Making Me Happy + A Giveaway!

The past week has whizzed by at the speed of light and I can’t quite fathom that it’s Wednesday again, can you?

Let’s launch right in to the love-fest babes, I’m juiced up and ready to rumble!

Clarity + MyGoodness Wellbeing


I’m on a health kick (can you already tell?!)

For the past week, I’ve been on the MyGoodness Wellbeing health program – a simple-to-follow, super gentle two week detox lovingly created by my friend Layla Metcalfe. Lay is a Sydney-based naturopath and all-round legend who is seriously awesome at what she does, and as soon as I attended her information night up here on the Gold Coast a month or so ago, I was IN. My body was literally begging for it.

The program is centred around clean, wholesome food and I’ve found it exceptionally easy to follow (big claim I know, especially coming from someone who normally sits and thinks about what she can’t eat all day when she’s following these plans). But honestly, it’s been easy, and I haven’t been hungry at all – probably because the program is less of a detox and more of a lifestyle plan.

Both Ramai (who has joined me) and I have been loving the fact we’re back to the way we used to eat, before the wedding and the subsequent stress and extreme busyness came along and threw a spanner in the works… and sugar/ wine became our besties.

What We’re Eating + Drinking 

1 // We start the day with a splash of apple cider vinegar in warm water.

2 // Breakfast is a smoothie with frozen berries, a liver detox supplement (powder) provided as part of the program, some ice cubes, water, spinach leaves, chia seeds. This fills us up until about 10:30am (and we get up at 5:15am every day, so that’s pretty damn good!)

3 // After breakfast, we take this (pretty ugh) green powder in water. This is the only hard part, and I’ve found the best way is to shot it down, holding my nose. The upside though is that this stuff makes you feel like you’re on a high, it’s seriously brilliant once you get past the taste!

4 // Morning and afternoon tea are either nuts, rice cakes, vege sticks or fruit (limit is 2 pieces per day, eaten in the morning).

5 // Lunch is salad and protein – with brown rice or quinoa if desired. The aim is (at least) one big salad bowl a day.

6// For dinner, we’ve been eating things like tofu and soba noodle stir fry, veggies roasted in coconut oil, chicken – for me, tofu for Ramai – and lentil soup with greens. And so on.

A Few Things I’ve Noticed

1 // My cravings for chocolate are essentially gone. I was eating chocolate daily before starting the program (yes, really) so this is kinda huge.

2 // Sweet things seem REALLY sweet to me now. Ramai, the cute husband he is, made me a smoothie the other morning for breakfast and thought he’d use up some apples we had in the fridge, so instead of water he made used fresh apple juice – and I couldn’t drink it. Granted, they were the sweet Pink Lady apples, but… arghh, my tongue is doing that weird salivating thing just thinking about it. Too, too sweet.

3 // Removing alcohol has been the biggest one for us. We’re both not big drinkers these days, preferring just a glass of wine or two on a Friday/ Saturday night, but after the wedding we had quite a few bottles leftover and it became very easy to have a sneaky wine on a Monday or Wednesday night. Or most nights. I started to find even one glass was leaving me foggy-headed the next day and since cutting alcohol out completely, I feel a bajillion times better. Moving forward: wine will be a treat for once a week or once every few weeks I think.

4 // And finally, the best part is having truckloads more motivation and oodles more energy. The weekend just gone was one of the most productive weekends I’ve had in a long time, and I know, without a doubt, it’s diet-related.

New Goodies


And now for the part where I totally contradict myself!

Alright so I know I’ve just said how great non-drinking is above – and it still is – but when you’re given a $200 voucher for BWS bottle shop, there’s not much else you can buy than… you guessed it… alcohol.

We have a little bar set up at home that we add nice bottles of liquor to occasionally (you never know when someone in desperate need of a cocktail will drop by) and I’m thrilled that I was finally able to get my hands on some Crystal Head Vodka to add to the mix.

I’m sure you can guess why. The bottle makes a pretty sweet decoration, don’t you think?

