Making Me Happy

Why don’t you… reflect, reset and raise the curtain on positive change?
Why don’t you… invoke and express thanks – today, in this moment?
Why don’t you… host an orgy of appreciation, a fete of fabulousness, a rally of radness celebrating your beautiful, brazen life?
Why don’t you… sprinkle praise and respect on the things/ people/ occurrences that have cracked you open?

And why don’t I kick things off with what’s making me super happy this week!

1. Daily Om

This was my horoscope from Daily Om yesterday and I think it’s a pearler! Totally how I’m feeling at the moment, and the bit about the loving-kindness meditation is something I thought you all might like.

Share Your Joy

Your exuberant mood may encourage you to share your joy with others today. Perhaps you feel that by expressing your delight you are actually in a state of spiritual union with others, and the more joy you pass on, the more joy will manifest in the world.

Doing a loving-kindness meditation today could make it easier for you to create this feeling of happiness and oneness with others. If you can, take a few minutes to sit in silence and watch your breath. With each inhalation, you might picture the energy of the universe filling your heart centre. On each exhale, imagine that you are sending this love-filled energy to the people in your life. Connecting your heart to others in this way could help you deepen your sense of connection with others and fill your interactions with love.

Loving-kindness meditation is a powerful tool that allows us to share the unlimited and unconditional love of the universe with others. When we let this form of energy course through us we begin to see that there is little that truly separates us from other people—our oneness becomes much more apparent. Creating this bond of love therefore enables us to be honest and loving in all of our interactions, and this nurtures greater respect and affection for those who are special in our lives. By visualising the connection of universal energy and love binding you to others today, you will extend the power and strength of your joyfulness to those you care about.

2. Serendipity + Spring!


I talked about letting go and not forcing things that seem to be ‘stuck’ and the rewards that come from releasing and trusting that things will work out perfectly last week – and well, don’t they just! Work out perfectly, I mean. Better than perfect, even.

On Saturday, which shall now be known as The Most Auspicious, Astonishing Day Evah, we viewed our new wedding venue in Byron and it was so breathtakingly beautiful that I got a little bleary-eyed. I seriously thought I’d died and gone to wedding venue heaven. The property is just spectacular – lush, green, incredible views, massive, full of character (I could go on) – and even though our wedding is in May next year, I’m champing at the bit to show you this place (but of course, I’m going to leave you hanging – ha!)

After checking out the venue, we were on cloud nine so we floated drove to the beach at Wategos in Byron Bay which is one of our favourite spots to chill out. We spend a lot of time in Byron (can you tell?) and Wategos is quite a special beach for us as it’s where we write our goals in the first few days of January each year. Perfect for dream-making and reclining with a camera and a good book on a super warm Spring afternoon.

3. The Last Supper


As you know, the Life Reset festivities have well and truly kicked off around here and that means a whole lotta detoxing! I start my Urban Remedy juice cleanse today (3 days, no food) and have been thoroughly enjoying – seriously – the Clean program for the past two days. I’ll provide some more updates soon, I had planned on updating y’all yesterday but this annoying thing called work stole my lunch break so I couldn’t. Boo.

Anyway, I already mentioned my plans for our ‘Last Supper’ before the detox began but I wanted to share a few pics of the Jamie Oliver meal I whipped up. The photos speak for themselves really – it was the bomb! So flavoursome, explosions of awesome on my tongue. Mmm… I promise I’m not licking the screen right now. Pinky swear. Wait, is that drool on my keyboard?!

4. High-Octane Boosts of Inspiration


From you guys, you all inspire the pants off me! I’m so thrilled that a bunch of you have committed to resetting your life over the next 21 days and I know you’re going to rock it. These comments where you lovingly broadcast your intentions to polish ‘n’ shine those gorgeous lives of yours made me so damn determined to stick this thing out to the blissful end and I hope that checking in here regularly does the same for you.

I can’t rave enough about publicly announcing what you plan to do to keep you accountable – it definitely, absolutely, without a doubt has worked for me. There’s no way I’m going to let any of you – or myself – down!

5. (Another) Secret Project


Can’t say much but I can tell you I’m teaming up with two beautiful ladies (and when I say beautiful, I mean, beautiful – inside and out!) on something really inspiring and enriching that I’m mega excited about. More to come sometime soon!

+ That’s me! I’m going to save the rest (healthy food stuff) for my post about the Clean program, so au revoir for now and don’t forget to leave your happy list below. Why don’t you, hey?!

Images: 1. Dart Photographie 2. Scout & Catalogue 3. Cut Up Culture 4. Silver Ridge Studio; All other images mine.

2 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Can you believe another Wednesday has rolled around again so quickly?! I actually had to stop & really think about what HAD actually happened this week & through the blur pick out the things which had made me happy! So needless to say when I printed out your life re-set it put the fire in my belly to Get.It.Together. I’ve just realised to myself that I spend so much of my time notching events & things up into ‘units’, and so from the moment I open my eyes my day & its happenings whirl around in my head & to sort them I have to define them into colour coded units. But the downside of this is it doesn’t allow for the spontaneous moments which I really do love. And so for this week making me happy is;

    Decisive thinking –
    Putting the pen to paper & setting my goals both long and short term. Even writing them down offers a freedom & enjoyment to the day.

    Making lists!!-
    But not over loading myself. I found this week to get me focused I’ve become an post-it addict & jotting down the important bits before shut eye has allowed me switch off much more & sleep better. I love the satisfaction of putting the line through each task! (it’s the little things right?)

    Early rising –
    I’ve always had a natural body clock from when I was a kid, I was terrified of over sleeping for school! & it’s filtered into adult hood. I normally wake about 6am put twist and turn for an hour or so & ‘waste’ a potential powerful hour. So as soon as my eyes open I’m up & enjoying my me-time. I get so much done in this hour it’s incredible!

    I’m really enjoying your detox diary, I’ve up’ed my water intake majorly this week & reduced the bad sugars/fats in my diet (autumn & winter reek havoc on my food cravings!) But I’ve made an appointment with a nutritionist at my local organic food store & she’s going to talk me through a suitable detox this weekend, unfortunately the Clean Programme isn’t available here : (

    Keep up the great work- your doing amazing already! Just look at the amount of people who’ve been inspired! Positive thoughts & energy your way this week. Jenn xox

  2. Hello, amazing list! (you do know now that I expect this list every week and if a week goes by where one isn’t up, I’ll get worried about you!!) Haha, you’ll have to tell me when you’re going to Rome so I don’t wonder where you are!

    Good on you for the stuff you’re doing for your life reset! SO WITH YOU on the ‘crossing off tasks’ thing, very rewarding. And I’d love to hear all about the detox you do with your trainer, sounds perfect.

    Thanks again for brightening my day Jenn with your fabulous words! xxx

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