Making Me Happy

Launching straight in today lovers… here’s what’s bringing me joy right now!

Marriage + Being a Wife


What can I say other than I’m deleriously happy and ridiculously thankful for the man I now call my husband. The whole “You’re my husband, I’m your wife” thing is still a total novelty and more than one conversation over the past week has gone like this:

Me: “So, when people ask you ‘Who did you go out to dinner with on Friday?’ what will you say?”

Ramai: “Oh, just my wife.”  (insert both of us dissolving into fits of laughter)

And so on and so on, etc to fade. Needless to say, we’re “special.” If you know what I mean.



I’d been tossing up whether to enrol in Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot B-School for a while. On one hand, it was a bit of an expense (at $2000 for the 8 week program) straight after our wedding, but on the other, I knew it would give me the push I needed to steer my ship in a new direction.

And good golly am I glad I did.

I’ve completed Module 1 (adored it – I could listen to Marie speak all day) and I’m going to sink my teeth into the second module this weekend. Coupled with some coaching sessions with the beauteous Susana Frioni to keep me accountable, along with a very active Facebook group for Aussie B-Schoolers where everyone is completely forthcoming with information and willing to help in any way they can, I feel like I’ve been immersed in this awesome world where kicking ass is the only agenda.

If you’re not familiar with Marie, get acquainted with her genius here. You may lose several hours working your way through her back catalogue of vids, so I highly recommend you put the kettle on.

Chevron Pillowcases


Pretty much obsessed with these pillowcases I bought from Earth Cadets (the glorious pinks ones) and Delicious Pillows, both on Etsy.

I actually squealed when I opened the package from Earth Cadets, the vibrance of the pink is seriously out-of-this-world!



Leading into the wedding my sleep patterns were all over the place and I was crashing out in bed exhausted at night, having a “half sleep” and waking up around 4:30am every morning with slight knots in my stomach.

You know that feeling like you’ve slept through your alarm and you’re going to miss your flight/ exam/ be majorly late for a job interview? That.

I found in the last two weeks it was really difficult to switch off properly as my to-do list swirled in my head constantly, and I really noticed the difference to my energy levels – not to mention the really hot black bags under my eyes. One thing I did find that helped was Valerian Forte (if you’re experiencing any sleep disruptions and don’t want to go down the track of hardcore sleeping pills).

However, my friends! I’m pleased to report however that my sleeping patterns have returned to normal and I’m actually having vivid dreams again – these disappeared strangely enough – which is kinda fun!

A special note to all you mama’s out there, or those that deal with insomnia on a regular basis – you are amazing doing what you do on so little sleep. Deep bow.

Guest Blogging


So pumped to be contributing occasionally to my friend Jess’ site The Wellness Warrior. What an honour!

Special mentions:

Cuddly winter knits + likewise, Bonds “house socks” (amazingly warm & uber comfy!) + having more time to research new things + Nars lipgloss in Female Trouble (and the fact Nars has come down in price at Mecca, halleluljah!) + roadside honesty boxes – we picked up a bunch of bananas, 3 lettuces and 6 avocados for $5 on the weekend + getting my Invisalign off, which is something I’ll cover on a separate post + Em Rusciano. The girl is hilarious and her recaps on The Voice have me in stitches.

Thought for the week:

“Desperately seeking something is not what attracts it to us. When we dwell in deep peace and kindness, whatever would add to our happiness just flows to our door.” ~ Marianne Williamson

+ What’s made you smile this week? What’s made you want to blow a big grateful kiss to the Universe? Share away in the comments below!

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Image: Yellow Button Studio on Etsy

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16 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Another fabulous ‘Making me Happy’ – I always love reading them, they make my heart sing from all the positivity!

    LOVE those cushion covers! You have me browsing etsy now ;)
    So excited for you guys on the next phase of your life together! Very exciting!!

    Oooh so exciting about B-school – yes a big financial commitment but at least that alone is motivation enough to really get a whole lot out of it! Hope we get a sneaky recap on your blog ;)

  2. The universe itself is making me want to kiss the sky Rach! So many little (and not so little!) nudges in the past few days to make me feel like I’m on the right path and signs that my ideas will manifest into something great!

    Your wedding photos look stunning, I’ve loved following the lead up to the event with you!

    Jess x

  3. I was on the fence with B School too up unitl the last minute and SO glad I dived on in! I just know so many wonderful things will come from Maries teachings – What a woman!

  4. Haha that would be me too, laughing my ass off at the thought of having a ‘husband’. I’m special too.

    Totes down for those pillows too. Brightness & hotness in one.


  5. Katrina: Glad you liked it!

    Jaz: Thanks honey, and yep, I’ll talk about what I’ve learned for sure.

    Jo: They’re THE BEST, aren’t they?

    Jess: How cool is that?!! Hooray. And thank you so much.

    Tegan: What a woman alright, she is a superstar!

    Sian: Here’s to Team Special! I want to fill my house with them. Neon madness.

  6. I’m slowly falling in love with Marie too… was actually watching a heap of her vids last night! The Adventure Mastermind program looks AMAZING, though I’m definitely not ready (financially or mentally!) for that yet.

    I would love to keep hearing more insights about your journey with the program Rach! :) Xo

  7. Hi Rach!

    So happy you are loving being a wife. I really laughed out loud to myself reading your married life conversation. So true and so funny! Yay for you both!

    Also, thank you so so much for introducing me to Jess Ainscough’s blog! I am very thrilled to start reading about her Gerson experience and all about her journey. I have been really diving into nutrition and health with my husband (since that is what he is in grad school for) and I’m crazy happy to read more. Also so pumped you will be contributing! You have such beautiful and uplifting words that always brighten my day. Such an amazing person!


  8. Annette: A fully-fledged addiction will come very soon, don’t you worry! She’s incredible. xx

    Sarah: Oh you are too gorgeous, thank you! You will adore Jess – she just radiates positivity (and mixes that with awesome advice). Enjoy xx

    Kylie: We are the biggest dorks in the universe! xx

  9. What a beautiful photo, Rach! I still find it weird saying ‘my husband’ and we’ve been married 5 years!

    So excited to be going through B-School with you. It’s an amazing community of smart gals!

    Vari x

  10. Vari: Oh good to know there are many more years of saying “my paar….husband” ahead ;) And YAY for B-School xx

  11. Nice to see you back around the Internetz after your big day. All of your photographs are just lovely.

    I MUST e-mail you now that you might have a tiny smidge of time to tell me about naturopaths and hormone testing. I will do it before bed.

    A x

  12. Love this post! ♥

    That print is totally darling and I love that you are both taking so much joy in the little things when it comes to marriage. That’s really beautiful.

    Those cushion covers are absolute perfection. I am dying for some chevron covers, just need to find the perfect colour to complement our existing couch cushions.

  13. Hi Rachel! Im a student living at Nobbys beach and was wondering if you would be interested in becoming my health coach/mentor? Adore your blog xxx

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