Making Me Happy

Welcome to another shiny edition of Making Me Happy! I’m going to dive right in today gorgeous souls. My love list this week includes:



Oww! I got my MJ on over the weekend with my sparkly new black sequin jacket, which I’m kinda crazy about.

Le Jacket made its debut at dinner with the girls on Saturday night, and let me tell you sista, it was a crowd pleaser.

(PS: I’m assuming the dancing is to blame for my “swept back” hair in the first pic. Well, that and the miniature wind machine I carry around in my handbag…)

Daily Rocks


I’ve heard Danielle LaPorte and a few other inspirational ladies mention Patti Digh, and for some reason or another, I’d never found my way to her site – until yesterday, that is, where I was thrilled to discover Patti’s Daily Rocks,

The Daily Rocks are essentially daily meditations and writing prompts – short snippets of wisdom, pithy combinations of words – and it’s their simplicity that makes them so brilliant. Love.

Neon Jewels


The neon obsession continues. My favourite colour combo at the moment is WITHOUT. A. DOUBT lime green and light grey (or white) and I can already tell the beaded necklace I picked up on the weekend is going to be on high rotation over the coming months. The perfect complement for a crisp white shirt. Yum.

* Just on neon, thank you so much for all your beyond-wonderful comments on the neon hanging planter giveaway. I had a grand old time reading through them, so much happy in there!

Running Meditation


In reference to my post from last night, I’ve spent a few days floating between digital fatigue, inertia and complete happiness (yes, it’s possible to feel really calm and slightly over it at the same time!) and yesterday I decided to kick the first two not-so-awesome feelings in the butt by testing out something new: running meditation.

I normally run with a friend from work and Ramai but yesterday I went out on my own and started clearing my mind by visualising a clear, open room with a treasure chest in the corner (to contain reckless, swirling thoughts). The room – which of course, was Pinterest-worthy (haha) – was wide and airy with sunlight streaming through the big windows, and as I ran around the Burleigh headland, I pictured energy flooding through the space and me literally picking up rogue thoughts and putting them in the chest.

This might sound kinda wacky, but let me tell you, by the time I got home I felt 286566 times better. Give it a go if you’re a visual creature too.

Karen Walker


In lurrrrrve with my new Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunnies.

Glasshouse Candles


Unsurprisingly, another oozing-with-deliciousness scented candle by Glasshouse has made its way into our home.

I have to warn you though if you buy one of these for yourself – this fragrance is dangerous. It literally smells like caramel tarts, which may or may not lead to eating said caramel tarts (What? It was a friend’s birthday!)

This Awesome Infographic


A handy little chart from Paid to Exist for differentiating between a “hobby” and a “passion.” Love it.

Prettifying + Creative Goodness


I’m helping friends out with the styling/ set up of a wedding this weekend and I’m really looking forward to dipping my toes back into the wonderful world of weddings for the day!

I’m picturing you sitting there with a cheeky little smile on your dial, and I want to know: why are you happy right now? What’s bringing you joy? Share your love list in the comments below!

Images: Jose Villa

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14 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. That is an awesome info-graphic (“Sounds like it’s all about you Kanye, try again!” Golden!!!)

    Making me happy this week are
    + travel plans (Woo!),
    + getting flowers at work – at first I thought they were a romantic gift from my boyfriend, but kinda-even-better, they were a random gift from one of my gals (my gorgeous, beautiful, now ex-desk buddy) just cos she wanted to say I-love-you in floral form. Tickled my innards so much!
    + Amazeballs weather
    + Knowing that in less than a week’s time I HAVE SIX DAYS OFF! With my boy! So excited.
    + A friend’s wedding next weekend also has me super excited
    + The tutu I am wearing to work today (going for the ‘ballerina gets lost in the corporate world’ look) is making me so inexplicably happy…
    + Also, as an addendum, I just followed your Glasshouse link and realized that I can order them cheaper online than where I have been buying them. This makes me happy. Could also potentially be dangerous! Montego Bay here I come!!!

    Wow… I didn’t realise I had so many happies I needed to share.
    As always Rachel, your site fills me up. Thank you. xo

  2. Another fabulous making me happy Rach! That running meditation sounds amazing, will have to give it a try (especially since the boy is out of action with a knee injury). Another really quick one to clear the mind is ‘mindful walking’ – walk very slowly across the room, one step with each breath, and make yourself aware of the feeling of walking, the muscles contacting and the feel of clothes against your skin. We did it for 15 min and though it would have looked very strange to any observer, we finished feeling completely zen – so I imagine it would be great for a quick break from the computer if ever overwhelmed.