Other new purchases:

Corals and “soft neon pink”  are playing an important role in my life right now, as you can see above, and below, check out my lime-green-and-grey lululemon running singlet – another colour combo I’m crushing on at the mo.’

(Big hi to Elizabeth at lululemon if you’re reading!) 

Vision Boarding


I went on a vision board bender over the weekend and created 3 brand-spankin’ new boards to stick on my shower screen (I stick them on the glass facing in so I can look at them every morning and last thing at night).

One is for visionaries I want to connect and work with, one is for my income/ blog/ home/ general big life dreams and the other is the travel board above. Vision boards work, peeps. They seriously do – in fact, there’s something on mine that is already in motion, after 2 days.

Are you a fan?

Sunsets + Springtime


I know it’s not technically not spring yet but it’s a-coming. I can feel it… coming in the air… toniiiiight. Yes, Phil, I can feel it too.

On Friday after work, I drove straight to Burleigh Point and sat there marvelling at the place I’m so blessed to call home. As I hung out on the grass by the water, staring at the beauty before me, a stand-up paddleboarder moved aimlessly across the ocean, slowly and deliberately gliding, no doubt soaking in the sunset just like I was. Groups of friends lazed around on blankets laughing and sipping wine, guys skateboarded down the hill behind me. Kids played.

It was pure bliss and I lost myself in a string of beautiful moments. I’m not sure how much time went by as I ran through my gratitude list – punctuating each blessing with a silent ‘Thank you’ – but all I know is that I was lifted. I floated back to the car, heart soaring, deeply content.

Friday afternoon was a stunning reminder that it’s the simple things in life that really get us, right in the sweet spot.

A Fun Giveaway!


Now for the fun part!

See the gorgeous graphic prints above? They were designed by the super talented Jan from one of my all-time fave blogs Design Attractor (you’ll lose hours on this site, believe me – BOOKMARK IT) and the good news is Jan and I have teamed up to give you a little gift. Hooray!

I’ll be randomly selecting 2 lucky readers from the comments below to win 1 x A3 (or smaller) print each. The winners can choose whatever print tickles their fancy from Jan’s ReStyle by handz Etsy store.

If you want to be in with a chance, simply:

+ Like ReStyle on Facebook

+ Like In Spaces Between on Facebook

+ Leave your gratitude list below (yep, just like usual – you can throw in a mention of which print you love the most if you want to).

It’s that easy. I’ll announce the winner on Facebook on Thursday 16 Aug so be sure to check in tomorrow.

UPDATE: Congrats Indra + Jazziefizzle, you are the winners of the prints! 

Shiny snippets:

In case you missed it, my interview here + writing lots + hanging out with my bro + Skype calls with my babes + intentions to manifest a bigger home + exciting news + my incredible husband.

Your turn, sunshine: How are you feeling this week? What’s put a skip in your step?

46 Comments to “Making Me Happy + A Giveaway!”

  1. Ah Rach, you ARE lucky to live in such a magnificent place. I totally agree about the vision boards too, except I keep mine on the toilet door. They totally work and I can see I have already ahcieved most of what is on there for this year. BIG TICK!

    This week I am feeling super dooper about connecting with so many lovely souls. Meeting a new friend/blogger/amazing person on the weekend, Setting up skype sessions with ones too far for a coffee and reigniting friendships lost for over 11 years! Also to finally regain balance between my day job and home life, I am in control and able to get right into Graphic Design.

    August is my favourite month, blossoms are out, lambs and calves are filling the paddocks (can you tell I live in the country!), bright summer clothes pop up everywhere you look. Everything comes back to life and it is so energising – plus it’s my birthday in August so it doesn’t hurt to be spoilt either!! ;)

  2. Ooooohhh I’m totally digging the eating plan. I’ve been juicing like a fiend and I’m fighting the battle of slipping back into my old ways and I sooooo don’t want this at all. I’m definitely going to try out some of your suggestions. Oh! Question actually, since you are a fan of juicing, do you premake any juices for throughout the day, and if so what flask/container do you store them in?

