Making Me Happy

It’s been a bit of a wild week. When I say wild, I mean a bit unbalanced (that is, too much work and not enough play) but it’s thrilling the pants off me that the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is now visibly twinkling up ahead.

I’ve been go-go-go since I was born the start of the year, and my body (brain) is definitely calling for a halt in pace, which means lessening my social commitments, checking and responding to emails less frequently and flexing my ‘no’ muscle more (eep!).

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “always on” existence we’ve created for ourselves online and how we tend to throw ourselves in so fully that the distinction between “enough” and “too much” becomes completely blurred. The marker is constantly moving and I’ve noticed that I’m very good at keeping commitments to other people (exceptional in fact, I rarely flake) but when it comes to myself, I often say one thing and do another.

Me to Ramai: “I’m not going to touch the computer tomorrow. Day off. Let’s get out and about, do something fun, yeah?”

The next day: “Oh wait, I can’t anymore actually – I have to do this and that and if I don’t get this done this morning it won’t get done and I’ll be behind and… GAH.”

Do you do that as well?

Look back over the last month of my life and taking stock, I’ve decided to declare the next few weeks No Additional Stuff weeks, and for me, that means just getting what I NEED to do done, and giving myself some time off in between. It’s so, so necessary. I always know when I’m veering off into “too much” territory because I dream of taking off on an adventure and getting away from it all constantly – which is sort of where I’m at now. I haven’t had a proper holiday since last April so I’m champing at the bit to get away and feel/ touch/ see/ do rather than work/ push/ think/ plan.

Complete immersion is most certainly calling my name. What about you?

Now onto brighter, shinier things, this week has had plenty of highs and I’m going to tell you about them all below. OH. YEAH. I. AM.

The Village Markets Bloggers Breakfast


On Sunday I joined a bunch of gorgeous Gold Coast bloggers (Lori from Eight. Ten. Ten; Jas from Fizzle Out; Liss from Daydream Lily; Ally from Unknown Pleasures; Jess from Konstantinos; Sammi from Chase Dakota; Sophie from Peppa Hart Bride; Carly from Mumma Electric) and our hosts, Marissa and Sarah from The Village Markets at Commune for a chilled out morning of eating, chatting, wandering and shopping.

It’s so lovely to get out from behind the computer screen sometimes and catch up in person with these talented – and HOT! – gals. We also got a cute little TVM tote filled with goodies (one can never have too many totes). Big thanks to TVM for hosting us!

Delightful Dinners


Indonesian cuisine. Wine. Flow. A rad group of friends. The perfect ingredients for a relaxed, stimulating Saturday night, really.

Lovely Words About Our Wedding


You guys. Seriously. You melt me with your shimmering, enthusiastic, heart-STEAMING words of kindness (because ‘warming’ just doesn’t do your generosity justice). Thank you x infinity for being amazing and for joining Ramai and I as we relieved the experience through the visuals. Muchas gratitude.

* Just on our wedding, I’m aiming to have my final post on all the fabulous details up tomorrow or Friday, so keep an eye out for it!

Health Reset


Dum, dum, dum, DUUUUM! It’s time. I’m embarking on a month-long complete reset/ overhaul/ whatever you’d like to call it and I cannot wait.

I’ll share more info on what I’m doing in a subsequent post, but let’s just say I hope the glow factory is primed to send some serious GLOW my way. I’ma ready!

Animal Encounters


I’ve decided I really need to get out of the office more. I used to spend a huge chunk of my time out and about with media when I was in PR, but changing to a digital role at work has resulted in me being chained to the computer a little more than I’d like of late (can you sense a recurring theme?!)

Yesterday I unshackled myself and met up with Aussie celebrity chef Matt Moran (ARIA owner/ Masterchef dude), who is travelling around the country visiting tourism businesses that have been given awarded a particular accreditation. In a nutshell. I won’t bore you with the details.

‘Twas a great day, playing with koalas and dingoes and getting swooped by FREAKING HUGE WEDGE TAIL EAGLES (oh wait, that was just me) at Currumbin Sanctuary. I’m pleased to report that Matt is an awesome guy – very down to earth and genuinely appreciative of the opportunity to get out and meet passionate people. Super refreshing.

New Books


We all know I’m a major book fiend, and I’ve been adding some more goodies to my collection over the past week. Hanging to dive in once life settles down a little (that time is coming, right?) I wonder if there’s such a thing as a ‘Reading Holiday?’

Little bits o’ loveliness: 

+ A lovely tweet from Tara Sophia Mohr (someone I really admire) saying I have a gorgeous site (!!) + pulling together a guest post for one of my fave blogs + thoughtful gifts (thanks so much Steph!) + booking my tickets for the Problogger conference + money flowing in (as opposed to out, as it was for the first 6 months of this year thanks to the wedding) + that point where a friendship deepens, vulnerabilities are shared and it feels like your soul has been fed the best meal it’s had in… forever.

