Making Me Happy


You are love. Yes, yes, you are.

I hope everyone is feeling the love this morning… I know I am! This week’s Making Me Happy list is a biggie so let’s launch straight in, shall we?

Sydney + Sunshine


I’ve got a confession to make and I feel like a bit of a noodle for saying this – to me, Melbourne has always been my number one Aussie city. Yep. In the past, I’ve been known to say “Yeah Sydney’s OK, but Melbourne is where it’s at” and for the past three years we’ve travelled to Melbourne about four times each year (and I don’t want to start any turf wars or anything, but I’ll take this opportunity to ask: do you have a favourite?)

ANYWAY, didn’t Sydney just flip that little theory on its head last weekend! Ramai and I had an absolute ball for the three days we were in town and we were both seriously depressed on Sunday afternoon when we were travelling back to the airport to head home. I feel like previously Sydney was the friend you’d see occasionally at parties and say a quick hello and that was about it, but now we’ve sat down over a drink and realised we actually have somuchincommonitsnotfunny, it’s like Insta-besty. Looking forward to our next visit already!

I’ll do a separate post with our photos but in summary, this is what we did:

+ Visited (and subsequently fell in love with) Palm Beach/ Avalon/ Manly – loved our lunch at The Boathouse too, so thanks for the recommendation everyone (saw Lara Bingle there too appropriately bedecked in a sailor hat, as well as a rad pair of boots I wanted to steal).

+ Marvelled at the beautiful bodies at Bondi on pretty much the most perfect day ever.

+ Visited a cool vintage/ retro store (multi-levels, bursting with goodness!)

+ Drove to Garie Beach in the pouring rain and didn’t see much but fog and, you guessed it, rain.

+ Hung with our friends Jimmy and Nikki, as well as our friend Ado and his new girl Celeste, who was wearing the AMAZE pants in the top right (she used to design for Shakuhachi and now designs for myPetsQuare and Alice McCall, and is stunning stunning stunning).

+ Realised that our souls wilt a little when we’re in cities and surrounded by buildings for too long, and that we MUST be near water as often as possible for recalibration and glorious grounding.

New Threads


I had a quick race around Zara in Sydney and picked up the tops above, two pairs of rad tight black cropped pants and a lovely white tee.

I was also delighted to find that there’s a Victoria’s Secret store at Sydney Airport so I stocked up on some Ravishing Love fragrance mist, which is to-die-for. Seriously the most delicious scent in the universe. Get amongst it, angels!

Grandiflora Arrangements


I think I must secretly be hankering to be a florist or something because I’m fascinated with flowers and arrangements. I’ve been waiting impatiently patiently for Grandiflora Arrangements by Saskia Havekes (of Grandiflora fame, obviously) to arrive in the mail and was ecstatic when it finally came yesterday. I may have even cheered at the post office when I picked it up… which isn’t as embarrassing as it sounds because my book-buying addiction has lead to a pretty tight friendship with the staff at my “local.”

The book is broken up by sections on Autumn/ Winter/ Spring/ Summer and details the flowers that are in season in Australia each month, as well as examples of the ways they can be arranged.

I’m currently thinking of the combinations of flowers we’ll have at our wedding so the pages of this book will no doubt be well-thumbed very shortly. And just on flowers, to the Peony Gods out there (I know you exist) WHY are gorgeous peonies only available in Australia for 2.1 seconds in November? WHY?!

Sending Our Wedding Invites!


The website has been revealed, the twine has been tied (with Ramai’s help – whatta man), the stamps and doilies have been stuck to envelopes and the Post Office lady has kindly hand-cancelled each invite for me, so now we all we have to wait for our friends and family to receive them and I can share some photos here! Check back later in week for a sneaky peek.

Knowing My Limits


I’m finally learning that I need to slow the hell down in my low-energy weeks because it’s not sustainable to run this engine at F1 capacity at all times. And that’s totally okay. Ebb and flow. Soft and hard.

The awesome thing about having a bunch of plates spinning is that it teaches you about priorities and it also forces you to rough up those perfectionist, over-achieving Type-A traits every once in a while and realise that the world will not fall apart if you have to pull back on occasion.

I’m going to be completely honest and open with you and tell you that over the next few months, there may probably will be times when I need to focus on my wedding first and foremost, or my job, or my health (not to mention my loved ones). I’m getting to a point where I can accept that, and let me tell you, it’s been hard. The way I’ve reconciled it in my head is I’ll just go hard when I can and I’m full of energy and when I can’t, I won’t try and push through for the sake of it. It’s hard when you’re so passionate about something (like, say this blog) and that thing has to find its place amongst the many other things competing for time and attention.