    I’ve up’ed the anti on my vision board too. I stuck up the logo for Blog Awards Ireland. Low and behold, three days later I got an email to say I had been nominated! I was so stoked. I’m full of beans at the thought of attracting the other ginormous things I’ve got on there! I do like the idea of sticking a copy to the shower. My car is currently a wash of affirmations stuck on posties!

    I’m totally grateful beyond measure for the connections I’ve forged this week. I’ve had friends come out of the woodwork in a great way and reconnected. New friends entering into my life at just the right time. It’s been totally groovy!

    And lastly this week, I set up an auction to sell off some of my dresses. They had been stored for far too long and truly deserved a lovely new home. At the first auction I raised €500 for charity! I couldn’t believe it. ‘Never fully Dressed’ will have a second auction soon with other amazing friends donating their dresses to raise money for charity. The gratitude cup is over running this week!

    Another beautiful Making Me Happy post Rach. Bless you x

  3. Hey Rach!

    Happy Wednesday! Here’s what I’m thankful for this week –

    Spending time with my beautiful best friend in Byron over the weekend (who lives too far away)

    Connecting with new friends

    My amazing boyfriend – he’s new (and adorable)

    Working with and getting to hang out with one of my best friends every day

    My mum

    Having the resources to constantly learn every day.

    Red lentil dhal.

    Have a great day gorgeous xx

  4. Hi Rach,

    Looks like you’re killing it with the health kick. Good on you!

    Here’s what I’m grateful this week:
    – Days when I’m healthy. I’m really sick with the flu at the moment and gosh darn, it’s making me thankful for the 6 months of good health I’ve had this year.
    – Fresh juices. See above; juice and fresh nutrients can only help.
    – Bikram yoga. Getting back into the hot room after a year and a half has been mentally and physically challenging, but it’s so, so worth it!
    – Great new friends. This week I’ve really realised how fabulous my new friends are, which in turn makes me grateful for…
    – The humanity of strangers. Sometimes, some days, people are just LOVELY.


  5. Hey everyone!

    Those prints look awesome, great work.

    What I’m grateful for:
    My awesome supportive family. My fun and loving friends who I have the best time with. Living in a wonderful city (2 actually). Being able to travel and explore new things. Health of myself and all my loved ones. The Internet. All the possibilities.

    I loooove your blog and your creativity and positivity. I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with fun!

  6. Hi Rach,

    Good on you! This health kick sounds amazing.

    I am super grateful this week to have my boy home from Darwin! Long distance relationships are tough but I am always grateful for what little time we do get together! So we are making the most of everything before he has to head back off to the Army next week.

    Keep up the great work Rach I always love reading your blog…especially on Wendesday…it always manages to get me through the day!


  7. Making me happy this week…

    Reigniting with an old friend after 11 years (yes, I think you can guess which fellow reader/commenter that is!) and chatting about life and its endless possibilities.

    Being honest with myself about my goals (and my fears) and trying to get myself back on track after perhaps a little burnout – funny how getting to a breaking point can work out to be something positive!

    All about the positivity within this week!

    Ps. I need to do a little health kick – your pics have persuaded me! Healthy body, healthy mind!

    Indra xx

  8. I’ve been reading for awhile but this is my first comment! :)

    What I’m grateful for this week:



    The Big Picture

    Not sweating the small stuff!

    As for the prints, I totally love them all, but I think the typewriter is my fave. Going to check out the website now!

  9. This past week I’ve been grateful for reconnecting with my beautiful husband on a rare weekend off; an amazing post by Tara on Such Different Skies and pouring out antidotes to my fears; the natural beauty around me; the comfort and privilege of my home; taking lots of photos and instagraming the shiz out of them (becs4).
    Love visiting the happy space that is your blog Rach (seriously, it’s like a little ray of sunshine in the interwebs ;))

  10. This week I am grateful for this blog – helping me find my way on my inspired and purposeful journey; my wonderful man who is my rock and best friend; wonderful yoga practice that I can still feel after 2 days; friends with brand new babies and doctor’s visits that bring good news not bad. Thank you x

  11. Hi Rach
    THANK YOU for all the amazing posts over the past week, reading them each morning is in the top 3 favourite moments of my days!

