Kind Words

Coaching with Rach has been a truly beautiful experience. Having initially approached her for guidance on my blog, our sessions evolved into so much more deeply fulfilling work – we delved deep into the painfully awkward yet with her wonderful charm, Rach managed to easily pull me out of the drama. What seemed impossible or difficult before was turned around to ease and grace with many a session ending in laughter and the feeling I could take on the world.

Rach is a very special soul. She’s kind, caring, considerate and full of joy. She’s got an amazing ability to see beyond limitations, finding simple and achievable solutions to problems. Being in her coaching space alone is healing, yet this generous woman offers up her experience and vast knowledge freely, sharing her heart and wonderful mind, often pulling wisdom from what seems like nowhere.

I am extremely grateful to have worked with this gorgeous woman. She has helped me become more confident in myself and my abilities – being able to talk freely with no judgement is rare to find.

If you’re thinking of working with this beautiful woman, please go for it now, she’ll help guide you into being a more confident and happy you.

AMY MILLER | Writer + Energy Healer True Shining Self

After enrolling in B-School which commenced in March, I had been unable to start immediately due to my wedding (that same month back in Ireland). Upon my return from my wedding overseas in April, I was feeling so unbelievably overwhelmed. I felt anxious and stressed as I hadn’t yet started B-School, and on top of that I’d been away for nearly a month and felt like I couldn’t get on top of myself with all the backlog of work. There were so many changes that I wanted to make to my website but I was at an absolute loss at where to start! That’s where the lovely and magical Rachel came in.

I had been following Rachel’s blog for a long time and was in absolute awe of her and her work; from her writing, her authenticity, her smile is infectious, pretty much everything about this woman just radiates love and happiness. She’s just a beam of beautiful light! I had a bit of a girl crush on her (if I’m honest!) and I knew I just had to work with this wonderful lady, so I contacted her and I was lucky enough to schedule a few coaching sessions.

What can I say, she seriously just works MAGIC!

I came to Rachel with a bucket load of fears, I was afraid to be myself on my blog and I was comparing myself to everyone online. It was making me stuck and I was unable to move forward. On top of that, I was unsure how to go about making the changes I needed to make on my website.

Rachel helped me realise that there’s only one of me and to just be myself, people want to see the real me. She made me realise that I have a lot to offer and to not be afraid of writing from my heart. This I’ll be forever grateful for.

I left all my sessions with so many tricks, tips and strategies on how to move forward from moving through fears, to increasing confidence and how I could go about making the website changes I so badly needed to. During our sessions together, I tackled all my goals upon more! I cannot speak more highly of Rachel’s coaching capability, her knowledge, her openness and divine presence.

Coaching with Rachel has literally changed my life and I look forward to creating more magic with Rachel in the future.

My deepest gratitude to you Rachel, you inspire me so much!

CORONA BRADY | Health + Wellness Coach; Yoga Teacher Nurturepod

From the moment I “met” Rach, we instantly connected.

Her passion, wisdom, love and understanding were bubbling over, and I couldn’t help but feel inspired and supported. Our fortnightly catch ups easily became the highlights of my month, and while the conversation flowed freely and casually, I left feeling motivated and able to be more productive and focused that I ever have.

Rach is an incredibly kind and gentle soul. I knew I could share any idea, problem or thought that I had without fear of judgement or criticism – she was always bright, always supportive and somehow always had the best advice.

While the journey started as one of business coaching, Rach soon became my rock in a more personal sense. She taught me about boundaries, and helped me to peel back layers of my life and reconnect with a more intuitive, inspired and expansive self. She was also like my own personal Google – any resource I needed, book, website, person, CD she could recommend with accuracy every time!

My life has completely changed since working with Rach, and I will be eternally grateful.

KATE JOHNSTON | Nutritionist + Health Coach Kore Wellbeing

I had only recently stumbled onto In Spaces Between, right when Rach was offering coaching. Something pulled me towards her and I decided, despite BSchool starting very soon, that I’d do a few sessions with her. I’m so glad I did.

