Making Me Happy

I was watching a video interview Amy Kessell did with the glorious Tanya Geisler before work this morning, and I was struck by her thoughts on presence – or being present.

Tanya spoke of the way her mother told her she was born to shine –  to set the world on fire – and that her life to date had been about the “doing.” It was about propulsion, going after it, hustlin’, movin’, shakin’ – a wicked frenzy of achievement that had served her wonderfully… but now, she realised, she needed presence and a bit of “being here-ness.” This is something new for her.

It’s also something new for me, and in Tanya’s words I recognised something that I’ve been tick-tacking on internally over the past few days as well.

When you’re getting married, everyone tells you to “soak it all up” (I find these words rolling off my tongue too, despite knowing it’s probably the last thing the bride is doing) and I’ll admit, my first thoughts are usually “You try soaking it all up when there are 655 millions things to do in, like, ZERO TIME girlfriend!”

Presence? Living in the moment? Taking mental snapshots for posterity? Pfft, whatever. Not on your Nelly. The past few months have been all about rocketing towards the future with dizzying alacrity and the whole ‘being present’ biz will have to wait. Waiting to be present – don’t think about that too much. Your brain will hurt.

“Being must be felt. It can’t be thought.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Out of nowhere last week, however, the puzzle pieces start to fit for me and I’m pleased to share that I finally feel like I’m ushering a little more presence into my life. Scattered pieces have come together to create lines, shape and colour. Confusion and uncertainty have given way to a generous helping of clarity. It’s a process but it’s in motion at least.

The confusion cure: taking action.

The cure, for real: taking action with the help of others.

The minute I got out of my own head and included other people in our wedding plans (our caterer, the venue owner, a friend who is going to help with on-the-day coordination, my bootcamp instructor who has developed a killer meal plan for me) I started to feel my overwhelm lift. It’s amazing that a simple conversation with someone else can be so powerful – it takes something nebulous and makes it real. It also makes something huge seem completely attainable.

Today, ask yourself: What do I need help with? What will help me come unstuck, ease my anxiety about the future? If it’s discovering your purpose in life, could you book in for a session with a coach who can get you there? If it’s a relationship that needs mending, can you make contact and heal or dump it? If self-care has fallen down the list and your health is suffering, can you see a nutritionist/ book in for a massage/ sign up for an organic grocery delivery each week?

Reach out. Come unstuck. Live in the ‘now’… and bless it. This life is a good one. x

Musings down, gratitude list ahoy!

Bridesmaid Dresses


You know how I said things have started to flow? Well, one of the best things to come out of the last week is that the search is finally over for the bridesmaids dresses. Hooray!

My girls are going to look SO STUNNING (as per usual) – I can’t wait to see them walking down the aisle ahead of me on the day, resplendent in their pretty dresses. Such special moments to bottle up forever.

SHE Magazine Feature


I was thrilled to appear in the SHE magazine supplement in the Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday. Have a read if you haven’t already seen it – I’ve got a few tips for people looking to start a blog as well.



Look out, furry monster on the loose! Loving my new pale pink MINKPINK jacket, this thing is seriously so soft and cuddly it has me dreaming of cooler weather so I can bust it out.

Melbournites, do you think I should bring it with me on my trip in a few weeks?



I think I’ll do a few different “What I’m Doing To Get Wedding-Ready” posts over the next month or so, but I have to mention here that Simone, the effervescent founder of our training group has written me up a fabulous 12-week healthy eating plan (lots of veggies/ protein/ low carb/ limited sugar/ no alcohol except for my hens party) and I’m on Day 3 and loving it so far. Looking forward to supersonic energy levels and feeling/ looking spesh!

Terrific Playlists


Ok, this is where I need your help! I have a pretty massive library of songs on my iTunes (the most diverse mix you’ll ever lay your eyes on) and my girls and I are making a heap of different playlists for my hens party next weekend (NEXT WEEKEND – gah, excitement!)

We’re going to include heaps of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s tracks – you know, all the sing-along/ dance-along stuff – and I would love any suggestions from you. Cheesy, crazy, dancey I don’t care.

Share away in the comments below, and we’ll raise our glasses in thanks to you all on the night!

+ I’d love to hear your song suggestions first and foremost, but of course, as always, I’m hanging to hear what’s on your gratitude list this week. What’s put love hearts in your eyes, gorgeous?