    This week I’m grateful for:
    -All the amazing birthday gifts (new laptop wwooooo)
    -Confirmed Travel Plans to Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne…am so lucky to get to prance all over the country on a whim!
    -An extension on my TAFE course!
    – Discovering Stin’s podcast channels and enjoying her guided meditations (especially the morning energizer!)
    -having an open fire place in my bedroom, because while it may be springesque where you are We are still FREEZING over here in WA haha

  12. This week I am grateful for:
    – amazing design that makes our world more inspiring and beautiful
    – the to die for food my mother made at the cottage last weekend
    – watching tv series with the fam
    – sailing on an open lake
    – the supportive blogging community
    – people that care and are passionate about their craft
    – people that give others a chance

    My fav is the “all you need is love” print!

  13. Loving the eating plan Rach! I have just finished up my 8 weeks ‘I Quit Sugar’ plan and have absolutely loved it. I too was a choc-a-day eater and now even the thought of chocolate or icecreams, soda etc gives me the shakes! I sleep well at night (and wake up to my alarm every morning, which NEVER used to happen), have LOADS more energy and have even moved past the 3pm sugar cravings. Instead I have a cup of green tea or a huge glass of ice water. I intend on continuing this clean eating regime and not punishing myself if I do slip up at all (namely when you are at friends houses, restaurants etc). Yay for No Sugar!!!

    This week I have been really reflecting on the past few months, particularly from the wedding in April (cannot believe it has been over 3 months now since our big day) and have started writing more on my blog page. I felt that leading up to the wedding all focus was obviously on that and I ‘couldn’t be bothered’ getting into the swing of posting anything. I intend to really amp that up and must say that you are certainly an inspiration for this.

    I am so grateful for how amazing the friends we have are. We have found ourselves to be spending more time with close friends at each others houses, cooking up feasts, a few nights of karaoke fun and board games etc and it’s just so nice to enjoy each others company. We have an amazing ‘core’ group of friends who we just love so dearly.

    Thanks for the great post darling. i really look forward to these each week. Have a beautiful day!

    oh, and PS. That photo of Burleigh Point is amaze! Makes me miss home!! xox

  14. I’m grateful for my weekly Chinese Medicine sessions. It helps me feel so in tune with my body.

    I’m grateful for the inspiration offered by the Olympics. The world really is a small place.

    I’m grateful for the new PB I just ran in the City2Surf (perhaps linked to the above Olympics inspiration!)

    I’m grateful for the feeling of Spring in the air.

  15. I’ve been doing a similar diet to this too! Cutting out all alcohol (pretty hard when you’re only 22 and it’s all your friends want to do on the weekend!), sugar and preservatives and getting lots of exercise in. I’ve been doing it for nearly four weeks now and the results are impressive – I have dropped a few kgs, am feeling happier and healthier, and my skin is positively glowing! I can’t imagine why I would ever go back to my old habits.

    Things I am grateful for at the moment:

    My wonderful friends and boyfriend, who love to spend time with me and always know the right thing to say to cheer me up! The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough and without them I’m not sure how I would have coped!

    Amazing inspirational pictures on Tumblr and Pinterest – getting me motivated to hit the gym and pretty up my bedroom!

    Books, books, books! My all-time favourite hobby and number one way to escape the dreariness of a Wellington winter.

    Taking steps to start my own blog… In Spaces Between has provided me with so much inspiration and I am excited to start spreading the love with others!!

