Making Me Happy

I’ve been doing some ‘Big Picture’ thinking lately and lovingly putting all areas of my life under the microscope to see what’s aligned, what’s out of whack, what I’m working towards, what I want to create and as I mentioned in my newsletter, how I want to feel.

I love diving deep with self-examination and I’ll write about my intentions for the rest of the year on a separate post, but I want to mention here – as a prelude to that post – that I think it’s so important to do these regular “check in’s” to see how satisfied you are with the various areas of your life. It can be a simple or detailed as you like – rank the key areas of your life from 1 – 10, ask yourself which ones need a little TLC and decide what action is needed to bolster the lowest ranked areas. Review, celebrate (your accomplishments, how far you’ve come) and clarify.

To give you a personal example, I’m not 100% satisfied with the ‘health’ area of my life at the moment, because being satisfied means cooking nourishing meals most nights of the week, eating salads for lunch daily and exercising/ moving my body in some way every day. They’re all out of alignment currently, and I gotta tell you, a lot of it is due to taking on too much work. I’ve let work barge its way in and take over, and without shining a light on this energy leak, it would have been very easy to coast along ‘as is,’ feeling sub-par and kind of off.

Thankfully, it all comes down to making a decision to change what’s not working. 

Today – and every day – I want to remind you (and me) that:

The time is now. The place is here. What comes next is totally up to you.

You deserve happiness, you deserve to be fulfilled in every area of your life. Look at your stories – who told you that nothing comes easy, that you have to sacrifice everything for your big dream?

Dialling down your power doesn’t serve anyone, beautiful. You’re a conduit, a high vibin,’ miracle magnet and YOU are in control.

And like the poster says, amongst other things, why don’t you go out and read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful? Because you know what? You totally are.

Musings and pep ups aside, there’s been lots to get excited about this week so read on to discover what’s been lighting up my life of late…

Cosmo Bride


Look! Our Big Day, adorning the glossy pages of Cosmo Bride!

Super thrilled to have our wedding featured in the Summer edition of the only wedding mag I ever bought when we were going through the planning process. Definitely one to show the grandkids one day, eh?



While I was in Melbourne, my hunk of a husband tackled three tasks that I have been procrastinating on hadn’t had time to get to – booking our honeymoon (Italy, we’ll be seeing you in May 2013!), locking down a five day getaway in Byron Bay for my 30th next month (my party will fall on the Saturday of said getaway) and on a less-exciting front, cleaning out the fridge.

Whatta man, whatta man, what a mighty good man.

Guest Posting


My name twin Rach from Little Bits of Lovely invited me over to her site last week to share the beauty products that are on high rotation for me right now. Head over for a peek inside my beauty cupboard.

Daily Inspiration


Don’t you love when awesome people create just the thing you’ve been waiting for? I was stoked when I heard Dani from Positively Present had released a shiny new offering, Stay Positive – a beautiful book loaded with every day reminders and musings for magical living. All 365 days of the year are covered and it’s broken up into monthly themes including Relationships, Self-Love, Motivation (and more).

This generous, uplifting offering has certainly brought me joy this week and I know I’ll be referring back to it many a time. One to leave on the desk at work, for sure.



And not that type of thong, my American friends. No one loves thongs that much… except maybe Sisqo.

One guess what I’ll be living in this summer?

Mexican Beach Blanket


Speaking of summer and to continue the colour theme, our new Mexi beach blanket arrived yesterday from a fantastic company I discovered recently, Hammock Heaven (website + ebay). I’ve been chatting with the owner Ana over email and she’s a total sweetheart. Good service makes all the difference.

I adore pulling this post together every week. I’ve said it before and I’ll invariably spout it off ’til the end of time – drawing attention to the goodness that exists in our lives is so incredibly powerful. ‘Things’ become more than just a purchase, they represent something that adds beauty to our world. ‘Words’ become more than words, they become sustenance for our soul. A sunny day is more than ‘just another day’ – it’s something to be marvelled at, a blessing to be celebrated.

Find the joy in a smile from the stranger at the supermarket or the good news shared by a friend.. and of course, get your list happening in the comments below. I’m hanging to hear what’s rocked you this week!

Image: rocketrictic

14 Comments to “Making Me Happy”

  1. I hear ya, sista! After a low-energy, sickness-filled week last week (ugh, getting the flu and a throat infection whilst living overseas is NOT fun), I was starting to crash…like, fall down in a heap crying, get-me-outta-here-I-wanna-go-home, hot mess.

    But after a few days rest, some words of wisdom from various sources of inspiration and perspective, and a truck-load of penicillin, I decided to start the week fresh, wiping the slate clean, and start living each day as fully as I possibly can. I am only here in Canada for such a short time, realistically, and instead of wishing I was back home where it is warm and comfortable, I need to embrace all the changes and differences in my life here in the ‘Nish and all that comes with studying abroad (including the ridiculously chilly weather!)

    I lost my way for a little bit there, but now I know to just listen to my heart and spirit, because they brought me here for a reason. I have made the commitment to embrace EVERY DAY and whatever it may bring, and show my gratitude and love for this magical world I am lucky to live in. Just letting my joy rise to the surface again…feels ah-mazing!

