new channel of networks and amazing connections and teaches you things about yourself you weren’t prevously even aware of!

    Mon. Xx

  11. Hey Rach,

    I do agree with what the other commenters say – whichever direction you choose will work I’m sure!! The blog is beautiful and I’ve enjoyed all the posts so far. I must say though, it seems like you come alive maybe even just a little more, when you are writing about beautiful positive life affirming stuff. As in, when you are encouraging others to find what they love, when you reach out like this and start a conversation, when you challenge us to declare our dreams and release fear.

    Clearly you have a serious talent for taking & finding beautiful pictures and inspirational words. This doesn’t have to stop! You can still post beautiful decor inspiration & fashion things, certainly on pinterest and also on the ‘making me happy’ posts :) Anyway, as I began with – follow your heart and I am certain you will flourish.

    As for me, all I can say is saaaaame. Goodness me my blog has hit a little fork in the road. I think I want to make it yoga focused – living life with yoga, posting helpful hints etc. But, like you, I also love lots of other things!! Reading, cooking, taking pictures, learning, travelling. Haven’t posted in a week now, and won’t until a fresh idea comes to mind… whenever that ends up being!!

    Oops, super long comment!! Looking forward to seeing this lovely little space go from strength to strength.

    Lots of love,

    Ems xx

  12. Absolutely hit it on the head Lindsay. Evolution is the key. Nothing great is born out of stagnation.

    Comparison is definitely a universal affliction – but you know what? Noone can do what you do like YOU do it. You’re kicking so many goals gorgeous and your site is so useful/ inspiring, so just remember that what is for you won’t pass you by. Ever. Thank you for stopping by xx

  13. Hey Rach,

    This post really hit home for me today, it came at the perfect time really so thank you. I feel a bit stuck career-wise at the moment, I’ve been thinking alot lately if what I’m doing really is what I want from life. Even though I love it, sometime it’s not as fulfilling as I hoped it would be. I’m not sure if I need to change my track entirely or incorporate the old with the new ideas I have. It’s got me in a spot that I’m finding it hard to get out of for the past few weeks. Any suggestions on how to get clarity? Love your work.

    Kiz xxx

  14. It’s actually really reassuring to know that everyone feels a bit stuck and confused sometimes – I’m certainly in a bit of a ‘life assessment’ mode at the moment. I just finished my PhD (with more than a little help from your blog in the end stages!) and am struggling to clarify what my next steps are going to be – multi passions galore!

    In Spaces Between is one of my absolute fave online spaces, I honestly think you could post just about anything and I’d love it! But seriously, your posts are just so ‘sparkly’ and it’s impossible not to get a boost of positive inspiration from every visit! I think that as long as you continue to post about whatever is exciting you, that shiny energy will continue to jump off the screen, and that’s what makes your blog special and amazing, regardless of the content.

    thank you for such an honest and inspiring place to visit xx

  15. Thank you Kate, that makes perfect sense! What did you study in your degree – are you feeling like that’s not what you’d like to pursue now that you’ve finished up?

    My advice would be to throw yourself in to something and find your way moving. Get out there and see what tickles your fancy, and if you still feel like you need to go back to school after that, read as much as you can on your area of interest and then make the call from there. xx

    Monika: I can’t wait til the day we can actually meet, I know it will be amazing (and so much fun!)

    Ooooh yep, that’s kinda what I’m talking about so I’m definitely picking up what you’re putting down lady. As you mentioned, blogging leads to introspection and plenty of self discovery – hence this post, actually – and I like to think that the stuff that no longer serves/ lights us up will eventually just drop away to make way for the awesome stuff that really gets our hearts racing.

    Perhaps it’s simply about focusing 80% of the effort on the creation of posts that feel like a true reflection of where you’re going… and then tying in elements of the other parts that feel good to share RIGHT NOW.