Rach’s approach was easy, understandable, clear and constructive. I knew there were elements of my website that needed tweaking and she offered up all the right suggestions – things I hadn’t considered or I’d ignored – and it all made PERFECT sense.

I loved that Rach dived straight into it during each session and I got a lot out of every hour. She knows her stuff and she delivers it in bite-sized nuggets.

She’s professional, she’s honest, she’s encouraging, she’s gorgeous. Not only that, but Rach is a pure and open hearted soul. For all those soulpreneurs out there looking for guidance from someone who ‘gets it’… Rach will. She’s your lady. I highly recommend!

CLAIRE OBEID | Holistic Health Coach + Yoga Teacher The Wellness Project

Rach is such a ray of sunshine. She radiates beauty, love and warmth – and although I was a little nervous before our sessions, seeing her beaming smile over Skype put me instantly at ease. She has the most wonderful, calming presence.

Before working with Rach I was in need of guidance and reassurance, and as a busy Mum of two young children, I also needed strategies to feel I had a sense of balance. Rach gave me my spark back. She reintroduced me to myself, lovingly guiding me to see that I didn’t need to feel guilty for spending time on me. I am a better mother/wife because of it.

Rachel also gave me some incredible advice for starting up my blog, and I’ve watched it flourish already. She was the second person who heard the name “Nurture and Shine” (the first was my husband) and she has supported me and the site from the get go.

I feel inspired, uplifted and grateful. Rach gave me confidence, vision and clarity. Thanks to her, I am now so focused and so determined to achieve my goals. And not only that, I believe I deserve it.

I definitely wouldn’t have taken the leaps I already have without the support and guidance of Rach. I weighed up a lot about who I wanted to work with, but it always came back to Rach and I would recommend her in a heartbeat (and actually have many times).

AMELIA WILLIAMS | Holistic Health Coach Nurture and Shine

You only need to read something that Rachel writes and you literally get goosebumps. She is that sort of beautiful soul.

Rach has been a game-changer for me. The passion, energy and wisdom she brings to each session has been more than valuable in my life and my business.

More than anything, she gave me the confidence to follow my passion through encouragement and belief in me and what I am trying to achieve.

I left each session with an abundance of new ideas and motivation to reach new limits. I highly recommend working with her – and I know I will continue to do so. I couldn’t be more grateful for this woman.

ASH GOOD | Osteopath + Holistic Health Coach Goodbeing

Before I started working with Rach, I was so lost and terrified. I had ZERO clarity and I didn’t know what how on Earth I was going to express my unique voice. I was SO stuck and didn’t own my fun energy and intuitive gifts. I had a handful of coaching clients, but struggling in this identity crisis! I was on my knees begging for help – and Rach literally saved me.

One of her (many) gifts is bringing out the BEST within you. She relentlessly cheered me on and empowers me to step up my game. She made owning my unique, fun, playful energy so easy and simple. Once I truly owned my voice, well … let’s say the quantum leaps began. The results speak for themselves!

I have experienced wonderful growths – both in my personal life and intuitive coaching biz. Today, I am living my dream life + biz! I work with amazing clients who ADORE me for ME, and I have so many exciting opportunities lined up in the future.

After two sessions with Rach, my mailing list increased in size by 300. Another one of her (many) gifts is in creative strategising and one of her beautiful ideas generated me $700 of passive income, in under 48 hours. I also tripled my income – YES, all within ONE MONTH of working together!

I highly recommend Rach’s services to every gorgeous soul in the world who’s passionate about blogging and spreading your message. It’s really no brainer that her schedule is booked out at least a month in advance – she is worth her weight in GOLD. There are no limits, and the possibilities are endless with Rach as your coach.

JIA NI TEO | Business Intuitive + Alignment Coach Jia Ni Teo

I had been dreaming and planning about starting my blog, Pockets of Peace, for a number of months and really needed some loving and expert guidance for the final few steps of my journey to launch.

Enter: my amazing ‘blog doula’ Rach and her endless swag of fantastic tips, tricks and ideas. Rach’s bright and bubbly energy was infectious, and she lifted my spirits from scared and a bit unsure, to ready, raring and super excited for what lay ahead.

