Making Me Happy

I’m on the biggest high this morning! You know when you’ve been feeling a bit ‘meh’ (or in my case, super sore thanks to neck and shoulder dramas) and then you bounce back into life with vigour and verve and vitality?

That. It’s a rockin’ feeling.

As you’ll see below, I’ve switched up Making Me Happy this week and created a little video for something a bit different. It’s nice to spread your creative wings and explore new platforms sometimes, y’know?

Anyway, before you watch, a few things to note:

1. I am exceptionally silly. The first part was done in one take (in case that’s not glaringly obvious) (realism all the way, peeps!)

2. Most of this was edited this morning before work.

3. I learnt a new language overnight. This surprises me.

{best watched biiiiiigger, so click through to Vimeo to view}

The Notes:

+ New power crystals + fresh fruit from the farmers markets + beach hangs + beautiful sunsets, admired from a ‘secret perch’ set high up in Burleigh headland + finishing my eBook (so pumped!) + R & R + making videos!

Your turn: I’d love to know what you think in the comments. I’m all suped-up and ready to hear your juicy love lists and the things that have brought you untold joy over the past week, so unleash.

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48 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. This was great to watch Rachel – so happy and full of beans! A lovely little insight into the world of you. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Rachel, watched your video on my ipad. Sick in bed alongside our 3yo. Having the worst week, feeling sorry for myself bla bla bla. Hoping your vibes rub off on me. Your week brings me some hope that this too shall pass. Congrats on the e-book! Also, Thanks for being so open to sharing all the love. Jx

  3. What an amazing vid hun, so impressed!! Love seeing your smiling (and giggling) face, makes me feel as though I’m there.

    Looks like you had a stunner of a week with plenty of down time – well deserved for sure. And HUGE congrats and excited dancing for the eBook! xx

  4. Goodness, the scenery where you live is absolutely breathtaking!! Dreaming of another Gold Coast visit for sure <3 (and I can't wait to see what you've created with the ebook!)

  5. RACH YOU MAKE ME HAPPY. :) This video put a big BIG smile on my face this morning. + I AM SO excited for your eBook darling!!! Please make more videos! You’re gorgeous! xoxoxo

  6. Annelies: Thanks gorgeous. It’s just from Forever New – the neon green makes me happy :)

    Kim: Thank you!

    Janine: Oh no about you are your little one ? It will DEFINITELY pass, I’ll send you lots of high-energy vibes to be sure of it. I can’t actually remember where the sheer black top is from in the first bit (will have to check the tag at home); the grey knit is Sportsgirl, worn with the oldest, most worn-in (read: best!) Lee Supatube jeans; and the neon/ grey tee in the end is Forever New.

    Kim: Thanks sweetness. Wish you were here!

    Anna: Haha, and stupidity :)

    Emily: Doing my bit to bring sunshine to these wintery days (although it’s pretty darn sunny anyway here).

    Becs: So sweet! Thank you.

    Jacquelyn: Haha, hearing Australian accents makes me cringe sometimes, especially hearing your own voice. EEP. But thank you beautiful.

    Alayne: Mwah!

    Miss Potter: Come back and visit soooooon (and I can’t wait to see it all fancified either).

    Tara: Yum back at ya, you little angel.

    Jia Ni: Likewise honey, and you’ll probably see more vids around here as my lovely husband seems to be enjoying getting all tech + creative. So excited to launch the eBook!

  7. Hi Rach,
    I’m a newbie to your website but I love love love it already! I came across it on a particularly blah kind of day and caught your contagious postive vibes immediately! Thanks for putting up such an awesome blog, can’t wait to watch more vidoes/read more of your blog posts to come!!

  8. That was lovely!

    I have been stalking your blog a lot lately ;), finding inspiration and reassurance just when I needed it the most. Your beautiful posts on vision boards and manifesting have been so perfect for my husband and I and have given us so much hope.

    Much love to you xx

  9. Thanks so wonderful to hear Michele, thank you for stopping by and letting me know that the posts have been resonating with you x

  10. Hahaha great vid Rach (and to the tech guy Ramai!) glad that you were silly as it made the whole thing fun!!

    Gotta love Burleigh, it is such a magical place. Cannot wait to see your ebook, I am seriously so excited!

  11. OMG you are delicious life personified! That’s the cheeky bright lovely lady I met last week! Love the vid! xx

  12. Tell me you were doing ‘the stairs’. Ha. They never get old :) Loved this little glimpse into your world. Your movie editing skills are pretty sweeeet. And I cannot wait to get my hands on your hot little eBook. So so excited for you. Xxx

  13. Cass, so nice to see you here! Hello! x

    Claire, haha, YES, I was totally doing ‘the stairs.’ Probably should have done the ‘elevator’ given the set up of the camera. Big love to you x

  14. You clever little bunnys! Love it! ps for next time though…can you please skip a little bit longer, that definitely made me chuckle! xxx

  15. My lovely little Rach,

    Always a pleasure to read making me happy (this is my favourite part of In Spaces Between), and now we get to watch it too! Yipee!

    Looking gorgeous and glowing as always! Looking forward to some more videos to watch….

    Love E! xx


    Seriously, you are devine (& you handsome hubby is very good with a camera!)

    Love you (& thankyou for making ME happy watching this)

  17. As my oldest friend in the world, you have to say that Al ;) Love you gorgeous and thank you for your continual support, you are all kinds of amazing xx

  18. Hi Rach,

    sweet video! reading your blog a couple of month now and it was nice seeing how you are in “action” and not only through your words :-) hope to see more videos.

    lots of love from germany,

  19. aw that was a wonderful video! rach you are just soooo full of life & so happy, you are the type of woman i would love to have as a friend! – dont know if that sounds really creepy or not, but i hope it doesnt! keep the videos coming :) & happy end of the week!!x

  20. Wow this is ah-Maz-zing especially that new language you learnt… Exactly what I needed to see after coming home after 6weeks of travelling to an 8deg day… You make me happy!!! xox

  21. So, um…. IN LOVE!!!

    It’s so wonderful to explore new mediums, and you’re so gorgeous — it works so well for you! It’s also amazing to put a voice & a face to the author of a blog: we get pics & such all the time as readers, but to actually hear someone talk to us helps put a voice to the blog, I think. :) So happy to [actually] hear from you! xoxo

  22. Love this!! Rach you are incredible; stumbled across your blog recently as I’m venturing (nervously!) into the world of blogging and you are simply wonderful. I can imagine introducing videos would be a slightly nerve racking adventure but you have nailed it – keep it up – looking forward to checking out the Ebook when you launch.

    x Cara

  23. Hi Rach!
    I loved the video!
    Just was curious about what music you used? I really liked your top at the end. And you bursting into giggles at the start did keep it real… which was great!
    thanks and keep them coming!
    Nik :)

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