    It’s definitely a balancing act – watch this space for both of us, I think! Xx

    Emily: Absolutely, that’s definitely where my true passions lie and where I think I can have the most impact, so thank you for your very astute observations!

    I like how you’ve mentioned Making Me Happy because I think those style of posts can be a good example of tying in the positive living/ gratitude message with some of the more ‘fun and frivolous’ things like photos of new purchases or cool discoveries. I know I’ll keep that aspect moving forward because otherwise my site wouldn’t be “me” but I think the straight out style or wedding posts will be less important. To be honest, I haven’t done one of those for a while anyway so the evolution has been coming.

    I think when it comes to your site you have this great “overall lifestyle” vibe going on and that reading and cooking and yoga practice and YOU can all hang out harmoniously. I love that you only post when you’re inspired – that’s when the magic happens. Thanks for your comment sweetness! Xx

    Kiz: Sometimes it all just comes to a head, doesn’t it? I know exactly what you mean and I find the best way to sort through the muck and find my way back out again is to do a huge brain dump and a bit of a ‘work backwards from the desired end result’ exercise.


    + What does my ‘ideal life’ look like?
    + What am I doing now to support that? Eg: if it’s writing books, are you writing regularly? If it’s social media management, are there courses you could attend to top up the knowledge bank? Who could you connect with? Who could you take out to coffee and pick their brain?

    You know I’m a massive fan of manifesting and vision boarding, and I think it would be super useful for you – post brain-dump – to pull together something visually inspiring that excites you every day and reminds you of where you want to be.

    Use what you’re doing now to fuel your dream. You might not be exactly where you want right now honey but you can use the time/ money/ energy to move forward slowly. Go out there + show us what you’ve got! Xx

    Claire: Congrats on finishing your PhD, that’s such a MASSIVE achievement! The world is your oyster – can’t wait to hear about where you go next. And thank you so much for your super kind words, much appreciated lovely xx

  16. I definitely feel you with this post! Maybe there is something in the water because I’ve been experiencing something similar lately. As I set goals for the future of my blog and my business, I have been asking myself daily what kind of content I want to be producing, in the long term. It can be so challenging because I really do love so many things, and I can never decide if it is more authentic to post about what I love, or if it’s better (and more engaging) to make sure the content is fitting with some sort of strategy.

    You should definitely keep writing about this sort of thing! I really appreciate knowing I’m not the only one who feels this about their business!

  17. Go deep, baby. Deep, dark and murky. I’ll be right there with you. That’s your gut- trust that. Let’s leave our head’s behind :)

    On a physical level, I feel VERY stuck right now. Thanks to this endless winter, I haven’t been for a jog in…. OMG. Maybe 18 months. Oh. My. God. Diving into the world of the entrepreneur is fast paced and blood-pumping in it’s own right- but it’s sure seen me sat in front of this computer for a damn long time. I crave movement and motion. Physical expression. This probably has something to do with the Olympics too, I’m constantly reminded of the time when my coach told me I would be at London 2012.
    I daydream of playing beach volleyball in Burleigh, being part of a team again.

    I’m connecting online with women every day of this beautiful life- and still I feel stuck ‘at it’. Give me some face time. Let’s embrace. Let’s share a pot of tea and have a good laugh. Real time- physical interaction and movement is what would cure my stuck-ness-es right now. Gimme.

    Beautiful, free-flowing, effotless, fluid post, once again. Thank you beautiful x

  18. Darling, I adore you. And you for being you. I am with you on the creation side of things, we’re all creators, so if writing a story or a few lines with a beautiful image works, do it. And I actually really resonate with your words (I absolutely LOVED this post!) so I am very happy to hear that writing brings you joy. Because what brings you joy brings me joy too!

    Reflecting on the past, on what you started this blog for, is great. Although I truly believe that everything is a journey, and your blog will inevitably reflect the place you’re at right now. So if your ‘genius’ and inspiration is heading elsewhere, you should follow your heart is all I can say. And wherever you go, you’ll inspire others, and in your light we’ll be uplifted and inspired too. And isn’t that the purpose of all this? :)

    I will be supporting you 100% no matter where you go, where you are and what you do.

