Making Me Happy

Last week was a great week. The health program I was on gave me the massive injection of energy my body was so badly craving and I rode that sprightly wave of creativity all the way through. It was like someone had cranked the dial of my vibration right-freaking-UP. 100,000 decibels.

Everything aligned… and most importantly, it all felt right.

+ I heard two pieces of really exciting news on Wednesday.

+ On Friday, when I was 40 fans away from hitting the 2000 mark on the In Spaces Between Facebook page, a lightbulb went off – I knew I wanted to give you all a free gift but it hadn’t dawned on me until then that the Make Magic planner would be The Perfect Thing. My fellow Sagittarian friend Sian responded to my over-zealous email requesting her help in a flash, which was a blessing in itself. Heads and plates were spinning rapidly and inspiration was high.

+ Friday and Saturday mornings were spent whipping up a video interview for a friend’s site and learning a few new things along the way.

+ I helped another friend with her new project. The days sped by quickly but the vibe was electric.

The thing is – and I was telling my naturopath this yesterday as we went over how I was feeling post-detox – all this flow and leaping-from-my-cells joy simply came my way because I was clear-headed enough to be open to receiving it. And, importantly, to then use that energy to fuel my creations.

Without a doubt, treating my body with respect and clearing the cobwebs out with clean food put me in the right state of mind to attract, rather than repel, more goodness and invite it in. I know when I’m repelling things and it’s usually when I’m overwhelmed because I’m too busy and don’t have the mental capacity to add something else in to the mix. I can literally feel myself sending out a weary message that goes a little something like this: “No more, please.”

Last week was different.

I wrote the words MORE OPPORTUNITY, MORE PASSION at the top of a page in my Moleskine and let me tell you, life definitely rose up to meet me with the right kind of more. There seemed to be a bit of a snowball effect when it came to joyful occurrences and with the joy came some ‘loud and clear’ messages as well. I used to let things like “people pleasing” or “doing it because I should” guide most of my efforts, but lately I’ve created space to let my “inside peeps” guide, well, pretty much everything. Like Jonathan Field’s says in the article I linked to yesterday, realising that you are your own guru and that your power starts within means you can cut out the stuff that isn’t serving you or bringing you closer to your goals. Turning the wobbly, forward-facing line into a relatively straight one, if you will.

Creativity made me come alive last week. Other weeks it’s connection and deep, soulful conversations. Others it’s adventure or rebelling against my to-do list. Like the quote says “The world needs more people to come alive” so today I encourage you to go and find what it is that makes you come alive… and barrell head first into it. Live passionately, gorgeous. Come alive.

“Let your alignment (with well-being) be first and foremost, and let everything else be secondary. And not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into your experience. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have—but your dominant intent is to be joyful. The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

Sunday Bliss


Above is a snapshot of our day on Sunday. Can I get an OH.MY.GOD? Amazing.

Ramai and I have been hanging to dive back into our Sunday ritual (that is, getting out of the house and heading out on an adventure) so we made a beeline for Broken Head, just outside of Byron Bay, on the weekend and spent the day reading, meditating, taking photos and lazing around on a secluded hill overlooking the ocean. Whales and dolphins were frolicking, the sun was sparkling, the water was turquoise, the sky was clear. Quite simply, the day was a total peach and we lapped it right up.

I think the photos pretty much say it all but I have to ask: do you reckon MJ would have been proud of my ‘Smooth Criminal’ move in the last pic?

“Annie are you OK, are you OK, are you OK Annie…?”

MJ fo’evah.

Babies + Creative “Jobs”


On Saturday I took on the role of Designated Photographer at a friend’s baby shower, which wasn’t a hard gig because the decorations were gorgeous and there was plenty of eye-candy (of the decor variety, not the ripped-ab variety).

I worked out over the weekend that I really (really) love taking photos of nicely “styled” details. There’s something super rewarding about sending a friend a big folder of images that tell a story from start to finish.

Perhaps I’ll come back as a photographer in my next life…

Make Magic Daily Planner


Feeling very grateful for the response to the Make Magic Daily Planner. Muchas gracias!

Creating the planner was one of those “Quick, I’ve got an idea and I need to execute immediately!” moments and like I mentioned above, I’m blessed that Sian was able to turn this pretty puppy around so quickly for us all.

I’d love to know: have you been using yours? Finding it useful? Post a pic of your planner “in use” on Instagram and tag me @rachelmagahy with the hashtag #makemagicdaily – I’d love to see!

More Moleskine Love

My note scribbling is getting a bit out of control at the moment and I’ve had to add another Moleskine to my collection – this time, a big ol’ A4 sized one! A Big Girl Journal.

