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Sometimes you sit down to write a post and the thought that dragged your butt to the chair has vanished, or the blank screen sitting ominously in front of you seems too big, too much to contain the words you’re trying to massage out of your brain. Or, maybe, your head is simply elsewhere. I know the feeling. I’ve been there a few (many, many) times this year.

It’s time to catch you up… and I have a feeling this one is going to flow.

Not long after I scooted out of the corporate world and launched my much-adored, flipping brilliantly supportive business early this year, I noticed that as my biz gained momentum, my mindset started shifting towards my blog (never fear, keep reading – this story has a happy ending).

Truth be told, this year my mindset has shifted towards a helluva a lot in my life. A reading with Tali from AstroStyle confirmed something I’d been intuitively feeling all year as well.

2013, cosmically-speaking, has been all about retreating for me.

Going in… and deeper. Conserving energy. Dabbling with the magical, philosophising and questioning everything – mostly The Way I Do Life.

I’m conscious it may not look like that on the outside with a business, lots of travel, speaking, product creation and all the rest, but I have definitely noticed subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle changes in my energy this year and have found that, where the old me would have pushed through even if I was beyond exhausted, these days, feeling energised and supported MUST sit at the top of the list (I don’t always get this right but I’ve been practicing and I’m thrilled to have taken quantum leaps forward). (win!)

The difference in how I live day to day is that I spent last year majorly adrenally fatigued; this year, I get up from the computer and walk over to the beach of an afternoon and soak it all in. I don’t beat myself up if it takes me days to reply to emails, and I reshuffle mid-week catch ups with friends guilt-free if my schedule is getting out of control. I call in more support, clear my chakras and get off social media when I’m maxed. Occasionally, I say no to opportunities with an ‘I’d love to but I’m at capacity this month. Next month okay with you?’

I’ve never done that before. And I feel amazing for it. There’s a marked difference between the kind of self-love/ self-care that happens daily (the preventative, cup-filling, nourishing variety) and the kind that happens when you’re burnt out and HAVE to take time out. Learning to make the first type the baseline for everything I do has improved my life immeasurably.

(Also related: every health practitioner/ psychic/ energy healer I’ve ever gone to has given me a talking to about ‘boundaries’… and I’m sick of being the naughty client, so after years of ‘yeah-yeah-ing’ I’ve finally made the change!)


Before I go on, I want you to know this:

If you’re just starting a business: 

It’s ok to let something else slide so you can give your livelihood your all – and you should, especially if it’s been a big dream of yours forever (this also applies to having children, big life moments, writing your book etc).

Accept that you’ll be called up to expand/ recalibrate/ switch gears temporarily. Things will reshuffle again. Trust me when I say they always do. After 8 or so months of working out this entrepreneur life, I’m ready and raring to get back in the blogging saddle with gusto (more on that below).

Rather than looking at what’s changed as a negative  – “But I’m less available for XYZ!” – look at, instead, what you’ve gained. Soul growth, more wisdom, more self-knowledge, greater confidence. Make a note of the positives somewhere and refer back to your list when you need reassurance. Makes it all worth it, huh?

Think long-term. Allow yourself to dive into your business/ creative/ whatever bubble in the short term so you can lay the foundations for greater success and fulfillment in the long-term.


Now, let’s get back to the blog.

First, there was the busyness of business, and to be frank, there have been many times this year where my brain would have been stretched to spell my own name at the end of the day. I won’t sugar-coat it – it’s been hard to keep up with all of it. Juggle-juggle.

Bigger than that though was this question: “Now that my blog goes hand-in-hand with my business and isn’t just a side thing anymore, what does that MEAN?”

And also…

How do I want to write now?

I’ve grown and stretched – shouldn’t my writing should be Pulitzer prize-like in its brilliance every time I put fingertip to keyboard? (note the inner critic chirping in here)

Should it all be ‘teachable moments’ now that I’m a coach?

