Making Me Happy

I’ve got some thanking to do.

Here’s the thing: I’m an independent little kitten. Have been since I was a tiny child and refused to let my parents dress me (there’s long-lost video footage of me running around the house with my pyjama top over my head, obscuring my face, very Beavis and Butthead style, totally “I’ve got this Mum!”).

But like most all of us, I’d be nothing without the people in my world – the teachers, supporters, cheerleaders and everyone in between – and I really want to take a moment today to acknowledge that. The appreciation is served up broadly here, but as I write the words, I’m mentally walking through a sea of faces, so just know that I’m sending love in all directions. Lots of it.

Soul hugs + high fives to:

Ramai. The man whose loves permeates every cell of my very being; the coolest, wisest, most ‘comfortable in his own skin,’ laidback human I know. The guy who sends me I love you’s daily, who silly dances and air guitars his way around the house because he knows it’ll make me laugh – especially when I’m in work-mode. The guy who knows when to sit back and wait and when to front up and be there. My gorgeous, intuitive soul-babe with the comfiest ‘nook’ (neck-chest space) in the world, made just for me. Thank you – always.

My blog babes. There are so many of you that I collectively adore. You’ve all come into my life over the course of the past year – which may not seem long in Real Life terms but feels like the best type of forever in the Online World – and I’m wildly grateful for your unwavering encouragement, the warmth that wraps its way around my soul, all your unharnessed energy + excitement and the belief in what I’m doing and where I’m going. It’s always appreciated, and let me tell you , the sistahood is certainly alive and kicking in the blogosphere and it makes me so proud to be part of this community. SO INSANELY PROUD.

Sian. For designing the bejesus outta my ebook and for not only graciously making every single edit this Woman of Very High Standards requested but for sharing in my excitement for its release. That’s the kind of designer a girl wants on her team. Can anyone say the words ‘over and above?’

My friends. I know that’s a broad one – Look Everybody, I’m thanking All of the Friends – but each plays their own special role, and lately there have definitely been a few sparkly souls that have championed my wins, been there as I’ve exhaled deeply at the end of another busy week, listened to my stories on morning runs and brought me to my favourite state of being – laughing, carefree, content – time and time again. Thank you for your awesomery,

Who do you need to acknowledge? Today is the day, sweet pea. Unleash your appreciation. 

Creating Personal ‘Guidelines’


Ever sat down and gone “Ok where am I right now? What do I need to be reminded of? What do I think about XYZ at this point in my life?”

I did this week and I created a short “guide” to live by – something I’ve stuck on my wall and written in my Moleskine for inspiration. Simple things that sweeten my life.

An excerpt below:

Dear Rach, this is your guide to better living. Remember…

1 // Health comes first. When that creeping overwhelm becomes a full on GAH-fest, hightail it to somewhere quiet with a green juice or a ginormous salad, lie back/ sit cross-legged, connect to the breath, listen to a guided meditation, do nothing, daydream, read a book. Whatever it takes to end frazzling frazzlement. Get back to centre.

2 // Relationships are muchas importante. When someone is talking, drop everything to listen. Be present.

3 // Do the undress-wash face-shower thing shortly after getting home from work. Much easier that way – especially when you get all sleepy-eyed on the couch and you don’t want anything to get in the way (ESPECIALLY water) of that dazed transition from couch to bed.

4 // Salad. Every day. Essential. Vitamins also – support your body while you’re living life at full-crank.

5 // Take a moment for your one word visualisation each morning to set the tone for the day ahead. Twitter, FB, Instagram, email first is not ideal.

6 // On that note, social media in bed can stop. Not necessary. Make bed a sacred space for love + wisdom (from deep convo’s and the pages of a good book).

That’s just a few of my guiding principles right now. What about you? Do you have any of your own? Thinking about creating some? Let me know if you do!

Sydney + Shopping


Last week I spent a few days in Sydney for work and coincidentally, Ramai was down there  for work at the same time which made it approximately 17654 times better.

It was an in and out visit but we had a lovely dinner and cocktails on Wednesday night and I even managed to squeeze what should have been a marathon shopping sesh in Pitt St Mall into a quick sprint (35 minutes to be precise).

See the pics for my new wares from Sportsgirl, Zara and Myer. Lots o’ colour!

Miracle Thought


I’m loving Marianne Williamson’s Miracle Thought by Oprah and have been listening to these at night before bed or in the morning before work. Check them out, I have a feeling you’ll love them too.