I’ve decided this one will be purely for ‘Blog + Business’ notes and my Magic Moleskine will be for ‘Manifesting + Miracles.’ I think it will be more effective that way, and the larger size is going to make it a hell of a lot easier to freely unleash the ideas and inspiration that are currently all over the place in my smaller diary.

Stationery nerds, if you haven’t yet come across Notemaker, I highly recommend you check them out. You’ll see.

Best of the rest:

A soul-warming Skype chat with Connie from A Life of Perfect Days + some exciting news (related to our wedding!) + heading to Sydney for 2 days for work meetings today (just a heads up that I’ll be mostly offline until Friday) + watching the fantastic B-School ‘Bonuses’ and making plans to go back through the whole course again + clearing out stacks of old magazines + getting on top of emails… for a day + blogger support – man, I LOVE being part of this vibrant community! + getting a tweet from Nikki Gemmell, author of The Bride Stripped Bare (!) + and finally, coming across this quote at just the right time: “Almost everything meaningful is accomplished by a megalomaniac on a mission.” Too true, Mister Scott H Young.

+ What about you darling heart? I know you probably have a million things to do and you want to rush back to them right this very second, but why not give yourself the gift of presence for a minute? Why not take a moment to stop what you’re doing momentarily – slow the tempo, zone out a bit and think about how you’re feeling?

What’s your energy like?
Is there any tightness in your body?

Wiggle your toes, push your shoulders back, twist your torso, rub your jawline just under your ears… and release it all. This moment is simply about breathing in energy and breathing out gratitude, and once you do, share those splendid happenings in the comments below so we can all dip into the sweet honey that is your life!

Image by Sian


12 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Ah your week sounds so fabulous! Glad that treating your body right makes things align for you! I have been almost the opposite, with so much going on treating my body right has fallen by the wayside (exercise? what exercise?) and I totally feel the effects mood wise, I am just a happier person when I make time in my day to exercise.

    Wow we are like twinsies – I had such fun taking photos of the beautiful detail at my girlfriend’s baby shower last weekend, and we had a little escape to Byron too… can’t get enough of that place! Even the short drive is far enough away from home that it feels like a complete getaway!

    This week making me happy:

    After months of rehearsal it’s Show Time! I am a part of our Med Revue – our first theatre performance, and although I was all nerves at first, now it is just a barrel of fun!

    This amazing weather! Seriously how beautiful do blue skies and amazing sunsets make you feel.

    Going to see an autopsy today… I know it’s a bit strange but it is such a privilege to be invited to view such a thing (and interesting too despite being a little morbid)

    Looking forward to a week off uni – should give me plenty of time to have a reset and refresh for the semester to come.

    Op shop hauls – I have been finding so much great stuff at my local, so much so that I want to clean out my closet of all my old clothes!

    Oooh I never should have clicked on that notemaker website, I have so many empty notebooks (that I am starting to fill up!)

  2. As always, Rachel, your Wednesday posts make me happy and warm and smiley on the inside!

    I’ve had quite a bit of work crap going on at the moment – uncertainty as to job security etc… Anyway, making me happy this week was somehow, magically, just *letting go* for the weekend, and having a shiny, sparkly, wonderful few days with my boyfriend in the sun. Perhaps a little too much wine was consumed, but it was all drunk with love!!

    Also making me happy is the gorgeous little coffee shop I discovered near my house with a view over the river + reading Chris Guillebeau’s blog + long chats with my mum + the gorgeous daily planner now sitting on my desk that’s gonna help me get super organised ;) !!!

  3. Saggo reppin!
    I know all too well about those crazy ‘shit, got an idea, make it happen’ moments.

    Freakin love all your photos. Killin it.

    The last week has been crazy in my books, but in all the right ways! Lately it feels like someone literally lit a fire inside me. Getting to work with a whole stack of such awesome clients is totes rockin my boat at the mo.
    To the point where it almost doesn’t feel like ‘work’ half the time, which is awesome sauce.

    Finally got my hands on a Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop bag too, they’re the only ones I’ve ever liked, so yayyyy!

    Seriously loving the sunshine + warm days in Sydders lately too. Feels like summer is on its way. And I’m all about sunny days baby.

    Good times all round this week.

    Big lovin’ and have fun in Sydney!


  4. Jas: It’s something you always know but that momentarily “disappears” from your mind – exercise + food = mood. They’re both so important, aren’t they? I used to look at healthy eating and exercising from a perspective of looking and feeling amazing, but now “maximum brainpower” has shot to the top of the list of desirable after-effects.

    The Med Revue sounds like lots of fun after what I’m sure has been a huge year with plenty of hard work. I still can’t quite believe you are studying medicine AND blogging AND having a social life AND a relationship. Such a little powerhouse and I’m sure it will be nice to be able to let your hair down a little with the performance, best of luck for it.