    Lots of love,
    Jia Ni

    • Kendra: What you love, what you love, what you LOVE. The more I dive into blogging the more I realise there is no strategy except to show up – as authentically, wildly vulnerable, gloriously imperfectly – as you can and know your right people will find you. (and girl, you’re definitely not alone!) xx

      Tara: Sweet angel o’ mine, I’m so down for leaving our heads behind. This game is a feeling one for sure!
      You aren’t going to know yourself when you have the expansiveness of the ocean to frolic in, wide open spaces to go for a run and sand to dig your toes into. I’m so excited to bear witness to that.
      AND YES!!! This is a huge one for me too. I adore chatting online and Skyping but I always crave the face to face connection, where I can move my hands wildly (without Skype having a conniption) and hug and jump around. Glad to know it’s not just me. This stuckness will lift soon, promise! Xx

      Jia Ni: I have a favour to ask – can you please move to my side of Australia?! Seriously, I just want to squeeze you. You’re so right, it’s all a journey and an exciting one at that, and the magic is in the unfurling. Thank you for always supporting + lighting up the interwebz with your presence (and mega love) xx

  19. Hi Rach,

    Wow! What a heartfelt post. I honestly believe your biggest strength is inspiring others to make their own lives sweeter. And that can come in so many forms – your Making Me Happy posts inspire others to be grateful and also think outside the square to what can make them happy in the coming week. Your ‘Declaring War on the Busy Epidemic’ inspired others to dig deep and value themselves. Your blogs to bookmark inspire people to explore and discover…I could go on and on!

    I can remember feeling EXACTLY the same way a little over a year after starting my blog and felt extremely stuck in my self imposed ‘niche’ (I wrote about it here: http://prettyfluffy.com/2011/09/what’s-your-niche/ – sorry I hate sharing links in comments!!). As soon as I broke free of the ‘niche’ thinking and what my readers wanted I found so much freedom!

    Just know that if something makes your heart sing and you want to share it on here, reality probably is people will respond very well to it. I’ve no doubt you’ll be inspiring us all for a long time to come.

    Rene xx

    • Thank you beautiful Serena. You’re right, when you’re writing things that come from your personal wellspring of inspiration, that energy translates. People respond well. It resonates. Conversation ensues, questions bubble up. Thank you for the reminder! x

  20. I really enjoy reading your blog and I’m sure you won’t lose any readers if you tweak your direction. What’s the worse that could happen? Do you fear you’ll lose connection with a portion of your readers? I guess you can’t be all things to all people. Ultimately you need to do what feels right, and the readers will always be there. Old and new I’m sure!

    I’m stuck in my career. I have a pretty cool and amazing job but it doesn’t make my soul sing, and like a bad relationship, I fear I’m sticking with it because I feel it’s the best I can get. I’ve been feeling ‘iffy’ about it for ages but I don’t know which direction I want to take. Crystal ball, anyone?

    I’ve also been wanting to start my own blog for years. I mean YEARS. I am an avid reader of blogs, I read and consume, but yet I don’t contribute (um, unless this comment counts?!). I want to be part of that community and share my voice, but feel like it’s beyond me, and as if the world needs another bloody blog and well… nothing gets started. Nothing happens. Stuck.

    Stuck sucks. Flow’s the go. How do we get there?

    • Thanks Sarah, I don’t think it will change toooo much – just get better, more refined!

