Making Me Happy

What a week! What a fabulous week I should say. There’s been lots going on (hardly a surprise – when isn’t there lots going on?) but there’s also a whole lot of progression and evolution occuring that is making each day better than the last.

That feeling that the year is nearly out has also well and truly hit me – you too? – and I’m getting excited for my birthday, Christmas, hang time with friends, long days at the beach and a few sneaky summer cocktails thrown in the mix. Hooray!

Read on for my love list below beauties. These are the things that have put a skip in my step and hearts in my eyes over the past week!

1. King Proteas

Aren’t they amazing?! Ramai must have heard me say during the week last week how much I love King Proteas, so he surprised me with this beautiful pair on Friday night (a great start to our date night – the boy is good!) I love how vibrant they are, so exotic and different to regular blooms. King Proteas are also known as Honeypots (cute!) and I love that they look like a head with a crown. So regal.

2. Wedding Dress Shopping + A Day With My Girls!

Uncontrollable laughter, cheekiness, funny stories, so much love, feeling comfortable and content and totally connected. This is how it feels when you’re in the company of your best girls. On Saturday my beautiful pregnant bestie Megan (right) and I zoomed up the highway to Brisbane to meet our other bestie Erin (left) for a fun day of wedding dress shopping and quality time. It was AWESOME.

The girls were so gorgeous when I tried on a  princess dress with a huuuuuuge skirt – they both cried and ooohed and ahhhed and got excited and did all the things that your dream bridesmaids do when you’re talking about your wedding with them. I can’t wait to see how stunning they’re going to look on the Big Day, alongside my other best friend Jess (who lives in Melbourne). What a bunch of hotties!

We also had lunch with my dear friend Liz in Brisbane who I used to work with and miss so much. She left earlier this year to take on a role up in Brisbane and it hasn’t been the same since. Liz, come baaaaack…. please? 

3. Necklace

I mentioned a while back that I’m mad about statement necklaces so I couldn’t walk past this colourful, beaded delight when I saw it earlier in the week at Sportsgirl. $29.95 – bargain!

4. Date Night!

I didn’t manage to get my man in a photo so excuse the “Me Fest” but as I mentioned in my confession on Monday, we went out for a delicious dinner last Friday to a new vegetarian restaurant called The Cardamom Pod. I can’t recommend this place highly enough – the owner is an interior designer and you can TOTALLY tell. Beautiful, well thought out styling, lots of bright colours, and a cheeky gold gnome (not sure if you can see but he’s flippin’ the bird!)

And yes, it really is worth being naughty for the best baked cheesecake you’ll ever wrap your lips around. Get into it if you go there. Seriously. Nom nom nom.

5. New sunglasses


Eek, excuse the massive photo of my head but I wanted to show you my new sunnies and I hurriedly snapped this in the car on the way to work this morning. The car was stationary, if you’re wondering, and yes, someone stared.

I saw these MINK PINK beauties on a friend the other day and after picking up a pair for myself, I’ve fallen a little bit in love with them! You can’t really tell but the frames are matte black, and the best part is, they were only$39.95! All about shopping bargains this week it seems. If you like the look of them, I bought them from Surf Stitch. One can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, after all.

6. Hens Party Plans


I’m super excited for my hens (bachelorette) party being held on the last weekend in February next year, which I’m told by my lovely bridesmaids, gives me plenty of time before the wedding for my eyebrows to grow back. Haha, they’re clearly joking… I think…

Anyway, I really can’t say too much as I want it to be a surprise but of course I’ll put all the photos up for you to see (well, maybe not ALL the photos) once it’s over. I’m teaming up with a friend for some of the arrangements and I can’t wait to work with her on this. Such a fun little project. And that’s all you’re going to get from me. Vaguey McVague, huh?

7. Taking Control of My Life Reset

Gosh it feels good to be back on the Life Reset wagon after falling off ever so elegantly (um, or not). I’m back on the program with healthy eating and have been exercising and trying to get off the computer by 8pm so that I can read, relax and recover from my day. It feels amazing. How are you going? Only four more days… make them count!

8. Pinterest

I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest for a while but lately I’ve realised how happy “pinning” makes me – it’s like therapy! I love taking a break from what I’m doing and pinning a couple of images every day. It reminds me of how much beauty there is in the world and how many people are out there creating tremendously cool things. Love that!

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me!

+ Want to know the best way to mulitiply your happiness? Bring attention to it and share it! Happiness is contagious so I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for this week in the comments below. Sing it loud sista!

Images: 1. Eye of the Beholder 2. Mango Watermelon Love

11 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. I (finally) signed up for Pinterest this week. So much visual loveliness! I totally understand what you mean…. taking a few moments each day to indulge in images that make your heart sing. What did I do before pinning??! (Now I don’t have to bookmark everything!!! My life will never be the same!) xx

  2. making me happy 101 by harrie.

    1. slightly indulging in sneaky sleep ins.. i havent done this in months and thats saying something when your room is like a batcave! that extra half an hour has made my heart feel guilty and delicious. weird huh?!

    2. changing my eating habits, day one. going paleo. ive done this before, but not in the strictest mentalities. i read an interesting article about the relationship between grains and infertility/disease and boy did it blow me out of the water!

    3. pushing myself that little bit harder. lunging downhill on my run home when no one can see (except the kids on the balcony, and bringing them joy is A-ok..) and enjoying the burn the next day. that is such a motivator!

  3. Shannon: I agree, I used to have folders upon folders of images on my computer (and never knew the sources) so Pinterest has been a huge help in that regard! xx

    Sian: Thanks honey, I’m loving them too! xx

    Harriet: Ooh love your list! I’m really intrigued by the Paleo diet and I know Sarah Wilson speaks about that on her site as well… I’d love to read that article if you still have the link! xx

  4. Lovin the new necklace and sunnies lovely! gorg!! what’s making me happy? my boys, their gorgeous little faces and unconditional love and happiness makes coming home each night so fun… no one (human) is ever happier to see me! xxx

  5. I’ve been following your blog for a while – love it and love this post. You are so inspiring me to do my own life reset! Especially the getting healthy bit. I’m so addicted to terrible foods and have zero will power when it comes to that!

    • Thanks Mrs Bok! So glad you’re feeling inspired, let me know how you go if you do your Life Reset x

  6. Rach I love your reminders to be grateful! What’s making me happy this week is spring time in Victoria! I have a new appreciation for sunshine since moving down here. If it’s sunny outside I make sure I make time to enjoy it :)

    • Hey Steph, so nice to hear from you! Soak up that sunshine.. Nothing better. Hope you’re going well down there lovely xxx

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