Pretty Blooms


As a hardcore nature-nerd, flowers make me immensely happy. I got a surprise delivery of gorgeous tulips from Ramai at work yesterday (aren’t they lovely?) and have a great bunch of natives, shown below, thriving at home. Simple pleasures.

Ebook Anticipation!



Sorry for the shouty caps, but I’m so freaking excited to share this with you all and I’m hanging to hear what you think of it. Be ready, my loves, it’s a-coming!

Over to you:

Going back to my question at the top, who do you need to acknowledge? Why not give them a shout out in the comments today? Pull your energy in for a minute, let a wave of appreciation flow through you and load up on love – for the people in your life and the blessings of the past week. Go for it.


Manifesto: Striking Truths

13 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. Can’t wait for the Ebook! I will be eagerly awaiting it my dear!

    I am thankful this week…

    + for my wonderful colleagues. How they make coming to work so much easier when you’re going through a tough or unmotivated patch!

    + for my amazing fiance and his new found love for cooking dinner during the week – Oh how I am over cooking at the moment (first world problems anyone?)

    + and always the happiness and sunshine I get from reading your blog!


  2. Totally feeling the gratitudes this week Rach! Yesterday as I celebrated my birthday I was completed overwhelmed with birthday love from the husband, family, friends, colleagues and cyber buddies. The whole day reminded me of how freakin priviged I am to call these people my friends and family. Xx

    I am totally excited about your E-book and even before it is released let me give you a cyber high-5 for going for it, putting your all in this and sharing it with the world. For that simple reason it will be a major success and I can’t wait to see your successes. There is onehellofa big bright future (and present) for you lady!

    Oh and I Luuurrve that shirt you have with the studded collar. Cheers to spring fashion!


  3. I write similar lists and letters to myself to guide me through life… At the moment, I’ve been writing priority lists. It’s much easier in the moment to make a good decision when you don’t have to evaluate competing demands. So for me, health comes first, followed by writing, followed by work etc. When I get home from work and am exhausted and am telling myself ‘just do one positive thing before crashing on the couch’ I can quickly see that choosing to exercise is more aligned with my ideals that sitting down to write a blog post. I just have to look at my list. That helps me a bunch.

    And in line with your ‘just go and shower, Rach’ sentiment, I have had to create a similarly so-simple-it-seems-dumb rule about doing my laundry. I have a tendency to wear every item of clothing from my wardrobe and Just. Not. Wash. Them. Which is obviously super-mature and uber-constructive (and my clean-freak boyfriend loves it. Not!)

    Now I have this ten-item system. Doing my entire pile of washing seems insurmountably overwhelming. But I can definitely wash ten items. So my list of guiding rules says something like: ‘Jessie Girl, when your room is messy and you’ve got too much washing, just go and wash 10 items. Just ten. You will feel better, you’ll be more organised, and it will hardly take anytime at all.’

    It helps! Sometimes we need little, simple, self-made rules for those a-little-bit-embarassing-that-I-struggle-with-this issues! (Ummm, durign a certain phase in high school, I had a mother-instituted rule about how often I had to wash my hair, because I would just Not Wash It. Ever. I think we can all just be thankful that it’s just my clothes I have issues with now!!!)

    And, I just wanted to say that I am so excited to dive into your eBook tomorrow. Your blog is one of my absolute favourite online spaces, so to have all that inspirational goodness compiled into book form… Well, I’m-a-gonna set aside a delicious hour or two over the weekend to read, hopefully in a sunny spot over a lovely soy latte, and dive into your world. xo!!!

  4. So very excited to read your ebook, Rach! Thank you for your constant pick-me-ups. I love your reminders to yourself. And that floral jacket I see there with the studded collar? HOT! Is that a Zara buy?

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I ADORE this blog and have been an avid reader for ages! I’ve never posted a comment before but the idea of throwing some appreciation out there really resonated with me today. Soooo, my gratitude this week is going out to:

    – my partner who manages to pull out all stops on the love and affection front EVEN though he’s working insane hours and doesn’t have a moment to himself. I just don’t know how he does it, he’s my rock.

    – my best friend who is a beacon of support and kindness. He’s taken so much time out lately to do me little favours (and big ones, come to think of it) just to make my life easier and without him I’d almost certainly be running around in circles!


