Making Me Happy

Welcome to the first ‘Making Me Happy’ post for 2012!

What a start to the year it’s been. I’m feeling delightfully clear-headed and mega motivated to make 2012 my most phenomenal year yet, and with a bunch of trips (interstate + overseas), my hen’s party, our wedding, plenty of In Spaces Between goodness and my 30th all on the cards, I’m pretty certain that life is going to rise up and meet me on that bold intention. I can’t wait!

How about you? Are you feelin’ the 2012 love? How have the first couple of weeks been for you?

I know this post is a day late so I’m ready to load the love up high today – I’ve really missed this post over the past few weeks! – so read on below for some of the things that have put a gigantic smile on my face of late.

Finding a Wedding Venue!

I know I’ve mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter but in case you missed it, we have a new wedding venue (one that definitely isn’t going to sell on us) and it’s absolutely divine!

Let me just talk you through the morning we knew we’d found The One because it’s a memory I’m more than happy to remember. My mother, Ramai and I jumped in the car and headed south to Byron and on the way down it was bucketing down. Positively teaming. Rain everywhere, couldn’t see out the front windscreen and all that.

And then when we started to near Byron, the sun burst out (and I’d like to say from behind the clouds, but there were no individual clouds, the whole sky was a great big wooly blanket of greyness) and if there were a choir of young children nearby they would have been cheerfully singing “ahhhhhhhhh” and if it were possible, unicorns would have galloped across rainbows, sprinkling fair dust across the sky.

You could say we were off to a good start.

As I said here, we’d seen this venue before, but after visiting a plethora of others we’d forgotten how magical it really was. We traipsed through the grounds with the owner and Mum was looking at me like “OHMYGODTHISPLACEISAMAZINGCANWEMOVEINLIKENOW?” and I kept giving Ramai sneaky looks with a huge dopey grin on my face and eyes that were screaming “LET’S JUST EFFIN’ BOOK THIS PLACE ALREADY!” There were a lot of caps locks that day.

Needless to say, if we needed a reminder that the Universe always has our backs, that was it.

We excitedly booked the venue straight away – just before Xmas – and from then on in it’s been full steam ahead for the R & R wedding express. The only change is that our old photographer was unable to shoot our wedding on the new date, which again, has turned out to be totally for the best as we’re kinda dying over the mad talent of our new photographer. She’s pretty much amazing and I’ll be able to reveal all very soon!

Christmas With My Family!


I adore my family and I love that on Christmas there are no shops open, nothing to do but eat and drink and nowhere to be but together. Bliss.

(the mug shots above are of my younger brothers… and our little “sister” Mischa, the world’s funniest dog-who-truly-believes-she’s-human).


What’s that I hear you say? Well, according to their site: is a new visual search engine and scrapbook for all your wedding inspiration. has an archive of over 100,000 images organised by our blogging editors and community of users – our database is updating and evolving daily.”

Basically, it’s a similar concept to Pinterest, but solely for weddings, which if you’re a bride-to-be like me, is an absolute godsend.

Priori Eye Cream + Ella Bache Great Face Tan Without Sun

Over the Xmas break I had a tremendous facial and massage and I got talking to the therapist about eye creams, admitting I haven’t had a specialised eye cream for ages, despite being conscious of the fabulous expression lines that have formed around my eyes.

I walked out with the Priori Smoothing Eye Serum, which I’m really impressed with so far. Not cheap at $100 but definitely seems to have helped. Eye crinkles begone!

I also have a confession to make: for far too long I have been using my Ella Bache Body Tan on my face (and yes, I know that’s not ideal and yes, it is too oily for my face and makes my skin feel ugh). I finally bought the dedicated face tan and what a difference it makes! The colour is beautiful – a gorgeous caramel shade – and it spreads really evenly, which the body tan doesn’t do when applied to ones face. It also contains shea butter, honey-moist and Vitamin E so it leaves my skin super hydrated.

Lesson learned, buy ze face tan from now on.

Beautiful Beach Energy



Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to soak in the energy of this stunning spot before work in the morning. Seriously so thankful.

Weekend Food Prep


Every Sunday, I’ve been throwing a few things together so that we have some “base meals” to add to during the week, either for lunch at work or dinner if we’re busy, which is most of the time.

In the kitchen, I’ve been:

+ Roasting up a bunch of Kent pumpkin with curry powder sprinkled on it.
+ Chopping up some silverbeet and dressing it with a mix of balsamic vinegar/ sushi seasoning/ some chilli and ginger paste.
+ Cooking up a big bowl of vermicelli noodles, adding some mint and coriander and tossing through a similar dressing as above (minus the balsamic – I add a few drops of sesame oil instead).

That, coupled with the fact we’ve decided to order our groceries through Woolworths online and get them home delivered, has already save us heaps of time during the week and ensured we continue to eat well when we’re flat out.

Do you do a cook-up on the weekends to make life easier during the week? If so, what do you prepare? I’d love some inspiration!

Organising My Makeup and Jewellery


I know I’ve posted on these before but seeing other people go out and organise their loot has brought the biggest smile to my face over the past week. I love finding DIY’s or hacks that cost next-to-nothing but make things prettier/ easier/ better.



I feel like things have been flowing really magnificently for me at the moment, both for our wedding planning and this blog, and I’m so grateful that they are. Plenty of opportunities are arising daily and things are falling into place without too much effort at all.

Reminds me of one of my words for the year: EASE. 