Rach knows her stuff through and through, and gives the most expert tips for launching and maintaining a blog you love. Rach is super generous with her time, answering any and all questions you have up your sleeve.

Every single aspect of Rach’s guidance has paid off in spades for me, and I’m sure will continue to do so in to the future. Just a couple of weeks after launching my site I had to seriously upgrade my hosting package. TWICE.

I have so much love for this lady and highly recommend that you step to it and get her on your team ASAP!

CARLY STEPHAN | Project Manager + Writer Pockets of Peace

When I started life coaching with Rachel, I was roughly half way through my postgrad studies and I felt like I was drowning. I was losing confidence in myself and my work and I was struggling with anxiety. Rach helped me to turn that around. From dealing with my inner critic to combating my anxiety, we faced each difficulty together.

Rach taught me was that self-love is a practice. It is not a matter of wanting to love yourself more and then one day you do. It is a daily, sustained practice of directing kindness and forgiveness towards yourself (and others too) at every opportunity.

Rach not only showed me that this was necessary, but she showed me how. She taught me many small techniques that I can put into practice every day of my journey. She also, unwittingly, showed me where it could take me. Rach herself is the living, breathing result of sustained kindness and positivity; she embodies happiness and warmth in everything she does.

One of the most powerful things that came out of our sessions was learning how to quiet the mean voice inside. I used to let it criticise me, belittle me and call me names at every opportunity, and it left me feeling sad, exhausted and utterly overwhelmed. Now, when I start to be unkind to myself, I think: “hey now, that’s enough / that’s not fair / that’s not true” or I write it out and then write a response to my inner critic. This seems like a small thing, but it is HUGE for me and it has completely transformed the way I carry myself and how I interact with others – less fearfully and with a new appreciation of my own value.

Rach’s coaching style is gentle and authentic. She is 100% present, 100% there with you, and it is easy to feel how strongly she cares. We got deep, but we also laughed a lot, which when you think about it is a pretty incredible balance.

Working with Rach has left me feeling renewed. I really do feel like a new person in many ways. A healthy, happier version of myself., which is exactly what I wanted.

Rach inspires me to go out into the world with confidence – to own my story and to live large. She is a magnificent life coach and I’d work with her forever if I could!

KYLIE PAPPALARDO | PHD Student + Writer From River’s Edge

Working with Rach has been a game-changer for my blog, my business and my soul.

She exudes genuine warmth and a palpable drive to help others bring their big, beautiful dreams alive. Rach made me feel instantly comfortable “letting it all hang out” with her encouragement and soulfulness! Beyond her radiant, goddess vibe she also has a hell of a lot of business knowledge, an impressively pioneering mind and a serious dose of intuitiveness.

Rach held my hand through the launch of my brand, hosting my first event and starting my own coaching business. She is savvy about all things social media and has a freaky natural flare for aesthetics. Aside from the biz talk she has also been so helpful in my journey to embrace my “me-ness” – love my imperfections, be vulnerable, set my intentions, get creative and fly my freak flag.

I find myself constantly recommending that people work with Rach. She has immeasurably helped my confidence and clarity. She is an absolute star and I am very lucky to know her.

EMILY EHLERS | Holistic Lifestyle Coach Emily Ehlers

Buzzing. Electric. Inspired. Aligned. These are just some of the ways that you leave feeling after your rejuvenating power sessions with Rach.

You enter scatty-brained and wildly ambitious, but with self doubt in your mind, and leave with a sense of profound empowerment, self belief and a ‘watch out world – mama’s coming!’ can-do attitude.

Her loving reassurance, insane wisdom and incredible business prowess are all distinct and unique factors in Rach’s coaching toolkit. She has an incredible ability to welcome you like a friend, instruct and guide you like a teacher and inspire the shiz out of you like a Buddah (a beautiful, slim, feminine buddah o’ course!).

I wholeheartedly love and support everything that this girl is about. Her passion and love for what she does is evident within every second of our coaching sessions, her follow up emails and constant guidance and support.

