Making Me Happy

Good morning lovers!

I’m sitting here with a sniffly nose (which is a pain in the butt) but there’s no way I’m going to let a pesky head cold put a dampener on my week because there’s still plenty to celebrate.

Here are some of the highlights of the week that was:

Life Coaching + B-School

I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog and on Twitter that I was keen to find a life coach/conspirer and I always knew that the right person would come along at the right time (“When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.”)

The Right Now couldn’t be any more perfect as I feel like I’ve emerged from the haze of wedding madness and I’m swiftly getting all my ducks in a row and looking at ways to rock my personal growth, and in what I’ll call “not a coincidence at all” (see above – I truly believe this was manifested) I signed up for B-School via my friend Susana Frioni and was lucky enough to receive a bunch of one-on-one coaching sessions, aimed at keeping B-Schoolers like me accountable. That’s right, to ensure I follow through on all the great stuff we’re learning each week, not just tuck it away in the dark recesses of my mind, never to be utlised again!

Susana and I had our first Skype call last night (we’ll be chatting for half an hour each fortnight) and it was so helpful to bounce a few ideas off her and get her take on some little additions I’ll be making to the blog and my life in general.

I made the decision this morning that the remainder of 2012 is going to be about CONSISTENT GROWTH and to make that easier, I’ve committed whatever I receive in my tax return this year to pursuits that will support my dreams and bring them to fruition. I’m not saying the results will be immediate, or necessarily even aiming for that – all I’m looking for is some new insights in the realms of business, work and connection. Life done well is the aim!

Seeing People Follow Their Dreams


Speaking of all things growth, one of my friends is currently in the process of starting her own vintage furniture company. Another is looking to open a gorgeous cafe. Another is running her first marathon this weekend (mentioned above), and yet another is opening a shop with her soon-to-be husband.

And that’s just the start.

Fact is, it inspires the pants off me to see the people I love reaching out, grabbing their dreams with both hands and turning them into something that brings them unequivocal joy.

Isn’t that the point of life after all? What we’re all here to do – to add more happiness and love to the world? I know you’re all with me on that, and if you look around I’m sure there are people in your life that are stepping out of their comfort zones to make sh*t happen.

Are you one of them? Could you be? Let me know once you reach the comment section if you’ve got something brewing!

Sunday Rituals


Following our perfect Sunday in Byron last weekend, Ramai and I have decided to turn the Sunday roadtrip/ chill out sesh into a bit of a ritual. Just us, our trusty Mexican blanket, our camera, walking shoes (if needed) and for me, a notepad and pen.

This Sunday I’ll be up in Brisbane, then cheering on a friend who is running the Gold Coast Marathon so we probably won’t have time to go far, but next weekend we’re hoping to get down to Yamba in New South Wales – and who knows where else we’ll end up on subsequent trips!

I highly, highly recommend allocating one day on the weekend to chilling riiiiiight out or exploring new surrounds. It’s like a mini-holiday, every week.

Writing My eBook


I’m currently writing an eBook – which I’m excited to say is a gift to you all for being bombastically brilliant and hot and awesome! – and I’m loving the process of pulling it together, bit by bit.

Although it’s a freebie, there will be no compromising on quality (in fact, quite the opposite – I’m super determined to make this baby a high value, high density product) and to keep me on purpose I’ve implemented a new writing trick, which I’ll share with you below:

When writing, at the top of the page write a few words on how you want the reader to FEEL when they read your words.

It seriously changes everything. Give it a go.

Sweet Smells


I’m a self-confessed fragrance nut. At work, I have perfumes, a Victoria’s Secret Body Spray (delicious) and the oh-so-refreshing Sodashi Rejuvenating Face Mist sitting on my desk, and I’m constantly spritzing and spraying them for no particular reason other than it makes me stupidly happy.

Likewise, if I could burn Glasshouse candles all day without their sweet scents wafting into my boss/ CEO’s offices and upending the manliness of their spaces, I would do that too (I make up for this by lighting one as soon as I walk through the door at home each night).

Despite this little obsession though, I realised I didn’t have a perfume for my handbag that would last me more than two sprays, which is where the pretty little bottle of Marc Jacob’s Daisy above comes in. They’re limited edition ($35 a pop) so trot to your nearest fragrance counter if you feel like your handbag might need one too!



I love throwing on my comfiest Bonds trackies and some big socks and lying around (as demonstrated) with a book after work. Simple pleasures!