  16. Wowsers girls, totally blown away by the AWESOMENESS of these comments. Sounds like it’s been a high-energy, full o’ goodness kind of week for everyone. I’m so happy to hear that + really appreciate all your comments. Reading through each one has just put the biggest smile on my dial xx

  17. It’s Wednesday ALREADY??!

    I’m lusting for the “You Shine Today” / “Believe you can and you will” prints. Love affirmations + positivity in every corner of my home. :)

    So happy that you’re finding huge improvements from detoxing! I can totally relate with the taste buds adjusting going on – today a lil’ sugar/salt is a lot compared to what it used to be.

    I’m grateful for the healthy food I eat, my car, the gorgeous souls surrounding me, and so grateful for connecting with you and finding this blog through BSchool. <3


  18. It’s been a tough week, so I’m grateful that time does keep passing on, and that I have plenty around me to help me keep going.

    The hubby, for one. I continually learn how much of a rock he is in my life, and how I can be his rock too.

    I’m grateful for Skype. The family is far away, so it really helps.

    I’m also grateful for bus rides. As crazy as it sounds, it’s my precious ME time, with classical music, and time to think and smile.

    Love your blog!

  19. Wow Rach, your sunset snippet took me straight there – I know exactly the moment you’re talking about and I cannot wait to have a few of my own over the next few months. Also, such a great idea sticking your boards on the shower!
    I’m grateful (by which I mean EXCITED) for upcoming travel adventures, for being brave when it mattered, for other people being kind and wonderful, and for that feeling when you can just about feel yourself growing and learning and flourishing.

  20. Ohh good on you with your major health kick!! I can’t wait to get stuck into something like this myself! I keep thinking I will when life slows down a little, but maybe I have to force it to slow down!

    Love love love this comp – what stunning prints! I think I will lose some time on their website soon :)

    I am also loving the hint of springtime in the air, and feeling so lucky to live in such a wonderful place.

    Making me happy this week: plenty of catch ups with girlfriends, baby showers and baby cuddles, kids parties, naughty food, new magazines, amazing op shop hauls, fun nights out on the cocktails, laughter and byo dinners. Such a fun and fabulous weekend, not at all health focussed, but sometimes I need to give myself a break and let loose!

  21. Oooh her prints are gorgeous! I love them all, especially the third one “follow your dreams”. I already like In Spaces Between on FB and have now liked ReStyled. :)

    I LOVE your list. I’m also on a health kick at the moment and feeling amazing! Anyway, I’m currently digging:

    – Green smoothies (green apple, banana, coconut water, chia seeds, LSA, 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 a lemon and a HUGE handful of spinach leaves) – so refreshing and energising!

    – Spring cleaning! Today I had the chance to completely clean, tidy and decorate my apartment and the Virgo in me is loving the peaceful, organised result.

    – Fresh flowers/plants (a result of the above). They add such a positive kick to a home.

    – My sauna. I find it works wonders for my skin and also doubles as a giant heater during winter. ;)

    – My amazing, supportive partner who constantly puts a smile on my dial and has helped me out massively during a hectic, nerve-wracking week.

    – My cats. It may sound silly, but they bring so many laughs (and cuddles) to every day.

    – Beautiful Brisbane weather. I’m a sunshine addict and the past week or so has been so lovely.

    – The treasureyourself81010 project. I’m late on the bandwagon but have found it to be totally inspiring.

    – Scoring an amazing internship I only dreamed of and absolutely adoring it.

    – Inspiring, uplifting, exciting blogs like yours!

    Plus so much more.

    Love your work! X

  22. I am grateful for…

    My husband – he’s endlessly supportive and loving.
    My dog – that wee girl has a soul I have known once before and she provides me such comfort…oh and she is crazy clever!
    My patients – they constantly amaze me with their life stories and their ability to overcome adversity in some of the most traumatic of circumstances.
    My tribe – the people that continue to lift me up and encourage me to be the best that I can be.
    My bicycle – for giving me the freedom to have the wind in my (very short) hair and to see the world from a perspective most people don’t.
    My cancer – for reminding me what is important and allowing me to let go of what’s not.
    This blog – for constantly dishing up happy sauce <3

  23. Longtime reader, first time commenter!

    Without a doubt my favourite post of the week!