I’d love to get a discussion going in the comments – do you put too much pressure on yourself? Share away!

Lana Del Rey


To quote Triple J, “she’s divided listeners the world over” but I’m definitely having a moment with this girl. I can’t stop playing Blue Jeans and have seriously had Diet Mountain Dew in my head for days.

I know Lana isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – in fact, I’ve seen three friends on Twitter say they hate her and three say they adore her – but that’s the sublime thing about music, there really is something for everyone.

For more: 

This will make you giggle.
+ Behind-the-scenes video of Lana’s cover shoot for British Vogue with Mario Testino

+ Funny video of Kirsten Wiig impersonating Miss Del Rey on Saturday Night Live (she nailed ‘The Lip’)



On the quest to up the ante on the vegetable front, I’m striving to eat salads for dinner as often as possible these days… but that doesn’t mean things have to be boring.

Ramai and I have decided to pull together a salad inspiration ‘chart’ (for want of a better word) that will have recipes and photos of all our favourite salad combos so we don’t get stuck in the rocket/ cherry tomato/ avocado rut.

I love salads that are literally leaping out of the bowl they are so full of “added extras” (snow peas, kale, sprouts, toasted nuts, chia seeds, lentils, tofu and brown rice to name just a few). It makes my mouth water just thinking of them actually. Nom nom.



Love this, but my edit would be ‘Get Up (Really) Early’ instead of ‘Stay Up Late’ (because I’m a nanna).

I personally think magical things happen while the world sleeps. There’s this divine beauty and energy in the stillness.

What do you think?

Mixing Up My Exercise


I’m a huge fan of exercise as you know, but as of right now I’m ramping things up to the next level! It’s about to get crazy up in hurrrr!

I started Pilates Barre (or Xtend Barre) last Wednesday (and I’m already excited for tonight’s class) and tomorrow night I start a series of Hypoxi sessions, both of which I’ll review for you, alongside a review on PowerPlate which I’m trying out next week.

Current affirmation: “I am the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been” – say it with me!

A Day In the Life… On The Style Net!


If you’re interested in what an average day looks like in the life of Rach, click over to The Style Net.

Thank you for having me lovely Brooke!

Quick Tidbits

+ Melbourne trip next weekend for my first wedding dress fitting! + finishing books + good people with huge hearts + pondering and scheming + H20 + regaining a sense of order when I’m feeling out of whack + laughing my head off at Geordie Shore (we saw it on MTV in Sydney, the most ridiculous show ever) + excitement for the weekend, where I’ll be devoting 99% of my time to collecting wedding and hens party decorations + the beautiful feedback we received about our wedding site + on the same note, LOVE – big, fat, all-encompassing love. It makes the world go ’round, y’know?

+ Phew, that’s me. To join in and top up your joy stores, I’d love you to finish these sentences in the comments:

“I am totally grateful for…”

“I’m so happy because…”

Images: Le Love | Stephanie Matthias | AltsoundsWhat Katie Ate | Winter for Elbows Healthy Dreaming

20 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Wow, I was totally hanging for this post this week…can we say ‘groupie’ much? Again, another amazing and inspiring post, Rach – well done, honey! Thanks for my weekly dose of optimism – it is much appreciated x

    To answer your request, this week I am totally grateful for EVERYTHING! I’ve been spending each morning for the last month or so meditating every morning on the word ‘gratitude’, and this simple routine has made such a profound impact on my life – I’m super happy and thankful for everything in my life, which in turn makes each day so much more special and shiny. The power of gratitude is simply amazing…

    At the moment I’m so happy because… uni starts back in less than 3 weeks (yippee! – wait, that makes me sound like a total nerd…) + spending quality time with my little furry man, Muggy + taking lots of pictures + serious beach time + sunny days + fabulous mates that make my life so much brighter (your beautiful self included!) + crossing awesome milestones off my list and blogging about them + giving myself a break when I need it (and not beating myself up for being less-than-perfect!) + the countdown to my European adventure in June + lowering my anxiety levels + BBQ’d corn on the cob + endless pots of berry & honey tea + reading lots of books before the textbooks take over + the attitude of GRATITUDE!

    Thanks again for sharing all your amazing thoughts – you are the apple to my positivity pie! xoxo

  2. Another beautiful post :) There is no shame in taking a break, there isn’t enough time in the day to juggle the world :) I had a look at your wedding website, it is so beautiful :) Tabitha did an amazing job :) Also I think you’re onto something, it sure does feel like in the crazy wee hours of the AM so much amazing work gets done :) x Melissa

  3. Hi Rach – I also brought Voctiria’s Secrets ‘Ravishing Love’ on my way back to Melbourne in January. After furiously spraying and sniffing all of the body fragrances I couldnt go past this one. yummo ;)

  4. Hi Rachel, I just found your blog on Monday and after rummaging around in the archives, all I can say is I LOVE it! So inspiring and just what I needed right now. I’m hooked and looking forward to following your journey this year!