I’ve been on the hunt for an awesome leather jacket for at least two years. Two trips to New York, one to L.A and San Fran, countless visits to Melbourne and nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

So of course I found a beautiful leather jacket on the summer holidays at Kookai of all places. Of. Course. I. Did.

Thankfully, I had a $250 gift card from work (Xmas bonus) so I smoked that on the jacket, which was 50% off the original $500.

What do you think? I love the colour – grey is one of my favourite shades to wear because I think it’s super flattering and it’s a bit different to the standard black – and the leather is lovely and soft. Can’t wait for the temperature to drop so I can break it out at night!

This Gem


Yes, yes we are.

Pretty Prints


Look Mum, I made a heart with my Printstagram prints!

Magnificent Morsels:

+ Receiving our wedding invites in the mail this morning, I can’t wait to show you them, they’re absolutely beautiful! + Awesome emails from someone I admire + the two gems that told me I smelt nice (well my perfume did!) within 5 minutes of each other (note: if you like someone’s perfume, tell them – totally put a skip in my step) + infectious, out-of-control energy + planning big projects + talking about Italy with my physio and picturing myself there – Ahhh…MALFI!  + getting the opportunity to connect with amazing people everyday through this blog + reaching 700 Likes on Facebook + writing my man’s vision statement for 2012 in the back of his wagon, with the rain pouring down, at Wategos beach in Byron on the Xmas break. BEST! + thinking of my friend’s weddings and how beautiful they will be + Alkalising Greens in freshly squeezed juices (holy energy boost, Batman) + gyoza + power weeks where my to-do list gets obliterated! + anticipation for the GC/ Brisbane Bloggers Meet Up next week where I get to meet some of the beautiful girls I chat to daily online. FUN! x

“I am free to create success in my life – it’s my choice” ~ Deepak Chopra

+ Why don’t you set the tone for an incredible day by chatting about the things making YOU happy in the comments below? It’s been a few weeks so I’m hanging to hear what’s been going on in your world – share away!

Images: My Pink Cloud  | Piccsy  | Julian Bialowas | Evelyn Nt

9 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Lovely as always, Rach. Two of my closest friends recently got engaged so I will definitely be sharing with them – thanks for the tip off. And that jacket is BEAUTIFUL! What a score.

    Hope to see you next week.

    Celeste x

  2. Rach, you words are as beautiful as ever and this post was definitely worth the wait.

    2012 is going to be AHHHH-MAZING!

    There are a million things making me happy, planning our magical engagement party, a surprise trip to Bali in a month from the fiance, becoming the healthiest I can be, planning our dream wedding, renovating our home and hopefully finding/designing “the dress”.

    Thanks for such a great start to the day Rach, reading your blog helps get over the post-holoday blues.

    Soph xxx

  3. Amy: thank you for stopping by – so glad you liked the post and hope you’re enjoying the rest of the site! xx

    Celesete: thanks honey, and yep, that jacket was a SCORE! Think I need a New York trip asap to bust it out… yeah? Hope you can come Thurs xx

    Soph: hello lovely lady, your 2012 sounds IN.CRED.I.BLE. I’m so thrilled for all the exciting things ahead (you were one of the people I was talking about when I said I was thinking about how beautiful my friend’s weddings will be). Can’t wait to watch all the magic unfold for you this year! xx

  4. Oh YAY! So glad that you found this post in the black hole of the interwebs… It would have been such an epic one to lose!

    That is such a great idea cooking up on Sunday for the week… at the moment I am time rich so don’t bother doing anything like that but I will often make a big pot of curry or batch of oven baked felafel and freeze the left overs for simple lunch/dinner ideas. My boy also whips up a batch of hummus weekly to use on sandwiches/with carrot sticks.

    I am very much looking forward to our bloggy meet up!!

  5. Thrilled that you managed to find your post! PHEW!

    Beautiful & inspiring words as always Rach, and I concur with the other ladies, well worth the wait!

    Making me happy so far in 20-12 is the sense of ease that I have been experiencing lately. I’ve made my intentions and I’m feeling pretty darn good about them. I think they’re all in tune with me at the moment.
    I thought I was unfit after lacking on the exercise routine for some time, and going back to training this week surprised me. I’m not as bad as I predicted & I managed to jog 5k without dying. HAPPY!
    My little blog. A mere 11 days old but giving me so much to think about, it’s really plugging me in, and making me feel aware of the great things in the my life at the moment.

    Dying to see the invitations! I bet they are stunning & a treasureable keep sake. Looking forward to reading all the magical moments of 2012 right here. Definitely making me happy!

    Big love,

    Jenn x

  6. Jas: Freezing felafels = genius! Thanks for the tip! x

    Jenn: It makes me happy to hear that life is flowing smoothly and look at you go, you little fitness bunny! YAY! I’m especially imperssed considering you live in Ireland and I’m guessing it’s pretty damn cold right now?!

    Can’t wait to show you the invites as well, I’m so thrilled with how they’ve come out.

    Here’s to a beautiful & rewarding 2012 for us all! xx

  7. Yay, the Making Me Happy posts are back!!

    I simply adore the leather jacket, I bet it looks gorgeous on you! I also love your Instagram heart, very very cute.

    What is making me happy? Seeing family (and my bestie) in New Zealand, date nights, coffee catch ups and my upcoming trip to the Gold Coast to see amazing bloggers such as yourself! :)

    Wishing you a brilliant week lovely! xx

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