    Feeling very grateful to be in a position to afford a personal trainer who is going to work with my to achieve my health and fitness goals. It is a true privilege to have a professional coach me through my sessions and hopefully set me on a path to a much healthier lifestyle. Xx

    PS: loving the ‘I like to rock image’! I can’t wait to spend some time browsing on the weekend. I have a few walls at home that could do with refreshing!!

  24. Ohhh these posters are so gorgeous!!

    This week I am back in Sydney after a trip to Brisbane to visit my friends and family. I am so grateful for having the most amazing people in my life. I can’t properly articulate it but my heart swells at the thought of the people I am blessed with.

    I’m also loving that I have this week off at home to re-allign my thoughts and goals.

    I also like the your Facebook page and am thrilled to now know about ReStyleshop and Design Attractor, thanks for that!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, lovely!

  25. Hi Rachel,

    Like you, I love the simple pleasure of just being happy to be outside in the fresh air, soaking in the little moments. People watching. Counting blessings. More so this week as our family has been quite sick and now we’re almost back on track. It feels amazing just to be well! I’m kicking my sugar addiction also and am not craving it which is the weirdest feeling. I hope I can stay on this path to wellness. I love the prints but especially the ‘follow your dreams’ and the ‘all you need is love’ prints – so true!
    I am off to check out Layla’s health program. Jx

  26. Hi Rach!

    I LOVE your making me happy, simplistic reminders of the good things in life.. Thankyou… <3

    Gratitude list: where to start?
    1. Love
    2. B-School and everything that remains from it
    3. art
    4. journalling
    5. my random ideas that came to me at 11.30pm and are going to revolutionise 2013
    6. Surprise phonecalls from special friends
    7. the little sabattical trip I'm planning over a weekend in Byron
    8. time alone
    9. my heart shaped tea cup
    10. Afternoons in the sun with my book
    11. Pinterest… total confessed nerd
    12. my old laptop… still kickin'
    13. creativity… moments…
    14. smiling strangers
    15. friends who love
    16. life.. and all its lessons
    17. my beautiful clients. Oh how I LOVE them
    18. the mind. learning.
    19. running. a new discovery!
    20. big windows.
    21. moving forward. Little or big.
    22. dreaming
    23. soul food and that special moment of preparation when you feel proud for looking after yourself
    24. letting down my guard
    25. Living in Australia.
    26. Having a bliss list
    27. the two little tricks I discovered which have kicked me back into motivation mode at work… yay for those!
    28. Finally I am so grateful for the range of emotions I am allowed to feel. I am so lucky that I can feel them, no guilt, no hiding… my heart is exploding at the moment! =)

    … I could go on for days.. BLISS!! x x

    Thankyou for your blog blessing… x x x

  27. Hello!
    First of all- thank you!
    It is so so lovely to read of another bright shiny soul whom wants to reach out and CONNECT! You illuminate my day- thankyou.

    Grattitude is ah-mazing! When you take a moment to consider your blessings, and then consider yourself touched by them, I think you are on track toward being a kinder individual.

    I am thankful for insight. A friend told me yesterday how grateful she was to be surrounded by such lovely people- I was SO happy to hear! I think it is no accident that attitude makes up the bulk of grattitude. When you are thankful, you are aware, this then leads to your ability to be happy. What more do you need?!

    My goal is to be mindful, to be kind, and to be gracious in my grattitude. Surely that is the nectar of life?!

    danni <3

  28. Hey Rachel. I love your vision board! I am a picture person too.

    Where did you get your running singlet from? Cute!

    So what am I grateful for?
    – My health: Sadly, tonight we heard some sad news from my husband’s beautiful aunt who is very unwell at the moment. My health and wellbeing is something I take for granted.
    – My powerhouse: My family and friends, especially my husband and son. They need me and I need them. I feel for those who are alone and have no one.
    – My freedom: Being able to make my own choices on how I live every day makes me VERY happy. This includes being able to earn a living to put a roof over my head and eat three meals a day. Others don’t get that luxury.

