Making Me Happy

Happy ‘Making Me Happy’ Day to you all!

It’s been another fun-filled week with a cornucopia of blessings. Here’s my juicy love list:

1. This Powerful Daily Motivator


Ralph Marston’s Daily Motivators are always an uplifting read. Loved this one from yesterday about focusing on the good (which is what ‘Making Me Happy’ is all about!):

The focus of your attention enlarges and expands whatever you focus upon. That can either hurt you greatly or help you immensely. Your complaints, for example, give more power and presence to whatever you complain about. Your love, on the other hand, gives more substance to whatever you love.

Put the focus of your attention not on what you wish to avoid. Instead, constantly direct your attention toward where you would like your life to go. Your unceasing thoughts have great power. So frame those thoughts in a positive way that will put their power to work for you.

The more you think you are, the more you are. What you do flows surely and steadily from what you think, so keep your thoughts focused on your dreams.
Give life to your best intentions by giving the power of your thoughts to them. Make your dreams real by keeping them constantly in your thoughts.

2. Fighting Cocks


Ta da! My ‘secret’ op shop purchase I alluded to here. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to pick up these two tarnished silver fighting cocks, especially after the woman in the shop exclaimed excitedly “Oh you’ve got your eye on the cocks!” (Exsqueeeeze me lady, how rude!) (ps: how did you know?)

Ramai was dubious, and he had The Fear in his eyes that I’d finally skidded my car off the road right into CrazyTown. However, when we got these bad boys home and I set them up as bookends, he relented and admitted that they were actually pretty cool. “For antiques.” Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but they are totally unique and I know they’ll be one of those decor pieces that people will ask about when they come over. Which is great, because it means I can repeatedly say cock in a totally un-suss way.

What about the price you ask? Well, hold onto your arm rests beauties because I’m about to tell you something wild. Purchase price: $40. Price I saw the exact same pair on eBay: $595. Five Nine Five. Thankyouverymuch.

3. Sydney


We’re off to Sydney next Friday for the weekend to attend our gorgeous friends’ wedding and I’m really looking forward to it. Little trips away keep me sane between our big trips – a refresher for the soul. I’ve got another trip to Melbourne booked for the end of October for the Problogger event that I’m hanging for as well. Life is wonderful!

4. Exercise Chart


Nice buns (wish they were mine!) Regardless, I am celebrating the fact that I’ve been sticking to a regular exercise schedule again and I’m feeling tremendous. I’ve got a monthly chart stuck to our pantry and write down the type of exercise I do, then highlight it in blue. If the whole month is looking pretty blue, then I’ve been a good girl! Certainly keeps me on track. Last week my schedule looked like this:

Monday: 12 minute workout from BodyRock
Tuesday: 1 hour at gym – mix of cardio and body weight exercises including side-lunges, squats, tricep dips, push ups and abs on the fit ball.
Wednesday: 1 hour hill sprints
Thursday: 30 minute walk, then 30 minute run with Ramai – I also walked for an hour with my training buddy at lunch time!
Friday: 1 hour bootcamp
Saturday: 25 minute fast run around Burleigh Headland (forgot how awesome the national park is to run through – and it protected us from the rain, which was a bonus!) Finished with 2 x steep hill sprints.
Sunday: 1.5 hour beach walk

Moving my body daily is where I like to be and I find it’s essential for energy and keeping everything flowing properly in my life. How about you?

5. Friday Date Night


Mojitos, chilled white wine, live music, woodfired pizza, salt in the air, the sound of the waves crashing, and all tucked up in bed by 8:30pm (yes, it was a big week!) Fab Friday indeed.

6. Gift-Giving


I love, love, love giving presents… but when it comes to presents for Ramai, who’s celebrating his 32nd birthday this Saturday, there’s one little problem – I always get too excited and want to give him his gift the day I purchase it. He’s exactly the same, so together, we are one hopeless-at-surprises team!

Anyway, I may have dropped the hint that I’d picked him up something cool on Monday, so that night I was forced to hand over a brand-spanking new Nespresso coffee machine. And there’s been a serious love-affair happening in our kitchen ever since. If you’re ever stuck for a gift idea, this one is definitely a winner. I don’t even drink coffee (hate the taste) and I’m tempted to try one after all the rave reviews I’ve heard about this thing!