What about the personal stuff – is it worth writing about that thing I’ve been working through when I’m not a ‘dweller’ and I’ve normally moved through the emotion an hour later/ by the next day?

I started ‘shoulding’ all over myself. I lost sight of what this space has always been about – sharing honestly, empowering change and – y’know – life in all its glory – and put an expectation on the site needing to be a ‘certain way’ now that I was running a business (and one where all my clients come via here and my social channels).




Here’s where I’ve ended up.

I have an eBook launching with my beautiful friend Tara in two weeks. This is just the start for this project – we have a few other ideas up our sleeves, and all of it is aimed at inspiring you to come back home to yourself (because – you know what? You are so damn wise).

Writing collaboratively every day has been the most rewarding, divine experience and has reminded me how much I love to create. In fact, the experience has been one of the absolute highlights of my year. There’s something about the depth of the writing, the design, the distillation of knowledge and the dedication to it the process when it comes to to product creation that I ADORE. More from me on this front for sure (my eCourse is next and I’ve got BIG ideas!)

I’ll be back here regularly after the eBook launches, with a few posts beforehand. I wanna know what you wanna know. Would LOVE to you leave your feedback in the comments if you have any requests for topics to be covered/ fears to be busted/ challenges to be contemplated. 

I wrote this post by means of explanation and to catch you up, but now, let’s move this ship forward. How’s about it? As I said, I’m not a dweller, but I do think it would have felt weird and disingenuous to show up back here again with a helpful how-to or a random story without giving you an insight into the transitions that have been happening over here.

The future is bright, beautiful, and I’m excited. Let’s do this. x

Abstract painting (because life is like that sometimes) by Lola Donoghue

16 Comments to “Oh, hey there”

  1. I’m sooo glad you posted this!

    Myself and a friend of mine who have been following you for a while, recently spoke how the style of the blog has changed and how much we miss getting those glimpses into YOUR life and what is inspiring you (in a non-creepy way)!

    I hope you mix in those How To/Heres what I’ve been enjoying/Did you know about/I’ve been tinkering on this personal project/I visited this amazing town type posts as well as posting teachable/coaching/business style entries…

    As always, I’m loving watching your journey x

  2. LOVE this Elise – and thank you. Will definitely be bringing back a bit more of what’s inspiring me/ what I’m doing, peppered in with stories, how-to’s and the rest. And, of course, it will all reflect where I’m at now and where I’m going.

    Thanks so much for leaving your feedback! :) x

  3. Hi Rach!

    This is a great post and I really appreciate your raw honesty. In doing that, you give permission for all of us to take a break from other’s expectations and look inward. Can’t get enough of this!

    What I really love reading is your personal experience with things- simple posts are often the best ones. Something you thought of, found beautiful, people you’re working with. I think most of your readership would agree that you don’t need to feel expectations on this space. Your soul glows through your writing and that is why we’re drawn here!

    Keep doing what makes you glow, beautiful woman! Because at the end of the day, you need to do what makes you feel alive. That’s what the world needs more of.

    Lots of love and light to you x

  4. Totally agree with Elise, always love to read about helpful tools and soulful lessons but love it even more when we get to catch a glimpse of words in action (or attempted action) by you showing us a bit of behind the scenes stuff, what you’re up to, how you get along and also what you struggle with…cuz sharing is caring. As always, love what you’re doing and can’t wait for the ebook and everything else that’s coming up xo

  5. Jessie: Yay we’re all totally on the same page here lady! Stories, experiences, lessons, sharing awesome stuff, ‘this is what I learnt’ and ‘this is the stuff I dive into with my clients’ etc – there will be plenty of that. Loving all this feedback! x

