Making Me Happy

It’s been a huge week!

Lots of blogging, a spontaneous road trip, dinner with family, a catch up with my best friend to check out some new night markets, fun exercise sessions with my training buddy, a farmers markets visit for lots of organic goodies, cooking up a storm (pumpkin, silverbeet and feta filos + delicious baked eggs with tomato/ silverbeet/ mushroom), wedding planning, spin class followed by a lovely facial, special time with my incredible fiance (can I just say here that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world every day!) and filling my Google Reader up with about 35 new blogs.

Busy, busy life!

With all this action comes a whole lot to be grateful for, so I’ve whipped up a wicked list of the things that have captivated, inspired or just made me grin like a goof this past week. Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Raw (Brownie) Balls


Raw Brownies Awesome-ified! I wrote about them here and they were damn good. But then I made them again with trail mix (almonds, pepitas, and the key ingredient – dried apricots) and rolled them in coconut to create the delightful treats now affectionately referred to as ‘raw balls.’ (If you can think of a better name, let me know!)

These raw balls are seriously off-the-richter delicious; I’m drooling just thinking about them! I left them in the freezer for about 30 minutes before eating and they were so dense and chewy it was like eating a Mars Bars. Oh. Em. Gee. Do yourself a favour and buy 2 cups worth of dates, some cacao, trail mix and some coconut today and make it happen! You won’t be disappointed.

2. This cheeky cow


Would you look at this girl? What a crack up! I’ve done a lot of pilates in my time but she’s got me pegged in the flexibility stakes, that’s for sure!

3. Mexican


I spoke about my impending Mexican night with Ramai and my brothers last week so I won’t go on about it again, but I just have to say: YUM. Yes it was pretty much Tex-Mex style and yes I’ve experienced the traditional stuff in gorgeous Mexico and it’s at least 57 times better… but seriously, if all the food in the world disappeared and all that was left were avocados, limes and sour cream, I would be ok. I mean, more than ok. I could probably (definitely) live happily ever after.

Oh and here are the filo’s we made on the weekend… so easy and so tasty! Perfectly complemented with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

4. Bangalow/ Broken Head Road Trip


Air guitar solos in the car, laughing our heads off, excited chats, and – the best bit! – leaving our phones at home and feeling totally ‘free’ (it’s amazing how much time we spend absent-mindedly checking Twitter/ Facebook/ email when we’re in the car or out and about).

This was our Sunday.

The 3 B’s (Byron, Bangalow and Broken Head) are harbingers of peace and relaxation for us when we need it, and we always find ourselves being pulled there when life is a bit manic (or in my case, when I’ve spent far too much time on the computer). The weather was glorious and we wandered through Bangalow, ate lunch on the beach, took photos, read magazines, walked around the headland and felt awesome just “being.” More photos to come in a separate post!

5. Wedding Plans


After a bit of a lull on our wedding plans, mainly due to having lots happening socially/ work-wise, we’re finally back into it. 39 weeks til the big day and it’s full steam ahead! Ramai whipped up an amazing spreadsheet that covers EVERYTHING and he’s included two options for some of the items (for instance, there are two levels of catering and for the photography, there are different price ranges depending on how long we want the photog there) – which I highly recommend doing if you’re in the process of planning your wedding. It’s made things a hell of a lot easier having all the details and options shown and although I’m sure that spreadsheet will be tweaked many a time in the next 9 months, at least we know what we’re working with and how certain options will affect the overall budget.

Next stop: the dress. I’m finding this one really tough, I must admit. I just haven’t seen anything that’s made my draw drop yet. Well, that’s a lie – I have, but they’re all in the U.S. Trip to New York, anyone?

6. Relaxing Facials


In case you missed it, I spoke about the facial I got on Saturday here. I love love love facials and always walk out thinking “Right, that’s it, from now on I’m having a facial a month.” I rarely stick to that plan but I’ll definitely be ramping things up a little later in the year and in the months leading in to our wedding next year. Bliss.

7. Nice words


And finally, this pearler (found at

+ That’s it from me! What’s making you happy?

Images: 1. Renee Vos Dewael 2. Style Me Pretty 3. Bloomspot

8 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

    • Thank you my love! Hope you’re having an amazing public holiday (jealous!) Get into those brownies asap, so tasty xxx

  1. Like you, im a huge fan of ‘raw balls’. Ive also heard them called ‘joy’ balls or ‘bliss’ balls and I think both names are very fitting as eating them just makes me so happy :)

    I make super delish ones with dried apricot, almonds, tahini, honey, dates and coconut. i made them for my best friend at the kitchen tea at her hens weekend. She nicknamed them ‘tani’ balls (because of the tahini).

    On a recent trip to Palm Beach, my boyfriend and I ate at an amazing health cafe in Avoca. We picked up some of their ‘power balls’ which were jam packed with lots of goodness including goji berries and cacao. My boyfriend was hooked. He will eat any variation as long as he can call them ‘power balls’ and he loves them as a pre-gym snack. Cute!

    Thanks for yet another super inspiring post xxx

  2. Wow! So many good options there. Joy, bliss, tani and power balls are all GREAT names (and a bit more exciting than ‘raw). I think I’ll have to interchange them all :)

    Your tahini balls sound divine. Have you heard of Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat on the Gold Coast (AKA Heaven on Earth)? You would absolutely love that place I reckon — and they too make a mean tahini ball (I’ve been known to put in ‘special requests’ for them from their marketing manager once or twice!)

    Thanks so much for your comment Connie, really appreciate you stopping by xxx

  3. Definitely gonna try the new ‘power’ balls! Yummy!

    Loving Music this week – It is my job, but also one of my true loves! I love the midweek gig sessions around town. Discovering new acts and pretty much pretending I’m 18 again. You should check out The Kanyu Tree, ‘ve got them on repeat at the moment;

    I’ve become a kettle bell devotee this week. Discovering muscles I never knew I had!! Amazing results in only a week. Hello dress season!!

    It’s so funny that you posted about gratitude this week. I’ve been on a count my blessings buzz this past few weeks, it’s the best mood lifter ever & truely opens the gateway for pure awesomeness.

    Have a great week!

  4. You’ll love the balls… and my advice is to eat them as soon as they come out of the freezer for maximum chewy-yummness!

    I want to hear all about your job Jennifer, sounds amazing! And so happy to hear you’ve been on a gratitude trip… I really look forward to writing these ‘Making Me Happy’ posts each Wednesday because it gives me time to reflect on all the good stuff happening in my life — it thrills me to talk to people doing the same. What you think about, you bring about, after all!

    Thanks for your fab comment and have yourself a spectacular week/ weekend gorgeous xx

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