So lovers, it’s a bit rainy and kinda ugh outside today so let’s counteract that by sprinkling some sunshine around the web! Tell us all about the magic unfolding in your life right now – no matter how small, big or otherwise. What are you thankful for?

Images: Alkaline Sisters | Nike

18 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Rach, the excerpt of ‘WILD’ that I read in US Vogue was phenomenal – really would love to pick that one up and have a read.

    I think it’s great how you’re listening to yourself and what your body needs. I feel you and I are in the same boat – we need healthy eating, time outdoors and to literally put our feet in the sand and feel grounded.

    Love your work, xx

  2. A ripper post this week Rach!

    I too am craving a technology free adventure. I have this nagging idea to book a flight to Nepal and completely connect with mother nature and immerse in another culture. While this realistically cannot happen right now, it is my body and soul’s way of saying to STOP trying to do absolutely everything. Though I still have big ‘L’ plates on when it comes to saying no.

    I’m super happy this week as I commence a beautiful journey with Tara from Such Different Skies, my shiny new lifecoach!! Also for finally booking a weekend to get to the snow, the ultimate unwind for me.


  3. Babe I totally know what you mean right now. At the moment I feel like if I just keeeeeeeeep going with what I’m doing online then it will slow down soon and I’ll create more space and ease and flow, right? It’s definitely an experiment. I’m looking forward to getting out of the hotel with Glen tonight and enjoying a bottle of wine. Yay for days off (kinda!). xx

  4. Very interesting post. It sounds like I’m kind of in the opposite place to you at the moment – back at uni and gearing up for fifteen intense weeks of wonder and chaos! I think it’s important to get a balance of both; I’m absolutely revelling in the sense of being working, moving and thinking again.

    I’m also very jealous of your wildlife visit. I think Tasmanian Devils are the cutest things!

  5. Rach, your intro felt like it could have poured from the tips of my own fingers. I have been feeling exactly the same way! It’s so good to know others are as well. Thank you so much for sharing! xx

  6. Amazing post, Rachel! I know what you mean about wanting to get out and about. I have been sick and so much of my work has be sitting at my dining table with a laptop and old episodes of Friends for company – sometimes it is just so great to get out!

    • Thanks guys, sounds like this crazy, need-to-get-away-from-it-all energy is being felt across the board (well except for you Courtney and Amber, you good things, you). Let’s collectively blame Mercury Retrograde, shall we?

      Tammi, I’m so excited to sink my teeth in to WILD, I’ve only heard amazing things. Will report back!

      Jess, so glad these words resonated with you. I feel like if we don’t take a look at our limits, no one else is going to enforce them for us. It’s a tricky balance when you have the mentality (well, I do, and sounds like you may also) that you can “relax when the work is done.” Problem is, there’s ALWAYS more to be done so it’s about finding the calm WITHIN the chaos.

      Thanks for your comments lovelies, as always thoughtful & magnificent xx

  7. I have a copy of ‘Wild’ winging its way to me through ye olde snail mail. I read an excerpt in ‘Self’ magazine, and it was awesome. Can’t wait!

    Your little pile of new reading material excites me… Fighting. Off. Amazon. Urge!!!

    • Don’t resist it lady, just let those fingers click “Add to cart” – you know you want to! (haha). I love The Book Depository for their free shipping, ever used them? x

  8. I love how your posts always cheer me up! And I also hear you on the “too much” kinda crazy thing, probably why this is not the best of my days! ;-)

    BUT I am off to Bali for a week on Saturday and I simply cannot wait, perfect timing. Loved seeing your latest book purchases! Speaking of books, I am looking for a really good, inspiring book to take with me to Bali, any recommendations?


    • Ooh book recs, yay! For easy-do-digest, light-hearted fun, anything by Zoe Foster (The Younger Man, Playing the Field, Air Kisses).

      Not sure what will be available at the bookshop because I don’t even think there are bookshops on the Gold Coast where I live (heart-breaking) so I get my stuff online – but if you’re picking something up at the airport, try a good music bio. Michael Jackson You Are Not Alone rocks, as does Eric Clapton’s book and I did love Scar Tissue by Anthony Keidis many moons ago when I read it. Pure, trashy voyeurism.

      On the personal development side, Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star, anything by Louise Hay or Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie are all winners. xx

  9. I’m thankful that my man flies home to me today. Him working away for a week at a time is still not any easier!
    I’m also thankful that my body and my brain are communicating now and the notion of “its not necessary” is sinking in. My body now understands that if I don’t eat that chocolate bar, it doesn’t mean I’ll die!

  10. Thanks for the book recs Rach, sorry didn’t have the time to respond earlier. But uhm nope, non of them available at the airport, so I will be hitting the add to cart button a lot! (when I receive my next pay that is…) xx

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