    Thanks for making me think about this, definitely puts things into perspective x

  29. Another fantastic weekly rundown of the joy in your world – l-o-v-e it! Thanks for the awesome inspiration on the lifestyle changes, this may be what I’m looking for to help with the transition into my new life in Nova Scotia…and help me keep some balance in my crazy, adventure-filled life!

    My gratitude list at the mo? I’m super thankful to all my family and friends for their incredible support whilst I continue to travel overseas. However, I’m especially grateful to my Mum, who works full time in a nursing home, looks after my nana full time, takes care of my stepdad who has had a stroke and major heart problems, and she still manages to bake cupcakes for her residents every week and support and encourage her travel-crazy, unpredictable, dream-chasing daughter! Whoo! The woman seriously deserves a medal…unbelievabley inspirational.

    Other things that make my world sparkle with gratitude?

    + Traveling the world alone (I’m currently in the USA)

    + Starting my studies in Canada in 3 weeks!!!

    + Taking opportunities that lead me bigger and brighter things

    + My on-going journey of self-discovery

    + Chasing dreams

    + Looking for uplifting and inspiring prints (like the ones in your giveaway!) to decorate my new home-away-from-home with (i.e. An apartment on campus at StFX, Nova Scotia)

    + The kindness of strangers

    + The amazing buddies I’ve made during my travels

    + Reading amazing and inspiring blogs

    + Stirring up my own creative juices and getting more inspired to shake things up on my own blog

    + Counting my blessings and giving thanks everyday to the Universe for the beautiful, amazing, and charmed life that I live…

    Whew! Sending you lots of love and joy from New Hampshire, USA xoxox


  30. Right now I’m full of gratitude for one thing….

    there was a soul who came into my life a few months ago. At the time I couldn’t work out why but as synchronicity would have it I was reading Spirit Junkie at the time and it was all about – you bring in people into your life to teach you the lesson you need then.

    We sucked at dating but for reason we stayed friend- I could never really understand why. We had common interests , he would challenge my thinking but it wasn’t ever easy – there was always this strange energy around us.

    We had a falling out the other night. Lots of crappy words on my part and tears for days afterwards I’m starting to realise that his gift to me wasn’t the last few months- sure they have taught me so much but more than that – the pain I am feeling at the loss of this friendship has stirred up so many old pains and beliefs that are holding me back from love, from happiness and from being my true authentic self.

    Since my fiancé passed away 5 years ago – I haven’t let anyone in- haven’t put myself out there and while with him I never truly gave him a chance or let him in – he snuck in a little and I realise that he gave me feeling back. He gave me the clarity to see just how much I have been rejecting myself and how much I have not been myself. So much has come up since friday and while each day passes – i see less the anger and fear and more the beautiful gift he has given me.

    I’m still gutted on one level that I most likely will never see him again but the funny thing is – we never really were ever relaxed or happy with each other. I so wanted him to validate me as a person, I so wanted to feel like I was important that I never saw how my feelings of self rejection made him feel like I was always judging and rejecting him.

    Had he asked me out on a day when I wasn’t being all about my 3 words for the year of courage, expand and surrender – I don’t think I would have said yes.

    I know more feelings will come up but this one person might just be my life’s turning point. His comment on friday night that at the time I felt wounded by might just become more precious to me than any validation any man will ever give me

    I just hope that in some small way – I have brought him even a 10th of the gift he has given me

  31. yikes just realized I didn’t leave my gratitute list. Please disregard my previous entry. Sorry about that.

    I am grateful that a kind friend sent my son Legos just because. That was so nice and generous of her.

  32. Things I’m grateful for this week:
    California sun
    Live Music (just saw Regina Spektor, AMAZING)
    Friends that support me when they know I need an extra boost
    the yoga community and my amazing teachers
    Vacation and the time to explore new places
    My new apartment!
    Shark Week
    Regaining my health through nutrition and lifestyle changes (even if it can also be frustrating at times, I am medication free and feeling pretty good!)

    Happy Wednesday!