  6. Hi Rachel, I’ve been following you and your blog for a while now (so sorry I haven’t commented before). You are very inspiring! Of course I’d love to hear your ‘how to’s’ etc but also the parts where you struggle or have fears and how you overcome them. I think sometimes if people are following a similar journey they need to see that it is not always smooth sailing and that they are not unique, alone, strange or weak for having fears or struggles and they there are ways to overcome these things and still achieve goals (like you are). This is the reason I love this post you have done today. It’s awesome :-) I have left a corporate life – and I am searching my soul, brain and heart to know what it is that I want to do career wise that will fill me up in the way I need. I know that I want to work from home. I know it will be creative and I have some ideas but I am struggling to put all the pieces together and to believe in myself. I’d love to see posts around these kind of things … e.g. did you feel this way at some point … what did you do to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together … and how did you overcome any fears or lack of confidence in yourself etc. Love your blog and so happy everything is coming together for you :-) Min xo

  7. Ahh, it’s so wonderful to read a new post from you, Rach!

    Time out is necessary. Completely. I’m really happy you’re feeling so invigorated :)

    I enjoy reading stories about your life: wellness (body and mind), adventures, small pleasures, beautiful things. I love being inspired to lead the best life possible for myself right now.

    I wonder how you do it all, but it’s great to know it’s possible. I realise as I’m getting older that I place limitations on myself that are purely self manifested. I want to break through those routines and mindsets!

  8. Oh Rach, amazing post. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I’m so glad you did and I have certainly felt the same way. Since I started coaching clients, I’ve really questioned whether it’s “OK” for me to write about my own health/life/food issues on my site, because ah, aren’t I meant to have it all together now? Here’s to honesty, openness, creativity and your bright, beautiful future. Let’s do this indeed x

  9. I still feel like this sometimes, particularly when things are running on high-speed….but when I check in with my body, it reminds me what pace I need to take.

    Sometimes I need to keep giving myself a permission slip though xx

  10. Hi Rach,

    Thank you so much for updating us – I like everyone else have really been missing your blog posts. I always find them so valuable, insightful and happy so am very excited you will be back blogging regularly soon!

    Have a beautiful day :) x

  11. Hi Rach,

    Thank you for your honest post! You know, I actually miss ‘the old’ In Spaces Between. The one where you just show us you – what you’ve been doing, where you’ve been, what you’ve been eating, what you’ve been buying.

    I like a bit of the coaching and inspirational stuff mixed in, but the reason why I have followed your blog (since almost it’s inception) is more about you, your life, than your business (hopefully that doesn’t sounds too stalker-y). I understand that now you need to have more of a business focus, but balancing that with personal would keep this reader very happy!

    Keep up the fab work xxxx

  12. Love you Rach, and I love the way that you always honour yourself and your body. I’m trying to take a leaf out of your book: – I’ve felt the “retreat” mode calling me recently too, and it’s sooo nice to embrace the self-care rituals.

    I adore basking in your sunshine-filled words when you blog, and I’m so grateful you share these words with us. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Your loyal tribe is here no matter how often / seldom you blog. I think I agree with some of the other commenters – your personal posts always resonate with me the deepest.

    Positively itching to see what you and Tara have in store for us!

  13. So lovely to read this last night. I too had been wondering what you had in store for us ….. And also reading in between guessing that you got a whole lot goin on! :) I’ve been wondering about your style and how you might feel about its shift as I’m trying to find a new place with my own. (Learning by watching yay :) ) I’m figuring I will just keep on writing and see what works. What I do love love love is reading other women’s stories, long short deep inspiring flippant. … The whole show! For me it’s validating gives permission offers inspiration and companionship … So thanks for all of the above lovely and keep following your own star x

  14. I’m really grateful for your honesty. If I may, for a moment, be honest too. I think one of the reasons your readers love you so much is because how much of you you put into every post. I think one of the biggest parts of coaching is drawing from what you have learned in your own journey as to have your clients feel like you can relate.

    I think no matter what direction you take this baby it will continue to be an inspiring resource for many.

    I’m excited to see where you take your blog/business/etc. and appreciate your corner of the www for all that you teach/share/explore/learn and so much more.

    Thank you :)

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