If you are looking for direction, guidance and inspiration in your life and business, Rach is your girl.

EMILY MEAGHER | Lifestyle Blogger Bless this Mess

Signing up for coaching with Rach was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Rach is a chick that knows what she’s doing. Not only does she have her head clearly in the blogosphere (and chock-full of crazy knowledge) but the way she delivers her coaching is like you’re being coached by your best friend so there’s no time wasting in ‘getting to know each other’ and awkward silences.

Rach has a type of energy that travels through cyber space and Skype and instantly energises you, making you believe that you can indeed achieve your wildest dreams and help people at a profound level. She’s got the perfect mix of practical (easy to translate for newbies) knowledge coupled with generous amounts of love and energy to give to get you achieving those practical steps.

Without working with Rach my blog (and my attitude to my blog) would simply not be where they are today: happy, healthy, expanding and evolving.

ELIZABETH MCKENZIE | Speech Pathologist + Life Coach Your Highest Self

After following In Spaces Between since the humble beginnings, I have always admired Rachel’s outlook, energy and style, so when I came to Rachel with a foggy vision of what my business and blog would look like, I knew she would shine her radiant light and help pave the way for my business and blog.

Throughout the coaching, I saw everything in a whole new perspective, I discovered more avenues for business and income and for the first time really felt confident and excited about what I am creating.

Since coaching with Rachel, I have clarity and the tools to succeed. I was able to implement some things straight away, which has already secured new clients, even before the launch!

I feel so lucky to have worked with this amazing woman – I have recommended her to numerous gorgeous souls because I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

MONIKA BERRY | Graphic Designer + Photographer MB Captured

Working with Rach was a delectable and energising experience. I consider myself to be quite a BIG dreamer, but she really helped me to see my projects through new eyes and get me excited about branching out into scary but exhilarating realms of possibilities that I had never even considered!

We tackled fears and old beliefs that were holding me back from expressing myself in my way.

When I first started working with Rach, my modest goal was to find 50 Facebook fans but shortly after, we ended up getting 150 and my traffic doubled.

Thanks to her loving advice and patience, I am now creating both online and offline businesses with one inspired message that I am in love with and couldn’t be more excited if I tried.

JACQUELINE FORTH | Pure Glow Juice Cleanse Co-Owner + Blogger Upon Wild Stars

Searching for a good coach can be a daunting task. You want someone who you can connect with energetically, as well as feel comfortable being open and vulnerable with. But you also want someone who is going to give you the ideas, the suggestions, and the experience to move you forward. This is exactly what you get with Rachel. She is the complete package; a true diamond in the coaching world, as far as I am concerned.

I was first drawn to Rachel because she seemed so lovely and kind, which she absolutely is, but she backs all this up with the most clever little brain. I love coming to a session with some fairly broad questions, or even just a confused haphazard mind, and just sitting back and watching as she pours out such razor sharp ideas and directions. I have been witness to an awful lot of cleverness come out of this girls mouth!

Everything she suggests is easy to implement, so clear to understand, and yet so smart and relevant to the business I am creating and the message I am hoping to send out to the world.

If you are wanting a coach with a whole lot of heart and a massive load of skill, then Rachel is most definitely your girl.

JASMINE MATTHEWS-SIMPSON | Holistic Nutrition + Yoga Coach Simply Replenished

I booked Rach as my coach because I needed guidance for marketing my interior design business and redesigning my website, but working with her gave me so much more.

From our first session, Rach kicked my butt into gear with a tonne of brilliant ideas for my business – inspiring me to think (way) bigger and leaving me feeling super positive about what I want to achieve this year.

I took immediate action on projects that had been stalled for months like my weekend styling workshops, and hired a virtual assistant to help with day- to-day admin and social media so I can focus on the creative aspects of Nest Designs.

Rach’s energy and approach has left me feeling INSPIRED, excited, refreshed, full of ideas and refocused. Our time has together confirmed that I absolutely love what I do and am so, so, so lucky to be able to say that.

