Making Me Happy

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to make it a regular habit to document what’s making me happy right here on In Spaces Between. I hope you’ll join me by including your love list in the comments!

1. Danielle La Porte


Because she writes things like The Manifesto Of Encouragement (that I revisited this week), and this Ode to Girlfriends Everywhere and this Declaration of Deserving Just Because You’re Here. Basically, the woman is freaking amazing. Go read her stuff, like, now.

2. These Photos of Lily Collins


I’m going to tell you something and I don’t want you to judge me. I love Phil Collins. LOVE. HIM. Seriously, don’t even try and tell me that you can keep your feet from tapping when you hear classic tunes like “Sussudio” or “Don’t Lose My Number” …or that you’ve never done a spot of air-drumming to “In the Air Tonight.” I simply will not believe you. Anyway, seems like Phil had more in his repertoire than just rolling out soft rock hit after hit over the years – he’s also father to this delightful Audrey-Tautou-cross-Audrey-Hepburn beauty, who before yesterday, I’d never come across (thanks Haute Design!) Lily’s bubbly personality literally leaps off the pages of this Tatler magazine spread and I think I’d like to be besties with her. That way, she could introduce me to Phil and we could hang and it wouldn’t be weird at all if I begged politely asked him to do the doo-dom doo-dom doo-dom sequence several million times. Nope, not weird at all.

3. My new fur coat


I snapped up an awesome bargain last week – this super snuggly-yet-stylish faux fur jacket from Country Road. Original price $400, price I got it for $139. Three cheers for sales! Will be perfect for our trip to chilly Melbourne in July, paired with navy/ black skinny jeans and black ankle boots.

4. Food Porn


Salivating over the gorgeous food styling and photography over at Sunday Suppers and What Katie Ate. YUM.

5. My girls


I am blessed to have in my life the most supportive, thoughtful, funny, inspiring, positive and downright beautiful friends a girl could ask for. This week, and every week, I’m in awe of their collective awesomeness. Each of my girls has their own distinct personalities, their own loves and special ways of looking at the world – but together, they are this giant bear hug, the skip in my step. All my love to the incredible women in my life. You are cherished. x

6. Notes from the Universe


I’ve been a subscriber to Notes from the Universe for years, and unlike the plethora of newsletters that I delete every time I open my emails (oversubscribers anonymous, anyone?), I always look forward to receiving Mike Dooley’s quirky inspiration in my inbox. You can define a “goal” or something that you want to focus on when you subscribe and he’ll cleverly insert it into your Note occasionally. Funny thing is, my goal centred around having a blog, so when I was greeted with the below last week, I may or may have let out a little squeal/ fist pumped like a madwoman. Leaning more towards may on this occasion, in case there was any confusion.

WOW! Just checked in on your new successful blog, Rachel! Love all the “bells and whistles” you dreamed up! Smokin’ hot!

Apparently, however, there’s some confusion over where the bouncy seat is supposed to go. So I just told them to put it in your world headquarters executive office, in front of the aquarium… beside the hammock… behind the popcorn maker. OK?

You’re so cute,
The Universe

7. Scandinavian Interiors


Again. Scando-style interiors will always quicken my pulse, that I know for sure. Can I move to Denmark/ Sweden/ Norway now?

8. Feeling disciplined


Yes, starting a blog when you have a full-time job requires a good dose of commitment and great time management skills, but I’m loving the discipline of writing blog posts each day. Truly. It’s so wonderful to have a creative outlet that reflects what I’m loving and my current thoughts on the world around me. I’ve literally been rushing home from work every day, excitedly jumping straight on the computer and working into the night. Thriving on being “in the zone.” I like how productivity feels.

Special mentions: In Spaces Between turning ONE WEEK OLD!; fresh, juicy strawberries with vanilla yoghurt; pink highlighters to cross off “finished” tasks (yay for lots of highlights in my diary!); running in my Nike Free’s; and, as always, my gorgeous fiance.

+ What’s making you happy this week, lovers?

Images: 1. We Heart It 2 & 3. via Haute Design 4 & 5. What Katie Ate 6 & 7. Sunday Suppers 8. via Pinterest 9. via Le Fashion 10. Interiors Porn 11. Lottagaton

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