      Ahhh, I know this one well. On the blog front, dive in. Just start. Just plug away at it for a bit if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, and then once you get your groove, launch it out into the world! The world needs YOU.. there’s no one out there doing it exactly the way YOU’LL do it! xx

  21. Only if I can request boob-squishing hugs whenever we meet up! ;) Ah, I would love to meet up with you in person one day darling. Let me get my visualizing muscles on – I can see it happening it the near future! Yay! :D

    Big love to you & thanks for your kind words. You inspire me. x

  22. One of my favourite places to go is a little shop called Willow and Bird. It’s not huge and it has a little bit of everything, homewares, jewelry, books, clothes, stationary, crockery etc etc. Everything in this store is just beautiful and you can tell that each piece as been really thought about and chosen carefully before it’s placed in the store. I love that your blog is like that!

  23. Did you write this for me? Ha! It totally spoke to me at just the right time. Thank you for your transparency and genuineness. I am stuck. I’ve lost my “voice”. I’m confused about which direction I should go, which path I should choose.

    I’m coming up on blogging for five years and I’m not sure if I should continue writing or pursue living life offline, or if I can balance both, in a revised, healthy capacity. Fellow bloggers know how much time and energy running a blog can take and that it takes away from other things.

    I, too, am conflicted on the majority of content I have focused on in the past since my passions are also multifaceted. I’m also nervous about losing readers if I begin writing about things that don’t interest them. And I wonder about living life authentically offline, as opposed to living online, which can oftentimes feel contrived. I struggle to conceptualize if I can truly do both.

    Again, thank you for your candor. It is refreshing and helpful.


  24. Jenn: Let’s do this! X

    Kerri: Oh wow, that just brought a tear to my eye. Thank you. That is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to do around here – summed up so eloquently by you. Xx

    SW: Firstly, I LOVE your site. Congratulations on all that you’ve achieved. Five years is an incredible commitment, and I can completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve often thought how nice it would be to fully immerse myself in an “off the blog, real life” situation without thinking “Should I get a photo of this for my blog? Hrmm, wonder if I should write about this?” I’m sure you know what I mean there.

    My advice as an objective outsider would be to pursue the path that feels most authentic… and trust that your ‘right people’ will find you there in that place.

    Something to consider is that by aligning more with “you right now” – rather than the stuff you were really jiving on 5, or 2, or 1 year ago – you give readers the chance to join the journey too.

    Perhaps, without knowing it, they were waiting all along to hear about X. Or, because you’re so passionate about Y, you open them up to that too. Progress and evolution is a beautiful thing, and if a small group of readers do fall away, know that readers who are excited and super interested in hearing your words will jump in to take their place. I know that for sure. xx

  25. Hi Rach,
    I had a really weird moment. Normally I read your blog as much as I can. It gives me a dose of sunshine. And on saying that I recently had to travel between 7 different countries over 5 days to get home to Brisbane. Needless to say I didn’t get to connect to the internet much over that time.

    When I arrived home this was posted on the day I arrived! And it couldn’t have come at the right moment.

    I am inbetween places and points in my life. And while I am super sure of who I am and where I want to head in life (mood boards and 5 years plans all the way!) My sticky point is making sure that I stick to my guns while other people take time to absorb that.

    There are a few hard decisions come up. And while I am strong enough to make them it will test me. My strongest critisisor is myself which makes things even more difficult!

    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for your kind and thoughtful words.
    Nik :)

  26. Wow. Just so incredibly timely. Did you peer into my mind and heart through time when you wrote this last year? Though to be honest, it has been sitting inside me, just there, for such a long time. Maybe forever.

    That big question – what do I want to be when I grow up. I’ve never known. Ever. I didn’t even have fleeting hankerings as a kid for being a princess or astronaut or vet or a doctor. My one, strong motivation which has become so much clearer this year is I need to focus on my health. I did a health challenge earlier this year, and its the most connected and alive I’ve felt with my self and body. Having an inherited chronic illness which has gone a tad haywire has certianly pulled this into focus. But how? When? And how to not be so poor I can’t afford my medical care?

    So many big important questions. But I think I’m going to start just by sharing. Writing, like you and many others do. I’ve always found writing to be calming and very good at distilling my inner thoughts, ideas and themes. I just have to get started!

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