  33. Something happens when you share your love lists. Magic multiplies, that energy weaves it’s way into your world – little by little. Do you agree? I’ve just read through these nodding my head, marvelling at you guys and your ability to mine the positives. Beautiful… thank you so much. xx

  34. PS: Freja and Conchi, I’m sending you both big virtual hugs. ‘This too will pass’ always seems to offer some comfort to me when times are challenging, I hope it may touch you a little this week. Lean in on those supporters of yours and know that every day is a do-over. Big love coming your way xx

  35. I have a large list of things that I’m grateful for but I will keep it short and sweet –

    My parents, both of them have,had major problems with their hips and my Dad was lucky enough to have his hip replaced early this year and my Mum has just been confirmed to have hers done in September. A couple that has their hip replaced together – stays together…..that’s the saying isn’t it.

    Finding my soul mate and waking up to him early day. After 9 years I still and grateful to see his beautiful face first thing in morning, the best start to the day.

    My best friend Anita introducing me to your blog. It is one of my fav reads and I get excited when a new blog is up.

    My blender – for each morning blending up the most amazing juices !!! Thank you for the natural energy. Yesssss for juices.

  36. Hey love!

    Totally loving that eating plan, I’m planning a mini-cleanse this weekend, yay!

    Love your vision board, too! I just created mine a few weeks ago and I can alreay see some of those images manifesting in my life.

    Here’s what I’m grateful for lately:

    ~ rays of sunshine coming through my window onto my desk while I’m working.

    ~ my growing crystal collection, and I’m so gratfeul to myself for finally buying myself The Crystal Bible after so many years of wanting it.

    ~ All the soul sisters I’ve found through B~School ;)

    ~ Courage to say YES!

    ~ A long candle lit bath with apple cider vinegar, sea salt, 3% hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil that made my skin GLOW.

    ~ Knowing I have some goodies coming in the mail this week

    ~ The fact that winter is ending and I’m coming out of hybernation in so many ways.

    ~ cuddles with my lovely husband :)

    Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! Love those prints so much! :D Oh, and I liked it on facebook, already liked your page :)

    LOVE! xoxo

  37. not trying to get an extra entry- i just meant to put the gratitude list first! :S
    i’m grateful for my sweet hubs who takes care of me & provides for us. I’m grateful for the sweet baby girl growing in side of me & i cannot wait to meet her! i’m also thankful for my health & my wonderful family!

  38. First of all, I have to tell you that I just came across your blog a month or so ago and I am seriously addicted! You are an incredibly inspiring lady and I’m definitely considering a healthy eating plan now!

    Here is what I’m grateful for this week.

    1/ The amazing response that I have had since I opened up my studio. So many amazing clients and projects in the works!
    2/ My absurdly awesome boyfriend of 2 years who still gives me as many butterflies as he did on day 1. I feel truly blessed.
    3/ The new apartment that I’m moving into next week. Close to work, classes and there are floor to ceiling windows!

    This is such a fun way to do a giveaway!

  39. Rach!

    Thank you – such an awesome giveaway! Being a designer nerd and all, I don’t know how I haven’t come across Jan’s prints before!

    Things I’m grateful for this week:
    1/ Much needed catchups with gorgeous girlfriends
    2/ Exciting opportunities on the horizon
    3/ A few days off to rest and recharge
    4/ My beautiful husband who inspires and encourages me each and every day!
    5/ In Spaces Between – my weekly saviour when in need of a ‘pick-me-up’!

    {my fave is you + me = awesome}


  40. Ooh! I love Jan’s prints. I was so close to purchasing the Empire Strikes Back print at one stage. Too cute.

    It’s always a pleasure reading your blog, Rachel xx

    I am grateful for:

    -Finally getting (some of) my health back after two weeks in bed.
    -My very understanding boss you has not seen me in 2 weeks.
    -My mum
    -Snuggles from my cat
    -The inspiring group of girls I’ve gotten to know through B School

  41. This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.
    ..HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say,
    and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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