EMMA BLOMFIELD | Interior Stylist Nest Designs

I have had a love affair with Rachel’s blog, writing and way of effortlessly coaxing those words off the page straight into your heart for a long time. It’s pure magic.

When the opportunity came up to work with Rach I was so excited and immediately motivated to get my idea out into the world. Rach, without probing made me realise that chasing my dreams isn’t impossible; it’s an exciting, life learning, up and down, brilliant roller coaster that needed to be explored.

Initially I signed up to speak with Rach about my blog idea and to gain some of that magic wisdom she oozes and get it going. It became so much more than that though; the genuine and beautiful conversations we had still give me tingles. There were laughs, tears, moments of oh my goodness I can do this! and all the while Rach was by my side giving me high 5’s and guiding me through it.

My connection with Rach as a coach was organic, there were no judgement from her, just points of guidance to help me along and get me thinking about all I wanted to do in positive and motivating way. Her genuine nature gave me the freedom to just talk. Get it off my chest. And starting making things HAPPEN!

I feel stronger, brighter and more confident as a woman than ever before. I am eternally grateful for our time together and I thank my lucky stars our paths have crossed.

KATE COOPER | Blogger Finlay + Rose

Rachel is such a beautiful breath of fresh air and working with her has been such an amazing experience.

She is an inspirational beauty who exudes an infectious energy and warmth, which makes working with her via Skype so effortless. She shows such genuine enthusiasm and passion for helping others to bust though fear and live bolder, more beautiful lives.

Every session is a soulful blend of her loving energy and positivity and insightful experience. This has helped to create the ideal space for me to see with clarity where I needed to show up in my life and create changes. After every session I always feel centered and grounded yet filled with so many fresh new ideas, possibilities and perspectives. Her wise words have guided me to create some transformation shifts in old perspectives and beliefs and also to review the energy I am bringing to my business.

One of the most beautiful and life changing things I have learnt since working with Rachel is that my only purpose in life is to be happy. She helped me to see that uncovering my life purpose is not just an end destination I will arrive at, but instead a continually evolving life journey that will change as I do. This has completely changed the way I approach my life and business on a daily basis.

I am incredibly grateful that Rachel has chosen to share her brilliance and amazing talent with world, and to be able to continue to work with her.

KIRSTIN SALMON | The Strategy Lab

I hired Rach as my coach because I was feeling a little confused about my place in the world. I was a closet blog consumer, living vicariously through my favourite gals online, but still working the corporate and social scenes and feeling quite inauthentic and exhausted.

I didn’t feel engaged in my own life – so much had changed on the inside but not on the outside and I needed congruency and a friend to talk to who understood where my head was at.

Rach is an inspiration for feeling the call away from a corporate career and dropping the guilt about following your true passions. She’s a shining example that even though it takes sheer determination to climb the ladder, that same drive can be used to create success in a comforting environment with likeminded people –  one that allows you to honour  your health, heart and soul, and share your true thoughts with the world.

I can’t thank her enough for reminding me that there has never been, and never will be another ME, and that I have permission to be my authentic self.


I found Rach through her “Love Manifesto” on Pinterest. As a Marriage Mentor I always joke that when I met The Hubs it was not love at first sight, it took a few days! However, when I discovered Rachel’s blog it was instant googlie love.

What I love about working with Rach is she is not only totally authentic about her own journey and committed to her own growth; she is super insightful about easy, simple steps that will move us forward with our blogs and with our life.

Whenever I take Rachel’s advice or ponder her insights and implement in a way that works in my own life, GREAT things happen!

My favorite of many examples happened with Twitter. She lovingly insisted that I create a Twitter account and gave me mindset guidance on how to embrace a technology that was new for me. Within less than a month, I was invited to XM Radio and was interviewed by one of my childhood icons, Cristina Saralegui (the Latin Oprah) – all from responding to a tweet!

Coaching with Rachel opened my mind to what is possible in a whole new way. She has been my champion and cheerleader as well as a trusted guide for my blog and my mindset around success.

MAGGIE REYES | Modern Married

Working with Rachel helped me shift into the mindset of an online blogger.