    Making me happy recently:
    – having a house guest
    – generous gifts… Dinner for 2 at Bazzar, yes please!
    – puppy sitting
    – sunshine and summer like days
    – cuddles with newborns
    – laughter with my girls
    – free Pilates in the park
    – vintage finds at the village markets
    – growing lettuce and other veg in my little garden

    Always love your making me happy posts!!!

  3. Loved that flowchart – esp that box “it’s all about you Kanye..” ha!

    A great post this week, I too have started walking (my knee isn’t a fan of running) – reeaaallly long walks with no iPod to clear my mind, I do this in the morning. Then at night I walk with my husband for uniterrupted download and catch up time. It really does help get the mind in order.

    I love that you get to dip back into wedding decorating! Very exciting, I am doing this in November for a friend and cannot wait. – also it justifies to my husband why I continue to hoard all the glassware from our wedding!!

    Making me happy this week: homemade sushi / warm sunshine / the awesomeness of Adobe Illustrator / emails from Tara Bliss (@such different skies) / decluttering my home and mind!


  4. Making me happy today…

    Walking the trail from Bondi to Bronte, always beautiful.
    Buying beautiful crystals because they sparkled and caught my eye.
    Life affirming soul searching talks with my gorgeous man.
    Planning the upcoming whirlwind trip to London and Paris.
    Basking in the Sydney sunshine.
    Cooking up a storm!

    Love those sunnies honey!! Awesome!!


  5. Awesome lists today ladies!

    Jess: Random act of kindness – amazing. Whatta friend! X
    Jasmine: Ooh thanks for sharing, this sounds delicious… and SUCH a good “computer break” idea. Perhaps I should try it in the office…. Haha! Can feel your excitement jumping off the screen lovely, go you xx

    Kylie: I found it the other day and just HAD to make it pretty in PShop (complete with the brightest of pink, of course). X

    Monika: So funny, right? You’ve just brought back memories of my lovely husbo and I used to do that (pre-blog days)… and now that the weather is amazing again, might have to reignite the nighly walk ritual. YAY for emails from Miss Bliss too, she’s the best x

    Emily: Crystals = YES. Love love love. So excited to hear you’re going on a fancy trip, travelling is like a warm cuppa for the soul. Mmm. x

  6. I needed this today as today is one of those testing days when it feels like the universe is against you.

    I am happy to take the time to appreciate the things I am loving on a day like this and not sweat the small stuff. So without further delay, I am loving:

    – This one is a big one. I am LOVING that it is my gorgeous boyfriends 32nd birthday today. This time last year he had just woken from a two week coma after a freak quad bike accident. This is enough to love and be grateful for but I will carry on…
    – My best friend (mum) coming all the way from the GC to Perth next Tuesday to stay with me for a week and help me sort out ‘My Galleria’ AKA the bedroom that is my wardrobe.
    – Milo. Mmmm cant get enough
    – Planning our pending house warming
    – My excitement at spoiling my mum for her birthday on Sunday by buying her a GHD (she would never spend that kind of money on herself!)
    – Rose Hip Oil (cannot get over the difference it makes to skin tone!)

    Love love love your blog Rach, keep up the good work! :) x

  7. Making me HAPPY :)

    – getting my room all dressed up with goodies I found on a Danish flea market + the very stylish neon tape I got there
    – cooking fall food such as carrott-ginger soup, yumm!
    – being on schedule with my studying for business class
    – LOTS of catching up with friends + friends coming to visit over the weekend
    – travel plans to Munich, which means Oktoberfest!! and therefore getting my dirndl out of the closet!:)
    – fall weather, blue sunny skies and colourful trees


  8. Oh love, I’m sorry to hear that… but you know what? I’m so impressed with the way you’ve pushed your feelings to the left and detailed so many lovely things below. You mined through the crappy stuff to find the diamonds and your comment totally just warmed my heart – particularly the part about your boyfriend. WOW.

    PS: you sound like such a beautiful person and a beautifully loving daughter. Enjoy the special time with your Mum xx

  9. Making me happy this week
    1. The first warmth of the spring sun
    2. The first flower from my plant
    3. Walking, talking and laughing as I walk along the beach with my partner
    4. The smell of lavender oil burning before I go to bed
    5. The Aha moment, when something that was so unclear suddenly becomes clear…

    Thanks Rach for your beautiful post, and I looooove your sequined jacket, i have wanted one for months…xx

  10. another beautiful post, thank you thank you thank you sooo much! I especially love the Passion Chart…it’s so wonderful doing what you love and that was a nice reminder that I’m still on the right track :)

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