R + R Necklace


I’ve been wearing this necklace from Rand Papele to death (which is why I’m adding it in late to this list – I forgot about it as it was hanging around my neck).

Look out for a giveaway with these guys soon, they make the coolest jewellery!

Small snippets:

+ Excitement for a weekend in Brisbane for my girl Ez’s birthday bash + early stages of honeymoon planning (drooling over photos of Italy) + mozzarella (umm, this is bad – I’m slightly obsessed at the moment!) + a new shiny silver skull + Lana Del Ray (whipped her tunes out again, still awesome) + wedding photo anticipation!

+ So who’s up for bringing a bit of sunshine to the day of this sniffin’, sneezin’ gal? Share your love lists below to do just that. Go buck wild!

Images: Dominique Falla | The Selby

9 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Despite the cold that has been going around (we have been struck down too) it seems like you have had an amazing week! Love the idea of a Sunday road trip… unfortunately it’s not on the cards for us at the moment but it could be nice to even do a little trip to other end of the Coast (Burleigh/Palmy for a morning) that would at least feel like we got away from Southport for a little while :)

    Whoa it sounds like everything is falling into place for you with B-school and your e-book. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out – the success of my blog friends makes me feel just like you described with your friends starting businesses!

    Bringing me joy this week:
    Spoiling my boy on his birthday
    Date nights for tacos and Max Brenner
    Gearing up to run our first fun run (10km on Saturday)
    Taking pizza night to friends houses
    Baby showers, pregnant bellies, cute babies and mini cupcakes
    Snuggling up away from the cold (all about comfort for us too!!)

  2. Thanks Jas!

    What a week you’ve had as well! Wishing you all the best for the 10k this Sat (keeping fingers crossed the rain disappears). Three cheers for comfy, slouchy clothes and mooching around. THE BEST! x

  3. This week I am feeling super happy about FINALLY getting an ongoing/permanent position teaching in a school I have been at for 5 years after being on endless contracts. I feel like the hard work I have put into the school has been recognised and that I really am a fixture within the community.
    I am also super happy as its nearly school holidays (I love my job teaching, but I cherish my school holidays as a time to rejuvenate and plan for the next term coming up) – Also a few sneaky days down the Mornington Peninsula picking strawberries, drinking wine and sitting in the hot springs doesn’t hurt either!
    All sounds wonderful in your world Rach – I love my ‘Making Me Happy’ Wednesday perk up. Sometimes when you get stuck in the rut of thinking about the negative stuff you forget how lucky you really are, or how good you’ve got it! xo

  4. I really love your emphasis on weekend time outs, we love weekends away, it is like a mini holiday and perfect refuel time. It sure beats hanging out for your annual one week break, that you dream about for months. I have forgetten the golden notepad on one trip and came home with reciepts, hotel notepads and random words on my iPhone !

    Though I admit in the past couple of weeks I am feeling flat, working a BUNCH of overtime drains my soul and leaves me no time to exercise or take time out for creativity. I will persevere.

    Making me happy this week is unwinding on my drives home with the music turned up.

    I cannot wait to see your e-book. I am positive it will be a ripper!!


  5. I love these posts Rach! I know I don’t say it enough, but each week your ‘Making Me Happy’ post always makes me happy – thank you lovely!

    And yes Glasshouse are the bomb!! I am obsessed with them.

    Congrats on the E-Book too honey – I know it is going to be AMAZING.


  6. What a gorgeous blog you have!! So happy I stumbled across it :)

    This week I’m happy because exams are over, and life is just pretty freaking awesome really. Three weeks to unwind and refocus before the next semester starts, plenty of time to do lots of yoga, cook tasty healthy meals and catch up with friends.


  7. Congrats Indra, that’s awesome news and must make you feel really GOOD. Big achievement! xx

    Thanks Serena, if I could buy shares in Glasshouse I would (In Spaces Between x Glasshouse diffusion line? haha!) and yay, can’t wait to finish it and show you all! xx

    Monika – so true, why wait for one big trip when you can take lots of mini ones (AND a big trip) and refuel every week. I’ve always been baffled by people who save their annual leave up for 5 years… but maybe that’s the freedom-loving Sagittarian in me speaking?

    YES to music turned up. Always. xx

  8. Jia, you just ooze positivity + warmth lovely, thank you so much! xx

    Emily: so so nice to have you here! Congrats on your exams being over – sounds like you have a pretty special 3 weeks up your sleeve before knuckling down again. Enjoy every minute xx

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