    I’m also super grateful for my new, ultra-warm plaid Hurley jacket (a must in this cold weather!) + messages from my family back home + snuggling in my boyfriend’s nook and kisses on the forehead + watching the autumn leaves change colour + laughter + hot coffee on cold days + and amazing friends who light up my world.

    Big love + light to you back home in Aus xoxo

  2. Amazing post x10 as always Rach!

    Making me happy this week? That I have my health (after nearly 2 weeks in bed- gross!) and that I have my family. It’s the simple things you know?

    Love, light and laughs. Neha. Xx

  3. Rach, I LOVED seeing your wedding in Cosmo bride and thanks for giving me an excuse to buy a wedding mag 6 months after my wedding! Xx Now I wish I could plan it all over again, actually we are thinking of a vow renewal for 5 or 10 in some exotic location….

    Making me happy this week is getting a brand new car from my insurance company after my looney tune neighbour drove into it slightly drunk a few weeks back / being the photographer at my girlfriends wedding this weekend and that it is on the Mornington Peninsula – hello beach! / being ‘officially’ interviewed on our wedding for a little exciting feature coming up soon.


  4. Making me happy this week –

    Summer is coming! Back to work at the summer pool. New students, gorgeous little faces and kids make the best jokes!

    Mexican food yum

    New baby in the family, he smells so good!

    The possibilty of new love tingling in my tummy

    And wonderful, wonderful sunshine!

  5. Shanny: Oh, I just melted over your point about your boyfriend (seriously – DIVINE). Sounds like you’re coming out the other side of The Transition (dah, dah, dah, DAAAH! I feel like that needs a keyboard solo). Keep on keeping on over there honey and let the joy warm you from the inside out. As well as the Hurley jacket. ;) xx

    Neha: Thank you beauty! Hooray for good health + beautiful families. The little things are the big things. Xx

    Monika: Ahh thank you Mon! We’re actually thinking of doing a vow renewal next year in Italy – too soon? Ha. No really, we are. Sounds like you’ve got lots going on on the wedding front lovely with photographing and interviews and everything in between. Enjoy reliving those special memories you made this year. Xx

    Corinne: That sounds like THE DREAM summer job. Loving the sound of the new love tingles… just in time for a sweet summer romance! x

  6. Thanks Rach, this weekly post is my fave and I always look forward to it!

    I am loving this week:

    ~ how close I now live to my work – 8 mins door to door is a dream! Not to mention an extra hour sleep… I am literally ecstatic!
    ~ fresh lillies from the markets blooming
    ~ Modern Family. Don’t know why but I just love it
    ~ that the blinds for our house are finally arriving next Monday (which I 100% paid off by selling the clothes from my previously (a few weeks ago) mentioned “Galleria” clean out)
    ~ guardian angel brooch my mum sent me from the GC to keep me safe

    PS I walked the Cinque Terra in August Rach, and met another couple on their honeymoon – such a romantic place…. so excited for you!

  7. Italy is AMAZING – you’ll have the most magical time. I always come back from Italy feeling so inspired. I don’t know what it is about the place but it just gets the excitement flowing.

    Love reading these posts so pleased you love writing them :D

  8. Ha ha – seeing you write ‘my name twin’ with Rach reminded me of Andy’s hello when he met you “Rachel, from Little Bits of Lovely’? :)

    Love the Cosmo Bride feature – just beautiful!! xx

  9. Stacey Lee: Well that’s great news, because it’s my fave too! How awesome is that – an extra hour’s sleep?! I can’t wait to check out the Cinque Terra, seriously swooning over pics. Xx

    Rachael: That sounds so good… hurry up May! Xx

    Serena: I was SO impressed with Andy even knowing that, what a legend! Xx

    Kirstie: Enjoy it – they’re amazing x

  10. So just grabbing five quiet minutes to myself in an adorable coffee shop in Covent Garden, London, I had my notebook out and scribbling plans for the next few months. Felt a tinsie bit overwhelmed and decided to come here for a dose of inspiration. This post never fails to put a spring in my step.

    Super congratulations to you & Ramai on having your wedding feature. Wowsie! How incredible, hopefully they add it to their website too :)

    Love the summer colours of your Mexican blanket & those Sass & Bide flip flops are making me crave summer even more. It’s freeeezing here!

    And lastly, thank you Rach for putting things into perspective and helping to ‘figure things out’. Buckets of gratitude and love xxx

  11. Hey beautiful! It wouldn’t be Making Me Happy with your lovely self appearing in the comments! I think we’re all going through some deep-cogitation and trying to lasso those reckless thoughts that seem to swirl wildly at the moment. Just know that it will all become clearer, and it’ll get done… Through small actions. You’ve got this. xx

  12. Totally with you on your thoughts about getting motivated to get back on the healthy train! It’s definitely what i needed to read to give me an extra shove in the right direction ;-) I recently had a baby and i’m still making daily excuses about starting to get healthy and exercising more ..starting tomorrow. Need to set some goals and get to it! Love your blog by the way, you are such an inspiring writer.

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