    And an autopsy – wowers. That sounds intense + interesting. I can’t wait to hear about it (not too many gory details though, please – haha). xx

    Jess: Thank you!

    I’m sorry to hear that beautiful but really glad that you were able to separate the “crappy work stuff” and spend some quality time with your man. At first I read that as “drunk with love” as in you two were drunk on love, which I think is pretty sweet as well! Either way, sounds like good times.

    Here’s to maintaining a sense of inner peace despite the chaos going on around you, and knowing that you’re always supported by the Universe. If the door does happen to shut on this chapter of your working career, it’s only because there is something better waiting for you honey. Surrender. Choose joy. Expect the best. xx

    Sian: We’re not known for our patience us Saggo’s, are we?! You know what, I remember something that you said a while back where you had declared that you wanted to seek out awesome people and create stuff with them… and HELLO, look at your life! That intention has now become your reality, and the flow-on effect is that it doesn’t actually feel like work… it feels like creating rad stuff with people who are travelling the same path. How good is that? Biggest congrats sweets, it’s a pleasure to witness you living your truth and chasing down your dreams.

    Also, sunshine + warm almost-Spring days… magnificence. There’s something beautiful brewing for the remainder of 2012. I can feel it in my bones. xx

  5. – Making me happy is the FABULOUS print I won from you last week lady! Yahooooo! Thank you very muchly!

    – Finally reaching a the exciting part of my Bali holiday countdown which is now within reach!
    (I can feel the sunshine already – Vitamin D come at me!)

    – Going crazy in Spotlight buying up fabrics and this and that for wedding DIY projects!

    – My Labrador/Goldy, Ralph. Everyone should own a dog – they are proven to bring happiness to an owner’s life.

    – And COFFEE! (I write this from a caffeine induced high!)

    Indra xx

  6. I’m on a massive high this week after being literally showered with love and gifts on Saturday at my bridal shower. Made me realise just how ridiculously lucky I am to be surrounded by such thoughtful, generous souls. And the words on the cards I received, oh my god, brought tears to my eyes!! Other bits and pieces that are making me happy:
    + dress fitting for my wedding dress tonight
    + winning the lucky door prize at an information night at my beauty salon last night
    + picking up my wedding invitations yesterday
    + the freshest, most amazing sushi that I stumbled across for lunch yesterday.
    + A weekend on the Sunshine Coast (my home away from home) this weekend to cheer on my amazing fiance for his 9th marathon.
    All in all, a great week so far!!

  7. Looks like you had a beautiful, vibrant week!! Love it!!

    I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown this week… Not quite sure where it went!

    Hmm, making me happy would be coffee, chocolate, the gorgeous Sydney spring-like sunshine and getting to sleep in on most mornings at the moment. Silver lining to having to drop uni! Hells yeah!

    Also loving my new yoga mat and clothes from Lululemon, and getting into the smoothie making in preparation for summer :)


  8. Ahhh, all sounds so good! One of those posts that makes ME so happy just by reading it! Love the baby shower shots – so cute. And yes, Notemaker = Amazing!!

  9. Hi Rachel,

    I have only just discovered In Spaces Between (like literally hours ago) and should be working hard, but can’t drag myself away from your posts!


    I have my own blog and love writing, but am sooo incredibly terrible at updating it (and constantly have the guilts about that) however your posts make me want to jump back in and write my heart on the page, now!

    I am also recently engaged and starting to plan my Byron/Bangalow wedding so your insightful wedding posts are fabulous reading!

    You’ve just got yourself another loyal reader!


  10. What a wonderful, uplifting post! LIFE is making me happy right now. I’m feeling so excited and expansive, the sun is shining, and I’m so happy to be right where I am, with all the possibilities I could hope for ahead of me. I need to reign in the enthusiasm so I can actually get things done!

  11. Lovely post Rach, as always :). Beautiful pictures and you definitely have those MJ moves covered ;)

    I love the make magic daily planner – I have been using it every day now and like you said – wow- how powerful is that word of the day?! aaahh I am so excited. Thank you!

    If you have not already done so, check out Marie Forleo’s interview with Brendon Burchard for Marie TV, so so inspiring and fits right in with “be your own guru”, I was on such a “high” after watching it!! So thank you very much for introducing me to Marie, loving it!


  12. Your blog is amazing. I stumbled on it by accident last night and I spent hours on it. It’s like a delicous candy but it’s good for you. In one of your first posts you mentioned someone who said that the world needed your genious. I agree. Your blog is rich and dense with good insights and inspiration. It was worth not having any sleep last night just to learn a little more. I’m following for sure!

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