Images: Style Me PrettyBri Emery shot by Max Wanger (two of my faves combined!) | Cannelle et Vanille

7 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. What an awesome feature in SHE! Congratulations–keep being “here” and enjoying all those moments of success in your personal and professional life (and wherever blogging blurs the lines) :)

  2. Lovely post, as always. I’m finding lately that creating little rituals in my life helps connect me to the present and reminds me to live in the moment and take pleasure in all things ?

  3. Hi Rachel, I’ve really been enjoying your blog since finding it lately :) Congrats on the SHE article!

    My gratitude list for this week: the opportunity to learn both through university and the internet, having an amazingly supportive boyfriend and living in beautiful Perth :) x

  4. Hi Rach, what a great article in SHE, you’re so inspiring! I love the space you have created here. Thanks so much for saying hello, glad it lead me to In Spaces Between. xo

  5. those bridesmaid dresses are absolutely gorgeous!! your girls are going to look amazing!

    *love* your corner of the blogosphere by the way, just beautiful.


  6. Hey Rach,

    What a beautiful article feature in SHE magazine. I enjoyed reading it and your tips as well. Gratitude this week: my boys (hubby & son), succeeding in creating a gluten-free dairy-free chocolate carrot cake, discovering the incredible feeling after yin yoga, and warmer weather!

    I still have my original playlist from my wedding – the dj played all of them and then added a few of his picks in between…it’s a little all over the place, but there might be a song or two that inspires you! We certainly had a blast dancing the night away!!

    Happy Weekend xo

    Dinner into Dancing
    Follow Through – Gavin Degraw
    Georgia on my mind – Ray Charles
    Take Off your Cool – Norah Jones
    Memories are Made of This – Dean Martin
    Man and Wife – Michelle Featherstone
    Cruising – Smokey Robinson
    Speak Low – Billy Holiday
    Come Away with me – Norah Jones
    Volare – Dean Martin
    Sweet Sweet Baby – Michelle Featherstone
    Cranberries – Dreams
    What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
    I walk the line – Johnny Cash
    Coal Miner’s Daughter – Loretta Lynn
    New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
    That’s Amore – Dean Martin

    Turn your lights down low – Bob Marley featuring Lauryn Hill
    Louisiana Saturday Night – Mel McDaniel
    Forever and Ever Amen – Randy Travis
    Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest
    Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
    Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley
    Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
    Can’t take my eyes off of you – Lauryn Hill
    Quando, Quando, Quando – Michael Bubble with Nelly Furtado
    I love you Always Forever – Donna Lewis
    Amy Winehouse – Rehab
    Diamonds on the soles of her shoes – Paul Simon
    You Shook me All Night Long – AC/DC
    Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynrd
    Fire Burning – Sean Kingston
    You can call me Al – Paul Simon
    Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
    My Morning Jacket – Magheeta
    Shake It – Metro Station
    Bruises – Chairlift
    Kiss – Prince
    I can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) – Four Tops
    Me Love – Sean Kingston

    I got a feeling – Black Eyed Peas
    Just Dance – Lady Gaga ft Colby O’Donis
    Rhythm is A Dancer – Snap
    The Way I Are – Timbaland
    Glamorous – Fergie feat Ludacris
    Sexy Love – Ne-Yo
    Alejandro – Lady Gaga
    Shy Guy – Diana King
    Get me bodied (Extended Version) – Beyonce
    Honey – Mariah Carey
    Miss Indepent – Ne-yo
    Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna
    Morning After Dark – Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado/SoShy
    2 Step – Ciara ft Missy Elliott
    So What – Field Mob ft Ciara
    Love Like This – Fat Man Scoop/Faith Evans

  7. Christine: Thanks so much! And appreciate your kind words lovely :) x

    Deanne: Merci! Love the sound of your little rituals too! x

    Emma: Lovely to have you here! Great list too – and hurrah for your awesome man x

    Peggy: The pleasure is all mine – thank YOU x

    Stinkbomb: Ha, these ones aren’t actually my bridesmaids dresses (can’t give away all my surprises, after all) but thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely words.

    Emily: Wowee, what an awesome list – so kind of you to share it here for me! Yin yoga and chocolate carrot cake – HELLO! x

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