She became an accountability partner, friend and cheerleader as I found my rhythm in the world of blogging and started bringing my business visions into reality.

Her upbeat and positive personality got me right back on track in a flash whenever struggles arose (as they do when starting a new business alone). She gave me a deadline to launch my first ebook (which had been sitting 90% finished for 6 months prior to working with her) and helped me break through the blocks which were holding me back from sharing it with the world.

AMANDA DALEY | Holistic Health Coach + Speaker Fuel Urban Wellness

I was drawn to coach with Rach because her blog is a massive source of inspiration for me and her eBook changed my life and I thought ‘If she can inspire me that much in a blog post and a book, imagine the magic that will be created by coaching with her.’

Coaching with Rach is like taking a deep exhalation after holding your breathe for a really long time. I think I got more done on my blog after our first session than I ever had before. I walked away from our Skype call thinking ‘Holy moly! This lady really knows her stuff’. I was inspired, driven and lit up.

That continued and the sense of relief and inspiration I felt after every single session was amazing. What started as blog coaching morphed into life coaching and Rach’s knowledge of both ensure you are in more than capable hands. Rach has this amazing ability to adapt her coaching with ease and grace.

At the outset I wasn’t sure what I wanted from my blog but now I not only have direction with my blog but I have gained direction in my life overall. This lady leads by example. All those scary decisions you are worried about making, she has navigated herself and lends amazing advice, insight and perspective on how you too can conquer your fears and live an amazing life.

If you get inspiration from her blog posts then coaching with this amazing soul is going to rock your world.

JACINTA REBOLA | Creativity Teacher + Florist Cintism

Rachel is a gifted, natural and heart-centred coach. Her passion for others and the depth to which she wants the very best for every person she comes in contact with is inspiring and soulful to be around.

When you have coached and shared a speaking stage with as many people as I have, it’s impossible to ignore those shining lights that radiate and stand out. And this is exactly what Rachel does in her humble but spirited way.

Rachel’s impact on the world has just begun.  I cannot wait to see her coaching, speaking and writing reach the wider audience it so richly deserves.

JULIE PARKER | Life + Business Coach; Acclaimed Speaker Beautiful You

Before I even met Rachel, I was quietly crushing on her writing style and her talent.

I called on her to participate as a speaker in one of my recent programmes, and in true Rachel style, she over-delivered on the warmth and the wisdom.

Here is a woman who is not afraid to follow her calling and who continues to inspire thousands of others to do the same.

Evolved, relatable and magnetic – It is an honour to know Rachel, both as a colleague and a friend.

KIRRI WHITE | Self-Love + Life Coach Kirri White Coaching

I would absolutely recommend coaching with Rachel for anyone needing a loving nudge in the right direction to set up a heart-centred business and blog.

Talking to Rachel is like sitting down with a wise friend. You instantly connect and she offers so much wisdom and guidance based on her experiences. She’s got a great eye for detail and words (as you’d know if you are a fan of her blog.)

Rach, you are a total inspiration!

CAROLINE DRAHAN-PIETRZAK | Director Koi Communications

I feel so blessed to have worked with Rachel.

She was so spot on and prepared-to-the-letter based on the answers on my pre-session Clarity Questionnaire and she utterly exceeded my expectations – especially when I basically said to her, “Help me figure out my right work, and here’s the criteria”! And she did. In an hour.

Our session was the perfect mix of soulful support, actionable items and practical strategies to help me move forward with confidence –  centered and supremely satisfied with the direction of my business, my life, my heart.

Rach, you have a truly magic mix going on. Thank you, thank you.

LUCIE D’ALESSANDRO | Wellness Writer Delve Spot

The day that I got Rachel’s email about her foray into the world of coaching, I just knew that I needed to jump on board. I signed up immediately.

Watching what Rach has been able to create with In Spaces Between (and now with her business) has been a constant source of inspiration for me and I just knew that working with her would push me further on my blogging and business journey.

Our Skype sessions were so refreshing as Rachel is just what I expected her to be (and more) – open, friendly, honest, encouraging, and a ray of sunshine. Her enthusiasm and obvious joy for what she does is completely infectious, and it has been such a pleasure to work with her.