    Oh and I was at The Boathouse on Sunday, gorgeous isn’t it? xxx

  5. Beautiful post!

    I am so happy because I have wonderful friends who love me for being me – because I have cultivated a sense of purpose – because I am getting to know myself.

    And because your happy posts always make me happy too!

  6. Shanny: Ooh you’re telling me I have a groupie? How exciting! Haha ;)

    Love love LOVING your list (how good is life in your neck of the woods?) and adore the fact you have been meditating on the simple but enormously powerful word ‘gratitude.’ Perfect. So happy to hear your happiness in these words. xx

    Alison: How fun, exploring is the best – let me know if you uncover any hidden gems. xx

    Melissa: Thank you so much for your kind words about our wedding site. Tabitha = genius. Glad to hear you have a penchant for the wee hours too. My body has decided to wake me up at 4:30am every day for the past week.. appears it likes the early starts too. xx

    Janna: THE. BEST. Full stop. xx

    Tash: Welcome! Thanks so much for commenting. Oh we missed you by a day (it would have been amazing on Sunday wuth that spectacular weather). Can’t wait to go back again xx

  7. Hi Rach,
    Wednesday is my favourite day of the week…..purely for your making me happy post! I have started to keep a list myself for the things I am grateful for every week, so thanks for that idea.
    I have commented on here before and told you that I too am getting married in Byron Bay….in November….I’m having peonies…..yaaaaay!!!!!

  8. Great post this week Rach! Especially loved reading ‘a day in the life of’ on Style Net.

    This week I am celebrating powerfully inspirational females in my life, as one of the greatest ones I knew lost her battle with cancer on Monday morning.

    Oh, and as for the turf war – Melbourne wins hands down – words from a true Victorian and Melbourne advocate. Xx

  9. Oh YOU! Peonies… swoon-o-rama, enjoy every last gorgeous one of them. I always knew November was a good month for a reason (besides the fact I’m turning 30 this Nov.. cough cough) xx

  10. Apparently we are expecting rain for the next three weeks, you DEFINITELY picked the right weekend to come. So good to hear that you had a great time. I’m Queensland through and through but Sydney and I have an arrangement and it seems to be working for us (aside from all the damn rain!)

  11. Seriously. This post just makes my Wednesday morning! Even more comforting than a little cup of tea :)

    I’m totally with you on the Lana Del Rey front. The girl is astonishing! I just think it’s a pity that media focus too much on her background & not enough on her talent. She’s STUNNING too. It’s extremely hard not to like her!

    Your Sydney pics are fabulous. Such a picturesque place. Keeping fingers crossed that one day I’ll make it down under & see all these divine places for myself :)

    Can’t believe you guys have Geordie Shore! Hi-larious! I was actually in Newcastle a couple of months ago, and I can vouch that the nightlife is as crazy as the show!

    So this week..

    I am totally grateful for my support system. The people in my life that have my back no matter what. The ones who encourage, motivate, and inspire me every day. LOVE THEM!

    I am so happy because I’ve just stocked up on all my clothes & equipment for my first ski trip next month! Amazingly ecstatic! Like OMG! excited!

    Best wishes for your dress fitting, hope you have an amazing time!

    Jenn x

  12. Once again, you have added a bit of joy to my day. I have never loved Sydney but then I have never given it a real chance either…may have to visit again. I have only been to Melbourne overnight so am hoping to work out a trip there soon.

    I am totally grateful for not having to ask anyone’s permission if I can have time off when all I feel like doing is…nothing.

    I’m so happy because the last few days off have given me the strength to push through and get back on that pony. and I still have another two days off before the madness begins again.

    I will catch up with you by next week

    Sandi xx

  13. Saara: Was just talking to my florist about the peony travesty! She agrees – they need to be year-round.

    Soph: Such catchy/ haunting songs, don’t you think?

    Katherine: Oh good to hear we chose the right weekend!

    Jenn: You’ll be here one day, I know it! Haha, Geordie Shore seriously makes my brain explode…. How funny is the way they say “tashing on” – ha! Love the rest of your list too, and woot woot for the ski trip, you’ll LOVE it.

    Sandi: I’m so happy to hear all this! Send me an email update with your progress sometime next week. Go girl!

  14. I am totally grateful for…my husband, who right now is doing the dishes and smiling.
    I’m so happy because…I have a husband who does the dishes, all the time and smiles ALL the time.
    Ahh life is good!

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