7. This lovely mention


A huge thanks to Elise from Elise Gow Photography for this beautiful write up on her blog about my Ultimate Guide to Your Dream Wedding series. Head over and say hi and check out her gorgeous photos!

Special snippets:

+ The fact that it’s almost time to reveal the secret stuff I mentioned a few weeks ago + My mumma (it was her birthday on Monday and she’s the best!) + getting my tax return and putting it straight into our wedding fund + forming friendships with rad people online + stormy nights + Glasshouse candles that last forever + organising my house + refreshing my hair colour with lots more blonde through the ends + the way my hairdresser always tones and blowdries my hair for free (on the sly!) + a delicious meal with our ‘Dinner Club’ (thanks Sof!) + the fact that this year just keeps getting better and better + changing my vision for the styling of our wedding + deciding to run my ‘Life Reset’ again very soon + finally, awesome music recommendations from you guys! Thank you x

+ Over to you! Finish this sentence: The things making me happy this week are…

Images: 1. Bliss in Images 2. WhippedSTYLE 3. We Heart It 4. FYeah Fitspo 5. The Chive Files

10 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Hello! I just discovered your blog this week. It is just gorgeous! I can really relate to your positive attitude to life and always trying to fight any negative thoughts. You share these thoughts and actions beautifully in your writing. And in answer to your question. I’m happy because I started my day off in my most favourite way – a walk with my husband and dog, breakfast at a cafe before hugging him as he headed to his office. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely words! Sounds like a perfect little Wednesday morning — and how could your day be anything less than amazing with a start like that? Thanks for sharing it with us all and enjoy! xx

  3. YEAY! Favourite part of my week is here!

    Making me happy this week is LOVE! Big old fashioned soppy love! I’ve had some great dates with my fiance this week, and I just loved every single one of them. Cheering on our favourite rugby team, finding an incredible tapas restaurant, drinking strawberry mojitos, dancing the night away, reading the Sunday newspapers in bed, and visiting old historic homes … this week has been a blast!

    Also, being made permanent in my job this week has been uber EXCITING!!! Love it here, love the people, love the work! Although too much champagne on Friday night = a not so happy head Saturday morning :( …..But worth every bubble :)

    And as always I’m still in love with the gratitude buzz!! Gratitude multiplies en force. Helped a homeless guy out on Saturday and ended up winning 80euro!! Mega smile on my face! Myself and my cousin have been doing our ‘Care Bear Stare’. Imagining a beam of love and positive energy radiating from us onto everyone that we meet – it’s goofy & silly but puts a smile on my face : )

    Loved the blog this week Rach …. and yes your cocks are lovely! hahahahahaha Love Jenn xox

  4. Once again… An inspirational series of things to keep us all happy! Making me happy this week is also resetting my exercise and healthy eating! Training with my PT twice a week plus lots of classes is revamping my energy big time! Have also discovered lots of yummy healthy foods and recipes that I forgot all about so it’s like a whole new menu! Also making me happy is Friday night dinner with the ladies at our fav Cha Cha and planning for a certain up coming hens night! Yay! Xxx

  5. Jennifer: Once again, another awesome list from you! LOVE the part about the dates you and your man have been on (so adorable!) and especially love the ‘care bear stare’! You must be on cloud 9 with all that love & gratitude flying around! xx

    Ez: yay for your new training program, sounds so good… just in time for summer! And I CAN’T WAIT for dinner Friday and to talk about my hens party, hooray! Love you xxx

  6. Rach, making me happy this week;
    The long weekend and the chance to catch up with friends.
    Trips away, to experince new things and enjoy something different.
    Eating in Melbourne – seriously good restaurants
    planning a holiday for christmas – loving the freedom
    reading your blog and getting some inspiration to get my body into gear and start exercising………..
    Date night tonight & I cant wait

    keep up the inspiring work xx

  7. Discovering your beautiful blog has definitely been making me happy this week! Thanks heaps :)
    Also an amazing book i read ‘Have a little Faith’ by Mitch Album….a must read for everyone! x

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by Jo and for your lovely comment! I love Mitch Albom – have read Tuesdays with Morrie and The 5 People You Meet in Heaven but haven’t read this one you’ve suggested so will definitely have to check it out! Thank you xxx

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