  6. I’m so excited for your e-book! I’ve been reading your blog daily for months now and I just love it! Thank you for injecting some happiness into my day through your blog!

    I’m thankful for…

    Getting the keys to my first home yesterday that I’ve bought with my amazing boyfriend! Having our first meal, sitting at a crappy old table in OUR home thinking about renovating and eventually getting our dream kitchen. Probably the best feeling I’ve ever had.

  7. Indra: Yipppee, not long now! So lovely having great colleagues – definitely makes work more “bearable” doesn’t it? And YES for newfound chef skills for your fiancé. He’s a keeper ? xx

    Mon: I’m SO SORRY for not realising it was your birthday yesterday – I hope you’ll forgive me and take this as a very huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Thank you so much for your beautiful words as well sweet pea, you’re amazing. I hope you love the book as much as I loved putting it together. Xx

    Jess: I LOVE THIS COMMENT. Awesome, awesome. Priority lists are so essential for busy, crazy, wild lives and you definitely have your ducks in a row there. I laughed my booty off at the rest of your comment, you’re such a treasure – and I loved imagining your boyfriend rolling his eyes and asking you to “pleeeeease do the laundry, darling.” Haha! Xx

    Celeste: Thanks honey, it’s actually a Sportsgirl shirt – silky + fabulous. Xx

    Naomi: Lovely to hear from you! You sound like a lucky girl to have such incredible, supportive men in your life and I bet they think the same of you. xx

    Jane: Wheee, I’m excited too! Biggest congrats on your new home – hello, radness! Pop the champers xx

  8. Reading these posts is such a breath of fresh air sitting at my desk in work (sshhh don’t tell the boss!) But I love your style of writing. So fresh, delicately woven, and perfectly punched in all the right places it. Just.So.Gorgeous!

    First off – CONGRADUFREEKINGLATIONS on your ebook!! Dying to read it and soak it all in. I’m currently awaiting my delivery from Vistaprint. I got some notepads made from your Daily Magic maker :)

    Tulips and prints! Fabulous! Great colours, it will be Spring/Summer time before you know it. Tinnie bit jealous I’ll admit :)

    People in my life who deserve a shoutout are my brother {super human being, best cheerleader, & funniest guy on the block}
    My folks {we don’t always see eye to eye but their lessons enrich me and make me stronger}
    The girls {near or far their support, advice, and listening ear doesn’t go unnoticed}
    My boyfriend {a free spirit and nurturing soul, thoughtful, considerate, & supporter of all my wild dreams}
    My lifecoach {Connie from A Life of Perfect Days. The girl is incredible – knows just how to nudge & guide you. Definitely someone every girl should have in their corner!}
    And every single beautiful, smart, funny, and fierce web friend I have made over the past few months. Connecting with all of them, especially you Rach, has been beyond amazing & despite being from different corners of the globe, and having never met, it lifts me up and fills me with inspriation to see ladies advocating and living the life I want for myself. So god damn beautiful!

  9. Really love that little guide–I tend to reach for my iPhone veryfirstthing in the morning and do a quick little scroll while I’m in bed. I move to a place with a loft bed next week–soooo no nightstand–and I really want to try to NOT sleep with my phone. It will mean I’m purchasing an old-school alarm clock, but so be it!

  10. Such an exciting post Rach, and it fits right in with what I have been doing over the last weeks., writing down all the things I am grateful for everyday. Special thanks to you and your Make Magic planner!! seriously makes my day a better one everyday!

    So the people I want to acknowledge are my friends. Because they are simply amazing and ever supporting. They have a hell of a lot of patience and love for me that they are able to keep up with my craziness. Most of my best friends are living overseas, or actually better said, I live overseas and even though I left “home” more three years ago (to move from Holland, to Barcelona, to London and Sydney), my friends are always there for me. And knowing I have that great friendship and support, no matter the distance or what I decide to do or how I like to live my life, I cant even tell you how special that is. :-) I am am beyond grateful and a very blessed girl.

    Having said that, on a similar note, I would like to thank who ever is responsible for the great technology that makes it possible for me to stay in touch with all my lovely friends. Whatsapp you are a life saver! ;-)

    And now I am going to read about + order your Ebook!

  11. Thank you so much for this Rach. I’m guilty of social media first thing in the day / in bed sometimes. Not ideal to me either – so thank YOU for reminding.

    And listening to MiracleThought right now. Oprah + Marianne Williamson = Awesome.

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