I feel as though the path ahead of me is so much clearer now and a big part of that is from talking it out with someone supportive and understanding.

I feel inspired, motivated, and driven to keep working and moving forward and would highly recommend coaching with Rachel to anyone who is looking at taking what they’re doing to the next level!

KATHERINE MCKENZIE-SMITH | Lifestyle Blogger Through My Looking Glass 

From the moment Rachel pops up on the screen for the session, she lights you up. She listens deeply, and in our time together, she encouraged me to follow my ideas, while throwing light wherever she saw I needed it.

Her knowledge on blogging and social media has no barriers and she guided me with all the right tools to express myself authentically, speak my mind and have a consistent multi media presence.

I am beyond happy to worked with Rachel, and with no doubt I will go back to her whenever I need more of her wonderful skills. Thank you Rachel!

VAL CASALDERREY | Lifestyle Blogger Findin’ Grace

When I think of Rach, the first phrase that springs to mind is ‘oh, so lovely’. As well as being a pleasure to work with, she radiates a beautiful light and warmth.

Rachel was there to hold my hand and gently guide me in the right direction on the lead up to launching my blog and I don’t think I would have made it to launch day without her guidance. My blog certainly wouldn’t have been as organised and jam-packed with content from day one, without Rachel’s knowledge and support.

With her infectious smile and vibrant glow of positivity, you can’t help but reach out and connect with Rach. She has been such a huge inspiration to me on my journey of creating a colourful life.

JENNIE MURPHY |Creating a Colourful Life Coach Creating a Colourful Life

Rachel is an engaging and empowering speaker, coach, writer and all ’round earth angel.

Soulful, professional and magical. My go-to manifestation maven.

YVETTE LUCIANO | Director Earth Events

Walking in to my first session with Rach, I had no idea what to expect. Never having had any sort of life coaching before, I wondered if I’d see any tangible results, or if I’d come away thinking, “yeah, but what next?”

I needn’t have worried. As a long time follower of In Spaces Between, my goal in working with Rach was to sit down with someone I knew would inspire, motivate and just generally “get” where I wanted and needed to go, providing me with honest, soulful guidance and a few ridiculously well structured spreadsheets to propel me on my way!

I discovered one of the best things about a life coaching session with Rachel is that it’s impossible not to come away feeling like you could take on the world. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her passion for seeing big changes in the lives of her clients is one of the reasons she’s so good at what she does.

My time with Rach has left me saying, “I can do this!” and honestly believing it’s true.

CLAIRE KELLY | Marketing Manager

I was drawn to Rachel through her beautiful writing on In Spaces Between and when she started her coaching, I knew I had to get some advice from her.

In the short amount of time we had together, Rachel was able to provide me with so much great feedback and insight and ideas for my website I was actually amazed. All super useful and highly relevant for my business.  

Our session gave me the clarity I needed to help me commit to my blog too, where previously I had been really struggling to get moving. She certainly got me ‘unstuck’ and gave me the encouragement I needed to just start. 

Rachel’s own story is inspiring in itself and her willingness to share what she has learnt has been fantastic for me and for my business. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, plus she is lovely so the whole experience was just a pleasure.

KATE MCCORMACK | Marketing Strategist Kate McCormack

What. A.Year.

Truly, coaching with Rach has been the best decision I made this year, for my sense of direction in my business and for my own personal creative expression.

When I signed up I had no real idea how I could use my love of writing and blogging to inspire my business or exactly how it might ever grow to be something that could help create the community I so dearly wanted to connect with. Almost 12 months on I am connected with and inspired by a thriving blogging community and I have the site I have been dreaming of for the last 3 years.

Rachel meets you where your at, sees the magic in you and lovingly encourages it to life. Her sessions are generous, creative and practical; there are lists and flow charts people! If you have the chance to work with Rach there is no need to think twice, jump at it! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I know in years to come I am going to look back on this year with Rachel as the turning point for a lot of magic in my life.

KERI KRIEGER | Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness