In Spaces Between ‘Make Magic’ Daily Planner

Hooray, I have a treat for you! Free stuff rocks!

To show my (deep) appreciation and to celebrate reaching 2000 fans on the In Spaces Between Facebook page (pop the champers), I’ve created – with the help of my lovely friend Sian – a downloadable daily planner that will help you rock your day like nobody’s business.

Like a lot of us, I’m a huge list maker and would be nothing without my to-do list, so I’ve combined all the things I love keeping tabs on, on one pretty, printable page, as detailed below:

1 // To Do – Most Important Tasks: Super important for ensuring you’re spending your energy on the right stuff.

2 // To Do – Can Probably Wait: The stuff you don’t want to forget about, but that isn’t as urgent.

3 // Making Me Happy: For counting your blessings – daily.

4 // Word for the Day: You know how we do One Word Wednesday over on Facebook? Same thing. A word that defines how you feel or how you want to feel (PS: this one can be mega powerful).

5 // Affirmations/ Random Thoughts: A space to freestyle!

Click the link to download your own copy of the In Spaces Between ‘Make Magic’ Daily Planner.

I hope you love it as much as I do. Print oodles of copies or if you want to take things one step further, you can use the image to create a custom notepad with tearable pages on Vistaprint or any other similar site.

Once again, a huge, big-heart thank you for being part of this bustling and vibrant community. I think we’ve got something pretty sweet going on here and it seriously means the world to me that you’re part of it. x

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15 Responses to “In Spaces Between ‘Make Magic’ Daily Planner”

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  1. thank you so much…. I just printed some out …. really lovely idea :) PS Jess from WW sent me over x

  2. This is fabulously cool! Thanks so much gorgeous girl. Beautiful design by Sian xx

  3. jazziefizzle says:

    Love this!! Printing it out right now! Notepads would be such a cute idea – or laminated and then write on in removable pen!

    Congrats on such a large following lovely one! Just shows that people recognise how much amazing stuff you have to say!

  4. Emily says:

    What a beautiful idea!! Love it & congrats xxx

  5. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Thrilled you like it lovelies! x

  6. Sooooper cute, Rach – what a lovely gesture + an awesome reminder for me to do the word of the day thing – did it yesterday [actually, set an intention] and my whole day followed thusly, blissfully… BTW, you are seriously PROLIFIC – and each post is still a gem. You need to bottle whatever it is you have going on xx

  7. Nikki says:

    Aaaah love it! Thank you so much, just what I needed, couldn’t think of a better timing :-) xxx

  8. Kylie says:

    Amazing! Thanks Rach! xo

  9. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Lucie, that’s wonderful to hear – I find with a diary (and head!) full of affirmations + swirling thoughts, honing in on just one word is so powerful. And refreshing! Love that you had a blissful day honey.

    (and BTW, thank you so much) xx

    Nikki & Kylie: YAY girls, glad it came at just the right time xx

  10. Love it! I’ll definitely use this and am actually going to print copies off and take them to my team meeting next week. I work in an area where challenge and heartbreak go hand in hand so reminding ourselves to ‘make magic’ is central to what we are hoping to achieve each and every day. Luckily for us you’ve summed it all up in this gem of a template – thanks a million x

  11. Susan says:

    Thanks so much! I am definitely going to print and use this planner, so very useful!
    xx Susan

  12. Kate says:

    Just what I need to pep up my desk at work – it is looking far too corporate these days!

    Excited for my Vista print package to arrive in 7-10 days.

  13. Awesome idea honey.

    This looks beautiful.

  14. Rach - In Spaces Between says:

    Love it ladies… would love you to take a snap of you using the list + tag me on Instagram @rachelmagahy!

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